Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with spooky and stylish decorations. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or want to make your home look hauntingly fun, there are many ways to deck out your space for the holiday. Play up traditional Halloween decor like ghosts, spiders, and pumpkins, or take inspiration from themes like haunted houses, cemeteries, and witchcraft. With the right mix of creepy and chic decorations, you can create a Halloween atmosphere that’s more treat than trick. Read on for 36 stylish and spooky Halloween decorating ideas to make your holiday frightfully festive.

Set a Spooky Scene with Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the quintessential symbol of Halloween. Use pumpkins to set the tone for your stylish Halloween decorations.

  • Carve pumpkins with ominous faces and light them up to line an outdoor walkway. Mix traditional triangular eye shapes with more detailed carvings of teeth and noses for extra impact.
  • Paint or wrap pumpkins metallic gold and silver and arrange them on your front steps or porch. The glamorous colors put a stylish spin on the gourds.
  • Stack a collection of white pumpkins on your front porch or hall table for an elegant autumnal display.
  • Fill glass apothecary jars with candy corn and top them with mini white pumpkins for a cute tablescape.

Create a Spine-Chilling Cemetery

Transform your outdoor space into an eerie graveyard or cemetery scene. The key is paying attention to small details to make it look authentic.

  • Use foam tombstones from a craft store and stick them in your garden or line a pathway. Write creepy epitaphs on them using black paint or markers.
  • Surround the tombstones with dead branches or trees with no leaves to create a gloomy landscape.
  • Add old-looking lanterns and candles around the tombstones for an extra creepy glow.
  • Make a graveyard entrance with a big arch decorated with black tulle and spiderwebs.

Craft a Creepy Witch Scene

Create a spooky witch scene using props like brooms, cauldrons, and spell books. Black and purple decorations help set the mysterious mood.

  • Display brooms against the wall or fireplace. Adorn them with witch hats or striped socks sitting on the bristles.
  • Set up a bubbling cauldron on a table with a green light inside it to simulate a witch’s brew.
  • Stack old books and scatter them open as if they are magical spell books.
  • Hang strings of purple lights or paper lanterns to cast an eerie glow.

Style with Elegant Black and White

Black and white decor lends itself to creating stylishly ghoulish displays. The high contrast looks classic yet creepy.

  • Use black and white striped candles in glossy black candelabras for a haunted chic look.
  • Arrange white birch logs and black crow decorations on your table for nature-inspired decoration.
  • Display black and white photos of ghosts or haunted houses in ornate frames.
  • Scatter black sequin pumpkins along with white lace doilies for some shimmer.

Create a Spooktacular Outdoor Movie Screen

Turn your house into a haunted theater by projecting Halloween-inspired movies outdoors.

  • Hang a plain white sheet on the exterior wall and use a projector to play Halloween films at night.
  • Encourage guests to come dressed up in costumes.
  • Serve popcorn, candy and themed cocktails.
  • Carve large painted pumpkins and dot them around the outdoor seating area.

Decorate with Creepy-Crawly Accents

Spiders, bats, snakes, and bugs are the perfect creepy-crawly accents. Use them sparingly for just the right amount of spooky impact.

  • Hanging rubber bats or spider webs in the trees or on the walls.
  • Place plastic insects like spiders or roaches inside apothecary jars.
  • Drape a black table runner down the center of a table and top it with plastic snakes or spiders.
  • Affix creepy-crawly stickers like spiders and webs to windows. Outline the door frame in masking tape and layer on bug stickers.

Illuminate with Eerie Lighting

Lighting sets the mood for Halloween. Use ominous hues to transform your space into a haunted spectacle.

  • Black lights and neon paint or tape glow eerily in a dark room. Paint white pumpkins with neon paints.
  • Fill glass jars or vases with oranges and limes and place a purple light inside to cast a spooky glow.
  • Use strand lighting in dark colors like purple, green, or orange to create a creepy ambiance indoors or outdoors.
  • Affix flameless candles inside carved pumpkins or fill jars with fake ghostly flames for haunted flair.

Craft a Spine-Tingling Scarecrow

Scarecrows can be the creepiest decoration when done right. Give yours a menacing twist.

  • Use a creepy mask instead of a burlap sack for the head. Opt for something like a skull mask or creepy baby doll face.
  • Sharpen branches into claw-like hands instead of straw-stuffed gloves.
  • Tatter up the clothes into dirty rags, or layer creepy elements like chains, ropes, or bells onto the scarecrow.
  • Position it peeking out from behind a corner or tree for a startling surprise.

Channel Classic Halloween Films

Draw inspiration from iconic Halloween cinema and decorate with props and scenes reminiscent of classic scary movies.

  • Wrap yellow caution tape around the columns of your porch to mimic a crime scene from psycho-thriller films.
  • Project the shadow of a tall man wearing a fedora against your window shades as an ode to secret agents and noir themes.
  • Decorate the entrance with bloody handprints like a scene from a slasher film.
  • Display vintage movie posters like Frankenstein, Dracula or The Exorcist.

Craft Creepy Silhouettes

Display creepy black silhouette decorations as tasteful accents against light backgrounds.

  • Cut silhouette shapes out of black construction paper and tape them to windows. Go for shapes like witches on broomsticks, black cats, or howling wolves.
  • Print and frame black silhouette art to hang on walls. Try Botanical prints of poisonous plants or shadowy towns and landscapes.
  • Hang strings of black cat or bat silhouettes from ceilings and doorways.

Style with Steampunk Accessories

Steampunk style makes a cool and quirky vision for Halloween. Incorporate cogs, gears, and goggles for your decor.

  • Display steampunk masks or goggles on mannequin heads for an exotic look.
  • Use metals like bronzes, coppers, brass and gold for metallics touch.
  • Incorporate clock hands, gears, and monocles for a vintage industrial vibe.
  • Light round glass jars filled with nuts & bolts or metallic beads for an apothecary-style accent.

Craft a DIY Halloween Tree

For an unconventional centerpiece, craft a small Halloween tree using wire and festive embellishments.

  • Bend wire coat hangers into the shape of a tree and tape them together.
  • Decorate with mini ornaments like paper bats, plastic spiders, washi tape, ribbons, and string lights.
  • Display candy corn and holiday treats as “ornaments” by skewering them onto the ends of the wire branches.

Set a Glamorous Halloween Table

Create a ghoulishly glam tablescape with a black tablecloth and accents in sparkling silver and gold.

  • Use a black tablecloth and gold charger plates.
  • Fold black or orange napkins into mummies or bats.
  • Use skull-themed dishes.
  • Top with glittery skull decorations and candelabras.
  • Finish it off with festive napkin rings.

Give Your Furniture a Spooky Makeover

Transform ordinary furniture into Halloween haunts. With some creative touches, you can easily give household items a seasonal makeover.

  • To make a mummy chair, wrap white gauze around dining chairs. Use masking tape to hold it in place.
  • Paint a side table black and “carve” on it with white paint to make it look like a gravestone.
  • Cover mirrors or pictures with black lace fabric to make them look haunted.
  • Paint terracotta pots black and decorate with white spiders or bones to use as accent pieces.

Craft Paper Banners

DIY paper banners make for cheap and easy holiday flair. Design your own messages and hang them in entryways or above fireplaces.

  • Write “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or Treat” on black paper banners in a drippy white painted font.
  • Cut out small bats, cats or ghosts from paper and string them together to create a bunting banner.
  • Print out vintage-looking images like potion bottles, witches, and black cats and glue them onto colorful strips of paper for old-timey banners.

Dress Up Your Staircase

The staircase is a great focal point for spirited decor. Dress it up to set the scene upon entry into your home.

  • Line the staircase with black-and-white striped runner decorated with spider webs.
  • Tie spooky stuffed animals to the ends of each newel post or railing.
  • Drape creepy cloth down the middle of the stairs.
  • Outline each step with Halloween floral like mini pumpkins or purple and orange roses.

Create Fun Halloween Art

DIY Halloween art makes for cheap wall decor. Unleash your creativity with homemade holiday-themed masterpieces.

  • Paint small pumpkins white and use a black Sharpie to draw on ghost faces.
  • Cut out paper jack-o-lanterns and tape them to the wall in a collage.
  • Dip dry leaves in orange and yellow paint, then arrange on canvas to create a textured wreath painting.
  • Fingerprint ghosts onto black cardstock by dipping fingers in white paint.

Style an Eerie Gallery Wall

Bring together your favorite Halloween accessories for a dedicated seasonal gallery wall display.

  • Arrange subtly spooky artwork like black-and-white photography.
  • Incorporate owl and raven taxidermy.
  • Display creepy antique specimens in apothecary jars.
  • Create an asymmetrical arrangement using Halloween props like old brooms and vintage decor.

Craft Handmade Halloween Decorations

DIY Halloween decorations add personal flair at a fraction of the cost of store-bought ones. Unleash your crafty side with these ideas:

  • Decorate dollar store frames with faux spiderwebs, black lace, or Halloween scrapbook paper to hang on walls.
  • Paint dollar store wooden plaques black and stencil on ghost or pumpkin faces.
  • Make paper garlands by stringing together mini paper bats, ghosts, or spiders.

Style Your Outdoor Entryway

Greet guests with Halloween spirit by decorating your front porch, stair rails and outdoor entryway areas.

  • Line the stair railing with black and orange ribbon.
  • Hang mason jars filled with battery operated string lights from tree branches.
  • Top columns with pumpkins stacked into a pyramid.
  • Display a festive wreath made from Halloween greenery and embellishments.
  • Line the sidewalk with homemade luminaries created from hollowed out pumpkins.

Create Spooky Halloween Silhouettes

Silhouettes make an easy DIY decor project that looks chic and spooky.

  • Cut shapes like trees, houses or ghosts from black cardstock.
  • Mount them on walls withRemovable putty or double-sided tape.
  • Experiment with layered silhouettes by overlapping shapes.
  • Hang small ghost or bat silhouettes from the ceiling at different lengths.
  • Place silhouette pumpkins and vases on tablescapes as decorative accents.

Decorate with Flower Arrangements

Orange roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums make for gorgeous and unlikely Halloween floral arrangements.

  • Display orange roses in a black vase for romantic gothic vibes.
  • Create Halloween wreaths using orange and black flowers.
  • Float black or orange candles in vase arrangements for an eerie glow.
  • Mix in festive picks like mini pumpkins or skeleton heads.

Line the Walls with Creepy Fabrics

Fabrics like velvet, lace, gauze, and brocade add texture and old-fashioned flair. Use them to drape walls, tabletops, and more.

  • Drape gauzy fabric like tulle or cheesecloth over lamps for a haunted look.
  • Swathe velvet on buffet tables and line with black candelabras.
  • Decorate chair backs with brocade fabric and pipe cleaner spiders.
  • Hang sheer curtains with black lace overlays.

Creat Spooky Treat Displays

Get some Halloween inspiration from trick-or-treat candy favorites! Use sweets to craft cute displays.

  • Fill apothecary jars with candy corn kernels or gummy eyeballs.
  • Stack donut holes into mummies wrapped with fruit roll-ups.
  • Cover Oreo cookies in icing and decorate like jack-o-lanterns.
  • Skewer gummy worms onto black paper hats as a fun tablescape.

Decorate with Natural Elements

Take inspiration from the creepy side of nature. Leaves, branches, and foraged materials make scary-chic accents.

  • Style bare, knotty branches in tall vases or jars
  • Arrange fall leaves, acorns, and pinecones on tablescapes and mantels
  • Make wreaths out of twisted vines and ivy
  • Float black or blood-red roses in glass bowls or cylinders


With so many ways to mix stylish elegance and spooky vibes, you’re sure to find amazing inspiration for decorating your home this Halloween. From glamorous pumpkins to creepy cemeteries, scary silhouettes to cinematic themes, and natural elements to homemade crafts, there are endless options for transforming your space into a frighteningly festive haunt. With a little creativity and these stylish decorating ideas, you can throw a holiday bash that looks devilishly divine yet still captures the playful Halloween spirit.