The classic red and green color scheme is a staple of Christmas decor, but there are so many other beautiful options to make your home festive and bright. This holiday season, go beyond the traditional palette and try out these spectacular Christmas color combinations for a fresh and stylish look.

Warm Neutrals

A palette of warm neutrals like beige, tan, cream, and brown creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere perfect for celebrating Christmas. Accent with metallics like gold and silver for some sparkle. Try pairing neutral stockings with bright Christmas throw pillows on a brown couch for a subtly festive vibe.

Blush Pink and Sage Green

For an elegant and romantic take on Christmas colors, combine blush pink with sage green. Adorn your mantel with soft pink candles, poinsettias, and pine garlands against a sage green backdrop. Accent with gold tree ornaments and antique decorations for a timeless feel. This palette looks gorgeous on a Christmas tablescape too.

Vintage Blue and Copper

Vintage blue is a rich alternative to classic red that pairs beautifully with metallics like copper and rose gold. Use different tones of blue ornaments on your tree from light to navy. Accent with copper bells, candles, and garland for a vintage modern Christmas palette with timeless appeal.

Purple and Teal

For a unique and playful palette, try combining purple and teal – two colors that complement each other perfectly. Decorate your staircase garland in graduating shades of purple, while your Christmas tree pops in bright teal. Accent with silvery white lights and ornaments. This eclectic color scheme is vibrant, festive and full of personality.

Rustic Reds, Greens and Plaid

For a cozy, rustic Christmas palette, you can’t go wrong with classic reds and greens paired with buffalo check plaid. Drape plaid blankets over wood furniture and railings. Stack red and green pillows on your sofa or bed. Display natural elements like pinecones, candles, and faux fur. The plaid prints add nice contrast and a cabin-chic vibe.

Icy Blue and Silver

Capture the magic of a wintery winter wonderland with cool icy blues and silver accents. Decorate your mantel or tablescape with varying blue and silver ornaments, pine branches, beads, and candles. Add pops of crisp white for a snowy effect. This palette feels clean, sparkly, and absolutely magical.

Jewel Tones

Rich jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue and ruby red lend vintage splendor to Christmas decor. Combine different jewel-toned ornaments and decor pieces for texture and visual interest. Gold accents help unify the look. Jewel tones feel luxurious, elegant and perfect for formal holiday occasions.

Modern Black, White and Gold

If sleek and modern is your style, a black, white and gold palette keeps your space looking chic and current. Striped black and white throw pillows on your couch make a statement. A gold deer head or reindeer sculpture pops against a black or white mantel. Add interest with varying metal and wood tones. Staying in a neutral palette allows your Christmas decorations to shine.

Rose Gold and Marble

For glamorous holiday style, pair elegant rose gold with white and gray marble prints. Rose gold Christmas trees and decor look stunning against cool marble backdrops. Add some fresh greenery for organic contrast. This palette feels luxurious, feminine and perfect for New Year’s Eve gatherings at home.

Natural Wood Tones and Tartan

Rich natural wood tones paired with classic red and black buffalo plaid evoke a cozy cabin-style Christmas. Drape plaid blankets over wood furniture. Decorate your wood mantel or shelves with plaid Christmas stockings and greenery accents. Display a mix of wood slices, pinecones and red tartan ornaments for organic texture.

Whimsical Rainbow

A whimsical and playful Christmas palette is all about combining a rainbow of bright, festive colors. Go bold with multicolored string lights. Decorate your tree with a mix of brightly colored ornaments and ribbons – the more eclectic the better. Let your kids go wild creating colorful homemade decorations to show off their holiday spirit.

Traditional Christmas Colors

Of course, you can never go wrong with the traditional holiday palette of red, green, gold and sparkling silver. Timeless and nostalgic, these classic Christmas colors and prints never fade. Evergreen wreaths, red poinsettias, gold candles, and festive tartan prints help capture the essence of Christmas in a traditional way.

Boho Multicolor

Channel carefree bohemian style with a multicolor Christmas palette. Mix and match brightly colored ornaments with patterns like paisley, batik, ikat, and a global feel. Include natural elements like driftwood, pinecones, and poinsettia garlands. The eclectic colors and textures of a boho Christmas palette feel laidback, stylish and festive.

Monochrome Christmas

Make a statement with an all-white Christmas look or go dark with an elegant black and white palette. A single color scheme gives your decorations a bold, cohesive look. Add visual interest with varying textures and metallic accents in silver or gold. Pick a color that complements your existing home decor for a pulled-together holiday style.


This Christmas, think beyond the traditional palette and get creative with your holiday decor! Vibrant jewel tones, cozy neutrals, vintage color schemes and whimsical brights are all fabulous options for infusing your home with festive new life. Match your color palette to your personal decorating style. Whether your look is classic, rustic, glam or boho-chic, there are so many stunning Christmas color combinations to inspire you this season.

Here are some frequently asked questions about spectacular Christmas color palettes beyond red and green:

What are some popular alternative Christmas color palettes?

Some popular alternative Christmas palettes include:

  • Blush pink and sage green
  • Vintage blue and copper
  • Purple and teal
  • Icy blue and silver
  • Black, white and gold
  • Rose gold and marble
  • Rainbow brights
  • Boho multicolor

Why use colors beyond just red and green for Christmas?

Using colors beyond just red and green can give your Christmas decor a fresh, unique look. It allows you to match your Christmas palette to your overall home decor style whether modern, rustic, romantic or funky.

What are good accent colors to use with alternative Christmas palettes?

Great accent colors to try with alternative Christmas palettes include:

  • Metallics like gold, silver, copper and rose gold
  • Tartan and buffalo check patterns
  • Crisp white and black for contrast
  • Natural wood tones
  • Sparkling string lights

How can I incorporate alternative colors in my Christmas decor?

Some ways to use alternative Christmas colors include:

  • Ornaments and garlands
  • Christmas tree themes
  • Tabletop decor like candles, runners and floral arrangements
  • Stockings and pillows
  • Christmas lights
  • Wrapping paper and gift bags

Should I stick to 2-3 colors in my Christmas palette?

It’s generally best to stick to 2-3 core colors in your Christmas palette for a cohesive feel. However, you can incorporate additional accent colors in small doses with items like ornaments, patterns and decorations.

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