Gift wrapping during the holiday season is an art form. A beautiful wrap creates excitement and enhances the recipient’s experience of opening their present. With so many creative wrapping ideas, you can make your holiday gifts stand out with stylish wraps. Explore different papers, ribbons, fabrics, shapes, and embellishments to make your presents pop. Wrap with love this holiday season with these 50 ways to wrap holiday gifts in style!

Select High Quality Wrapping Paper

The wrapping paper is the foundation of your stylish gift wrap. Choose papers with vibrant colors, fun patterns, and luxe textures to elevate your gifts. Consider the following types of wrapping paper:

Vibrant Solid Colors

Solid papers in bold, vibrant hues like sapphire, magenta, and emerald green add dramatic flair. Wrap a gift in a fuchsia paper for a brilliant pop of color. Metallic solids in gold, rose gold, silver, and copper create a luxurious, shiny statement. A present wrapped in metallic blue or rose gold radiates glamour.

Artistic Patterns

Seek papers with artistic or geometric patterns for elevated style. Florals, paisleys, and damasks give the wrap old-world charm. Marbled, watercolor, and ombre patterns add artistic elegance. Checks, polka dots, and modern graphics lend quirky flair. Choose papers with patterns that relate to the personality or interests of the recipient.

Novelty Print Designs

Novelty prints offer a fun, lighthearted wrapping paper option. Seek out papers with holiday motifs like ornaments, trees, snowflakes, or reindeer. Comic book, movie, and pop culture character prints make a playful statement. Visit museum gift shops – they often sell wrapping paper with prints from famous artworks for cultured appeal.

Metallic and Foil Stamped

Foil stamped and metallic flecked papers shine and sparkle, perfect for glamorous gifts. Opt for metallic patterns like dots, stars, or swirls. Pair shiny paper with satin ribbon for an ultra luxe statement. Metallic wrapping evokes the feeling of unwrapping a gift from a ritzy department store.

Textured Papers

Textured papers add tactile interest and dimension. Choose flocked papers that feel velvety soft for a lush wrap. Raffia, jute, and burlap give a natural, organic look. Ecru and kraft papers keep wrapping simple but textured. Select papers with pressed patterns for texture too – think embossed damask and lace designs.

Pick Coordinating Ribbons

Ribbons provide the perfect finishing touch for your immaculately wrapped gifts. Choose ribbons that complement or contrast your wrapping paper for stylish harmony.

Satin Ribbon

Satin ribbon offers an ultra elegant, opulent look. Try wide satin ribbons in jewel tones like sapphire, emerald, and ruby red. Metallic satin ribbon in gold and silver feels luxurious with foil papers. Opt for black satin ribbon with red accents for a classic holiday pairing.

Wired Ribbon

Wired ribbon provides body that holds curls, bows, and oversized ornament shapes. Sparkly wired ribbon makes decorating easy – just twist into festive arrangements. Opt for wide wired ribbon to make a dramatic style statement.

Patterned Ribbon

Patterned ribbon adds a playful pop. Seek out holiday motifs like snowflakes and ornaments. Buffalo check and polka dot ribbons keep things whimsical. Florals and paisleys give the wrap a boho vibe. Give a nautical nod with striped ribbon.

Natural Ribbon

Jute, burlap, raffia, and twine ribbons provide organic texture. Pair natural ribbons with kraft wrapping paper for rustic charm. Tie on pinecones or sprigs from the garden for homespun holiday flair.

Sheer Ribbon

Sheer ribbons, like organza and chiffon, provide ethereal beauty. Pair with crisp gift tags and immaculate folds for sophisticated elegance. Metallic sheer ribbon offers a hint of sparkle.

Jazz Up Wraps with Trims

Trims and accents provide seemingly endless options for embellishing gift wraps in chic style. From tassels to fabric flowers, add on girlish charm.

Rick Rack Trim

Zig-zag rick rack trim sewn onto wrapping lends retro flair. Use rick rack to trim edges or outline keyed spots for ribbon and embellishments. Red and white rick rack gives a candy cane effect.

Pom Poms

Puffy pom poms made from yarn or fabric add playful cheer. Adorn packages with pom poms in holiday shades like crimson, emerald, ice blue, and snow white. Cluster them in the corners or glue them randomly.


Tassels sway and dance on gift wraps for ornamental beauty. Choose beaded, metallic, or natural tassels. Sew onto edges or tie onto packages with twine. Opt for holiday colors like crimson, gold, and forest green.

Fabric Flowers

Fabric flowers like roses, poinsettias, and hydrangeas provide feminine charm. Sew flowers onto the edges of wrapping paper or wire them on with ribbon. Select blooms in satin, velvet, or printed cotton.


Add opulent dazzle with sequins. Use fabric glue to affix colorful sequins in holiday colors. Outline areas like ribbon ties, focal points, or the gift tag. Shake on iridescent white and silver sequins for shimmer.

Seek Unique Wrapping Shapes

Most gifts are wrapped in the traditional square or rectangular box shape. Have fun with creative shapes and containers to take your gift wrapping style up a notch.

Gift Bag

A gift bag allows you to use dazzling papers or fabrics that might be too delicate for wrapping. Choose a satin clutch style bag for elegance or burlap for rustic flair. Embellish with ribbon, pom poms, or fresh greenery.

Round Box or Tin

Wrap a round box or metal tin for a shape that’s out of the ordinary. Tie festive wired ribbon vertically around the outside. Top with large ornamental bows or flowers for cheer.

Triangle Box

A triangle-shaped box adds geometric appeal when wrapped. Opt for graphic modern papers or playful prints. Embellish the angled sides with ribbon garlands, pom pom sprays, or rick rack trim.

Art Canvas

For flat gifts like clothing or a photo frame, wrap around a blank art canvas for an artsy touch. Use wide ribbon to accent the deep sides. Stand upright and decorate with miniature ornaments, pinecones, and greenery.

Faux Gift Box Shape

Create a faux gift box shape by wrapping the gift in paper, then use cardboard and more paper to form a box shape around it. Decorate the exterior like a real box with ribbon, bows, gift tags, and other embellishments.

Ornament Shape

Tie your gift in a circle with ruffled tissue paper or cellophane to create a large ornament shape. Tie ribbon at the top to hang on the tree before opening. Write the recipient’s name on a tag at the bottom.

Treasure Chest

Use a wooden chest or jewelry box as the wrapping container. Line the inside with tissue and place the gift within. Finish with a treasure map gift tag.

Book Shape

Wrap a rectangle gift in book dust jacket-style paper to simulate a wrapped book. Use paper with a book motif or give a literary theme with pages from a real book.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Natural materials from the outdoors impart organic texture and cozy natural style.

Fresh Greenery

Accent packages with fresh greenery like pine, cedar, magnolia, and fir for aromatic woodsy appeal. Select a sprig, spray, or branch to wire or tie onto gifts.

Dried Grasses and Pampas

Dried grasses and pampas grass lend rustic texture. Arrange plumes in natural colors for an airy accent. Display single stems in bottle vases as gift topper.

Wood Slices

Adorn gifts with rounds of tree wood cut into decorative slices and shapes. Choose maple, oak, or birch wood with organic edges. Affix with small nails or glue onto kraft paper wraps.


Pinecones collected from the forest make charming embellishments with woodsy aroma. Glitter coat or spray paint pinecones in holiday hues before wiring to gifts.


Twigs gathered into bundles add organic shape and texture. Wrap bundles around gifts horizontally or attach singly in whimsical angles.

Holly and Ivy

Fresh-snipped sprigs of holly or ivy attach easily to wrapped gifts. Use small amounts of hot glue to avoid dampness damaging paper.

Make It Luxe with Metallic

Metallic touches give gifts an expensive, luxe feel. Incorporate glittering accents to elevate your elegant wrapping style.

Gold Dusted Botanicals

Select dried florals and botanicals like ferns, eucalyptus, roses, and palms. Use craft adhesive to lightly coat with 23k gold dust for gilded appeal.

Glitter Branch Sprays

Take branches from pine, eucalyptus, magnolia, or birch and lightly coat with clear glue. Roll in or spray with holographic or iridescent glitter for sparkling natural magic.

Brushed Gold Vases

Brushed gold glass cylinder vases lend modern sophistication as gift decoration. Fill with single stems, metallic orris poms, gold dusted florals, or glitter branches.

Gold Dipped Ornaments

Upgrade glass ball ornaments by dipping the bottom third in 23k gold leaf adhesive and dust. Add long metallic ribbons to place on gifts with luxe elegance.

Faux Diamonds

Stud wrap surfaces randomly with clear glass rhinestones using craft glue. Outline a beautiful shape or frame focal points in dazzling “diamonds”.

Pick the Perfect Gift Tags

Choosing special gift tags elevates the whole wrapped package. Opt for tags that complement your paper and theme.

Ornament Shaped

Ornament shaped tags dangling from gifts amplify the seasonal spirit. Choose glossy finishes in jewel tones, metallics, or printed motifs.


Monogrammed gift tags lend chic personalized flair. Opt for classic script fonts in gold or silver on leather or wood. Add a hang ring to jingle.

Modern and Graphic

Modern graphic printed tags look hip and trendy on contemporary wraps. Opt for bold solids, buffalo check, or geometric patterns.


Nothing beats the effort of handwritten gift tags. Use calligraphy, colored pens, or stamps to make them special. Craft homemade tags from patterned papers, wood slices, or fabric.


Vintage style tags give nostalgic charm. Image transfers onto wood, custom rubber stamps, or sticker seals evoke yesteryear. Sew fabric scraps into sweet tags.

Digital Download

Find beautiful gift tag designs through digital artists on sites like Etsy. Download instantly and print from home in any quantity.

Wrap Creatively with Fabric

Fabrics like cozy flannel, rich velvet, and festive prints make distinctive gift wraps. Get inspired with these fabric wrapping ideas.

Flannel Shirt Wrap

Wrap a soft gift in a large flannel button-down shirt found at the thrift store. Roll up sleeves, use buttons to secure.

Table Runner Wrap

Table runners in holiday prints, jacquard, or metallic make impressive wrapping. Tie fringe ends into elaborate bows.

Doily and Lace Wraps

Wrap small gifts in silk or handmade lace doilies atop glossy paper for dainty elegance. Use pearl headed pins instead of tape.

Bandana Prints

Bandana prints in holiday paisleys and florals lend boho spirit. Wrap with pattern displayed prominently.

Furoshiki Fabric

Wrap gifts beautifully with gorgeous printed silks in the Japanese Furoshiki fabric folding technique.

Tea Towel Wrap

Use cheerful holiday printed tea towels from the kitchen as gift wrap. Tie whimsical bows using the hemmed edges.

Vintage Handkerchief

Wrap petite gifts in embroidered and monogrammed vintage handkerchiefs. Tie gently with satin ribbon instead of tape.

Recycled Silk Scarf

Recycle your old silk scarves to wrap gifts. Fold and arrange creatively like furoshiki or tie into an elegant bias-cut bow.

Get Creative with Unconventional Wraps

Put your creative skills to the test and wrap gifts using unexpected materials. Rethink recycling or items around the house for inspired wraps.

Book Pages

Wrap rectangular gifts in pages from old books. Choose pages relating to the recipient’s interests. Highlight featured passages.

Sheet Music

For musical friends, use pages from sheet music as artistic wrapping paper. Secure with music note washi tape.


Wrap gifts in pages from vintage maps or atlases for imagination and travel. Use maps connected to the recipient’s hometown or interests.

Comic Books

Wrap gifts for pop culture aficionados in the pages from comic books, graphic novels, or manga. Feature their favorite characters or series.


Wrap small gifts in wax paper and let kids color designs on the exterior with crayons or markers before gifting. The colors will appear like magic.

Craft Paper

Brown craft paper makes simple, eco-friendly gift wrap. Decorate plain brown paper with stamps, watercolor paints, or doodles to personalize.


Wrap quirky gifts in the Sunday comics or feature pages from newspapers. Select content the recipient will appreciate.

Tissue Paper

For lightweight items, use many alternating layers of tissue paper secured with festive washi tape. Try Japanese stencil dyeing techniques on tissue first.

Tea Stained Paper

Make your own aged wrapping paper by soaking sheets in cooled brewed tea. Dry and tear the edges for antique appeal.

Put on the Finishing Touches

The smallest details can provide the final polish that pulls your entire gift presentation together into stylish wrapping magic.

Spritz Fragrance

Give wrapped gifts extra festive aroma by gently misting with seasonal fragrances like pine, cinnamon-clove, and cookie scented sprays.

Glitter Dipped Berries

Coat real berries and botanicals by dipping into eco-friendly glitter glue. Attach stems with wire or hot glue for touchable texture.

Metallic Confetti

Toss iridescent gold, silver, or rose gold confetti at the base of wrapped presents for a celebration. Confine with snow flocked mats or in domed glass cloches.

Frosted Appearance

Mist glass vases, ornaments, and acrylic gift toppers with etching spray to create a frosted winter appearance. Add flocked snow mats.

Speckled Candles

Fasten small votive candles onto gifts using hot glue. Paint the exterior of tapers with speckled white and silver paint for touchable texture.

Gift Wrap Couture Stickers

Add one-of-a-kind flair with fabric Gift Wrap Couture vinyl stickers in chic designs. Adhere gem, sequin, and lace motifs.

Bonus: DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

Personalize your holiday gift wrapping with handmade touches. Craft gift wrap elements yourself for added love and savings.

Stamped Wrapping Paper

Create custom stamped wrapping paper using craft ink and rubber stamps. Print shapes, messages, and designs across blank newsprint sheets. Heat set ink after stamping.

Nature Printed Paper

Print organic texture and patterns by placing flattened leaves, ferns, or grasses under blank newsprint and rubbing with a crayon or Sidewalk chalk.

Potato Stamped Papers

Carve holiday shapes and designs into potatoes. Ink and stamp onto kraft paper to make printed gift wraps with organic imperfections.

Tea Dyed Papers

Submerge sheets of plain paper into cooled brewed teas or coffee to stain and dye them in organic hues. Dry flat and tear edges.

Decoupage Papers

Decoupage cut out motifs from napkins, magazines, catalogs, sheet music, comics, etc. onto plain kraft paper or newsprint to create custom printed wraps.

Stenciled Papers

Cut holiday shapes like trees, wreaths, stars, letters or numbers out of file folders. Place stencils over paper and dab on paint with a foam brush to transfer the design.

Instant Photo Wraps

Print holiday photos onto sticker paper or make photo transfers onto wood slices. Mod Podge photos onto plain kraft paper for personalized wraps.

Fabric Scraps

Sew together small quilted squares, felt, embroidered patches, doilies, and fabric scraps to create patchwork fabric wrapping sheets.

Gift Tags

Craft handmade wood slice, paper mache, or fabric tags. Decorate with stamps, stitching, painting, or decoupage for custom flair.

Now that you’re inspired with these creative ideas, you can wrap all your holiday gifts with beautiful style! Browse local craft and fabric stores as well as nature for unique papers, trims, and embellishments that speak to you. The thoughtfulness you put into the exterior of each gift brings extra joy before the unwrapping even begins. Follow your creative spirit and wrap the ones you love in holiday cheer!