Embracing your inner hipster and giving your home a modern, artsy vibe can be tons of fun. Here are 23 ways to put that hipster spirit into your home decor.

Update With Industrial Touches

Exposed brick, distressed wood, galvanized metal, and Edison bulbs give off an urban industrial feel. Incorporate these elements into your home to give it a modern, hipster aesthetic. Hang Edison bulb pendant lights over your kitchen island or dining table. Use galvanized metal buckets, crates, and containers for storage. Add brick wallpaper as an accent wall in your living room.

Choose Mid-Century Modern Furniture

The clean lines and retro styling of mid-century modern furniture blends well with the hipster look. Opt for sleek sofas, armchairs, and tables. Look for natural wood tones and muted, earthy colors. Platform beds with tapered legs also embody that hip, vintage vibe.

Display Your Vinyl Record Collection

What’s more hipster than collecting vinyl? Proudly show off your record collection by mounting open-faced shelves or floating shelves on your wall. Organize your records alphabetically or by genre. Place your record player nearby so guests can easily browse and listen.

Incorporate Unique Lighting

From neon signs to repurposed lamps, quirky lighting instantly livens up a space. Search flea markets and antique shops for vintage fixtures. Or create your own by turning old objects like cameras or teapots into lamps. Hang a bright neon sign with cheeky phrases as hip decor.

Add Some Greenery

Plants give any room a relaxing, earthy feel. Go for low maintenance varieties like succulents and snake plants. Use trendy white ceramic planters in modern shapes. Create a living wall with mounted shelves and an array of potted greenery. A vertical garden is a great hipster-chic statement.

Display Local Artwork

Supporting local and indie artists aligns well with the hipster mindset. Seek out pieces from art shows, open studio tours, or Etsy sellers in your area. Hang paintings, photographs, mixed media collages, or any kind of art that inspires you. Rotate pieces out seasonally to keep things fresh.

Incorporate Reclaimed Wood

Wood with distress marks, stains, and a worn patina adds character and history. Use reclaimed wood to make furniture like coffee tables, console tables, or bed frames. Or affix old barnwood planks to your walls or ceilings for rustic accent. Let the natural grains and textures shine through.

Add Pops of Color

While many hipster homes go for neutral palettes, bold pops of color liven things up. Paint one wall a vivid hue like emerald, mustard, or cobalt. Bring in brightly colored furniture like a teal velvet sofa or neon accent chair. Use colorful artwork and accessories for punches of color too.

Display Collections and Curios

Show off items you’ve collected that showcase your interests and travels. Display treasures found at flea markets or on your journeys in glass bell jars, shadowboxes, or on floating shelves. Collections of books, posters, postcards, and more make great hipster decor.

Incorporate Retro Appliances

Vintage-style appliances like turquoise refrigerators and retro-colored mixers bring kitschy flair. Search classified ads and thrift shops for old appliances in funky colors. Make sure to inspect thoroughly so they function properly. Even just a vintage-style toaster or blender makes a fun statement.

Utilize Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint allows you to constantly change up your decor. Turn a whole wall into a chalkboard for maximum creative flexibility. Use it to write reminders, poetry, art, or whatever your heart desires. You can also paint other surfaces like cabinets, tables, and dressers.

Display Maps and Globes

Maps and globes symbolize travel and adventure, and look great on the walls of hipster homes. Find classic map prints of cities or countries meaningful to you. Or opt for a cool globe bar cart. Place map decals onto furniture for a more temporary solution.

Incorporate Hip Wallpaper

From geometric patterns to nature prints, bold wallpaper defines many hipster abodes. Use it to make a statement on an accent wall, or even paper a whole room. There are many removable papers that make it easy to change up when you tire of a look.

Hang Macrame Wall Hangings

The hippie vibes of macrame fit right into hipster decor. Hang macrame above beds and sofas for a laidback feel. You can find readymade wall hangings, or try making your own out of rope or yarn. Add beads, tassels, and pompoms for even more bohemian flair.

Add Fun Mirrors

Funky mirrors reflect your hip style. Seek out uniquely shaped mirrors like sunbursts, arched mirrors, or mirrors made from old windows. Distress your mirrors for that vintage vibe. Hang them alone or cluster three together for maximum effect.

Incorporate Upcycled Furniture

Repurposing old furniture ties into hipster values. Turn a dresser into a vanity, or a ladder into a bookshelf. Paint old pieces bold colors for added pop. Add new knobs and handles to give a fresh look. Modernize dated pieces to suit your style.

Display Your Favorite Books

Books are hipster home decor essentials. Organize them on open shelves or in glass-front bookcases to show off your collection. Group by color, subject, or size for visual appeal. Stack large coffee table books on end for an artistic look.

Add Some Boho Touches

Bohemian style has overlap with the hipster aesthetic. Incorporate patterned pillows, woven wall hangings, fringe, beaded curtains, and printed textiles. These free-spirited touches create a relaxed, nomadic feel. Just add them in doses to blend with your overall modern vibe.

Incorporate Vintage Finds

Secondhand shops and flea markets are goldmines for hipster home goods. Scout for vintage furniture, decor, and accent pieces that speak to you. An antique vanity, stained glass lamp, or embroidered pillow covers add old-world appeal. Mix the vintage in with modern pieces.

Create an Inspiration Board

Planning your hipster decor? First create an inspiration board. Search home websites and decor magazines for photos of rooms you love. Print out pictures or pin them on a board. Use it to hone in on your style and plan purchases. Refer to it as you gradually turn your home into a hipster haven.


With creative touches like reclaimed wood, bohemian textiles, and vintage finds, you can infuse hipster flair into your home. Focus on your interests and passions, and don’t be afraid of bold colors and patterns. The most important thing is creating a space that inspires you daily. So embrace your inner hipster and start crafting your own unique hip haven.