Staying on top of the latest bathroom design trends can be a challenge. With new products, materials, and styles emerging constantly, it’s easy to miss some of the most innovative ideas. To help you keep your finger on the pulse, we’ve rounded up 6 bathroom design ideas you might have missed this week. From high-tech smart mirrors to nature-inspired color palettes, read on for the need-to-know bathroom updates.

Embrace the Organic Look with Natural Materials

Nature is making its way into bathrooms this season with the use of organic materials and earthy hues. Neutral tones like beige, brown, and taupe paired with natural materials create a relaxing spa-like vibe.

Wood features – Wood vanities, floors, and accents add warmth. Opt for lighter stains to keep things airy. Distressed, reclaimed wood offers texture.

Stone surfaces – Honed marble, travertine, and limestone offer subtle swirls and veining. These natural stones bring a sophisticated look when used on floors, walls, and countertops.

Wicker baskets – Woven baskets make excellent storage for rolled towels and toiletries. Greenery placed in baskets brings life to the space.

Jute rugs – Natural fiber rugs work well in bathrooms prone to moisture. Jute’s neutral hue complements wood floors.

Linen fabrics – Lightweight linen shower curtains and window treatments further the organic aesthetic. Stick to solid hues or subtle patterns.

The natural look provides a zen-like, spa-style atmosphere to help you relax and recharge. Beige, brown, and sand tones create a soothing oasis. Incorporate wood, stone, wicker, jute, and linen for tactile interest. Let nature inspire your next bathroom design.

Create a Spa Retreat with Heated Floors and Towel Warmers

Is there anything better than stepping out of the shower onto a heated floor? Heated bathroom floors and towel warmers provide spa-like luxury at home. Now’s the time to consider installing these indulgent features in your bathroom.

Heated floors – Nothing beats the comfort of warm floors when nature calls in the middle of the night or first thing on a cold morning. Today’s electric and hydronic systems are safe, efficient, and easy to install. Tile, stone, and wood floors work well.

Towel warmers – Imagine wrapping yourself in a freshly heated towel after a shower or bath. Towel warmers run on electricity or hydronic systems. Freestanding units come in a range of styles to complement your decor.

Radiant heat – For all-over ambient warmth, look into in-floor radiant heating. Electric mats and cables embed in the subfloor. Hydronic systems circulate heated liquid through tubing.

Warm your toes and enjoy just-out-of-the-dryer comfort with heated floors and towel racks. Time to treat yourself and give your bathroom the modern spa treatment.

Smart Tech for the Ultimate Bathroom

The bathroom is no longer a tech-free zone. From mirrors to toilets to showers, smart tech is making its way into the most private room of the home. Upgrade your bathroom with these clever gadgets.

Mirror TVs – Watch your favorite shows, stream music, browse recipes or check your social feeds right from your mirror. Today’s smart mirrors seamlessly incorporate HDTVs and touchscreen controls.

Motion-activated lights – LED strips with built-in sensors illuminate your path in the middle of the night. Convenient and energy efficient.

High-tech toilets – From auto-flush to heated seats, today’s toilets offer the utmost in comfort and hygiene. Models feature slow-close lids, bidet functions, air purification, nightlights and more.

Digital shower – Customize your shower with digital controls that allow you to set the perfect temperature and flow. Pre-set your preferences for a spa-like experience.

Waterproof speakers – Listen to tunes or podcasts while you shower with Bluetooth speakers designed for humid bathroom environments.

Make your bathroom smarter and more enjoyable with the latest high-tech additions. Set the mood with custom lighting, ambient music, and pure comfort.

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Maximize Space and Stay Organized

Between makeup, medications, hair tools and other necessities, bathroom storage needs continue grow. Unfortunately, the average bathroom doesn’t offer much real estate to work with. Get creative with these storage ideas to maximize your space.

Optimize under the sink – Insert roll-out trays and slide-out shelves to double your under-sink space. Group items in caddies to keep things tidy.

Floating shelves – Install floating shelves above the toilet, on the back of the door or over the tub to display towels and toiletries. Choose water-resistant materials.

Recessed wall cabinets – Built-in, recessed cabinets provide discrete storage. Have cabinets custom-made to fit unused alcoves and corners.

Over the door storage – Hanging racks that fit over the door are great for stashing extra towels. Choose metal racks with rubberized grippers for a sturdy fit.

Underneath drawer organizers – Customize drawers with removable organizers for makeup, hair supplies and toiletries. Look for waterproof plastic bins and trays.

Creative storage solutions help you stay organized and make the most of every inch. Use caddies, trays, shelves, racks and hidden storage areas to keep clutter contained.

Unique Accent Tiles Add Personality

Tired of basic white subway tiles? Add character to your bathroom with unique accent tiles. From bold colors and prints to 3D tiles and handpainted motifs, specialty tiles offer unlimited design options.

Moroccan fish scale tiles – Intricate mosaics featuring tiny overlapping tiles reflect light beautifully. Metallic glazes in gold, silver and copper make a stunning statement.

Whimsical ceramic tiles – Look for handpainted or hand-molded ceramic tiles showcasing fun nature-inspired designs, sea creatures or abstract shapes.

3D decorative tiles – Dimensional tiles lend depth and texture. Options include bubble tiles, ribbed tiles, starburst tiles and more. Use sparingly on a single wall.

Vintage penny tiles – Classic black and white penny round tiles give bathrooms a retro vibe. Coordinate with black accents for bold contrast.

Colorful glass tiles – For brilliant pops of color, select glass mosaic tiles or larger stained glass-style wall tiles. Colors range from deep jewel tones to pale pastels.

Make a bore bathroom beautiful by livening up walls, floors or the shower area with eye-catching accent tiles that display your personality.

Creative Touches for Character and Charm

Beyond the standard bath fittings, it’s the little details that give a bathroom character and charm. Look for unique pieces that express your personal style. Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

Vintage mirrors – A mirror with antique appeal adds a glamorous, Old-World element. Go for beveled edges, rustic frames and silver accents.

Sculptural sconces – Ambient wall lighting eliminates a ceiling fixture. Opt for artsy, sculptural sconces in chrome, glass or natural materials.

Funky shower curtains – In lieu of glass doors, pick a shower curtain that shows off your personality. Florals, geometrics and abstract prints cloak the utilitarian rod.

Unusual faucets – Make a statement with sculpted, artistic faucets as the focal point. Materials like copper, glass and stone create a striking look.

Textured wallpaper – Consider covering one wall in an exotic print wallpaper with subtle sheen. Faux crocodile, orchids and ferns offer drama.

Unique accents and accessories infuse charm and keep things from feeling cookie-cutter. Display your personal style with a blend of vintage finds, artisan details and trendy prints.

FAQs About Bathroom Design Ideas

What are some popular colors for bathrooms right now?

Earthy neutral tones like beige, brown, gray and taupe are trending right now. White remains a popular choice for a clean, bright look. Pale blues and greens are also common in bathrooms aiming for a relaxing spa-like ambiance.

What flooring works best in bathrooms?

Tile, stone and vinyl floors stand up best to bathroom moisture. Popular choices include porcelain, ceramic, marble, travertine and slate tiles. Vinyl plank flooring offers affordable water-resistance. Limit natural wood to dry areas.

How do I make a small bathroom feel bigger?

Use simple, streamlined fittings and fixtures. Avoid dark colors and busy patterns. Install shelves vertically to draw the eye up. Add a large mirror or mirrored cabinet to visually expand the space. Proper lighting also makes rooms feel larger.

How can I add storage to my bathroom?

Creative storage solutions include roll-out trays under sinks, wall-mounted shelves, recessed cabinets, over-the-door racks and drawer dividers. Look for unused space like corners and alcoves to add narrow shelving.

What are some easy ways to update a bathroom’s look?

Painting the walls, replacing the shower curtain and accessories like towels and rugs can give a bathroom a fresh new look on a budget. Updating light fixtures also makes a noticeable impact. Consider resurfacing tile or refinishing cabinets.

In Conclusion

A bathroom should be a soothing, inviting space. By incorporating the latest design ideas like smart tech, heated floors, creative storage solutions and unique finishes, you can create a bathroom that’s both beautiful and functional. Pay attention to the details that reflect your personality.

Focus on selecting durable, water-resistant materials that stand up to moisture. And look for ways to maximize every inch of space. With a little creativity, even the smallest bathroom can be a sanctuary. We hope these design ideas inspire you the next time you update your bathroom.