A Jack and Jill bathroom layout connects two bedrooms through a shared bathroom. This convenient setup allows two rooms to access one bathroom, saving space and costs. As popular as Jack and Jill bathrooms are, the layout also comes with some drawbacks to consider.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss 22 Jack and Jill bathroom layout ideas, tips, pros and cons to help you determine if this is the right solution for your home.

Overview of Jack and Jill Bathroom Layouts

A Jack and Jill bathroom connects two bedrooms, with doors entering from each room. This allows the bathroom to be shared between the two rooms without accessing the hallway.

The main advantage of a Jack and Jill bathroom is convenience and privacy. It allows two people (often siblings) to share a bathroom without having to enter the common hallway space. This provides more privacy than a hall bathroom.

Jack and Jill bathroom layouts are common in many homes, particularly kid’s bathrooms and guest suites. They can also be useful when adding a bathroom to older homes where space is limited.

However, there are some downsides to consider:

  • Jack and Jill bathrooms typically have two entry doors, reducing space for fixtures and storage. Creative solutions can help maximize space.
  • With two entry doors, sound travels easily between bedrooms. Solid doors and other soundproofing methods help reduce noise.
  • Access issues can occur if one bedroom is occupied while the other is vacant. Locking doors remedy this.
  • Resale value may take a hit, as not all homebuyers are keen on the lack of privacy.

If designed thoughtfully, a Jack and Jill layout can be an efficient and convenient option. Keep reading for layout ideas and tips to maximize your shared bathroom space.

Choosing the Right Location

The first step in designing a functional Jack and Jill bathroom is choosing the right location in your home’s floor plan. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Pick Adjoining Bedrooms

This may seem obvious, but the two bedrooms you select need to have a shared wall to accommodate the bathroom. The most common scenario is two same-size bedrooms side-by-side. However, you can also position a bathroom between a master suite and smaller connecting bedroom.

Consider Plumbing Layout

Look at existing plumbing lines in the home when deciding where to put the new bathroom. Positioning it along the same wall as existing bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms will save on plumbing costs.

Evaluate Noise Transfer

Some noise transfer between the two bedrooms is inevitable with a shared bath. However, you can minimize this by avoiding positioning the bathroom wall with a bedroom headboard on the other side. Opt for adjoining walls with closets or empty space instead to reduce noise disruption.

Ensure Accessibility

If one bedroom will be a guest room or have limited use, make sure the main bedroom still has accessible bathroom access when the adjoining room is occupied. Pocket doors or additional hallway access prevents this issue.

Check for Windows

Natural light is always desirable in a bathroom. If possible, choose a location with an exterior wall that can accommodate a window. This will make the space feel open and airy.

Carefully evaluating your floor plan and existing infrastructure will lead to the optimal Jack and Jill bathroom placement. This takes some planning but prevents issues down the road.

Decor Tips for Jack and Jill Bathrooms

A Jack and Jill bathroom layout presents some unique decorating challenges with its dual access and limited space. Here are some tips to make your shared bath stylish and functional:

Use Mirrored Elements

Mirrored cabinetry and wall tiles instantly make a small Jack and Jill bathroom feel larger. The reflection bounces light around the room to create an airy effect. Incorporate mirrored surfaces throughout the space.

Employ Neutral Colors

Stick with light, neutral color palettes like whites, greys and beiges when decorating a Jack and Jill bath. Neutral walls, floors and cabinetry will appeal to all users and make the space feel bright and fresh. Pops of color come in with towels, accessories and artwork.

Include Shared Storage

To deal with the dual-access, incorporate open shelving, medicine cabinets and other storage that can be accessed from both sides. Built-in shared storage like the examples above prevent argues over space.

Use Double of Fixtures

A Jack and Jill bathroom should include two sinks, mirrors and other fixtures when space allows. This prevents congestion when both rooms’ occupants need to get ready simultaneously. If space is tight, opt for one long vanity with two sink basins.

Add Personal Touches

Have each connected bedroom occupant add their own hand towels, art, and accessories to personalize their side of the Jack and Jill bath. This allows individual style within the shared functional space.

With some creativity and smart design choices, your Jack and Jill bathroom can be both beautiful and perfectly practical.

Maximizing Space in Small Jack and Jill Bathrooms

One of the biggest challenges with a Jack and Jill floorplan is figuring out how to maximize a small space with two entry doors. Here are some layout ideas and tips for maximizing every inch in a small shared bathroom:

Use a Pocket Door

Pocket doors eliminate the swing space required for traditional hinged doors. They slide directly into the wall, saving precious square footage. If possible, use a pocket door on at least one side of the Jack and Jill bath.

Opt for Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks take up less space than cabinetry vanities. They also enhance the feeling of openness in a cramped Jack and Jill bathroom. Floating wall-mounted sinks are another space-saving option if you need storage.

Install Corner Shelving

Take advantage of every unused corner by installing shelving and storage, like a recessed medicine cabinet. Vertical storage along the corners keeps necessities handy without eating up floor space.

Use a Wall-Hung Toilet

A toilet tank tucked into the wall cavity saves inches of floor space versus a standard floor-mounted toilet. Every bit counts in a Jack and Jill bathroom, and a wall-hung toilet maximizes room.

Choose Slender Tub Options

When layout space allows, opt for a tub to add function. A short soaking tub or narrow tub like a tub-shower combo can squeeze into tight spots a standard tub can’t.

With the right fixtures and a few smart design choices, even the smallest Jack and Jill bathroom can feel surprisingly spacious.

Integrating Double Sinks in a Shared Bath

One way to make a Jack and Jill bathroom layout more functional for two occupants is incorporating double sinks. Here are some tips for integrating two sinks smoothly:

Select Slim Rectangular Vanities

For a classic look, choose two narrow rectangular vanities spaced closely together. The minimal gap will feel unified while still allowing two users. Floating vanities save even more space.

Use One Long Double Vanity

Another option is a single long vanity base with two sinks. The continuous countertop ties the look together, and the long shape fits well along the vanity wall.

Opt for Wall-Mounted Sinks

Separate wall-mounted sinks avoid any vanity spatial issues altogether. Floating sinks can be spaced as needed to fit piping and allow simultaneous use for both entry doors.

Include Identical Fixtures

Using matching faucets, sinks, mirrors, and lights above each vanity creates visual symmetry. Repeating the same elements makes the dual vanity feel cohesive.

Add a Shared Middle Drawer

If space between double sinks allows, incorporate a center drawer or cabinet in the gap. This “neutral territory” functions as storage both room occupants can use.

With some thoughtful vanity and sink selection, a double sink Jack and Jill bath can feel designed as one unified space.

Design Ideas for Kid and Teen Jack and Jill Bathrooms

A shared Jack and Jill bathroom can be an ideal and cost-effective solution for siblings sharing a space. Here are some design ideas to create a stylish and functional kids or teen Jack and Jill bath:

Use Bright, Bold Colors

Painting one wall an energetic hue adds life to a kid’s shared bathroom. Continue the color with patterned shower curtains and towels for a youthful, fun look.

Add Whimsical Patterns

Incorporate tile, wallpaper, or textiles with playful prints like polka dots, stripes, or geometric shapes to keep the room feeling young and lively. Patterns coordinate beautifully with bright paint colors.

Include Double of Everything

Provide identical sinks, mirrors, storage and other elements to prevent arguments over who gets what space. Doubling up makes sharing easier for kids.

Incorporate Shared Storage

Open shelving, large medicine cabinets and shared below-sink storage promotes a sense of teamwork. Closed cabinets with two identical sections also work.

Select Durable Materials

Opt for durable porcelain sinks, moisture-resistant cabinets and easy-clean flooring able to withstand high kid use. Choose materials made to last through childhood to teen years.

The right mix of whimsy and function can create a Jack and Jill bath kids delight in sharing over the years.

Achieving Spa Style in a Jack and Jill Bathroom

With calming colors and indulgent materials, a shared Jack and Jill bathroom can become a home spa oasis. Incorporate these tips:

Use Soothing Hues

Light blue, seafoam green and pale gray emulate the colors of water and create a relaxing vibe. Continue the palette with textured linens in coordinating soothing shades.

Include Spa-Like Amenities

Serene music, candle lighting, and aromatherapy infuse spa ambiance. Provide fluffy towels and robes for that luxury touch.

Choose Natural Materials

Natural stone tiles, wood accents and wicker baskets provide organic texture. Opt for countertops like quartz or marble for high-end elegance.

Install a Soaking Tub

When space allows, a deep soaking tub transforms the shared bath into a calming escape. Surround it with serene nature inspired art and flowers.

Add Soft Lighting

Dimmable lighting sets the desired tranquil mood. Wall sconces, chandeliers and vanity lighting offer a layered glow.

With the right design choices, your Jack and Jill bathroom can become a peaceful sanctuary right at home.

Incorporating Hotel Style into a Shared Bathroom

To give a Jack and Jill bathroom layout the elegant look and functionality of a fine hotel, incorporate refined finishes and amenities.

Install Wallpaper

Wallpaper adds an instant glam statement. Look for subtle textures like grasscloth or geometric patterns in sophisticated neutral palettes.

Use High-End Materials

Marble tile, polished chrome and glass cabinetry emulate luxury. Seek out quality materials and workmanship during your renovation.

Include Plush Linens

Provide guests thick towels, robes and bathmats. Display rolled towels with pretty guest soaps and candles.

Add Special Touches

Hotel bathrooms contain extra amenities like magnifying mirrors, shelves for toiletries, and built-in hairdryers. Include any useful feature for guests.

Provide Privacy

Install two locking doors with solid cores to prevent noise transfer between bedrooms. Valances over windows continue privacy from outside.

With polished luxurious materials and special touches, your Jack and Jill bathroom feels like a stay at a five-star resort.

FAQs About Jack and Jill Bathrooms

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Jack and Jill bathroom layouts:

What size should a Jack and Jill bathroom be?

For two standard doors and adequate fixtures, plan for at least 10 feet by 9 feet, or 90 sq. ft. Tiny homes can get away with spaces as small as 6 feet by 6 feet in a real space crunch.

How much does a Jack and Jill bathroom cost?

On average expect to pay $9,000-$30,000 depending on the size, materials used, plumbing requirements and existing infrastructure. Custom layouts and high-end finishes push the cost up.

How do you remodel a Jack and Jill bathroom?

Typical steps include:

  • Combining two smaller existing baths into one shared bath.
  • Bumping out an exterior wall to gain space for two doors.
  • Converting a bedroom into a bathroom space.
  • Complete gut remodel to optimal new layout.

Be sure to address ventilation, lighting, storage, durable surfaces and noise reduction in the new design.

What problems occur in a Jack and Jill bathroom?

Some potential issues to address include:

  • Noise transfer and lack of privacy between bedrooms.
  • Access limitations when second bedroom is locked.
  • Limited natural light and ventilation.
  • Not enough space for two users and adequate storage.
  • Fights over shared vanity and storage space.

Should I put two sinks in a Jack and Jill bathroom?

If space allows, two sinks are ideal for a shared bath. Opt for a double vanity, or two separate floating/wall-mounted sinks if needed. If space is very tight, one larger vanity with two sink basins can work.

A well-designed Jack and Jill bathroom layout has undeniable benefits, despite some inherent spatial and privacy challenges. By following the layout, decor and design tips in this guide, you can create a beautiful, functional shared bath your whole family will enjoy.


Jack and Jill bathroom layouts offer a convenient shared bath solution by connecting two bedrooms. There are pros and cons to weigh when determining if this floorplan is right for your home. When designed thoughtfully, a Jack and Jill bath can be both beautiful and highly functional through smart space planning, noise reduction, and decorative details.

Use this overview of layout considerations, spatial tricks, decorating ideas and design options to make the most of the special opportunities and obstacles posed by a Jack and Jill bath. With strategic planning, you can create a stylish, efficient shared oasis tailored to your family’s needs and taste. This unique layout allows occupants to conveniently access a private bathroom without entering a main hallway, improving privacy and practicality when well executed.