Do-it-yourself home projects allow you to customize and improve your living space while saving money. With a little bit of planning, the right tools, and some practical skills, you can tackle many renovations and updates yourself. Below are 29 home projects, ranging from quick weekend upgrades to more intensive remodels, that will make you feel like a DIY superstar.

Give Your Interior Painting a Facelift

Painting the interior walls and ceilings is one of the easiest ways to instantly update the look and feel of a room. With some prep work, high-quality primer and paint, and the right tools like roller handles, paint trays, and brushes, even first-time painters can completely transform a space. Consider these painting tips:

  • For each room, select 1-3 accent walls in bold, dramatic colors and paint the remaining walls a neutral hue for balance.
  • Paint built-in bookshelves or cabinets a contrasting color from walls to make them stand out.
  • Use painters tape for clean edges along trim, baseboards, and ceilings. Apply tape after priming walls for best adhesion.
  • For a textured look, experiment with sponging, rag rolling, or stippling paint onto walls.
  • Paint ceilings bright white to make rooms appear larger and more open.

With some creativity and elbow grease, a simple paint job can give any room in your home a stylish new appearance.

Install New Flooring Like a Pro

Replacing old, worn flooring is a bigger project but can completely change the look and feel of a room. Homeowners can tackle many flooring installation and replacement jobs themselves with the right tools. Consider these popular flooring upgrade options:

  • Luxury Vinyl Planks – Waterproof and scratch-resistant luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring clicks together easily without glue. It looks like real wood but is family- and pet-friendly.
  • Laminate Flooring – Affordable and durable, laminate wood flooring uses a floating installation and is a good DIY option.
  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tile – Use tile cutters and spacers to install new tile flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Seal grout after installation.
  • Hardwood Flooring – Refinishing existing hardwoods or installing new solid or engineered hardwoods adds beauty and value.

Research the best practices for your specific flooring type. With handy tools, safety gear, and preparation, installing new floors can be straightforward.

Modernize Your Kitchen on a Budget

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Even if a full remodel is out of reach, small upgrades make a noticeable difference. DIY kitchen makeover ideas:

  • Paint cabinets – Remove cabinet doors and drawers to paint separately. Use cabinet enamel for a smooth and durable finish. Consider accent colors on island or open shelving.
  • Update cabinet hardware – Replace outdated knobs and pulls with modern brushed metals or sleek black iron. This simple change modernizes the overall look.
  • Install new faucet – High-arc faucets with pull-down sprayers add convenience and style. Select finishes to coordinate with other metallic finishes in the kitchen.
  • Add backsplash – Self-adhesive backsplash tiles or panels create instant impact but install easily with no mess.
  • Upgrade lighting fixtures – Overhead pendant lights and under-cabinet lighting improve task lighting. Dimmers give ambient control.
  • Replace countertops – New laminate or DIY concrete countertops overlay existing counters for affordable facelift.

With strategic upgrades, you can give your kitchen a mini makeover without the hefty price tag.

Craft Stylish Decor from Wood Crates

Old and inexpensive wooden crates are a versatile material to upcycle into home decor items with some simple DIY woodworking projects. Here are unique ways to use wood crates to add rustic style:

  • Picture frames – Remove slats from one side and insert photos or artwork into the frame. Leave as natural wood or paint/stain for accent colors.
  • Wall shelves or cubbies – Affix crates to the wall for floating shelves. Stack and secure them to create open cubby storage units.
  • Accent tables – Flip a large crate and attach hairpin legs for an easy side table. Use smaller crates for stools or stack as a tiered plant stand.
  • Headboard – Arrange a few crates together vertically to create a statement headboard for the bed. Leave unfinished or paint similar colors as wall for cohesion.
  • Room dividers – Stand crates upright and glue or nail together side-by-side for room dividers. Install caster wheels to make them movable.

Let your creativity run wild to design one-of-a-kind wood crate pieces throughout your home. Don’t forget supplies like glue, nails, hardware, sandpaper, wood finish, paint, and decor items to create decorative and functional works of art.

Build a Backyard Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit becomes a relaxing oasis and extends the seasons of backyard enjoyment. With proper planning and safety precautions, you can create a permanent fire pit area for roasting marshmallows and outdoor entertaining. Follow these steps:

  • Select a flat area at least 10 feet from buildings and away from overhanging trees. Check local regulations for any fire codes.
  • Mark the fire pit shape and dig out the area 6-12 inches deep. Use sand or gravel to create a level base.
  • Build a fire brick or stone pit to contain the fire, at least 20 inches diameter. Or use pre-cast concrete rings designed for fire pits.
  • Line the inside of the pit with fire brick or sand. This protects the masonry and helps with drainage.
  • Install a steel or cast iron fire bowl, fire grate, or steel ring within the masonry pit. Add lava rock around the bowl.
  • Pull up chairs and enjoy your new backyard fire pit! Have fire tools handy like a shovel, extinguisher, metal screen, and water.

With proper safety practices, a DIY fire pit creates ambiance and an inviting space for spending time outdoors.

Make a Modern Statement with Exposed Brick

Exposing interior brick covered up by old drywall immediately gives homes character and a modern, industrial feel. Try these ideas:

  • Remove plaster or wall panels to expose kitchen or living room accent walls. Patch holes or cracks with mortar if needed.
  • Whitewash or lightly paint brick for an updated look. Paint or stencil directly on brick for artsy effects.
  • Accentuate exposed brick with metal hangers and shelving. Floating wood shelves, beams, and pillars also complement the texture.
  • Add industrial track lighting or vintage pendant lights. Black finishes and Edison bulbs enhance brickwork.
  • Incorporate raw materials like steel, iron, and wood along with the brick to achieve an urban loft style.
  • Hang a flatscreen TV, artwork, or vertical garden on exposed brick walls as a focal point.

Exposing brick gives any room or home exterior rustic texture. It creates an instant conversation piece and focal point.

Make a Small Bathroom Feel Spacious

Don’t let a cramped bathroom limit your ability to renovate. There are several DIY techniques for making small bathrooms more expansive and comfortable:

  • Paint walls, cabinets, and tile white to open up the space visually. Add metallic finishes for modern style.
  • Remove bulky shelving and cabinets to open wall space. Install floating shelves and vertical storage instead.
  • Use wall-mounted faucets, toilets, and cabinets to save floor space. Hang a recessed medicine cabinet for hidden storage.
  • Extend the shower into a corner with glass doors to utilize space. Add shower niches for bath items.
  • Install large tile horizontally and small mosaic tile vertically to give the illusion of a larger room.
  • Add a large mirror or mirrored cabinet to make the room feel double the size. Light mirrors well.
  • Replace a shower/tub combo with a walk-in shower to gain square footage.

With some creativity and spatial tricks, you can gain a luxurious bathroom retreat even in limited square footage.

Build an Accent Wall with Wood Paneling

Wood paneling instantly warms up any room and makes a stylish accent wall for less. Avoid dark 1970s wood paneling and try these updated looks instead:

  • Use thin 1/4 inch plywood sheets for smooth, minimalist paneling. Paint panels crisp white or light grey for modern farmhouse style.
  • Choose unfinished square-edged tongue and groove planks. The texture adds rustic interest when stained in natural wood tones.
  • Mix reclaimed barn wood with fresh pine boards in mixed widths. Whitewash and lightly distress for a casual and eclectic feel.
  • Opt for wide planks with clean lines in a chevron, herringbone, or geometric pattern. Ideal for a dining room or home office feature wall.
  • Add trim and picture rails as finishing touches. Hang artwork or floating shelves on paneling to accentuate the texture.

With the right wood and pattern, you can easily install stylish shiplap, plank, or geometric paneling to make any blank wall a stunning focal point.

Craft an Inviting Front Porch Oasis

A comfortable, attractive front porch welcomes visitors and provides additional outdoor living space. Upgrade a boring slab patio into a chic porch perfect for relaxing:

  • Add a fresh coat of outdoor porch paint in a light color to brighten the space. Include decorative trim detail.
  • Build a new wood rail with thick balusters. Curved details like arches and brackets add charm.
  • Remove screens on windows and replace with clear glass. Hang cafe-style curtains to frame views.
  • Furnish with rocking chairs, benches, swings, and weatherproof upholstered furniture with water-resistant cushions.
  • Add side tables, lanterns, and planters of bright flowers to complete the cozy ambiance.

With imagination and some carpentry skills, you can construct a new wood deck or patio and outfit it with inviting decor for the ultimate dream porch. It provides expanded living space outdoors the entire family will enjoy.

Design a Modern Barn Door

Barn doors stand out as a unique alternative to standard doors while providing access to bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and other spaces. While manufactured barn doors are available, you can also build your own custom version, choosing everything from size to finish. Follow these steps for installing a DIY barn door:

  • Select a steel or wood door without hinges. Size it at least 1-2 inches narrower and shorter than the door frame.
  • Buy or build a door rail from square steel or wood beams. Screw into studs above door frame opening.
  • Attach heavy-duty roller carriage hardware evenly spaced along back of door to hang on rail.
  • Stain, paint, or distress door to desired finish. Add hardware like handles and locks to complete the look.
  • Slide door onto rail and test operation. Adjust to ensure smooth, even sliding.

With many possible finishes and hardware options, barn doors make a stylish focal point in any room while saving space.

Upcycle Old Windows into Art

Don’t send old windows from a remodel to the landfill. Instead, repurpose vintage window frames, shutters, and panes into beautiful wall art and decor with a bit of imagination. Window upcycling ideas include:

  • Remove window panes and insert salvaged lace, family photos, or artwork behind glass for shadowbox art.
  • Hang the window frame minus glass on the wall and use as open shelving or picture ledges.
  • Stack multiple old window frames and panes together as a 3D wall sculpture.
  • Attach shutters in creative patterns on a wall as an accent. Paint, stencil, or decoupage the shutters.
  • Use old wood trim, sills, and rails from windows to build mirrors or picture frames.

Recycle and reuse old house parts to handcraft meaningful art pieces and displays through window restoration projects.

Design a Recycled Tire Planter Garden

Don’t throw out old tires – upcycle them into planters! Tires make great garden beds for flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Follow these guidelines when designing recycled tire planters:

  • Thoroughly clean tires and spray-paint if desired. Use multiple colors for a mosaic effect.
  • Cut tire sidewalls away leaving just the tread for a smooth planter. Or stack multiple whole tires.
  • Use a utility knife to poke drainage holes all over inside the tire. Line the bottom with gravel.
  • Fill tire with potting mix and plants. Opt for compact herbs, flowers, lettuces, and peppers that tolerate shallow roots.
  • Elevate tires on bricks or blocks to prevent waterlogging. Group together for a tire garden.
  • For vertical planting, stack tires and drill holes in tire sides. Insert cage support or trellises for climbing vines.

Upcycling old tires into planters repurposes junk into a beautiful and useful garden bed that will last for many seasons. Get creative staggering heights, patterns, and colors.

Design a Decorative Window Film Style

Window film allows you to easily upgrade your view! Self-adhesive window films apply directly to existing glass for an instant decor change without replacing windows. Consider these decorative looks:

  • Privacy film prevents views in but allows light through with obscured or tinted effects. Use in bathrooms or rooms facing traffic.
  • Stained glass film adds colorful overlays in floral, geometric, or eclectic patterns that mimic real stained glass.
  • Frosted and etched films diffuse light beautifully for a soft, obscured view. Frame windows with decorative trim or add window boxes.
  • Faux divided light films give the look of leaded glass panes without the weight. Choose black for modern or brass for traditional.
  • Reflective films reduce heat and glare. Try bold mirrored effects or tinted metallic finishes.

With this easy DIY trick, you can quickly change the entire look and character of a room by upgrading the windows.

Build Rustic Wood Shelves from Barn Beam Scraps

Reclaimed wood from old barns, fencing, and buildings makes beautiful recycled shelving. Use authentic aged barn beams or mimic the rough-hewn style with new wood. Follow these tips:

  • Sand and seal salvaged barn boards. distress newly cut wood with chisels to mimic old lumber.
  • Cut beams and wood to desired shelf width and length. Sand edges smooth.
  • Attach recycled wood shelves using brackets, cleats, or cables. Floating shelves emphasize rustic style.
  • Finish wood with natural stain, whitewash, or clear sealer to protect and accentuate grain.
  • Incorporate vintage elements like worn leather straps, wrought iron brackets, galvanized pipes, and industrial lights.

Recycled barn board shelves add welcoming texture and charm to any room. Make them custom sizes to match your space and decor.

Refresh Cabinets with Chalk Paint

Tired oak or dated cabinets can quickly get revived with chalk paint. This matte finish furniture paint adheres to glossy surfaces without priming or sanding and creates a smooth, powdery finish. To refresh cabinets:

  • Remove doors and hardware. Lightly sand glossy finishes. Clean surfaces.
  • Apply 2-3 thin, even coats of chalk paint using a brush or foam roller. Let dry between coats.
  • Sand lightly to distress and use white wax to seal and protect the finish.
  • Reinstall doors and new modern hardware like matte black pulls.
  • Traditional style cabinets can be painted or stained. Modern cabinets look great in bold, dynamic colors.

Chalk paint offers a mess-free solution for upgrading wood cabinets of all styles. The soft matte painted finish gives a custom look for less.

Create Industrial Style with Galvanized Metal

Incorporating galvanized metal brings rugged industrial flair to any space. Try these galvanized DIY ideas in bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas:

  • Use galvanized sheet metal to skin accent walls or cabinetry. Rivet sheets together for a textured effect.
  • Choose galvanized wash tubs, buckets, and cans for funky planters. Drain and clean items first.
  • Affix galvanized roofing panels, corrugated tin, or flashing as a backsplash. Layer behind open shelves.
  • Incorporate galvanized pipes, ducts, and vents as curtain rods, towel racks, or railing.
  • Select galvanized light pendants, sconces, and track lighting. Match with metal stool bases and furniture legs.
  • Paint or patina galvanized pieces like signage and buckets for more color. Use galvanized nails on projects.

The rugged metallic patina of galvanized décor infuses spaces with an urban, vintage workshop feel. Mix galvanized, wood, and brick textures to create an industrial style space.

Design a Photo Gallery Wall

Showcase favorite photos, art prints, posters, and mementos by installing a gallery wall. Follow these tips for hanging a stunning salon-style display:

  • Map out arrangement on the floor first. Mix frame sizes and styles for eclectic grouping. Include negative space.
  • Choose a coordinating color scheme and matching frames. Black frames work universally.
  • Hang one large focal piece first. Build off of this anchor piece, grouping other frames around it.
  • Use painter’s tape to map hang points. Make sure frames overlap nicely.
  • Hang frames in asymmetrical formations angling edges for dimension. Space frames only 1-3 inches apart.
  • Mix in additional decorative objects like wall-mounted shelves, floating ledges, artwork, mirrors or 3D items.

A well-designed photo gallery wall tells a visual story and showcases your personal memories and collectibles beautifully.

Craft Custom Shelving from Salvaged Wood

Reclaimed boards and barn wood can be repurposed into rustic shelving and storage units. Follow these tips for building unique shelving from salvaged lumber:

  • Source old wood from