A walk-in shower offers a sleek, modern look and feels more spacious than a traditional tub. Here are five compelling reasons to choose a walk-in shower for your bathroom remodel.

Easy Accessibility

One of the best features of a walk-in shower is the barrier-free entry. The lack of a tub to step over makes access much easier for those with mobility issues or disabilities. Even if you don’t currently have accessibility needs, it’s wise to plan for aging in place. A walk-in shower is an excellent option for people of all ages and abilities.

More Open Floor Plan

Without a bulky tub taking up space, a walk-in shower allows for a more open and airy bathroom layout. The simpler footprint gives you greater flexibility in designing the room. You can opt for a larger shower area or use the extra square footage for more storage or a double vanity.

Lower Maintenance

Keeping a walk-in shower clean is quicker and easier than scrubbing a tub. There are no awkward corners or edges where mildew and soap scum can hide. The all-tile enclosure can simply be sprayed down and wiped clean without crouching or contorting to reach all areas.

Customizable Design

With a walk-in shower, you have nearly limitless options for creating a luxe, spa-like space. Choose from glass doors, a rainfall showerhead, body sprays, a bench, specialty tiles, and more. Many designs incorporate niches and shelves for bath products and decorative touches. The aesthetic possibilities are endless.

Increased Home Value

Bathroom remodels offer one of the highest returns on investment for homeowners. Trading a tub for a more open, accessible walk-in shower makes the space feel more high-end and contemporary. The universal appeal of a barrier-free shower adds long-term value to any home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walk-In Showers

What are the standard sizes for a walk-in shower?

Most walk-in showers range from 32 to 60 inches wide and 34 to 48 inches deep. Standard sizes include 32×32, 36×36, 42×42, and 48×48 inches. The size you choose depends on your bathroom footprint and layout preferences.

How much does a walk-in shower cost compared to a tub?

On average, a basic walk-in shower costs $2,000 to $4,500 installed, while a tub runs $1,000 to $3,000. Custom or luxury showers with tile, glass doors, and added features can cost $6,000 to $15,000. The more upgrades, the higher the price tag.

What special considerations are needed for a walk-in shower?

Proper waterproofing is essential to prevent leaks and moisture damage. A plywood subfloor, cement backerboard, and water barrier membrane should be installed under the tile. For drainage, a sloped floor and centered drain are ideal. Glass doors require anti-slide hardware and high-quality water-repellent treatment.

What are some good tiles for a walk-in shower?

Smaller tiles with grout lines provide more grip and should be used on shower floors. Larger format tiles are fine for walls. Mosaic tiles, stone, marble, and glass tile add visual interest. Porcelain and ceramic tile are budget-friendly options. Be sure to use tiles rated for wet areas.

Can I have a walk-in shower with no door?

Yes, a doorless walk-in shower with a completely open entryway is an option. The key is making sure the shower is sealed to keep water contained. Some other considerations are potential splashing onto the floor and increased steam in the room. A partial glass wall or partition can help maintain airflow.


With a clean, contemporary look and feel, a walk-in shower offers the perfect blend of style, accessibility, and functionality. Ditching the tub frees up space for a luxurious, spa-inspired design with total ease of entry. For a bathroom redo that increases home value while better meeting your lifestyle needs, a walk-in shower is an excellent investment. Careful planning of the layout and top-quality waterproofing are vital to avoid leaks and other problems down the road. With so many options for creating your dream shower space, the design possibilities are truly endless!