Gifting items to decorate someone’s home can be a thoughtful way to brighten up their personal space. With so many options available, it can be tricky to narrow down the perfect home decor gift. Here are 41 great gift ideas for any home decor enthusiast.

Artwork Gifts

Artwork makes for an excellent home decor gift. It adds visual interest to walls and shelves while expressing personal style.

Wall Art

Wall art comes in endless varieties to match any decor. Consider giving:

  • Canvas prints of favorite photos, places, inspirational quotes, or artwork
  • Framed prints, paintings, or original art from local artists
  • Wall mirrors with unique shapes or frames
  • Large wall stickers like tree branches or flower silhouettes
  • String lights or letter lights to spell out words on a wall

When selecting wall art as a gift, opt for the recipient’s preferred color palette, art medium, or subject matter.

Sculptures and Figurines

Small sculptures and figurines work nicely as shelf or tabletop accents. Gift ideas include:

  • Ceramic bowls, vases, or gnomes for a cottagecore aesthetic
  • Marble, wood, or crystal abstract sculptures
  • Animal figurines like birds, deer, elephants, or other favorites
  • Mythological creatures like dragons or unicorns
  • Mini metal Eiffel Towers, Leaning Towers of Pisa, or Statues of Liberty

Look for sculptures that coordinate with your recipient’s decor style for a cohesive look.

Photo Displays

Displaying favorite photos makes a home feel personal. Photo display gifts include:

  • Multiple photo frames with a matching theme
  • Hanging photo wires or clothesline with clothespins
  • Custom puzzle made from a special photo
  • Photo books or albums of memories and milestones
  • Digital photo frames to cycle through images

When gifting a photo display, you may choose to provide the photos or let the recipient select their favorites.

Decor Accents

Beyond wall decor, decor accents add personality throughout a home. Accent gifts to brighten up rooms include:

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Throw pillows and blankets make cozy additions to any living room or bedroom. Consider:

  • Decorative pillows with inspiring quotes or fun patterns
  • Knitted, crocheted, or fuzzy throw blankets in favorite colors
  • Floor pillows for extra seating or sprucing up reading nooks

Pay attention to the size of the recipient’s space when selecting larger accent pieces.

Plants and Planters

Houseplants bring natural vibes indoors. Gift ideas include:

  • Low maintenance succulents, snake plants, or pothos
  • Stunning orchids or peace lilies in decorative planters
  • Hanging planters for small ferns, ivy, or herbs
  • Unique terrariums with moss, stones, mini plants

Be mindful of the recipient’s sun exposure, plant preferences, or if they travel often before gifting a plant.

Candles and Diffusers

Candles and diffusers scent and set the mood in a space. Popular options are:

  • Scented candles in glass jars, geometric tins, or creative shapes
  • Reed diffusers with oil blends for long-lasting fragrance
  • Essential oil starter kits for custom diffusion
  • Aromatherapy candles that evoke relaxation or energy

Stick to natural scents like citrus, wood, cotton, or floral that appeal to most people. Ask about scent sensitivity if unsure.

Decorative Storage

Functional yet decorative storage solutions come in handy for organizing clutter. Try gifting:

  • Woven baskets or fabric bins for closets and shelves
  • Ceramic or marble canisters for desktop supplies
  • Rustic crates or boxes for displaying decor
  • Floating wall shelves or ladder shelves

Select storage that meshes with the existing style of the room where items will be stored.

Kitchen and Dining Gifts

The kitchen and dining room provide plenty of opportunities for thoughtful home accents. Useful gift ideas include:


Kitchenware gifts add function while looking lovely on counters and walls. Gift kitchenware like:

  • Colorful sets of glass canisters, bowls or dinnerware
  • Vintage-inspired ceramic pie plates, salt and pepper shakers
  • Rustic dish racks, pan racks, or utensil crocks
  • Fun shaped pasta boards, cheese boards, or cutting boards

Pay attention to color schemes and aesthetics the recipient favors for their kitchen.

Kitchen Linens

Linens like dish towels, oven mitts, and aprons give a homey vibe to kitchens. Gift ideas include:

  • Embroidered cloth napkins and matching placemats
  • Printed dish towels made from charming vintage tea towels
  • Custom aprons with fun sayings or recipes on them
  • Whimsical potholders shaped like fruits, trees, or animals

Choose linens in the recipient’s favorite patterns, prints, or colors.

Table Decor

Table decor elevates dining areas and completes a well-decorated room. Gift ideas:

  • Candles, flowers, greenery, or succulents as centerpieces
  • Gorgeous glassware for water and wine
  • Ceramic dishes or decorative bowls for fruit
  • Runners, placemats, or chargers in natural fibers

Present a cohesive tablescape with decorative textiles, dishes, and accents matching the recipient’s style.


Drinkware makes a great gift for home bar areas. Options include:

  • Craft beer glasses, tumblers, or mugs
  • Cocktail and martini glasses
  • Coffee mugs personalized with photos or monograms
  • Unique decanters or flasks for wine and spirits

Select drinkware to complement the recipient’s tastes and barware collection.

Bedding and Bedroom Gifts

Bedding and bedroom accessories make gifts that transform sleeping spaces into cozy sanctuaries. Consider:

Bedding Sets

Bedding sets pull together an entire bedroom design. Gift ideas include:

  • Duvet covers or quilts in modern, bohemian, or traditional patterns
  • Soft sheet sets in solid colors or prints
  • Cozy blanket throws at the end of beds
  • Decorative shams, coverlets, or cushy mattress toppers

Be sure to get the right bedding sizes for the recipient’s bed dimensions.


Pillows customize comfort and style. Gift pillow options include:

  • Standard bed pillows in preferred fill types
  • Accent pillows in complementary fabrics
  • Throw pillows in seasonal colors or motifs
  • Floor pillows for extra bedroom seating

Pay attention to pillow fills, fabrics, and sizes the recipient prefers.

Bedroom Storage

Bedroom storage helps keep rooms neat. Useful gift ideas:

  • Storage benches or ottomans at the foot of beds
  • Nightstand organizers for small items
  • Under-bed storage bins or baskets
  • Decorative ladder bookshelves or racks

Select bedroom storage pieces in sizes and styles fitting the recipient’s space.

Alarm Clocks

Functional alarm clocks also provide decor inspiration on nightstands. Gift ideas:

  • Vintage analog ticking clocks for retro flair
  • Sleek digital clocks with customizable screens
  • Sunrise alarm clocks for a pleasant morning wake-up
  • Unique clocks like galvanized metal, wood slab, or globe styles

Find alarm clock designs that work with the room’s aesthetic.

Seasonal and Holiday Gifts

Gifts celebrating seasonal and holiday home decor shine bright all year long. Ideas include:

Winter Decor

Winter decorations add cozy hygge vibes inside. Gift ideas:

  • String lights, lanterns, pillows, or throws with winter motifs
  • Rustic pinecones, candles, garlands, wreaths, or trees
  • Cozy knit stockings personalized with names
  • Winter village model train sets for under the tree

Spring and Summer Decor

Warm weather decor welcomes sunshine. Gift ideas:

  • Floral wreaths, arrangements, or garlands
  • Watering cans, planters, or gardening totes
  • Outdoor accent pillows or lanterns
  • Picnic, patio, or pool accessories

Holiday Ornaments

Ornaments let crafters set the tone for seasonal holidays. Gift ideas:

  • Ornament wreath kits ready to decorate
  • Empty ornament shells for DIY designs
  • Pre-decorated balls or porcelain figurines
  • Personalized or commemorative ornaments

Opt for classic ornament styles or trendy themes based on the recipient’s preferences.

Handcrafted Gifts

One-of-a-kind handcrafted gifts make especially thoughtful home accents. Handmade gift ideas include:

Pottery and Ceramics

Locally crafted pottery makes unique gifts. Consider mugs, bowls, vases, or plates in favorite colors and patterns.

Quilts and Textiles

Quilts, pillows, rag rugs, or wall hangings sewn or woven by artisans have adds personal flair.


Woodworkers create beautiful decorative bowls, boards, signs, or furniture like shelves, stools or benches.


Jewelry artists design lovely wearable gifts like necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets.


Photographers sell stunning professionally matted and framed prints of landscapes, architecture or florals.

Peruse local craft fairs, artist co-ops, or sites like Etsy to discover one-of-a-kind handcrafted home decor treasures any recipient will cherish.

Gift Ideas for Specific Rooms

Targeting decor gifts for specific rooms makes choosing options easier. Focus on these personalized ideas:

Living Room Gifts

  • Plush blankets or throw pillows for cozying on sofas
  • Coffee table books or organizer trays for styling surfaces
  • Media console storage for displaying photos, collections
  • Scented candles, diffusers, or potpourri
  • Floor vases with dried grasses or flowers

Kitchen Gifts

  • Set of stylish yet functional dish towels
  • Fruit bowl, pan organizer, or spice racks
  • Picture frames showcasing recipes or family photos
  • Kitchen utensil crock or knife block
  • Custom cutting board or cheese platter

Bedroom Gifts

  • Plush rug, cushy pillows, or cozy throw
  • Jewelry box, perfume tray, or glass tray for bedside
  • Bookends, picture ledges, or floating shelves
  • String lights or paper lantern fixtures
  • Essential oil diffuser or sound machine

Bathroom Gifts

  • Woven basket for rolled towels or self-care products
  • Shower caddy, soap dispenser, or toothbrush holder
  • Fluffy monogrammed robes, slippers, or bath rugs
  • Mirror trays, floating shelves, or framed art
  • Soy wax candles or liquid soap in amber bottles

Presenting Home Decor Gifts Thoughtfully

How you present a home decor gift can make it even more special. Here are tips for memorable gift giving:

  • Wrap larger decor pieces in pretty reusable gift bags or baskets so the recipient can see the gift unfold.
  • Include something small like a scented candle or framed photo to accent the larger gift.
  • Attach gift tags with a warm handwritten message about how you hope the recipient enjoys decorating with the gift.
  • For housewarming or holiday gifts, add a thoughtful homemade element like baked cookies, greenery accents, or gift wrap that reflects the recipient’s style.
  • If mailing a gift, pack decor items very securely in their original sturdy packaging whenever possible.
  • For deliveries, confirm timing with the recipient so they can unwrap their gift immediately.
  • Offer to lend a hand assembling or installing larger wall decor or fixtures.
  • Capture reactions of loved ones unboxing your meaningful gift with photos or video chats.

Giving well-thought-out home decor gifts shows how well you know and care for someone. Selecting items that match their personal style and spaces demonstrates genuine thoughtfulness. Any of these 41 home decor gift ideas are sure to spread joy and decorate their homes with your love.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Decor Gifts

What home decor items make good gifts?

Some excellent home decor gift ideas include artwork, sculptures, photo displays, throw pillows and blankets, plants, storage solutions, kitchenware, drinkware, bedding, pillows, clocks and seasonal decor.

What should you not buy for home decor gifts?

Avoid very personal furniture like beds or dressers so recipients can pick their own. Be cautious about pet gifts for non-pet owners, scented gifts if unsure about sensitivities, or overly trendy/kitschy items that won’t withstand time.

How much should you spend on a home decor gift?

Comfortable home decor gift spending ranges from $25-$100 on smaller accents up to $500 or more for large furnishings or artworks. Focus more on finding a thoughtful gift than a price tag.

What do you write in a home decor gift message?

Express your wishes for how the gift accents their space with joy and meaning. Share hopes it reminds them of your special relationship or meaningful memories together whenever they enjoy using it.

How do you wrap large home decor gifts?

Wrap oversized home gifts in gift bags or baskets so recipients can immediately see and appreciate the gift. For furniture, attach a photo or deliver in person if possible for the full reveal.

Final Thoughts on Gifting Home Decor Items

Home decor gifts provide lasting ways to beautify living spaces with style and meaning. Tailor the gift to the recipient’s tastes and rooms. Present decor gifts thoughtfully for maximum delight. A well-chosen home accessory becomes a treasured reminder of your thoughtfulness each time they use it to adorn their personal spaces.