Kitchens are often considered the heart of the home. As such, the colors and designs we choose for our kitchens say a lot about our personal styles and preferences. While white and neutral kitchens remain popular, there has been a growing trend towards utilizing color in creative and inviting ways. From bright and bold primaries to soft pastels, kitchens now feature a vibrant rainbow of hues. In this article, we will explore 25 colorful kitchens showcasing an amazing array of colors and designs.

Soothing Blues and Greens

Serene shades of blue and green create a sense of tranquility and relaxation in these beautiful kitchens.

Cool Tones of Blue

From powder blue to deep navy, different shades of blue evoke anything from coastal vibes to modern chic. Pops of blue on cabinetry, backsplashes, or accent walls breathe life into kitchen spaces.

  • A pale blue backsplash paired with white cabinets exudes a breezy, beachy feeling. Glass pendant lights bounce the soft blue tones around the space.
  • Navy blue lower cabinets make a bold statement against crisp white uppers in this transitional kitchen. Brass hardware provides a nice complementary pop of color.
  • Different tones of blue on the cabinets, island, and backsplash create visual interest in this colorful modern kitchen. The effect is cohesive rather than overwhelming.

Soothing Green Hues

Earthy green tones connect us to nature and feel peaceful and grounding. Sage, moss, and emerald green kitchens are inviting and full of character.

  • Luxe emerald green cabinets make this kitchen feel rich and jewel-toned. Gold hardware accents tie the look together brilliantly.
  • A light sage green backsplash tile has a subtle impact above marble countertops and white cabinetry in this calming kitchen.
  • Distressed moss green cabinets keep this cozy cottage kitchen feeling down-to-earth and welcoming. The vintage charm shines through.

Vibrant Reds, Oranges, and Yellows

These joyful, fiery hues infuse kitchens with energy, warmth, and vibrant personality.

Bold Red Accents

Used strategically, red makes any kitchen pop. A little goes a long way in creating an instant focal point.

  • Glossy red lacquer cabinets make a dramatic style statement in this sleek modern kitchen. Stainless steel and white marble balance out the bold color.
  • A red glass tile backsplash packs a serious punch against elegant gray cabinetry. It draws the eye while adding artsy flair.
  • Just painting the island a fire engine red makes it the star of this kitchen’s show. It energizes the space and adds character.

Sunny Yellow Details

Mimicking the warmth of a shining sun, yellow accents lend a cheerful, welcoming vibe.

  • Charismatic school-bus yellow cabinets turn this kitchen into an upbeat, playful space. The color keeps things fun and lively.
  • A slim ribbon of golden yellow tile decoration ties this transitional kitchen together with a subtle sparkle.
  • Zesty lemon-yellow stools provide just the right amount of color alongside white cabinetry and marble surfaces.

Burnt Orange Ambiance

Earthy, autumnal burnt orange tones create coziness and balance. The rich hues feel simultaneously laid-back and upscale.

  • Matte orange cabinetry makes a statement, but gray counters and a stainless steel hood keep the look refined.
  • In this rustic kitchen, an orange backsplash breaks up wood cabinetry while coordinating beautifully with the brick floors.
  • Burnt orange walls warm up this airy kitchen and highlight the smoked gray cabinetry and stainless steel finishes.

Cheerful Purples, Pinks, and Magentas

Playful purple and pink hues range from romantic to eclectic in these uniquely colorful kitchens.

Regal Purples

Deep, royal purple makes spaces feel luxe and elegant. When used sparingly, it packs a serious decorative punch.

  • Glossy aubergine cabinets create major drama and sophistication beside pearlescent subway tiles. The look is glamorous but inviting.
  • Just changing the base cabinets to a rich purple sets this kitchen apart with a powerful pop of regal color.
  • An eye-catching wall of purplestacked glass tile turns a basic backsplash into a stunning work of art with loads of personality.

Charming Pinks

Soft pinks work beautifully in kitchens aiming for a light, feminine aesthetic. Pastel pink delivers an instantly chic look.

  • Shabby chic white cabinetry gets a precious lift from blush pink walls in this sweet, romantic kitchen.
  • The pink glass backsplash tile steals the show in this otherwise minimalist all-white kitchen for a hint of glam.
  • Matte raspberry pink cabinets make this kitchen feel freshly stylish. White marble counters balance the seductive hue.

Vibrant Magentas

Electrifying magenta makes any space feel fun, artsy, and full of spirit. A little magenta goes a long way.

  • Bold magenta cabinets turn this modern kitchen into an energetic, visually exciting destination.
  • A magenta glass mosaic backsplash and pendant lights add bursts of happy color to this otherwise neutral kitchen.
  • Painting the island magenta unifies this colorful kitchen’s mismatched cabinet colors in a quirky-chic way.

Rich Browns, Grays, and Neutrals

Warm browns and sleek gray tones keep things grounded and ultra-sophisticated.

CozyBrown Cabinets

Woodsy brown cabinetry in various shades and finishes exudes natural comfort and charm.

  • Milk chocolate stained cabinets lend this cottage kitchen a welcoming, easygoing vibe.
  • Espresso-toned cabinetry makes this kitchen feel enveloped with warmth and earthiness.
  • Light oak cabinets with a weathered gray patina keep things laid-back and approachable.

Stylish Grays

On-trend gray cabinetry and accents feel clean, modern, and versatile. Gray works with every color scheme.

  • Smokey charcoal cabinets contrast beautifully with crisp white countertops in this contemporary kitchen.
  • Light pewter gray cabinets emanate elegance and sophistication in this bright, open kitchen.
  • Cool concrete gray island cabinetry coordinates seamlessly with white cabinetry for a refined mixed look.

Natural Neutrals

Creamy whites and beiges lend an airy, unassuming elegance. The soft, neutral hues feel perfectly balanced.

  • Bright white cabinetry keeps things light and breezy, while a neutral beige backsplash provides subtle contrast.
  • Alabaster white marble surfaces work perfectly with warm ivory cabinetry in this softly sophisticated kitchen.
  • Natural wood cabinetry plays nicely with creamy stone backsplashes and countertops for a washed out neutral look.


As this survey of vibrant, colorful kitchen designs shows, home cooks today have an inspiring range of hues to liven up their culinary spaces. Whether aiming to energize, soothe, inspire or transform, kitchen colors can be tailored to match your personality and style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different palettes until you discover your perfect match. A colorful kitchen reflects the spirit of those who gather there. With limitless options, what colorful hue speaks to your heart?


What are some popular kitchen color combinations?

Some top color combo options include: white cabinets with a bold colored island, blue cabinets with white marble counters, sage green with wood cabinets, navy cabinets with brass accents, black cabinets with copper details, and creamy neutrals with a mix of metal finishes.

Should I avoid dark colors in a small kitchen?

Not necessarily – dark colors like navy or charcoal can create an intimate, cozy vibe in a small kitchen. Just balance deep hues with plenty of lighting. Also use pops of lighter colors, reflective surfaces and open shelving to keep things feeling airy.

How do I choose the best color for my kitchen?

Consider the amount of natural light, the overall style you want, and colors you’re drawn to. Neutrals work in any style kitchen, while colors like green and blue have a timeless appeal. Bold colors make a design statement. Visit model homes and test paint swatches.

Should cabinets and countertops be the same color?

It’s generally best to use some contrast between cabinets and counters. Same-color cabinetry and counters can look monotone. But light countertops like white marble also pair beautifully with similarly light cabinets for a seamless look.

What is the most popular kitchen color right now?

White and gray kitchens remain very popular, but blue is also a top choice and offers great versatility. Navy blue makes a dramatic impact, while airy pastel blues have relaxing charm. Green is on the rise for natural appeal.

How do I add color to a neutral kitchen?

Simple ways to inject color include swapping out decor items like throw pillows, curtains or seat cushions, painting or replacing an island or base cabinets, installing a vibrant backsplash, and adding colorful art, rugs, and accessories.