A dark blue kitchen can be absolutely stunning, providing a dramatic and sophisticated look. However, choosing the right countertop to pair with the dark blue can make all the difference in creating a cohesive, elegant space. The countertop is a major design element that can either enhance the beauty of the deep blue hue or clash with it. Here are 5 countertop options that will look fantastic in a navy, cobalt or inky blue kitchen.

White Marble

Marble countertops are a timeless classic that will beautifully complement a dark blue kitchen. The white marble provides a crisp, clean contrast against the dramatic blue, letting both elements stand out. Marble’s elegant veining also adds visual interest. A few ideas for types of marble that would look lovely include:

  • Carrara – Known for its bright white background and fine gray veining. Often seen in statues and classical architecture.
  • Calacatta – A striking white marble with distinctive thick, bold gray veining that looks almost painterly. Provides a very upscale look.
  • Statuario – Another bright white marble distinguished by thinner, more delicate veining in gray and gold that has a Renaissance art feel.

No matter what variety you choose, white marble countertops will give a dark blue kitchen a refined yet fresh vibe. The white pops against the blue yet also feels soothing.

Wood Countertops

Natural wood countertops also pair beautifully with a dark blue kitchen, giving the space a rustic chic or farmhouse feel. The rich, earthy tones of wood provide an organic contrast to the dramatic blue that feels warm and inviting.

Some great wood options that would complement a navy blue kitchen include:

  • Oak – A classic wood with a natural tan color and attractive grain patterns. Red oak has a reddish tone while white oak is more neutral.
  • Walnut – Prized for its rich brown color with pretty natural variation. Has an elegant, almost vintage look.
  • Maple – A pale hardwood with a light tan hue that makes it versatile to pair with many colors. Has subtle grain patterns.
  • Butcher block – Can be made from various woods like oak or walnut. Has a thick, substantial feel.

The wood’s colorful streaks and knots add personality that balances beautifully with the solid blue for a cozy kitchen.


For a sleek, contemporary look, quartz countertops are a perfect match for a dark blue kitchen. The many white, gray, and neutral color options quartz offers will make an ideal counterpart to bold navy or cobalt blue tones.

Some popular quartz choices that would complement the blue beautifully include:

  • White quartz – A basic bright white quartz provides clean, crisp contrast to make both elements stand out.
  • Marble-look quartz – Replicates the look of white Carrara or grey marble with more durability and maintenance ease.
  • Concrete-look quartz – Has the edgy, urban vibe of weathered concrete in cool grayish neutrals. Pairs well with deep blues.

The matte, non-porous surface of quartz will also make a nice textural contrast to the glossy blue cabinetry for visual interest.

Black Granite

For a bold, dramatic pairing, black granite countertops look striking beside a dark blue kitchen. The contrast of rich black stone and deep blue becomes a strong, sophisticated color duo. Some captivating black granite options include:

  • Absolute Black – A true jet black stone that makes a vivid impression next to navy blue. Has a polished, glassy finish.
  • Black Pearl – Has a beautiful shimmering appearance from small flecks of silver mica minerals combined with the black stone.
  • Nero Marquina – A fine-grained black granite with delicate white veining that provides a subtle pattern pop.

The bold black granite brings out the deep, saturated tones of the blue, while the blue makes the granite feel less harsh or cold on its own. This striking color combo evokes evening glamour.

Stainless Steel

For an ultra modern, industrial chic kitchen, stainless steel is a perfect match for dark blue cabinetry. The gleaming silver stainless steel has high contrast against the darker blue, while the two have a similar sleek, polished look.

Stainless steel as a countertop material provides many perks that work well with a dark blue palette, including:

  • Reflective surface that bounces light around the space, keeping it from feeling too dark.
  • Ultra modern, cutting edge look that pairs well with the dramatic blue tones.
  • Metallic shine that contrasts beautifully with the matte or glossy blue finish of cabinetry.
  • Cool, neutral tone that allows the blue to take the spotlight.

The combined highly reflective surfaces create a vibrant, contemporary space. Stainless steel is an original countertop choice that can make a dark blue kitchen feel imaginative and one-of-a-kind.


A dark blue kitchen offers a bold, artistic look. But pairing it with the right countertop is key to creating a holistic, polished space. Countertops like white marble, wood, quartz, black granite or stainless steel beautifully complement the navy, cobalt or inky blue tones. Keeping countertops light helps keep the space from feeling too overwhelming. The variation in texture also adds visual interest. Any of these countertop options can make a dark blue kitchen stand out in elegant, inviting and creative ways. The countertop finishes off the aesthetic, so choose wisely to do your dramatic blue kitchen justice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What color cabinets go well with a dark blue kitchen?

A: White or light gray cabinets provide an excellent contrast against a dark blue kitchen. Wood stained cabinets in medium to dark wood tones also pair beautifully.

Q: What color walls should you use with a navy blue kitchen?

A: Light neutral walls like white, beige or light gray work well with a navy blue kitchen. You can also use navy on the lower cabinets and paint the upper walls the same color to visually open the space.

Q: What color hardware should I use in a dark blue kitchen?

A: Matte black or oil-rubbed bronze hardware looks sophisticated against dark navy cabinets. Stainless steel also pops nicely and matches stainless steel appliances.

Q: What color tiles complement a dark blue kitchen?

A: White or light gray subway tiles are a popular backsplash choice. You can also use tiles in aqua, pale yellow or muted green colors for contrast. Metallic tiles in silver, copper or gold also add nice shine.

Q: Should I use a light or dark countertop with navy blue kitchen cabinets?

A: In most cases, a lighter countertop color like white marble or quartz looks best with dark navy cabinets to provide good contrast. But a bold black granite countertop can also create a striking, dramatic look.