Assess and Declutter

Take stock of what you currently have and get rid of anything you don’t need or love. Decluttering will make the space feel bigger and allow you to focus on the key pieces you want to keep. Set aside items to donate, sell or trash.

Create a Plan

Decide which rooms you want to tackle and make a list of the improvements for each space. Prioritize changes that will make the biggest impact, like painting walls or replacing flooring. Set a timeline for completing each project.

Paint it Up

A fresh coat of paint can instantly transform a space. Opt for neutral colors if you’re renting, or bold hues if you own. Paint walls, ceilings, doors and trim for a cohesive new look. Use painter’s tape for clean edges.

Update Flooring

Replace old carpet or dated vinyl with budget-friendly solutions like peel-and-stick tile or vinyl plank flooring. These are easy DIY upgrades that make a big visual difference.

Improve Lighting

Swap out dull overhead fixtures for stylish pendant lights, sconces or under-cabinet lighting. Install dimmers for flexibility. Proper lighting can elevate a room.

Rearrange and Refresh

Try out a new furniture configuration to give the space a new feel. Freshen up accessories like throw pillows, area rugs and curtains. Display cherished items and art.

Do Simple Renovations

Tackle minor kitchen and bath upgrades like new faucets, cabinet hardware, mirrors and lighting. Update fixtures to create a pulled-together look.

Add Greenery

Plants instantly add life to any space. Choose low-maintenance varieties and stylish planters to fit your decor. Greenery makes rooms feel welcoming.

Organize Closets and Storage

Maximize every inch by installing shelving, bins, racks and other storage solutions. An organized space will make rooms feel tidier.

Deep Clean Everything

Finally, scrub surfaces, steamm clean carpets, wash windows, dust under furniture and sanitize the kitchen and bathrooms. Removing grime allows your new space to shine.

With determination and late nights, you can accomplish an apartment makeover in just two weeks. Work room-by-room and tackle the simplest updates first. Call in reinforcements if needed. Your revamped space will feel brand new.

Frequently Asked Questions About 2 Week Apartment Makeovers

How much can I really accomplish in 2 weeks?

Focus on quick changes like painting, installing new fixtures, updating old flooring, adding storage solutions, rearranging furniture and decorating. Don’t take on major renovations like knocking down walls or big electrical projects. Prioritize changes with the biggest impact.

What supplies do I need?

Make a checklist of paint, tools, new lighting, storage bins, fixtures, flooring, plants and any furniture you plan to buy. Having everything on hand will prevent delays. Rent equipment for projects like installing flooring.

Should I update the kitchen or bathroom?

Swap out dated hardware, lighting and faucets. Paint cabinets and add removable wallpaper or tile backsplash. Leave larger remodels for later.

What about clutter?

Reducing clutter makes the biggest difference. Box up items you rarely use, donate or sell unneeded belongings, organize closets and add multifunctional furniture.

How can I stay on schedule?

Give each project a set timeline and stick to it. Ask friends to help with labor-intensive tasks. Be ready to cut corners if needed – for example, only painting part of a room rather than the entire thing.

What should I do first?

Start with projects that will cause a disruption, like replacing flooring. Next focus on paint, followed by decor updates like accessories and greenery. Save deep cleaning for last.


With smart planning, hard work and help when needed, it’s possible to accomplish an apartment makeover in just two weeks. Begin by assessing, decluttering and choosing affordable updates that make the biggest impact. Focus on quick changes like paint, flooring, lighting and storage solutions. Stick to a timeline, call in reinforcements and be ready to get creative if you fall behind schedule. If done right, you can renew and refresh your space quickly, inexpensively and on your own. Just take it one step at a time. With determination and elbow grease, you can create a beautiful new look in no time!