Adding a pop of pink to your kitchen can be a fun way to incorporate some flair and personality into the space. While pink may not be for everyone, the right shade can create a warm, inviting kitchen. When chosen thoughtfully, pink paint colors can elevate your kitchen’s style instantly.

From pale pink to vibrant fuchsia, there are many shades to consider that can complement your existing decor. The key is finding the right undertone of pink that aligns with the look and feel you want to achieve. We’ve rounded up 6 attractive pink paint colors that are sure to give your kitchen a photogenic facelift.

Blush Pink

Blush pink is a soft, muted shade that can make your kitchen feel light and airy. It has a subtle warmth, without being overly pink. Blush pink works well in both modern and traditional kitchen designs.

Some popular blush pink paint colors to consider:

Sherwin-Williams Pale Pink

This versatile pale pink has a greyish undertone. It’s light and restful on the eyes. Pale Pink looks beautiful with white trim, cabinets, and metals. The soft color doesn’t overpower the room so it’s ideal if you want only a hint of pink.

Behr Blushing Peach

As the name suggests, this paint color mixes pink and peach hues. It’s a warm neutral that provides a soothing backdrop. Blushing Peach gives off a vintage vibe that pairs nicely with distressed wood accents and antique white cabinetry.

Benjamin Moore Pink Bliss

Slightly darker than the previous two options, Pink Bliss has more color saturation. However, it remains soft and elegant. Its greige undertones allow Pink Bliss to complement most decor styles. Use it to add subtle color without going overboard.

Dusty Pink

Dusty pink is a muted, soft pink with subtle grey undertones. It’s a tad darker than blush pink, while remaining light and neutral. Dusty pink serves as a rich but calming color for kitchen walls.

Some flattering dusty pink paints include:

Behr Pink Kiss

Pink Kiss features a warm, inviting hue that provides depth without being too overwhelming. The earthy tones make this shade versatile. It creates an elegant yet laid-back kitchen color palette when paired with woods, green plants, and brass accents.

Valspar Blushing Pink

Blushing Pink is very close to a true muted pink. It has more color saturation compared to shades with strong grey undertones. This semi-bright pink gives off a romantic, feminine vibe. Use it in cottage or farmhouse kitchens with distressed white cabinets for contrast.

Clark + Kensington Moon Dust

As the name suggests, this paint color resembles the soft pink glow of dusk. Moon Dust has enough color without going too bright. It works well in modern and contemporary kitchens that need a punch of stylish color. Try it with marble counters, gold fixtures, and black stainless steel appliances.

Peachy Pink

Have a kitchen with warm wood tones or yellow undertones? A peachy pink paint will coordinate seamlessly with your existing features. Peach-pinks straddle the line between pink and peach for a bright but mellow color.

Some popular options include:

Sherwin-Williams Poinciana

Poinciana is a vibrant pink-peach that’s saturated but not harsh. It will make any space feel warm, happy, and inviting. For best results, use Poinciana on accent walls with crisp white trim and cabinetry. Brass hardware also pairs nicely with this tropical hue.

Benjamin Moore Hot Pink

Don’t let the name fool you – this shade is far from a bright Kelly green pink. Hot Pink by Benjamin Moore has strong peachy-orange undertones. The fiery color variation gives it lots of personality without overwhelming a space. It’s ideal for infusing excitement into a muted or all-white kitchen.

Behr Strike It Pink

A hot pink with orange leaning, this playful paint color isn’t quite neon. Strike It Pink is fun and punchy while maintaining some richness from its peach base. For balance, use it with dark wood cabinetry, marble counters, black fixtures and lighting.

Bright Pink

For the bold at heart, a bright lively pink can really make your kitchen pop. Vibrant pink paint energizes the space and creates an atmosphere that’s hard to ignore. Use it as a striking accent wall or make a daring design statement by painting the entire kitchen a vivid pink.

Some eye-catching bright pink paint colors to consider:

Behr Oh My Magenta

This electric magenta pink is vibrant yet still somewhat muted to keep the color from feeling too overwhelming in a kitchen. Oh My Magenta pairs perfectly with teal and mint green for a playful retro diner aesthetic.

Sherwin-Williams Raspberry Cream

Aptly named, this is a scrumptious bright pink reminiscent of raspberry sherbet. It’s intense but remains warm thanks to faint orange undertones. For balance, Raspberry Cream looks best set against a crisp white backdrop.

Benjamin Moore Shocking Pink

No surprises here – Shocking Pink is a bold, saturated, fuschia pink that is undeniably eye-catching. Use sparingly on one wall or a single base cabinet for dramatic contrast. Shocking Pink gives off youthful, funky vibes so have fun with colorful art and accessories.

Deep Pink

Love the look of bright pink but find it a bit too overwhelming in large doses? A deep pink may be the solution. Deep pinks have all the charisma of saturated pinks but are darkened just enough to feel bold without going overboard.

Some gorgeous deep pink paint colors include:

Behr Flower Shop

This is a rich, floral pink reminiscent of peonies and ranunculus. Flower Shop has vintage appeal that would suit farmhouse or cottage style kitchens. The darker shade adds striking femininity without appearing too bubblegum pink.

Benjamin Moore Pink Dragon

As the fierce name implies, this deep pink paint color makes a strong style statement. It has bold fuschia undertones lifted by a punch of vibrant raspberry. Pink Dragon needs little accompaniment beyond crisp white trim.

Valspar Crown of India

Crown of India is a dramatic jewel-toned pink with lavender undertones. While certainly bold, it’s dark enough to avoid feeling childish or saccharine. This opulent pink looks fitting in elegant kitchens with marble, gold accents, and ornate molding.

Pink-Purple Hues

Somewhere between pink and purple lie paint colors with two-tone appeal. Pink-purples have the energizing effect of pink with added depth from their lilac undertones. Depending on the lighting, they shift between rosy pink and soft purple.

Some noteworthy pink-purple paint colors include:

Benjamin Moore Wheatearth

With a name like Wheatearth, it’s no surprise this paint color resembles a wheat field at dusk. Soft and soothing, it had subtle warm peach tones that fade into muted purple. Wheatearth is perfect for creating a zen, welcoming kitchen environment.

Behr Imagination

Despite the whimsical name, this paint color is quite refined thanks to its greyish undertones. Imagination shifts from pale purple to petal pink depending on the room’s lighting. Use it to add understated color to a neutral kitchen.

Sherwin-Williams Passionate Purple

Don’t let the name fool you – this subdued purple reads more as a lavender-pink than true purple. It’s muted enough for any size space but still makes a stylish impact. Passionate Purple works well with marble, metals, white cabinets and dark woods.

Complementary Color Schemes

While pink can look beautiful on its own, choosing accent colors that coordinate well gives your kitchen a polished, professional aesthetic. Here are some complementary color combinations that work exceptionally well with pink kitchens:

  • Pink, white, and brass – Crisp white paired with glinting brass hardware pops against pink walls or cabinets. White trim also balances out bolder pinks.
  • Pink, sage green, and terra cotta – Earthy green and orange-red tones bring out pink’s versatility. Great for boho or rustic kitchen designs.
  • Pink, light blue, and natural wood – Soft powdery blue provides a soothing contrast to lively pink. Natural wood finishes warm up the space.
  • Pink, black, and marble – For modern glam kitchens, pair hot pink with sophisticated black and white marble countertops.
  • Pink, navy, and gold – Navy blue and metallic gold accents give pink a luxe, regal feel.

Style Ideas for Pink Kitchens

Now that you’ve selected the perfect pink paint color, it’s time to consider how to incorporate it into your kitchen design. Here are some stylish and inspiring ways to use pink kitchen paint colors:

All-Pink Kitchen

For the bold, painting your entire kitchen pink can create a fun, lively aesthetic. To avoid feeling too overwhelming, stick to soft or muted pink shades. Accent with brass, white marble and plenty of greenery for balance.

Pink Kitchen Island

Painting just the kitchen island pink allows you to enjoy a pop of color without the commitment of pink walls. Try a contrasting deep charcoal base cabinet with a vibrant pink island for a striking focal point.

Pink Accent Wall

An accent wall behind the cabinets or stove is a simple way to add pink without dominating the space. Contrast your pink wall with crisp white upper and base cabinets.

Pink Backsplash

In lieu of a full pink accent wall, dress up your backsplash with pink and white patterned tile. This coordinates well with a neutral color palette of beige walls and white cabinets.

Pink Lower Cabinets

For something more subtle, paint just the lower cabinets a fun pink hue. Pair with sleek white uppers and a marble countertop for dimensions of color and texture.

Pink Ceiling

An unexpected pink ceiling can give your kitchen a unique wow-factor. It brings warmth and personality to the room without feeling overwhelming. Try a darker pink for dramatic appeal.

Common Questions about Pink Kitchen Paint

Still unsure about choosing pink for your kitchen? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is pink paint outdated?

Pink is a timeless color that has regained popularity in recent years. Modern dusty pinks and blush tones feel fresh and current. Vibrant hot pinks have a trendy, youthful vibe.

Does pink make a room look smaller?

It depends on the shade. Soft muted pinks will make a room feel light and airy. However, darker or very saturated pinks can overwhelm a small space. Stick to accent walls or surfaces rather than painting the whole room.

What are the worst colors to pair with pink?

Avoid combining pink with overly warm tones like orange or yellow. Cool blues and greens are better complementary colors. Too much red can also clash with pink walls.

Can I paint just the inside of my cabinets pink?

A fun idea! The pop of color will show when the cabinets are open without dominating the whole space. Use high-gloss paint for easy cleaning inside the cabinets.

Will pink show stains or dirt?

That depends on the shade. Light pinks will need more frequent touch-ups. Darker pinks are more stain-resistant. Using high gloss or semi-gloss paint can help combat stains and scuffs.

Final Thoughts

Full of personality, pink paint can instantly transform the look and feel of your kitchen. From blushing peach to vivid fuschia, the options are wide open. Choose a pink hue that complements your existing decor and suits your design style. For a playful retro vibe try a lively bright pink. Or create a soothing oasis with a calming muted pink shade.

Whichever route you take, prepare to add a memorable pop of color! Pink kitchen paint is an exciting way to showcase your personal taste and give this important room some extra flair. With the right accent colors and stylish combinations, pink can feel fun, elegant, or utterly timeless.

6 Attractive Pink Paint Colors for the Kitchen

Pink is having a major moment in home decor, and kitchens are no exception. The right shade of pink can enliven and energize any kitchen. From blush pink to fuchsia, here are 6 gorgeous pink paint colors to give your kitchen a photogenic facelift:

1. Sherwin-Williams Passionate Pink

This vibrant, jewel-toned pink is a surefire way to add drama and flair to your kitchen. Passionate Pink has enough punch to make a statement, balanced by slight purple undertones to keep it sophisticated. It pairs well with dark woods, marble, gold accents, and brass fixtures.

2. Benjamin Moore Pink Dragon

For a bold and fiery look, reach for Pink Dragon. This deep, saturated pink is reminiscent of raspberry sherbet. Contrast it with bright white cabinetry and trim for a striking, high-impact look. Pink Dragon commands attention, ideal for kitchens in need of a compelling color focal point.

3. Behr Flower Shop

Flower Shop is a rich, romantic pink inspired by peonies and ranunculus blooms. It’s vivid but still relatively soft thanks to its dusty purple undertones. For cottage kitchens, Flower Shop pairs beautifully with distressed woods, floral wallpaper, and vintage-style tile.

4. Benjamin Moore Hot Pink

Despite the name, this Benjamin Moore pink is more peachy coral than true hot pink. But it still packs a colorful punch thanks to its warm orange undertones. Hot Pink gives off cheerful, summery vibes. Use it in kitchens with marble countertops, gold accents, and plenty of natural light.

5. Behr Oh My Magenta!

Few pink paint colors are as fun and playful as Oh My Magenta. This bright, vibrant magenta shade is a party in a can. It instantly modernizes dated kitchens and pairs perfectly with modern teals and mint greens. Try using Oh My Magenta on just an accent wall or island.

6. Sherwin-Williams Pale Pink

For those who prefer subtler pinks, Pale Pink by Sherwin-Williams is a dreamy, elegant option. With a grayish undertone, this soft pink reads as a warm neutral. Use it on walls or cabinetry to add a whimsical hint of color without going overboard. White trim and brass accents complement it beautifully.

Complementary Color Schemes for Pink Kitchens

Choosing accent colors that work cohesively with pink kitchen walls or cabinetry takes your design to the next level. Here are some foolproof complementary color combinations:

Pink and White

Crisp, bright white trim and cabinetry pops gorgeously against pink walls. White also balances out bolder shades of pink. For accessories, add metallics like brass and gold.

Pink and Navy Blue

Few colors complement pink as flawlessly as navy blue. The pairing feels upscale and elegant. Include metallic finishes like gold or champagne bronze for extra glam.

Pink and Sage Green

Earthy sage green brings out the versatility of pink. Together they create a soothing, nature-inspired palette. Use terra cotta accents throughout for a cohesive bohemian kitchen.

Pink and Light Blue

Soft powdery blue provides a serene contrast to lively pink. It feels fresh and whimsical. Natural wood finishes add organic warmth and texture.

Pink and Black

For dramatic appeal, pair vivid pink with sophisticated black cabinetry or fixtures. White marble countertops keep the aesthetic light and refined.

Pink and Yellow

A fearless color scheme, pink and yellow make a lively statement together, especially when you choose bold hues. Keep accessories minimal for a modern pop-art style.

Style Ideas for Pink Kitchens

Ready to add pretty in pink to your kitchen design? Here are creative and visually striking ways to do it:

Pink Kitchen Island

Painting just the kitchen island pink allows you to enjoy a fun pop of color without the whole room feeling overly girly. Try a deep charcoal base with a bubblegum pink island.

Pink Accent Wall

An accent wall in a striking pink shade can serve as a compelling focal point. For balance, use crisp white cabinets, walls, and trim throughout the rest of the kitchen.

Pink Backsplash

Dress up a neutral backsplash area with pink and white patterned tile. This adds eye-catching color without the commitment of a full pink wall.

Pink Lower Cabinets

Painting lower cabinetry pink and leaving uppers crisp white allows you to incorporate color in a subtle way. For extra dimension, pair with a marble countertop.

Pink Ceiling

An unexpected pink ceiling can give your kitchen a fun, unique surprise factor. Try a deep fuschia shade on the angled ceiling for drama.

All-Pink Kitchen

Feeling bold? Paint everything – walls, cabinetry, ceiling – the same striking pink for cohesive vibrancy. For balance add in lots of greenery, white marble, and metallics.

FAQs about Pink Kitchen Paint

Is pink paint outdated?

Far from it! Modern dusty pinks and blush tones feel fresh, current, and endlessly photographable. Vibrant pinks have youthful, trendy appeal.

What colors complement pink best?

White, black, light blue, navy, and brass accents are foolproof choices. Greens, yellows, and terra cottas can also coordinate beautifully depending on the shades.

Does pink make rooms look smaller?

It can, especially darker pinks. Stick to soft or muted pinks and use them selectively on accent walls or cabinets rather than entire rooms.

Can I paint just the inside of cabinets pink?

Definitely! This allows you to enjoy a pop of pink when the cabinets are open without it dominating the whole kitchen. Use high-gloss paint that’s scrubbable.

Will pink show dirt or stains?

Lighter pinks show scuffs more easily and require frequent touch ups. Darker pinks are more stain-resistant. Using