A master bathroom is the crowning jewel of any home. It’s a luxurious space to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself. Upgrading your master bath into a spa-like oasis is the ultimate home improvement goal.

With so many options for high-end finishes and indulgent features, it can be tricky to narrow down your wish list. Here are 18 dream items to transform your master bath into a showstopping retreat.

A Large Soaking Tub

A spacious soaker tub is one of the most coveted master bathroom features. There’s nothing better than unwinding in a warm bubble bath at the end of a long day.

Look for a tub that’s at least 60 inches long so you can fully extend and submerge yourself. For ultimate comfort, choose options like in-tub seating, heated surfaces, air jets, and chromatherapy lighting. Freestanding tubs make a dramatic style statement.

So how do you fit a spacious tub into your bathroom layout? Some corner tubs maximize limited space. Alcove installations allow flexibility. Or expand the bathroom footprint if possible. Don’t compromise on your dream tub!

A Roomy Walk-in Shower

In addition to a soothing bath, a luxe shower is essential in any master bath oasis. A walk-in design eliminates shower curtains and doors, opening up the space.

Look for showers large enough to accommodate two people and then some. Rainfall showerheads, body jets, benches, and temperature/pressure digital controls take the shower experience to the next level.

Make sure the shower has adequate shelving, niches, and storage to corral all your bath products. This prevents the space from feeling cluttered.

Heated Floors

One of the most indulgent master bathroom upgrades is in-floor heating. Imagine stepping out of the shower or tub onto deliciously warm floors.

Heated floors aren’t just a comfort feature. They also provide therapeutic benefits and help prevent slips and falls.

Tile, stone, and wood floors are all candidates for electric radiant heating. The system can be zoned to focus on areas around plumbing fixtures where bare feet tread.

Set the thermostat to your desired temperature and sink your toes into heated bliss. Just beware of potential energy costs.

A High-Tech Toilet

Don’t overlook the master bathroom’s most essential fixture, the toilet. A high-end smart toilet takes your bathroom experience to the next level.

Look for features like automatic opening/closing, heating, bidet functions, deodorizing, a night light, and touchscreen controls. Advanced water-saving technology helps the eco-conscious.

An integrated self-cleaning wand and air dryer keep the toilet spotless between uses. You may never have to scrub a toilet again!

While a luxury toilet has a hefty price tag, the pampering features and hands-free operation are worth it for many homeowners.

Double Vanities

For master bathrooms shared by couples, double vanities are a must-have. His and hers sinks eliminate fighting over the mirror and storage.

Spacing the vanities apart defines each person’s grooming zone. Opt for two identical vanities or mix and match styles as desired.

Include personal touches like sconces, mirrors, and organizers at each vanity station. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates grooming tasks.

Double up on plumbing and electrical so both vanity areas can operate independently. Remember to allocate adequate floor space in your layout.

A Thermostatic Shower Valve

Maintaining a comfortable shower temperature sounds simple, but standard mixing valves often lead to scalding or chilling surprises.

A thermostatic valve eliminates this issue by keeping water temperature consistent. When pressures fluctuate elsewhere in your plumbing system, the valve automatically adjusts.

No more fiddling with the handles mid-shower as you go from freezing to boiling! The ability to preset your desired temp is another perk.

For ultimate luxury, look for digital versions allowing you to set and program temperatures down to the degree.

Heated Bathroom Floors

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the hot shower onto a freezing cold bathroom floor. It’s uncomfortable and can lead to slips and falls. Heated bathroom floors provide a solution.

Heated floors aren’t just a comfort feature. The radiant warmth feels great on bare feet and helps dry spilled water. Heating tiles before stepping out of the bath or shower also prevents slipping.

Electric and hydronic systems allow floor heating in tile, stone, and wood materials. Focus heat around plumbing fixtures or warm the entire floor—it’s up to you!

A heated master bathroom floor offers therapeutic benefits and luxurious comfort morning or night. Just be mindful of operating costs.

A High-Tech Toilet

Don’t overlook the master bathroom’s most essential fixture—the toilet. A high-end smart toilet takes your experience to the next level.

Look for features like automatic opening/closing, heating, bidet functions, deodorizing, a night light, and touchscreen controls. Advanced tech helps save water too.

Self-cleaning wands and air dryers keep the toilet spotless between uses. You may never have to scrub again!

While luxury loos have a hefty price tag, the pampering perks and hands-free operation make life easier. Consider it a worthwhile splurge.

Makeup Vanity Area

For glam sessions, a dedicated makeup vanity station is a must. Good lighting is key—natural and artificial. Install Hollywood-style bulbs on dimmers at the vanity.

Opt for a large mirror, preferably magnified, that you can see head-to-toe. Drawers, cabinets, and open shelving keep cosmetics and skincare organized.

A padded stool provides comfortable seating for lengthy makeup sessions. Charging ports nearby ensure your hot styling tools are always ready to use.

A Jets & Bubbles Whirlpool Tub

Few bathroom features spell luxury like a jets and bubbles whirlpool tub. These tubs take relaxation to new heights.

Powerful jets targeting the back, feet, and other areas provide a stimulating hydrotherapy massage that melts stress away. Air bubbles add effervescence to your soak.

Look for a spacious tub with contoured lounging space and cozy headrest. Programmable heaters, mood lighting, and water jets customize each bathing experience.

Install your dream whirlpool tub as a showstopping freestanding statement piece or sleek built-in. Then get ready to soak your stress away.

Steam Shower

A steam shower elevates your bathing experience from basic to sublime. Steam bathing provides benefits like detoxing, deep relaxation, easing respiratory issues, and improving circulation.

Today’s steam showers feature waterproof lighting, built-in seats, glass doors, and temperature controls for custom comfort. Some even have sound systems!

Install a steam generator unit with the shower enclosure. Releasing eucalyptus or other essential oils enhances the aromatherapy benefits.

One of the best parts of a master bathroom steam shower? No waiting at the spa for your treatment room—it’s right inside your home!

Smart Mirror Technology

Smart mirrors take master bathroom vanities to the next tech level with built-in displays. Browse playlists, weather forecasts, and news headlines right from the mirror screen.

Voice control capabilities let you adjust lighting, set reminders, control other smart devices, and more with simple commands.

Additional smart mirror perks include distortion-free magnification for grooming, built-in digital scales, and video calling.

Integrated anti-fog heaters ensure maximum visibility. Who needs a bath TV when your mirror multitasks in so many useful ways?

Infrared Sauna

Take your master bath to the next level of luxury with a built-in infrared sauna. These compact heating units fit in small spaces and help remove toxins.

Infrared wavelengths penetrate tissue to aid muscle relaxation, reduce inflammation, and promote cellular rejuvenation. Just 20-30 minutes provides benefits.

Look for saunas with chromatherapy mood lighting. Many designs allow you to lie down for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Customizable temperature settings ensure comfortable heat. Pair with meditation music or nature sounds for next-level relaxation at home.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Set the mood in your spa-like master bathroom with audio immersion. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers allow you to stream sound anywhere.

Position compact speakers strategically throughout the bathroom. Pair with your smartphone device from any room.

Audiophile-quality sound transports you at bath time. Create playlists to match your mood.

Some speakers feature additional perks like soothing nature sounds or built-in assistants. Just don’t drop your phone in the tub!

Luxury Bath Sheets

The softest, fluffiest towels make all the difference after a relaxing soak or shower. Treat yourself to ultra-plush bath sheets.

Look for supremely soft cotton in the thickest gram weight possible. Organic materials like bamboo or hemp are also luxe options.

Invest in bath sheets, towels, and washcloths to pamper your body from head to toe. Make sure you have plenty so laundry doesn’t interrupt spa time.

Details like decorative hems or monogramming add a touch of personalization and luxury. Display towels on heated racks to warm them before use.

Mirror TV

Elevate your bathroom vanity with a waterproof TV seamlessly integrated into the mirror. Watch news, movies, or sports as you get ready for your day.

Look for ultra-thin panel designs that mount right into your mirror. Models as slim as 5mm prevent bulkiness.

Built-in speakers mean you don’t have to mount external audio components. Stream sound via WiFi, Bluetooth, or HDMI ports.

A mirror TV blends seamlessly into the bathroom design while transforming empty grooming time into entertainment time.

Air Purifying System

Ensure your dream spa bathroom always has clean, fresh air with an air purifier system. These units filter out allergens, odors, germs, and more.

Whole-home HVAC systems don’t fully eliminate bathroom odors and moisture. Standalone air purifiers target problem areas.

Install an in-duct system for seamless filtration. Freestanding units work in any bathroom. Look for HEPA filters and activated charcoal.

Set the air purifier fan to run automatically after baths and showers. Say goodbye to lingering odors and humidity!

Electronic Bidet Seat

A luxury electronic bidet seat provides the ultimate bathroom experience. These seats replace your existing toilet lid with a pampering perch.

Find options offering features like a heated seat, warm air dryer, adjustable water temperature, self-cleaning wands, and more.

Hands-free operation promotes hygiene. Adjustable settings customize the experience to your preferences.

Wireless remotes allow convenient control. Program user profiles for each family member. Upgrade your master bathroom daily ritual!

Freestanding Bathtub

For dramatic style impact, install a freestanding soaking tub as the centerpiece of your master bath oasis. These tubs make a statement.

Modern, vintage, or sleek contemporary—freestanding tubs fit any aesthetic. Customize with luxurious finishes like stone resin or copper.

Take it from main event to relaxing retreat with features like chromatherapy lighting, overflow drain slots, and waste/overflow kits.

Position your freestanding masterpiece beneath a window for beautiful bath-time views. Let the tub shape the room layout.

Radiant Heated Floors

Pamper your feet with the luxury of heated bathroom floors. Radiant systems provide indulgent underfoot warmth anywhere in your master bath.

Heated floors aren’t just comfortable. The gentle warmth also promotes relaxation and can help reduce pain.

Electric and hydronic systems allow installation under most floor surfaces. Focus heat in key areas or warm the entire floor.

Programmable thermostats allow custom comfort 24/7. Starting your day with toasty floors is pure bliss!

Waterfall Showerheads

Nature’s tranquil beauty inspires waterfall showerheads. These fixtures transform your shower into a spa-like retreat.

Water gently cascades from the wide rectangular head, drenching you in a warm waterfall. The serene effect instantly melts stress away.

Full-coverage rainfall showerheads also mimic the spa experience. Enjoy total body relaxation at home!

For a truly opulent shower, install body jets that target specific areas. Adjustable settings let you customize your hydrotherapy.

Towel Warmer

After a relaxing shower or bath, your dream master bathroom experience isn’t complete without a cozy warm towel. Towel warmers make this a reality.

Freestanding electric units mount on walls and heat folded towels in minutes. No plumbing required!

For a sleek built-in look, install a hydronic warmer connected to your home heating system pipes. Program it on a timer or thermostat.

Step out of the shower into the luxury of a fresh, perfectly warmed towel. It’s a small treat that feels so good.

Digital Shower System

Take your dream spa shower to the next level with a digitally controlled system. Digital mixing valves allow you to set your ideal temp to the exact degree.

Instead of fiddling with hot and cold knobs, program a customized profile. Some systems remember preferences for multiple users.

Digital showers also let you pre-set spray experiences like steady rain, pulsing massage, and more. Adjust flow settings with the push of a button.

Temperature and pressure fluctuation frustrations are history. Your dream digital shower delivers a perfect experience every time.

Tranquil Design with Natural Elements

Design your master bathroom sanctuary with natural design elements that spark relaxation and wellbeing.

Organic textures, neutral colors, and hints of nature transform the space. Consider details like stone surfaces, wood cabinetry, greenery, and natural lighting.

Incorporate art, decor, and accessories echoing water, rocks, sand, and other calming natural elements. Use restful hues like cream, tan, and light blue.

Let your dream bathroom design flow seamlessly between indoor and outdoor spaces. Infuse the space with tranquility.

So there you have it—18 dream additions to transform your master bathroom into a truly indulgent escape. With the right combination of luxury features, you can create your ultimate at-home spa oasis. Just don’t blame us when you never want to leave the master bath! Which features top your wish list? The sky’s the limit when planning your perfect master bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions about Upgrading a Master Bathroom

What are the most popular master bathroom design trends right now?

Some of the most popular high-end master bathroom design trends right now include:

  • Spa-like features like soaking tubs, steam showers, and heated floors
  • Open, decluttered layouts and clean-lined tile
  • Smart home technology like automatic toilets, digital shower controls, and mirror TVs
  • Nature-inspired design with organic textures, greenery, and natural light
  • Floating vanities and wall-mounted fixtures that create an airy, open look
  • Freestanding statement bathtubs and dual walk-in showers
  • Luxurious materials like stone, marble, and wood accents

How much does it cost to remodel a master bathroom?

The cost to remodel a master bathroom can range widely depending on factors like the scope of work, finishes selected, layout changes, and location. Most full master bathroom remodels cost $15,000 to $30,000 on average. Luxury upgrades can drive the price up to $50,000 or beyond.

What design tips maximize a small master bathroom space?

Smart layout and storage choices can help maximize limited square footage in a small master bath. Consider a spacious walk-in shower instead of a separate tub and shower. Floating vanities, wall-mounted toilets, and recessed shelving open up floor space. Finally, utilize vertical storage space with tall cabinets.

Should I get a freestanding tub or built-in tub for my bathroom remodel?

Freestanding tubs make a dramatic visual statement but take up more floor space. Built-in options maximize space efficiency. If you have room, a freestanding tub can serve as the focal point. Built-in works better in tight spaces. Also consider cleanup access—freestanding tubs allow all-around access.

How do I choose fixtures and finishes for my master bathroom?

Focus first on your preferred material and style—traditional porcelain, modern matte black, industrial metal, sleek marble? Then select fixtures and finishes that coordinate. Consistent finishes and details like cabinet hardware tie the look together. Don’t forget lighting. Finally, view samples in person before purchasing to get an accurate idea of colors, patterns, and textures.


Upgrading your master bathroom is one of the most rewarding home renovation projects. By carefully selecting high-end design elements and smart layouts, you can create a relaxing oasis tailored to your dream spa experience. Features like soaking tubs, luxe showers, heated floors, and smart tech allow you to pamper yourself in affordable luxury.

Focus on choosing top-quality materials, fixtures, and technology built to last. Maximize limited space with open, wall-mounted vanities and spacious walk-in showers. The right lighting and tranquil, natural accents transform the vibe. With strategic planning and indulgent details, your ultimate master bathroom oasis awaits. Just follow your wish list to make your home spa dreams a reality.