A galley kitchen is a narrow, efficient kitchen layout that makes the most of limited space. With clever design and smart storage solutions, galley kitchens can be both beautiful and highly functional. The restricted space promotes mindfulness about what is essential, while leaving room for personality.

When well-designed, galley kitchens are easy to navigate and provide ample room for food preparation. The reduced walking distance between counters makes them ergonomic. Appliances can be arranged to create an efficient workflow. Galley kitchens may be small, but they can deliver big on style and performance. Here are 5 stunning galley kitchen examples to inspire your next remodel.

Great Galley Kitchens

1. Scandinavian Galley Kitchen with Pops of Color

This airy galley kitchen combines the clean lines of Scandinavian style with cheerful pops of color. White Shaker-style cabinets keep the look light and bright. Open shelving provides easy access to dishes and spices. The light wood floor warms up the space, pairing nicely with the white tiles.

Pops of aqua, yellow, and red add personality to the space. The colorful glass pendant lights inject fun above the gray quartz countertop. An accent wall covered in square ceramic tiles provides a textural backdrop. Carefully chosen accents, like the cat artwork and flower vase, give this efficient kitchen a handcrafted feel.

Key Features:

  • White Shaker cabinets for an airy look
  • Quartz countertops with gray veins
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Vintage-inspired ceramic backsplash
  • Pops of color in lighting and accents

2. Contemporary Green Galley Kitchen

For a touch of drama, a dark green palette energizes this modern galley kitchen. The deep green lower cabinets ground the space, while glossy uppers brighten it up. Sleek lines, high-contrast finishes, and metallic accents give the kitchen a glamorous, contemporary edge.

The stainless steel range hood is a sculptural focal point. A polished concrete countertop complements the industrial touches, like the exposed ventilation pipe and simple track lighting. The pale wooden floor keeps the look light.

Vibrant lime green bar stools provide an unexpected pop of color. Their fluid, sculptural shape contrasts nicely with the kitchen’s rigid lines. The lively green connects to the accent wall, tying the whole look together.

Key Features:

  • Matte dark green lower cabinets
  • Glossy white upper cabinets
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Polished concrete countertops
  • Lime green sculptural bar stools

3. Traditional Galley Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

This traditional galley kitchen gets old-world cottage charm from weathered off-white cabinetry and antique-inspired hardware. The creamy palette keeps things light, while the visible wood grain adds natural texture. A brick archway at the end of the galley adds architectural interest.

The creamy palette is grounded by a brick-pattern ceramic tile backsplash. Dark grout adds definition to the tiles for a dimensional look. Open shelves lined with the brick backsplash display ceramics, adding a handmade touch.

Wrought iron pendant lights complement the black window frames and hardware. Butcher block countertops and an antique wood dining table enhance the rustic charm. Timeworn elements blended with whitewashed cabinets give this kitchen an aged, European feel.

Key Features:

  • Weathered off-white cabinets
  • Butcher block countertops
  • Brick ceramic tile backsplash
  • Wrought iron pendant lighting
  • Visible wood grains and textures

4. Coastal Galley Kitchen with Seaside Views

This breezy galley kitchen opens right onto the beach, blurring the line between indoors and outdoors. White cabinetry keeps the look light and airy, while pale wood floorboards add warmth. The blue and white color scheme evokes the colors of the sea and sky visible right outside.

Nautical details like rope cabinet pulls, seashell decorations, and a weathered wooden signboard echo the coastal setting. Open shelves lined with woven baskets provide charming displays. The dark navy island contrasts nicely with the pale cabinets, creating definition.

Extra wide windows and glass doors flood the galley with sunlight and ocean views. The relaxed beach house vibe turns cooking into a pleasant escape from the bustling world.

Key Features:

  • White Shaker cabinets
  • Pale wood flooring
  • Navy blue kitchen island
  • Nautical decorations
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows

5. Industrial Galley Kitchen with Exposed Brick

The exposed brick wall and concrete floor establish the raw, industrial vibe of this urban galley kitchen. Contrasting glossy white cabinetry keeps the look fresh and bright. Open shelving lined with wares in muted neutrals creates an inviting display.

The stainless steel appliances and factory pendant lighting continue the industrial aesthetic. Touches of wood from the dining chairs and table bring in natural warmth. Vintage signs and accessories, like the praying mantis picnic basket, give this sleek kitchen a quirky personality.

Key Features:

  • Exposed brick wall
  • Polished concrete flooring
  • Glossy white cabinets
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Factory pendant lighting
  • Vintage accessories

Designing Your Own Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens are highly functional spaces that can also deliver distinctive style with the right design choices. Keep these tips in mind when planning your own galley kitchen remodel:

  • Use light colors like white or pale neutrals to keep the narrow kitchen feeling open and airy.
  • Add architectural interest with backsplashes, accent walls, or arches.
  • Incorporate natural textures and elements like wood, brick, or stone for warmth.
  • Use glass-front cabinets and open shelving for an open feel.
  • Include pops of color in lighting, stools, and decor for personality.
  • Opt for multifunctional furniture like island carts with storage and seating.
  • Take advantage of height with tall cabinets, floating shelves, and vertical storage.
  • Maximize natural light with ample windows, skylights, or glass doors.

With smart spatial planning and personal touches, it’s easy to create a galley kitchen that’s high on both functionality and style. Use these stunning examples to ignite ideas for your own compact cooking space. The right layout and design choices can transform a small galley into a kitchen that’s both beautiful and highly efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions About Galley Kitchens

What are the key features of a galley kitchen?

Galley kitchens are long, narrow kitchens usually consisting of two parallel runs of cabinets with appliances and countertops on either side. Key features include limited walking space between cabinets, minimal turns or transitions, and a straight workflow.

What are the benefits of a galley kitchen?

Benefits of galley kitchens include efficiency, easy accessibility, and maximized space. Their simple layout allows for an assembly line-style cooking workflow. The reduced footsteps between counters and appliances also make them ergonomic.

How much space do you need for a galley kitchen?

The ideal galley kitchen width is 4-5 feet, while 8-15 feet in length allows comfortable space for cabinets, appliances, and 1-2 cooks. Wider galley kitchens can accommodate islands. Deeper counter depths (24-36 inches) maximize workspace.

What appliances work best in a galley kitchen?

Standard 30-36 inch wide refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, and microwaves fit nicely into galley kitchen cabinets. Choosing slide-in or counter depth appliances saves space. Induction cooktops, wall ovens, and undercounter fridges are other options.

How can you make a galley kitchen feel open?

Using light, reflective colors like white or light wood tones keeps galley kitchens feeling airy. Glass cabinet doors, open shelving, and ample lighting prevent a closed-in feeling. Adding windows, skylights or expanding into adjacent rooms opens up the space.


Galley kitchens may be narrow, but they can be ingeniously designed for both beauty and efficient food preparation. Clever layouts, smart storage solutions, and personalizing design elements allow you to get optimal function and style from the compact galley footprint. Use the inspiring examples and tips in this article to create your dream galley kitchen design.