Kitchens are the heart of the home, and the refrigerator is often the centerpiece that sets the tone for the whole space. With so many refrigerator options available today, from French door models to column styles and everything in between, the fridge you choose can make a major style statement in your kitchen. If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen with a eye-catching refrigerator, check out these 7 examples of kitchens featuring statement-making fridges.

1. Vintage Style Kitchen with Retro Fridge

Bringing back old-school charm, this kitchen features a retro-style refrigerator for a funky, vintage look. The rich teal Smeg fridge makes a bold style statement, with its curved corners and contrasting cream interior. Positioned next to a light wood hutch and drawers, the retro fridge matches well with the distressed wood island countertop and pendant lights for an overall mid-century modern vibe. This playful blast-from-the-past fridge adds a fun focal point in this kitchen’s design.

Design Elements to Note

  • The light teal color of the retro Smeg fridge pops against the white cabinetry backsplash for an eye-catching contrast.
  • Stylish barstools line the island counter next to the fridge, creating a casual dining space.
  • Vintage touches like the distressed wood island, ornamental open shelving, and retro light fixtures complement the old-school refrigerator style.
  • Patterned café curtains and an array of colorful dishes and cookware enhance the retro 1950s feel.
  • The refrigerator’s curved corners soften what could have been a boxy shape for a more streamlined look.

Tips for Achieving This Look

  • Search for a vintage-style fridge with curved edges and a retro color like Smeg’s classic pastel options. Mint, pink, and light blue are popular hues.
  • Pair the retro fridge with other elements evoking the 50s, 60s or 70s, like ornate wood furnishings, geometric patterns, or colorful appliances like a stand mixer.
  • For a coordinated look, select matching cafe curtains and accent pieces that complement the fridge’s unique color.
  • Add fun retro touches like wall clocks, posters and canisters for a kitschy blast from the past.

2. Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen with Vintage Icebox Fridge

Oozing old-fashioned farmhouse charm, this rustic kitchen features a vintage-style icebox refrigerator for a charmingly nostalgic look. The white wooden fridge with latch doors and decorative nickel hardware looks like an antique icebox, fitting right in with the homey country aesthetic. Surrounded by reclaimed wood cabinetry and open shelving with ceramic pitchers, the old-timey fridge makes a delightful focal point while completing the cozy farmhouse vibe.

Design Details to Note

  • The refrigerator’s white shiplap exterior with latch handles aligns with the rustic wood cabinetry and farmhouse sink’s style.
  • Open shelving flanking the icebox fridge provides perfect display space for decorative pottery, baskets and glass bottles.
  • The rug’s red diamond pattern repeats the crimson hue from the kitchen island’s base for a coordinated color scheme.
  • Wrought iron hooks next to a window with gingham curtains reinforce the charming country kitchen motif.
  • Exposed ceiling beams, a brick backsplash, and galvanized metal accents like the utility cart contribute to the overall farmhouse look.

Achieving This Farmhouse Fridge Style

  • Search for vintage-look refrigerators with latch handles, wooden exteriors, and charming hardware like galvanized metal.
  • Complement the fridge with signature farmhouse elements like open shelving, shiplap walls, gingham fabrics, and repurposed antique furniture pieces.
  • Incorporate wrought iron or wooden hardware along with ceramic, stoneware and wire baskets for rustic storage options.
  • Accent with floral or checked curtains and rugs as well as colorful enamelware pitchers and pots for country charm.
  • Add a farmhouse sink, winding exposed ventilation, galvanized utility carts and pendant lighting for extra old-fashioned flair.

3. Sophisticated Kitchen with Stainless Steel Column Fridge

Make a sleek and sophisticated statement with an industrial style column refrigerator. Soaring from floor to ceiling, the sturdy stainless steel fridge makes a striking focal point against the kitchen’s marble and white cabinetry. The commercial look provided by the extra tall fridge works nicely with the polished marble counters and backsplash, creating an upscale ambiance. For a bold yet refined look, the stainless column refrigerator anchors the space with subtle flair.

Notable Design Choices

  • The stainless column fridge offers a minimalist look compared to bulkier styles, streamlining the modern aesthetic.
  • Placed near windows, the tall column fridge doesn’t obstruct sightlines, making the kitchen feel open and airy.
  • Marble countertops provide an elegant, chic look that works harmoniously with the sophisticated stainless fridge.
  • Glass cabinet fronts maintain visibility in the space while echoing the shiny, sleek fridge column.
  • Understated hardware like the simple pendant light and door pulls keep the focus on the fridge as the key design element.

Tips for Using This Fridge Style

  • Select a stainless steel fridge column to contrast beautifully with painted cabinetry or patterned tile backsplashes.
  • Coordinate with other commercial-style stainless, metal or glass elements – shelving, vessels sinks, pendants etc.
  • Pair with marble, granite or quartz counters and glass mosaic or subway tile for an upscale look.
  • Choose simple, streamlined hardware like flat bar pulls for an uncluttered, refined aesthetic.
  • Illuminate the fridge at night via accent lighting or attractive pendants nearby.

4. Modern Kitchen with Black Stainless French Door Fridge

Make a dramatic contemporary statement with black stainless appliances, as shown in this modern kitchen. The captivating black steel French door refrigerator anchors the sleek, minimalist design, providing eye-catching contrast to the bright white cabinetry. Surrounded by glossy white quartz counters in a spacious galley layout, the fridge makes itself the dark focal point of the room. Its integrated look continues the clean, integrated aesthetic of the flush cabinets and hidden hardware.

Key Design Elements

  • Black stainless offers a darker, moodier look than traditional stainless steel for bold modern contrast.
  • The fridge’s predictably rectangular form fits right in with the kitchen’s organized, streamlined layout.
  • Handles are eliminated for a more integrated, minimalist look that puts all focus on the fridge’s dark facade.
  • Quartz waterfall edges on the island and matching glossy subway tiles emphasize the continuous flow.
  • LED under cabinet lighting spotlights surfaces while accentuating the fridge as the darkest point.

Achieving This Stylish Modern Look

  • Choose black stainless appliances plus glossy cabinets, counters, and backsplashes for a cohesive monochromatic look.
  • Opt for handle-free fridge and cabinet designs for a sleek, integrated appearance.
  • Consider a galley or L-shaped kitchen floorplan to continue the straight lines and rectangles.
  • Add LED lighting to brightly illuminate the counters, accentuating the fridge’s darkness.
  • Use minimalist hardware like recessed pulls and discreet lighting fixtures.

5. Transitional Kitchen with Crossover Fridge

This transitional style kitchen blends modern and traditional elements, as seen in the crossover refrigerator centered on the back wall. With split French doors on top and a full-width drawer freezer on bottom, this style expertly fuses classic and contemporary design. The fridge’s stainless finish pops against the kitchen’s crisp white palette while contrasting beautifully with dark wooden floors. The metal tambour backsplash introduces another transitional texture, complementing the fridge’s mixed styling.

Noteworthy Details

  • The two-in-one fridge offers updated convenience with its expansive lower freezer drawer.
  • Angled cabinetry on both sides of the fridge provides an inviting, unique layout.
  • Countertops are marble on the white perimeter cabinets and quartz on the gray island for eclectic blending.
  • The tambour backsplash made of metal mesh screens provides great transitional contrast to the fridge.
  • White casing frames the refrigerator to align it with the rest of the cabinetry for a unified look.

Design Tips

  • Choose a crossover fridge in stainless steel to contrast beautifully with painted cabinetry.
  • Mix metals like stainless, bronze and antique brass for accents to match the fridge.
  • Blend countertop materials like marble and quartz for an organic-meets-manmade look.
  • Incorporate transitional backsplash tiles like metal screens, subway bricks, or mosaic designs.
  • Frame built-in appliances with trim molding to match the cabinetry style.

6. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Counter Depth French Door Fridge

This kitchen strikes a perfect balance between modern and farmhouse styles with its stainless counter-depth French door refrigerator. Flanked by bright white Shaker-style cabinetry, the fridge blends in with its matching width instead of protruding. Chic black metal barstools complement the stainless finish while patterned open shelves provide warmth. The refrigerator’s clean lines and contemporary form meet country charm for an updated take on the classic farmhouse kitchen.

Notable Features

  • The counter-depth fridge doesn’t extend out as far as typical models, creating a more integrated look.
  • Warm wood open shelves soften the fridge’s stainless steel hardness for a homey rustic touch.
  • Brick-style ceramic tile backsplash and patterned rug bring in texture to balance the fridge’s colder sleekness.
  • Black metal stools, modern sconces and geometric window patterns nod to contemporary design.
  • Crisp white Shaker cabinets keep the look light and bright.

Design Ideas

  • Choose a counter-depth fridge in stainless steel so it aligns with surrounding cabinetry.
  • Incorporate wooden accents like open shelving, butcher block counters or plank backsplashes for warmth.
  • Add colorful patterned rugs, window treatments and ceramic backsplash tiles for homey farmhouse texture.
  • Opt for light fixtures, barstools and hardware with black metal for chic modern contrast.
  • Install Shaker-style cabinets in a light color like white for a fresh, updated look.

7. Industrial Loft Kitchen With Textured Stainless Steel Fridge

Make a bold industrial statement with a textured stainless steel refrigerator in this modern loft kitchen. The unique fridge finish features lightly brushed diagonal lines for incredible depth and shine. Paired with exposed brick backsplashes and concrete-style counters, the metallic fridge complements the raw, utilitarian look. Dark wood plank floors warm up the industrial space while black framed windows reinforce the urban vibe. The eye-catching textured fridge completes the edgy, artsy loft aesthetic.

Design Details

  • The lightly brushed stainless finish provides beautiful visual texture with subtle reflective shifts.
  • Exposed brick backsplashes and concrete-look counters align with the fridge’s urban look.
  • The black window frames mimic the fridge’s brooding darkness for cohesion.
  • Suspended utility lights and track lighting match the fridge’s no-nonsense, functional appeal.
  • Wood floor planks balance the stainless fridge’s cold factory feel with organic warmth.

Tips for Achieving This Look

  • Seek out lightly brushed or textured stainless refrigerators for incredible visual appeal.
  • Pair with exposed brick, wood beams, ductwork or concrete for on-trend industrial elements.
  • Add moody black accents and hardware for contemporary edge.
  • Include wood flooring, live plants or textured upholstery for organic contrast.
  • Spotlight key areas like the fridge alcove using adjustable track lights or pendant lamps.

Questions About Statement-Making Fridges:

Here are some common questions about using statement-making fridges in kitchen design along with detailed answers:

What types of refrigerators make the biggest style statement?

  • Vintage or retro style fridges in pastel colors like pink, teal or turquoise. The curved silhouette stands out.
  • Stainless column fridges soaring from floor to ceiling command attention in an open concept kitchen.
  • Black stainless appliances contrast boldly with white cabinetry and counters for modern pop.
  • Fridges with unique finishes like textured or brushed stainless steel.
  • Crossover fridges that fuse traditional and contemporary features for transitional flair.

How do you make a standard refrigerator look more stylish?

  • Add molding or trim around the fridge to match your cabinetry style for a more built-in, integrated look.
  • Install decorative grilles or vents at the base or top to conceal unattractive technical elements.
  • Position stylish decorative boxes, canisters, or baskets atop the fridge to customize and conceal.
  • Use interior fridge organization systems in bright colors or patterns to show that pop of color/print when the doors open.
  • Affix removable wallpaper or contact paper on visible fridge sides to match your kitchen decor.

What should you consider when selecting a statement fridge?

  • Interior capacity and configuration – French door, bottom freezer etc. Ensure it fits your family’s storage needs.
  • Measurement of available space – Don’t just consider width but depth and height as well.
  • Coordination with cabinetry finishes and colors for an integrated look.
  • Energy efficiency rating – Choose an ENERGY STAR® certified model for cost and environmental savings.
  • Features like through-door water/ice, adjustable shelving, humidity control etc. Consider conveniences.
  • Budget – Statement fridges span a wide range of prices to suit different budgets.

How do you incorporate a statement fridge into your kitchen design?

  • Use it as the anchor point to design the rest of the space around. It can inspire your color scheme, finishes etc.
  • Complement it with coordinating materials like wood shelves with a retro fridge or marble counters with stainless for a pulled together look.
  • Make sure adequate lighting hits it to highlight its unique look and finish. Use accent lighting if needed.
  • Position it thoughtfully as part of the kitchen floorplan. Create an open focal point or integrate into cabinetry.
  • Incorporate complementary decorative accessories like wall art, canisters, rugs etc.

What are pros and cons of using a statement-making fridge?


  • Makes an eye-catching focal point in your kitchen’s design
  • The uniqueness can reflect your personal style
  • A conversation starter for guests
  • Variety of styles to suit your taste – modern, retro, industrial etc.


  • Bolder aesthetic may not appeal to all tastes
  • Can show fingerprints, smudges, water spots, dust etc. on darker finishes
  • Limits future design changes; you may tire of a bold color or style
  • Resale appeal may be more limited depending on the style


With so many refrigerator styles and finishes available today, the fridge you choose can really make or break the look of your kitchen. Statement-making refrigerators that feature eye-catching details like a retro silhouette, black stainless finish or columnar shape can instantly become a scene-stealing focal point. If you have the kitchen space to spare and a bold design vision, choose your refrigerator wisely to anchor your décor and showcase your personal style. Just be sure to weigh the pros and cons and plan your overall kitchen design accordingly. With the right statement fridge coupled with complementary cabinetry, lighting, counters and backsplashes, your kitchen will be on its way to achieving show-stopping style.