Deep-blue shaker cabinets can add a touch of classic elegance to any kitchen. However, choosing the right hardware is key to completing the look. The hardware serves both form and function – it must be aesthetically pleasing while also durable and easy to use. When selecting hardware for deep-blue shakers, you’ll want to consider style, finish, size, and functionality. Here are six hardware styles that pair beautifully with rich, navy blue shaker cabinets.

Vintage Bronze Pulls

Vintage bronze pulls with an aged, antique look provide a nice contrast to crisp, clean-lined shaker cabinets. The dark bronze tone works well with the deep blue. A good vintage bronze finish will show some natural pitting and wear, avoiding a fake “painted-on” look. Opt for simple arched or oval bin pulls in this finish. Stay away from anything too ornate or shiny. The muted, matte look of aged bronze allows the blue to really sing. Match with vintage bronze knobs for a totally coordinated look.

When choosing vintage bronze pulls:

  • Stick to simple arched or oval shapes
  • Look for a authentic, aged patina
  • Pair with matching vintage bronze knobs
  • Avoid ornate styles or anything shiny/metallic

Vintage bronze has an old-fashioned, heritage feel that pairs nicely with classic shaker style doors. The rubbed bronze finish and traditional hardware shapes will give your kitchen a charming, antique sensibility.

Why Vintage Bronze Works

Vintage bronze hardware lends a timeworn, historical feel that contrasts and complements the clean simplicity of shaker cabinets. The muted bronze tone allows the deep blue color to take center stage. Vintage bronze patinas add visual interest and texture without competing with the blue hue. This is a hardware finish that celebrates imperfections like natural pitting, wear, and rub-through – avoiding a plastic-y coated look. If you want a kitchen with an antique soul, vintage bronze hardware is the perfect match for navy blue shaker cabinetry.

Matte Black Pulls

Another high contrast option is matte black hardware. Flat black pulls pop against the deep blue, creating a bold, dramatic look. Stick to solid matte black – this is not the time to use black hardware with silver rub-through. That look is better suited for white cabinets. With rich navy cabinets, stay away from anything shiny. Matte black has a mysterious, sophisticated vibe. Keep shapes clean and simple. Square bar pulls work well, as do modern angular options. Don’t be afraid to embrace the strong contrast of sleek black against the blue. It’s an eye-catching combo. As with the vintage bronze, use matching matte black knobs to finish off the look.

Key tips for choosing matte black hardware:

  • Select solid matte black – no rub-through
  • Opt for simple, clean-lined rectangular or square shapes
  • Use with matching matte black knobs
  • Avoid anything ornate or shiny

Matte black hardware makes a bold, modern statement that lets the deep blue cabinets take the spotlight. The contrast is strong and self-assured.

The Power of Matte Black

With a moody, mysterious appeal, matte black hardware is the perfect bold counterpart to vibrant navy blue shakers. The solid matte finish absorbs light, making the blue really glow without anything metallic to compete with it. Clean-lined matte black hardware gives a modern, stylish edge to softer shaker cabinetry. The combo feels fresh yet grounded, with just enough contrast for drama and impact. Matte black also serves as a timeless neutral that won’t steal decorative attention later on down the road.

Brass Bar Pulls

While some metallic finishes compete with deep blue cabinets, brass is warm and subdued enough to complement the hue beautifully. Look for brushed brass or antique brass bar pulls. The elongated shape creates an eye-catching vertical accent against the blue. The brushed warmth of the brass keeps things from looking too slick or shiny. Brass offers a happy medium between matte and high-gloss – enough sheen to catch the light, but not in an overwhelming way.

Key aspects to look for when selecting brass bar pulls:

  • Opt for brushed or antique brass finish
  • Choose elongated bar pull shape
  • Match with circular brass knobs
  • Avoid super shiny/glossy brass

Brass bar pulls add a stylish linear focal point without overpowering the blue shaker cabinets. The metallic warmth acts like a sunny accent, giving the moody blue a lift.

Why Brass Bars Work

With its soft golden glow, brushed brass hardware warms up cool-toned navy cabinets in a subtle, elegant way. The vertical lines of bar pulls provide graceful visual interest to offset the flat planes of shaker doors and drawers. Brushed brass has enough metallic shine to catch and reflect light, but avoids being too glossy or loud next to the bold blue. Circular brass knobs continue the look in a three-dimensional, sculptural way. The blue serves as a bold, confident backdrop while the brass bars and knobs put on an understated show.

Satin Nickel Cup Pulls

For a contrasting metal against rich navy cabinets, satin nickel is an alternative to brass that reads a bit more grey and modern. The soft sheen plays well against the blue without competing. Look for simple, clean-lined cup pull shapes to complement the shaker style. Avoid ornate nickel patterns or finishes – go for the most subtle sheen possible. Match with understated satin nickel knobs. The cool tones of the nickel also allow you to carry the metal finishes into other decor like pendant lights, stool bases, or appliance handles for a cohesive look.

Guidelines for selecting satin nickel cup pulls:

  • Seek subtle satin sheen – not metallic gloss
  • Opt for simple cup pull shape
  • Pair with matching satin nickel knobs
  • Keep the look clean-lined and modern

With its sophisticated and subtle shine, satin nickel hardware gives a bold complement to deep blue without overpowering it. The contrast is more muted than black or brass.

Why Satin Nickel Accents Well

The beauty of satin nickel hardware with navy blue shakers is that it blends with the cool tone of the blue while adding graceful interest with metallic sheen. Satin nickel reads as more grey than true silver or chrome, making it a temperamental metal against the moody blue. Streamlined cup pull shapes continue the clean-lined look, while knobs add contrasting circles to the linear kitchen style. The satin sheen is dewy rather than highly reflective, picking up light softly and subtly. Satin nickel is cool and elegant – an excellent supporting player rather than the main event.

Antique Copper Bow Pulls

For a more ornate hardware option, antique copper bow pull handles make a show-stopping statement full of old-world character and charm. The intricacy stands out beautifully against simple shaker doors. Dimensional details like sculpted edges and hammered finishes reflect light in varying intensities, enlivening the deep blue backdrop. As with other metallic finishes, stick to subtler sheens. An aged, greenish “verdigris” patina will keep the copper from competing too much with the blue.

Key pointers for selecting antique copper bow pulls:

  • Seek finishes with aged, greenish patinas
  • Opt for ornately detailed bow shapes
  • Match with simpler antique copper knobs
  • Avoid shiny or slick copper

Antique copper bow pulls with dimensional details and verdigris patinas provide eye-catching elegance and visual interest. This is traditional hardware that celebrates the imperfections and character that come with age.

The Sculptural Allure of Antique Copper

With their intricately sculpted silhouettes, bow pulls in antique copper make a stunning style statement against clean and simple shaker cabinets. Dimensional details like hammered textures and beveled edges create unique depth and shadow play. Patinas ranging from aged bronze to greenish verdigris allow the dark blue to take the lead while the copper acts as an ornate frame. Paired with humble circular knobs, the pulls are like jewelry for the kitchen. For homeowners who crave ornate Old World charm, antique copper bow pulls give classic shaker cabinets a customizable signature look overflowing with character.

Black Iron Bin Pulls

Clean-lined iron hardware offers an industrial edge to balance out the traditional essence of shaker cabinets. Matte black iron is dark and masculine like matte black, but the metal material gives it an urban warehouse temperament. Look for simple shapes like square or rectangular bin pulls in solid wrought iron. Avoid anything too dainty or decorative – this is about unfussy, rugged allure. As always, stick to matte, avoiding anything shiny. Raw, unsealed iron will develop natural patina over time for added character.

Key criteria for selecting black iron bin pulls:

  • Opt for basic bin pull shapes
  • Seek solid, matte wrought iron material
  • Allow iron to age naturally for patina
  • Avoid polished, glossy, or coated finishes

Rugged black iron hardware adds textural contrast and allows the deep blue shakers to channel a more urban, edgy vibe.

The Rustic Magnetism of Black Iron

With their sturdy, sculptural shapes and unfinished matte texture, black iron pulls add an alluring balance of industrial edge and rustic warmth to navy blue shaker cabinets. Crisp iron rectangles pop against the color, creating an eye-catching interplay of light and shadow. Unsealed, the iron will naturally oxidize and patina over time – embracing the imperfections that come with age rather than disguising them. The matte finish avoids distracting shine. Ruggedly handsome in an understated way, black iron hardware is the perfect match for those seeking an urban farmhouse or industrial feel with their traditional shaker cabinetry.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Cup Pulls

Splitting the difference between matte black and vintage bronze, oil-rubbed bronze offers a rich, charcoal-hued finish that beautifully complements deep blue cabinetry. The dark color allows the pulls to mostly blend with the blue, adding gentle contrast without distraction. As with black and bronze, stick to matte sheens to keep the look cohesive. Hammered or textured finishes add eye-catching dimension. Match simple cup pulls with classic circular knobs.

Key pointers for oil-rubbed bronze pulls:

  • Seek dark, charcoal matte colors
  • Opt for subtle hammered or textured finishes
  • Use with simple circular knobs
  • Avoid shiny bronze

Subtle and sophisticated, oil-rubbed bronze pulls enhance deep blue shaker cabinets without competing for attention.

The Refined Allure of Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Somewhere between sophisticated and rugged, oil-rubbed bronze adds a refined touch of contrasting color to shaker style navy cabinets. The matte charcoal finish recedes gracefully against the blue, while dimensional hammering and texturing add shadow play and visual interest. Oil-rubbed bronze manages to straddle elegant and industrial in its moody, muted sheen. The dark metallic pulls embody restrained opulence. Unfussy circular knobs continue the classic restraint. For those drawn to dark, dramatic hues but not stark black, oil-rubbed bronze offers the perfect supporting role to navy blue’s starring cabinetry.

Key Considerations When Pairing Hardware and Deep Blue Shakers

When it comes to hardware, it’s easy to mix and match chrome with white cabinets. But deep blue requires some extra finesse and forethought to find the right balance. Here are key factors to keep in mind:


Shiny finishes compete too much with rich blue’s drama. Stick to muted patinas or matte textures. Aged, rubbed, or hammered metals work better than glossy chrome.

Warm vs. Cool Tones

Warm metallic finishes like brass and copper provide pleasing contrast to cool blue. But you can also opt for cooler tones like satin nickel or matte black for bolder tension.

Simple vs. Ornate

Clean-lined bar pulls or bin pulls suit traditional shaker style. But ornate bow pulls or hammered handles add eye-catching intricacy. Choose based on your desired visual weight.

Contrast Level

Do you want the blue to dominate? Or the hardware to make more of a statement? Dark muted metals tend to recede, while lighter finishes grab glances.

Industrial vs. Ornate

Rustic black iron has an unfussy warehouse vibe, while antique brass offers an abundance of Old World ornamentation. Decide your aesthetic before falling for hardware.

6 Go-To Hardware Combinations for Deep Blue Shakers

Here are six can’t-miss hardware combos to consider for navy blue shaker cabinets:

  1. Vintage bronze pulls with matching circular knobs
  2. Clean-lined matte black bar pulls and black knobs
  3. Brushed brass bars paired with round brushed brass knobs
  4. Simple satin nickel cup pulls with matching satin knobs
  5. Ornate antique copper bow pulls and humble copper knobs
  6. Rustic black iron bin pulls and matching black iron knobs

With limitless options, it can feel overwhelming to select the perfect hardware for navy shakers. Focus on the finish and style you’re drawn to. Pair simple pulls with rounded knobs or go for cohesive uniformity. The most failsafe strategy is to choose a finish you love and opt for matching pulls and knobs. This creates a thoughtfully coordinated look.

Common Questions About Pairing Hardware with Navy Blue Shaker Cabinets

Selecting compatible hardware is essential to making your dream kitchen come to life. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are the most popular hardware finishes for navy blue shaker cabinets?

The most popular finishes include:

  • Brushed brass
  • Matte black
  • Vintage bronze
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Antique brass

These finishes contrast beautifully with navy while staying subtle enough not to overpower the blue.

Should I avoid shiny hardware?

In most cases, yes. Rich glossy finishes compete too much with the drama of dark blue cabinets. Satin, brushed, or matte metals work better. However, if you want something more eye-catching, polished brass or chrome could still work well.

Does hardware finish need to match appliance finish?

Matching can create a sleek, uniform look. But mixing metal finishes is also an eclectic, vintage-inspired option. If mixing, try to maintain a similar theme – for example, only warm metals or only cool metals.

How important is it to match pulls and knobs?

Uniformity looks clean and purposeful. But if mixing metals, unmatched knobs and pulls can also work. Just aim for cohesion in the overall style and finish.

Should I choose hardware before or after selecting cabinets?

It’s best to select hardware after finalizing cabinets. This allows you to view hardware samples against the actual cabinet finish rather than just a color chip.

How much should I budget for kitchen hardware?

Budget $40-100 per knob and $50-200 per pull, depending on materials and detailing. So for a 20-knob, 20-pull kitchen, budget $1,000-4,000. Quality hardware makes a big difference.

The Takeaway: Choosing Hardware to Complement Navy Blue Shakers

The perfect hardware strikes a balance – it meshes beautifully with cabinet color but offers enough contrast to be distinctive in its own right. When pairing hardware and navy blue shaker cabinets, stick to finishes with subtle sheen. Seek out vintage patinas, soft brushed metals, or solid matte blacks. Iron, bronze, brass, nickel, and copper all complement deep blue handsomely while providing their own personality. Combine simple pulls with round knobs for a classic look or go bold with all-over black for a more modern feel. Whichever finish and style you land on, choose cohesive pulls and knobs that work in unison but still allow those gorgeous navy cabinets to shine. With thoughtful pairings, you’ll enjoy hardware that accentuates the blue rather than competes with it.