Wooden floor showers can add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to any bathroom. The rich, warm look of wood brings the outdoors inside and creates a soothing, spa-like atmosphere. But beyond just looks, wooden floor showers offer many practical advantages too. They are durable, easy to clean, and anti-slip. With so many options for design and finish, wooden floor showers can range from rustic to contemporary. If you’re considering a wooden floor shower, get inspired by these 18 knockout ideas!

Benefits of Wooden Floor Showers

Before diving into specific design ideas, let’s first review why wooden floor showers can be such a great option:

  • Durability – Hardwoods like teak and ipe can withstand wet conditions and resist rotting far better than many other materials. A properly sealed wood floor can last for decades.
  • Easy Maintenance – Unlike tile, a wooden shower floor won’t get mildew or soap scum built up in grout lines. Just sweep and mop!
  • Comfort – Wood feels better underfoot than tile or concrete. It’s also warmer.
  • Safety – Properly finished wood has an inherently anti-slip texture for traction.
  • Aesthetics – Wood brings natural beauty, texture, and warmth to any space. It pairs well with most design styles from modern to cottage.
  • Resale Value – Wooden floor showers can increase a home’s value, giving your bathroom a high-end look and feel.

With all these advantages, it’s easy to see the appeal! Now let’s look at some gorgeous examples.

Rustic Wooden Floor Showers

For a cozy, cabin-like vibe, a rustic wood shower floor can’t be beat. Options like cedar, pine, or fir emphasize the whorls, grains, and knots of natural wood. Use non-toxic sealers to protect the wood while allowing its natural texture to show. Here are some rustic wooden floor shower ideas:

1. Corrugated Metal Walls and Wood Floor

Combine weathered corrugated metal walls with an unfinished cedar shower floor. Add a rain shower head and a few potted plants for a mini outdoor feel.

2. Barn Wood Accent Wall

Use reclaimed barn wood planks for a bright accent wall contrasting with the deep walnut floor. Add touches like a galvanized bucket for shampoo.

3. River Rock Floor Inlay

Inlay a “river” of smooth river rocks winding through a natural teak floor. Mimic the look of a babbling brook in the forest.

4. Log Cabin Style

Line the walls with stacked logs or wood panels and use wide-plank pine floors. Include an ax or shovel display for a rugged vibe.

5. Waterfall Showerhead Feature

Install a rainfall showerhead and spa-like river stone basin. Complement with a bluestone and cedar mix floor in a running bond tile pattern.

6. Bold Natural Stone

Make a statement with bold slabs of natural stone like malachite or quartzite for the shower walls. Contrast with warm cedar floors and wood beam accents.

Modern Wooden Floor Showers

The clean lines and minimalism of modern style pair beautifully with natural wood tones. Use linear or geometric patterns on the floor and sleek fixtures for a serene, spa-like vibe. Modern wooden floor shower ideas include:

7. Herringbone Pattern

A classic herringbone pattern makes a Chevron statement in this steamy shower. Use contrasting tones of teak or maple for interest.

8. Horizontal Strips

Running horizontal strips of ipe wood evoke peaceful Japanese design. Add spa features like a rain showerhead, pebble floor inlay, and built-in teak bench.

9. Mosaic Wood Tiles

Thin wood mosaic tiles come in geometrics like chevron, herringbone, or hexagon for a modular, contemporary look. Use larger wood slats on the walls.

10. Composite Wood Flooring

New composite wood floors offer modern, maintenance-free options. Many replicate wood looks like oak or walnut perfectly. Use extra large porcelain wall tiles.

11. Dark and Light Contrast

Play with dark and light wood colors! Try a bold ebony floor with soft white ash wood walls or vice versa. Include modern black or brushed nickel fixtures.

12. Spa Retreat

Design a luxurious home spa retreat with radiant heated wood floors, tranquil water features, and sleek lines. Include a built-in teak bench, shelf niches, and space for bath products.

Traditional Wooden Floor Showers

The warmth of wood suits traditional bathrooms beautifully. Include classic patterns like planks or tiles along with vintage styled fixtures for timeless appeal. Some traditional wooden floor shower ideas:

13. Classic Subway Tile

Line the walls with glossy white subway tiles and pair with traditional wide-plank oak floors stained a rich espresso. Add vintage brass fixtures and sconce lighting.

14. Plank Style

Wide planks running horizontally give a timeless, streamlined look. Use substantial 5-6 inch planks and continue the flooring into the bathroom for unity.

15. Hexagon Honeycomb

Cover the floor in a honeycomb of stained maple or birch wood hexagon tiles. Include a bench seat and walls of white beadboard or shiplap.

16. Classic Basketweave

The basketweave tile pattern brings Victorian era style to the shower floor. Surround with marble subway tiles and vintage bronze fixtures.

17. Wood Plank Ceiling

Add a stunning wood plank ceiling above the shower to match the floor for a seamless look. Include glass walls, wainscoting, and antique lighting.

18. Waterfall Entry

Make a dramatic entrance with a “waterfall” walk-in entry lined with stacked pebble stone. Use wide ipe wood planks underfoot.

Tips for Installing Wooden Floor Showers

Once you’ve selected the perfect design, it’s time to start your project. Here are some top tips for getting a beautiful, durable wooden floor shower:

  • Choose wood types like teak, ipe, or cedar that resist moisture and mildew naturally. Always properly seal the wood after install.
  • Allow wood floors to acclimate to your bathroom’s humidity for 1-2 weeks before installation.
  • A waterproofing membrane beneath wood will prevent leaks and rotting.
  • Slope the floor slightly toward the drain for proper water runoff.
  • Use non-slip mats or finishes to avoid slick surfaces.
  • Clean wood floors regularly with mild natural soap and water to maintain the finish.
  • Refinish or reseal floors as needed, about every 2-5 years depending on traffic.
  • Work with qualified professionals who understand bathroom wood floor installation and care.

Maintaining Your Wooden Floor Shower

Caring for your wooden floor shower will help it retain its beauty for many years. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Sweep and mop floors frequently to prevent soap scum, mildew, and grease buildup.
  • Wipe up spills immediately to avoid stains and damage to the wood.
  • Reseal floors whenever they look dull, every 2-5 years typically. Lightly sand first to prep.
  • For refinishing, use moisture resistant polyurethanes or penetrating oils formulated for wet areas.
  • To revive gray, weathered wood, sand lightly and apply a wood brightener before resealing.
  • Avoid bleach, ammonia, or acidic cleaners that can discolor and harm wood floors.
  • Don’t allow puddles of water to sit; wipe up excess moisture after every shower to prevent warping.
  • Consider adding a bathroom vent fan or windows to manage humidity around wood floors.
  • For needed repairs, hire a professional to match new wood planks into the existing floor.

With proper installation and care, a wooden floor shower can provide natural beauty and everyday luxury for many years of enjoyment! Which of these 18 knockout wooden floor shower ideas inspires your own dream bathroom design?

Frequently Asked Questions About Wooden Floor Showers

Q: Are wooden floors in showers safe?

A: Yes, wooden floors can be very safe and slip-resistant in showers when made from woods like teak and properly sealed. Choose a penetrating oil or polyurethane finish to protect the wood from moisture. High-traction mats can further enhance safety.

Q: How long does a wooden shower floor last?

A: An unfinished wood floor will degrade quickly in shower conditions. However, with proper installation and sealing, a high-quality wood floor can last 15-25 years or longer with periodic resealing. Teak, ipe, and cedar have natural resistance to moisture.

Q: Is a wooden floor hard to clean in a shower?

A: Not at all! Soap scum and mildew won’t build up in grout lines like tile. Just sweep frequently and use a damp mop with mild soap as needed. Avoid bleach or ammonia cleaners. Oiled floors are easiest to clean.

Q: Can you install radiant heat under a wooden shower floor?

A: Yes, radiant heating combined with wood is a luxurious option. Use a waterproofing membrane over the heat coils before laying the wood floor. This allows for toasty floors.

Q: What are the best woods for shower floors?

A: Teak is the gold standard since it has inherent water resistance and anti-slip texture. Ipe, cedar, tigerwood, and some composite woods also work well. Always apply the right floor finish.

Q: Is it hard to install a wooden floor in the shower?

A: Wood floor installation takes expertise, especially for wet areas like showers. Unless highly experienced, it’s best to hire a professional who understands waterproofing, pitch, and finishing the wood properly.


A wooden floor can transform an ordinary shower into a warm, inviting oasis. Teak, ipe, and cedar provide durability, easy maintenance, comfort, and style. From rustic to contemporary to traditional, wood’s natural beauty suits any design aesthetic. Just take care to properly waterproof and seal the flooring. With the right prep and protection, wooden floor showers offer years of enjoyment with a luxurious look and feel underfoot!