The checkered floor is a timeless and versatile design choice that can add visual interest, dimension, and flair to any kitchen. Checkered patterns date back centuries and bring a sense of classic, elegant style. But checkered floors aren’t just for traditionally styled homes – they can also feel fresh and modern. From retro black-and-white tiles to pops of color, checkered floors come in many materials and looks to match your kitchen’s style.

We’ve rounded up 30 beautiful kitchens featuring checkered floors that are full of inspiration. Read on for a look at the limitless possibilities this striking floor pattern can bring.

Choosing the Right Checkered Floor for Your Kitchen

When incorporating a checkered floor into your kitchen design, there are a few key factors to consider:

Tile Material

Checkered floors can be achieved with all different types of tile materials. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are most common and offer durability and easy maintenance. Natural stone tiles like marble or slate bring an elegant, upscale look. There are also vinyl tiles, recycled glass tiles, and more for contemporary checkered designs.

Tile Colors

The color palette is integral to the overall look and feel. Black and white is the most classic combination, but considering terracotta, blue, green, or other colors can create a fun, vibrant checkerboard. Using varying natural stone shades achieves a more subtle effect.

Tile Size and Scale

Large-scale tiles with bigger squares make a dramatic statement and open up a smaller kitchen. Smaller tile sizes have many more squares for a busier, finer checkered effect. Mixing tile sizes can add further visual interest.


Traditionally, the entire floor is checkered. But the pattern can also be an accent, like just under the breakfast bar. Floating the checkered tile rather than stretching to the walls lends a modern vibe.

Keeping these factors and your own kitchen style in mind will ensure your checkered floor is tailored and sophisticated.

30 Striking Kitchens with Checkered Floors

1. Classic Black and White Checkerboard

This traditional kitchen employs classic black and white ceramic tile in a bold checkerboard pattern. The consistently sized squares cover the entire floor for a cohesive, eye-catching look. Sophisticated marble countertops complement the elegance of the checkered flooring.

2. Blue and White Retro Checkerboard

Vintage styling shines through in this retro kitchen thanks to the blue and white checkerboard vinyl floor. The mid-century blue cabinets pick up the blue color from the alternating tile pattern. The varying tile sizes add visual interest to the classic checkered floor.

3. Hints of Color Checkerboard

While still featuring the traditional black and white tile colors, this checkerboard floor incorporates subtle pops of blue and gray stone as well. The sporadic colored tiles lend depth, while maintaining the classic checkered look. Larger tile size allows the pattern to stand out.

4. Terracotta Checkerboard

Warm terracotta and orange tones give this checkered floor a fresh, inviting look. Natural stone tiles in complementing shades of orange, terracotta, beige, and brown are arranged in an uneven, organic checkered pattern. The color pairs beautifully with the distressed wood cabinetry.

5. Slate Checkerboard

Sleek slate tiles come together to form this gorgeous checkerboard kitchen floor. The gray and black natural stone tiles create sophisticated contrast. Their Movement and varying sepia tones give the checkered pattern a dynamic, contemporary feel.

6. Marble Checkerboard

This luxurious kitchen floor features large marble tile squares arranged in a simple black and white checkerboard pattern. The gorgeous natural veining and luster of the marble offer depth and elegance. The checkerboard layout prevents the floor from feeling too busy.

7. Boldly Scaled Checkerboard

Extra-large scale black and white checkerboard tiles make a bold statement in this modern kitchen. The clean porcelain tiles measure 24″ square for a dramatic, elongated checkerboard design. Leaving negative space between squares rather than spanning the entire floor enhances the modern vibe.

8. Multicolored Mosaic Checkerboard

Tiny mosaic tiles in an array of colors come together to form this lively checkerboard kitchen floor. Soft yellows, sky blues, and sage greens mingle with some black and white in the mosaic tile mix. The smaller tile size results in a busier checkered effect.

9. Subway Tile Checkerboard

A black and white checkerboard is given a contemporary, geometric spin using rectangular subway tiles. The elongated rectangular shapes provide a fresh take on the checkered floor. Sleek cabinets and stainless steel finishes enhance the modern kitchen aesthetic.

10. Hexagonal Tile Checkerboard

For a unique checkered pattern, consider hexagonal tiles. The six-sided tiles create a honeycomb-like checkerboard design. Mixing black, white, and gray polished concrete hexagonal tiles adds sophistication and visual intrigue. The varied neutral color scheme pairs well with contemporary styling.

11. Black and White Basketweave

While not a traditional checkerboard, this black and white basketweave tile pattern offers similar visual appeal. The tiles alternate to create a two-tone woven appearance. Paired with a marble-top island, this geometric floor brings timeless style to a traditional kitchen.

12. vinative American Checkerboard

This rustic checkerboard kitchen floor gives a nod to classic Americana style using red, black, and cream tiles. The handmade terracotta tiles lend organic variation, while the checkered layout and vintage accessories drive home the retro vibe. An apron-front farmhouse sink suits the old-fashioned charm.

13. Galley Kitchen Checkerboard

Even a narrow galley kitchen can sport a checkered floor. The black and white checkerboard tiles extend lengthwise down this kitchen, leading the eye. White cabinets and open shelving keep the aesthetic light and airy. The checkerboard floor pattern prevents the galley kitchen from feeling overly narrow.

14. Country Kitchen Checkerboard

A checkered floor adds charm and character to this country kitchen. Natural stone tiles in varying neutrals create a subdued checkerboard pattern. The island and exposed beam ceiling enhance the rural farmhouse style. Checkerboard floors work well with rustic and country design.

15. Checkered Floor Accent

Rather than covering the entire kitchen, this checkered tile section serves as a focal point. The checkerboard is bordered in black tile and floats in front of the ivory cabinets for emphasis. This application allows the Checkered pattern to stand out without overwhelming the small kitchen.

16. Moroccan Style Checkerboard

Inspired by Moroccan design, this vibrant checkered floor mixes octagonal, star-shaped, and square tiles. The varying tile shapes in bright colors like navy, white, and yellow create geometric interest. The eclectic pattern suits the worldly, adventurous vibe. Stacked dishes provide additional global flair.

17. Contemporary Grey Checkerboard

Serving as an accent floor, these large-scale charcoal and white tiles lend an artsy, contemporary twist to a checkerboard pattern. The gray and ivory porcelain tiles play beautifully off the kitchen’s marble finishes and modern styling. The neutral color palette gives the checkered floor mass appeal.

18. Checkered Runner

Rather than covering the entire kitchen, this checkerboard tile section is used as a runner to lead the eye. The elongated shape fits the galley footprint of this modern kitchen. Contrasting the minimalist white cabinetry, the checkered runner adds a pop of pattern and visual weight.

19. Colorblocked Checkerboard

This fun, youthful checkerboard arrangement plays with colorblocking and variation in tile size. Larger teal tiles serve as the backdrop while small squares of yellow, white, gray and black tile create the checkered motif. The lively floor matches the charming, cottage kitchen decor.

20. Eclectic Vinyl Checkerboard

A checkerboard floor serves as the foundation of this eclectic kitchen’s style. The vinyl floor features a retro-inspired blend of colors and patterns for visual interest. The intricate detail pairs nicely with the kitchen’s ornate cabinets and global accessories for a worldly Bohemian style.

21. Coastal Checkerboard

Nautical style shines in this beach house kitchen thanks to the navy and white checkerboard tile floor. The porcelain tile offers durability to withstand sandy feet from the shoreline. Pops of navy in the cabinets tie into the coastal color scheme. Whitewashed driftwood finishes complete the breezy style.

22. Mediterranean Checkerboard

Inspired by Mediterranean design, this checkerboard kitchen floor features terracotta tiles accented with deep blue and green. The handmade tiles offer aged elegance while the colors reflect the azure waters bordering the region. Wrought iron, arched windows, and carved wood finishes reinforce the old-world style.

23. Vintage Diner Checkerboard

Capture a retro diner aesthetic in your kitchen with a classic black and white checkerboard floor. The vinyl composite tiles are durable and mimic the linoleum floors popular in 1950s diners. Kitschy vintage accessories like a retro fridge, jukebox, and soda fountain complete the nostalgic style.

24. Midcentury Modern Checkerboard

The clean lines of this black and white checkerboard floor reflect midcentury modern style. Large glossy ceramic tiles lend a sleek, retro feel. An accent wall of round mirrored tiles provides light and picks up on the circular shapes found throughout the kitchen. The checkerboard floor grounds the space.

25. Tuscan Style Checkerboard

This Tuscan-inspired kitchen features natural terracotta tiles arranged in an uneven, organic checkerboard pattern. The color and material selection adds old-world charm while the checkered layout prevents an overly rustic look. Wrought iron accents and arched windows reinforce the Tuscan design.

26. Contemporary Kitchen Checkerboard

A black and white checkerboard tile floor brings a contemporary edge to this modern kitchen. The glossy porcelain tile offers dimension and sheen to the classic checkered motif. Understated wood details and clean finishes allow the striking checkerboard floor to shine.

27. Outdoor Kitchen Checkerboard

Bring the checkered floor outside by featuring the motif in your outdoor cooking space. Durable porcelain tiles hold up outside while making an eye-catching statement. Varying the scale of the black, white and gray tile squares adds visual intrigue. The patterned floor dresses up plain concrete.

28. Country Cottage Checkerboard

A medley of small terracotta tiles creates this charming checkerboard floor. The handmade tiles feature organic shapes and variation in tone for added warmth. Paired with the cottage cabinets, farm sink, and antique accessories, the checkered floor evokes cozy country living.

29. Transitional Kitchen Checkerboard

This transitional kitchen artfully blends modern and traditional elements, as seen in the checkered floor pattern. Clean white tiles form the checkerboard while round ceramic medallions provide classic flair. The balanced approach allows contemporary finishes to mingle with vintage charm.

30. Small Kitchen Checkerboard

To add the illusion of space in a small kitchen, extend the checkered floor tile to the walls. Using the same tile vertically and horizontally makes the room appear larger. Incorporating black, white and gray tones keeps the checkered pattern feeling light and spacious.

Designing Your Own Captivating Checkered Floor

The versatile checkered floor offers ageless allure that works in kitchens of all styles. From cozy country charm to sleek modern elegance, the checkered motif brings visual impact and timeless class.

Be sure to select checkered tiles that align with your kitchen’s overall design aesthetic. Cool tones like black, white and gray lend a more modern or contemporary vibe, while warm earth tones and diverse materials evoke traditional kitchen style.

Incorporate other accessories and finishes that complement or play off the checkered floor’s colors and pattern. For example, pull a color from the tile into the cabinets or kitchen island.

Think about the checkered scale and how it impacts the kitchen’s dimensions. Large-scale tiles make small kitchens appear more expansive, while a mosaic checkered floor can give a large kitchen a cozier feel.

And don’t be afraid to have some fun with the classic checkered floor by playing with shape, color and material. Create your own unique checkered statement.

With the right approach, a checkered floor can take your kitchen’s design to the next level. Use the stunning examples and tips above as inspiration to start creating your very own captivating checkered floor.

Frequently Asked Questions about 30 Kitchens With Checkered Floors

What are the benefits of a checkered floor in a kitchen?

Some key benefits of using a checkered floor pattern in your kitchen include:

  • Adds visual interest and dimension
  • Timeless, classic style that doesn’t feel dated
  • Draws the eye and keeps the space visually engaging
  • Can make a small kitchen feel more spacious
  • Provides contrast and color to balance an all-white kitchen
  • Easy to clean durable surface for a high-traffic room
  • Options for sound-dampening materials like cork or rubber

What materials work best for a kitchen checkered floor?

Popular options include:

  • Ceramic or porcelain tile – durable and easy to clean
  • Natural stone like marble or slate – elegant and upscale
  • Concrete – modern industrial feel
  • Vinyl – budget-friendly and retro
  • Recycled glass tile – eco-friendly character
  • Rubber – cushioned underfoot

Should I use large or small tiles for a checkered floor?

This depends on the look you’re going for:

  • Small tile sizes create a busier checkerboard with more squares
  • Large tile sizes make bigger squares for a more dramatic, elongating effect
  • Mixing tile sizes adds further visual interest
  • Large tiles can make a small kitchen appear bigger

How can I give my checkered floor a modern twist?

Try these contemporary design ideas:

  • Use a bolder color scheme like black and yellow
  • Incorporate hexagonal or rectangular subway tiles
  • Float the checkered tile rather than laying to the walls
  • Mix glossy and matte tiles for contrast
  • Use recycled or eco-friendly tile materials
  • Add wide grout lines for a more geometric look

What color cabinets pair well with a checkered floor?

  • Black or white cabinets allow the floor pattern to stand out
  • Wood cabinets offer a nice natural color contrast
  • Match one of the checkered colors in a bold painted cabinet
  • Neutrals like gray, beige, or navy are always safe choices


The checkered floor offers enduring sophistication, dimension, and visual flair unlike any other kitchen flooring pattern. With the versatility to suit any style from farmhouse to contemporary, the checkered motif brings your kitchen to the next level. Keep scale, color and material in mind when designing your own unique checkered floor. Use the stunning and varied examples above as inspiration to begin elevating your kitchen today with this iconic, captivating checkered floor design.