A cozy breakfast nook is the perfect way to start your mornings. Sitting down to a relaxing breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your day. Creating a dedicated breakfast space in your home encourages you to slow down and savor the morning. With a few simple updates, you can transform any corner or underutilized space into a charming breakfast nook. Here are 19 tips to create the perfect cozy spot for morning meals.

Choose the Right Location

Choosing the right location is key to creating an inviting breakfast nook. Consider the following when picking your spot:

Near the Kitchen

Position your breakfast nook near the kitchen for easy serving. You don’t want to have to walk far carrying plates of food. Situate it just off of the kitchen so you can effortlessly transition from prep to dining.

Access to Natural Light

Abundant natural light helps create a cheerful ambiance. Aim for a space with a window, French doors or skylight to allow sunshine in. Draw back drapes or blinds to highlight the light.

View of the Outdoors

A view of nature fosters tranquility. Opt for a spot where you can look out on a garden, lawn or other attractive outdoor scene as you dine. Watching birds and squirrels play first thing in the morning is peaceful.

Cozy Scale

The space should feel intimate but not cramped. Aim for a breakfast nook sized for two to four people at most. Large spaces feel too formal for casual morning meals.

Nearby Power Source

Situate your nook near an electrical outlet. This allows you to plug in a coffee maker or any other breakfast-time electrical appliances with ease.

Away From Noisy Areas

Position your breakfast area away from noisy zones like a front door, playroom or laundry room. Look for a quiet spot to promote relaxation.

Choose a Layout

Once you’ve selected a spot, it’s time to decide on the layout. Some options include:

Built-In Banquette

Bench banquettes built into a bay window or corner create a snug feel. Add plush cushions and throw pillows to maximize comfort.

Freestanding Table and Chairs

A small table with two chairs is a flexible layout. Opt for furniture on a scale fitting the space.

Bar Counter

Install a narrow countertop and bar stools for casual morning dining. This is an ideal option for smaller kitchens.

Drop-Leaf Table

A drop-leaf table folded outfits well in a narrow breakfast nook. When not in use, simply fold it up flush against the wall.

Select the Right Table

Your breakfast table establishes the look and feel of the space. Consider the following table types:

Round Tables

Round tables promote conversation and intimacy. They work well in small areas where a square table would be too clunky.

Wood Tables

Wood tables convey warmth and blend into various styles from modern to traditional. Opt for maple, oak or ash for an inviting look.

Marble Tables

Marble adds elegance with its veining and polish. The cool surface is perfect for hot coffee and food. Use marble for a luxurious vibe.

Metal Tables

Metal tables like cast iron or copper add industrial flair. They bring a sleek, contemporary look to the space.

Glass Tables

Glass-topped tables keep the space light and airy. Clear glass tops allow patterns and grains in the base to show through.

Choose Cozy Seating

Seating is key to maximizing comfort in your breakfast nook. Look for chairs and benches with cushioning and supportive backs. Some seating ideas include:

Upholstered Chairs

Chairs fully upholstered in cozy fabrics like velvet or linen envelop you in softness as you dine. Tufted cushions and skirts add elegance.

Wooden Chairs

Wood chairs offer warmth and natural texture. Seek out softly curved styles with woven wicker or upholstered seats for cushy support.

Banquette Seating

Built-in benches topped with thick cushions and bolster pillows provide sink-in comfort. They’re perfect for snuggling in with coffee and the paper.

Bench Seating

Freestanding benches provide flexible seating for two or more. Look for paddings at least four inches thick and low armrests for laid-back dining.

Leather Chairs

The rich look of leather chairs adds sophistication. Leather offers a sleek, polished vibe.

Incorporate Plush Textiles

Layering in comforting textiles enhances the cozy factor of your breakfast nook. Consider these ideas:


Drape plush throws over chair and bench backs to pad seating. Look for fringed or tasseled styles for an extra decorator touch.

Floor Pillows

Scatter floor pillows and cushions to create a casual lounge feel. Soft textures like velvet and chenille invite lingering.


Cover your table in a natural fabric like linen or cotton for a tactile appeal. Add texture with lace trim or fringed edges.


Set your table with woven, embroidered or embellished placemats. Mixing patterns and solids creates visual interest.


Opt for cloth or linen napkins over paper ones for an upgrade. Fold into decorative shapes and nestle silverware inside.

Style with Warm Lighting

Lighting affects both aesthetics and ambiance. Use lighting to infuse coziness into the space. Ideas include:

Pendant Lights

Hang a pendant light over the table to provide a warm glow. Choose a softly shaped, textured style that contributes visual flair.


Mount adjustable sconces on the wall to spotlight the nook and provide flexibility. Use dimmers for just the right light level.

Table Lamps

Small table lamps save space while casting an intimate light. Opt for brushed metal bases and linen-like shades to add warmth.

Natural Light

Maximize any natural light by keeping window treatments light and airy. Use sun filtering sheers to create a soft, welcoming vibe.


A flickering candle or two on the table brings flattering ambient lighting. Opt for unscented votives or pillars to avoid overwhelming the senses.

Inject Color and Pattern

Lively colors and prints energize the space. Weave in layers of colors and patterns for visual appeal. Some ideas:

Painted Walls

Paint the walls of your nook a warm, saturated hue like amber, peach or seafoam. The color will reflect appealingly on faces.

Patterned Fabrics

Work patterns into pillows, throws, upholstery and window treatments. Florals, geometrics and paisleys all add flair.

Bold Wallpaper

Wallpaper offers pattern in spades. Choose a vibrant print like swirling florals to liven up plain white walls.

Colored Glassware

Drink your morning juice or smoothie from colored glassware. Vibrant hues like emerald, sapphire and tangerine energize the table.

Striped Table Linens

Horizontal stripes, especially in multiple colors, lend color and dynamism. Accent with solid napkins and white dishware.

Display Tasteful Decor

A few select decorative accents lend style and personality. Avoid going overboard and choose meaningfully. Ideas:


Plants are natural mood boosters. Set a low-maintenance succulent or air plant in a decorative pot on the table.

Framed Art or Photos

One or two framed pictures personalize the space. Opt for uplifting images and friendly faces.

Tray Centerpiece

An attractive tray holds accents and corals the tabletop. Display decor items like candles, greenery and serving pieces.

Fruit Bowl

A bowl of fresh fruit brings nature indoors and adds appealing color and shape variety.

Book Rack

Mount a rack filled with favorite cookbooks and magazines nearby to peruse over your meal.

Create Convenient Storage

Thoughtful storage helps keep the space neat and organized. Try these ideas:

Baskets Under Bench

Slide baskets underneath a built-in bench to neatly store linens, dishes and more when not in use.

Shelving Unit

A small shelving unit or étagère provides display space for dishes, cookbooks and accents. Anchor it to the wall to save space.

Floor Box

A handsome wooden box tucked under the table can hold extra napkins, placemats and other tabletop items.


Incorporate drawers into table bases or banquettes to keep dining essentials handy but hidden.

Trays and Canisters

Corral coffee, tea bags, sugar and other breakfast ingredients in matching trays and canisters. Grouping creates order.

Add Finishing Touch Details

It’s the little things that take your breakfast nook to the next level. Incorporate special details like:

Cozy Throw Blankets

Provide a basket of woven or knit throw blankets for chilly mornings. Neutrals like oatmeal and gray work with any décor.

Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins lend a feeling of caring hospitality. Provide a napkin ring or holder at each place setting for storage.

Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Set out ample mugs for enjoying steaming cups of coffee or tea. Opt for thick stoneware styles that retain heat well.

Pretty Spoons

Use decorative spoons with shaped or engraved handles to stir coffee, tea and more. Handle shapes like birds and leaves add charm.

Character Cutting Board

Serve breads, muffins and breakfast meats on a rustic acacia or maple cutting board for visual warmth.

Upkeep for the Long Term

Little acts of maintenance keep your breakfast nook looking its best for the long haul. Make habits out of tasks like:

Daily Tidying

Each evening, clear dishes, wipe down the table, fluff pillows and do any other resetting needed to restore order.

Weekly Cleaning

Do a thorough wipe down and vacuum weekly to prevent dirt, crumbs and spills from accumulating.


Wash table linens like placemats and napkins frequently to prevent stains from setting.

Seasonal Touches

Update décor seasonally with a few easy swaps. Try a pumpkin-hued candle in fall or evergreen runner in winter.

Furniture Polish

Use a furniture polish every few months to clean and condition wood tables and chairs. This prevents buildup and fading.


Promptly repair or replace any furnishings that get damaged to maintain your nook’s beauty.

Answer Common Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about creating cozy breakfast nooks:

How much space do you need for a breakfast nook?

A breakfast nook can range from 25-75 square feet. The smallest nooks accommodate just two people while larger ones can seat up to 6 comfortably.

What is the best paint color for a breakfast nook?

Opt for warm, welcoming paint colors on the walls like buttercream, ivory, almond and light mossy greens. Soft colors encourage relaxation.

Should you have curtains on a breakfast nook window?

Sheer, light curtains that filter light softly are ideal for breakfast nook windows. Opt for washable fabrics like cotton or linen to allow easy cleaning.

What flooring works best in a breakfast nook?

Durable, easy-clean flooring that can handle spills is best. Good options include vinyl, tiled and sealed hardwood floors paired with washable area rugs.

What are good breakfast nook lighting options?

Pendant lights, wall sconces and table lamps all work well. Incorporate dimmers for flexibility. Candles also provide great breakfast nook lighting.

How do you decor a breakfast nook on a budget?

Use inexpensive touches like fresh flowers, fruit bowls, framed photos, patterned contact paper, runner rugs and colorful cushions and dishes. Focus on details over big furnishings.


There are many options for designing a warm, welcoming breakfast nook in your home. With a few smart furnishing choices, cozy textures, decorative accents and regular upkeep, you can create a space for cherished morning moments. A handcrafted, intimate nook encourages you to slow down and savor food and company. Follow these tips to design the perfect spot to start your day on the right note.