Choosing the right light fixtures for your bathroom can dramatically change the look and feel of the space. With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to select bathroom lighting that aligns with your decor style and provides sufficient illumination for tasks like applying makeup and shaving. We’ve compiled 28 of our favorite bathroom light fixtures to suit bathrooms of every style.

Classic and Traditional Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Traditional bathrooms feature classic decor elements like subway tiles, clawfoot tubs, and vintage accents. Complement these spaces with timeless lighting fixtures that exude elegance.

1. Crystal Chandelier

A sparkling crystal chandelier makes a stunning statement in a traditional bathroom. Opt for a design with clear, faceted crystals for lots of shine. Hang it over a freestanding tub or vanity area to illuminate the space in glamorous style. A dimmer switch allows you to control the brightness.

2. Sconces

Mounted on the wall on either side of the mirror, sconces provide perfect task lighting for grooming. Look for designs with curved arms, fabric shades, and ornamental details like crystal accents. Sconces with Edison bulbs have a vintage vibe.

3. Pendant Lights

Suspended above the vanity or tub, single or double pendant lights lend old-world charm. Go for metal fixtures with sculpted or scrolled detailing. Pendants work well over both wall-mounted and freestanding vanities.

4. Lanterns

For a coastal feel, try hanging lantern lights over the bathtub or vanity. Nautical rope, bamboo, or metal lanterns have a casual, beachy look. Make sure to choose a waterproof fixture.

Rustic Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Rustic bathrooms feature natural materials like stone, wood beams, wrought iron, and vintage accessories. Warm lighting complements the earthy design scheme.

5. Mason Jar Sconces

Give your rustic bathroom unique flair by transforming canning jars into sconces. Attach wire to hold the jars in place against the wall on either side of the mirror. Fill the jars with Edison bulbs, flowers, or pebbles.

6. Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Make a bold statement by hanging a wagon wheel chandelier from the ceiling beam. The symbol of vintage Americana perfectly suits a country chic space. Opt for a design with exposed Edison bulbs or candles for lots of cozy light.

7. Antler Sconces

Sconces made from natural shed antlers, cast in metal, or sculpted from wood add outdoorsy character to a rustic bath. Hang them next to the mirror or on either side of a window.

8. Barn Light Pendant

Refinished barn lights, cowboy hats, and galvanized metal pendants nod to Western style. Cluster a few over the tub or hang a single large fixture over the vanity. Vintage filament bulbs complement the look.

Industrial Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Exposed brick, concrete, stainless steel, and vintage touches give bathrooms an urban industrial vibe. The lighting should feel gritty yet glam.

9. Bare Bulb Vanity Lights

Get the industrial look with ventilation hood vanity lights that show off protruding bare bulbs. Mount them above a floating vanity or console sink to illuminate a grooming station.

10. Cage Pendants

Pendant lights encased in metal wire cages have an old factory feel. Use black, brass, or copper finishes based on your faucets and hardware. Group 3-5 pendants for maximum drama.

11. Track Lighting

Run industrial track lighting across the ceiling for directional illumination you can adjust as needed. Point the fixtures at the tub, shower, vanity, or stylist’s station. Mix bulb shapes and sizes.

12. Edison Bulbs

The visible glowing filament of Edison bulbs suits industrial decor. Use them in sconces, pendants, and chandeliers. Opt for bright, high-wattage bulbs to light the space effectively.

Bohemian Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Free-spirited bohemian bathrooms feature an eclectic mix of patterns, textures, and colors. Playful lighting reflects the laidback vibe.

13. Woven Pendant

Hanging rattan, bamboo, or fabric pendants bring natural texture overhead. Try colorful Moroccan-style lamps for a pop of pattern. Bohemian spaces allow creative mixing and matching.

14. Crystal Chandelier

While ornate crystal chandeliers work in traditional baths, inexpensive DIY versions suit boho spaces. You can even make your own chandelier by gluing crystals and beads onto thrift store lampshades.

15. Globe String Lights

For a whimsical feel, hang a string of globe lights across the ceiling or in the corners. Opt for warm white bulbs to prevent a harsh glare. You can mix different colored and sized globes for eclectic charm.

16. Paper Lanterns

Group colorful paper lanterns in swooping staggered lines or clusters over the tub or vanity. Try natural jute, bold patterns, or metallic shades. Paper lanterns keep the lighting playful and relaxed.

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Clean lines, modern shapes, and metallic finishes define the contemporary bathroom aesthetic. Sleek, stylish lighting completes the look.

17. LED Strip Lights

Install slim LED strip lighting under cabinets, along the tub edge, or inside shelving and coves. Choose cool white light for an energizing effect or warm white for relaxation. LED strips offer a contemporary glow.

18. Rainfall Shower Head

Make a stunning style statement with a rainfall shower head that also provides soothing LED illumination. Available in square and round shapes, these fixtures beam colored, white, or temperature-changing light.

19. Semi-Flush Mounts

Semi-flush mounts provide both form and function. Mounted partway down from the ceiling, the rounded shades emit a soft glow for general lighting. Try textured glass, metal, or fabric drum shades.

20. Monorail Spotlights

For a museum-like look, install a minimalist monorail spotlight system on the ceiling. Position the adjustable spotlights to highlight mirrors, art, architectural details, and display shelves.

Coastal Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Breezy, beachy elements like weathered wood, nautical stripes, and pops of color give bathrooms a relaxing coastal vibe. The lighting should feel casual and carefree.

21. Woven Rope Pendant

Make a natural style statement with a woven rope pendant made from jute or sisal. The organic texture and casual shape contribute coastal charm. Hang one over the tub or pair two over a double vanity.

22. Seeded Glass Sconce

Sconces with seeded glass shades have an ocean-inspired look. Seeded glass contains air bubbles that diffuse the light beautifully. Use seeded glass sconces to flank a beachy mirror.

23. Shell Chandelier

Bring the essence of coastal living with a chandelier covered in real or faux shells. The shimmery, organic fixture casts a lovely glow for seaside character.

24. Beachy Table Lamps

On vanities, side tables, and dressers, add fun table lamps with coastal details like lighthouses, shells, starfish, and orbs of colored glass “floats.” Even inexpensive finds from thrift stores make great coastal accents.

Transitional Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Transitional bathrooms strike a balance between traditional and contemporary with a versatile mix of elegant and casual elements. The lighting should bridge old and new.

25. Drum Pendant

A drum pendant with a fabric shade has a clean, simple shape that suits both traditional and modern bathrooms. Choose neutral linen or textured burlap for a relaxed transitional look. Use one large pendant or a few smaller ones.

26. Orb Chandelier

For an updated take on a classic chandelier, try an orb design made from overlapping rings or spheres. The soft, modern shape works well in transitional spaces. Mix clear and frosted glass for added dimension.

27. Brass Finish Fixtures

Sleek fixtures in unlacquered brass provide shimmer while feeling timeless. Brass sconces, pendants, and flush mount lights work in bathrooms of any era. Unlacquered brass develops a patina over time.

28. Drum Flush Mount

With clean lines and ample illumination, drum-shaped flush mount fixtures meld seamlessly into any decor. Choose frosted glass for a diffused glow or clear glass for crisp light. Install two fixtures for lots of brightness.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Lighting

Along with aligning with your decor style, bathroom lighting should meet your functional needs. As you evaluate fixtures, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Ambiance – Do you want an energizing bright bathroom or a soft, spa-like glow? Lighting affects mood.
  • Task Lighting – Is the lighting sufficient for applying makeup, shaving, grooming hair, and other bathroom tasks?
  • Size – Scale lighting appropriately to the room size. A tiny powder room needs petite fixtures. Large master baths can handle dramatic statement pieces.
  • Brightness – Lumens indicate a fixture’s brightness. Check specs to evaluate illumination level.
  • Bulb Types – Consider energy use, brightness, and ambiance created by different bulbs like LEDs, halogens, incandescents, and CFLs.
  • Dimmers – Dimmers allow you to control the light level. Recommended for overhead and vanity lighting.
  • Zones – Provide separate switch zones for task lighting around the vanity, ambient lighting for the whole room, accent lighting, etc.
  • Moisture Resistance – Bathroom fixtures must withstand humidity. Verify a minimum IP44 rating before purchase.
  • Style Coordination – Fixtures should coordinate with faucets, mirrors, hardware, and other finishes for a cohesive look.

Bathroom Lighting Tips and Tricks

Follow these expert tips when designing your bathroom lighting scheme:

  • For softer overhead lighting, install fixtures on dimmers at least 12” from the ceiling. Lower and dimmed lights are less harsh.
  • Use wall-mounted sconces or recessed can lights to flank the mirror for ideal task lighting. Position at eye level on each side.
  • Install lighting inside glass-front cabinets and under cabinets to showcase displayed items and eliminate shadows.
  • Swap out old fluorescent vanity bulbs for LEDs to reduce shadows and mimic natural daylight.
  • Add accent lighting to highlight artwork, architectural details, bathtubs, and modern vessel sinks.
  • Choose finish colors like brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and champagne gold that coordinate with the faucets and hardware.
  • Incorporate lighting on multiple switches so you can selectively control various fixture zones as needed.
  • Call an electrician if you don’t feel comfortable installing bathroom lighting yourself, especially for surround sound speakers and in-shower fixtures.

Bathroom Lighting FAQs

Get answers to common questions about choosing and installing bathroom lighting:

How many light fixtures should a bathroom have?

Bathrooms should have a minimum of three types of light sources: ambient overhead lighting, task lighting around the vanity, and accent lighting. Larger bathrooms can incorporate more fixtures.

Where should lights be placed in a bathroom?

Ambient overhead ceiling lights belong in the center of the room. Vanity task lighting should flank the mirror. Accents lights highlight tubs, showers, art, and architectural details.

Should bathroom lights be dimmable?

Dimmers allow control over brightness and ambiance and are highly recommended for vanity and overhead bathroom lighting. Use LED bulbs compatible with dimmers.

How do you choose bathroom lighting?

Consider the room size, your decor style, needed brightness, task lighting needs, ambiance preference, fixture finishes, IP rating, and budget when choosing bathroom lighting.

What is a good lumen level for a bathroom?

A 75 sq. ft. bathroom needs about 4,000-6,000 lumens. A 100 sq. ft. bathroom needs 5,000-8,000 lumens. Larger and darker bathrooms need higher lumen levels.

Should you have matching light fixtures in the bathroom?

Matching finishes can make the lighting cohesive, but mixing fixture styles is fine too. Just ensure the metal tones complement each other.

How do you light a bathroom without a window?

Use bright overhead ceiling lights, numerous task lights around the vanity, and accent lighting in a windowless bathroom. Add mirrors and reflective surfaces to help spread the light.


The lighting you choose can make or break your dream bathroom design. Compare the most popular bathroom lighting options from chandeliers and sconces to vanity and accent lights. Consider your preferred decor scheme, functional needs, and design elements like finish colors and bulb types. With the right fixtures illuminating your space, you’re sure to love spending time pampering yourself in the bathroom.