Layering different prints and patterns throughout a room can create a bold, eclectic look when done right. It takes a skilled eye and a bit of bravery to pull off the layered pattern look without things feeling too busy or overwhelming. But when executed successfully, rooms bursting with layered patterns make a dramatic style statement. Here we look at 15 examples of spaces where homeowners and designers have fearlessly combined an array of complementary and contrasting patterns to vibrant effect.

Embracing Eclectic Pattern Mixing

Layering diverse prints and patterns throughout a room in harmony requires thoughtful planning and a daring spirit. Rather than picking one print and letting it dominate, pattern mixing involves blending several prints in pleasing proportions. The look can appear random and chaotic when not balanced thoughtfully. But whendone right, the blend of patterns creates visual energy and interest.

There are a few guidelines that help achieve pattern harmony:

  • Vary the scales – Mixing patterns in a range of scales prevents clashes. Combine small and large prints, thin and wide stripes, little florals and oversized motifs.
  • Use a dominant print – Allow one prominent print or pattern to lead as an anchor, weaving in subordinate patterns as accents.
  • Repeat colors – Pulling colors from one pattern into another ties the look together. Echo colors across patterns for cohesion.
  • Contrast textures – Varying textures adds depth and dimension. Layer glossy and matte patterns, smooth and textured.
  • Balance busy and simple – Anchoring energetic patterns with neutral solids creates a composed look.

But ultimately, embracing brave pattern mixing comes down to trusting your instincts and having fun with the endless possibilities prints provide!

1. Eclectic Library with Geometric Pattern Layering

This home library packs a visual punch with its artfully blended mix of patterns and colors. The backdrop of built-in bookcases provides a neutral canvas for layering vibrant designs.

A Persian area rug forms the foundation, covered in ornate charcoal and ivory motifs. The classic black and white diamond pattern of the upholstered chair pops against the rug.

Behind the chair, bold black and white geometric wallpaper infuses modern graphic style. The shelves display books as graphic decorative objects, their spines introducing more color and patterns into the space.

Throws and pillows in complementary colors and prints tie the entire look together for a library that’s richly layered yet curated. The mix of whimsical and geometric patterns is unified by the consistent black, white and gray color scheme.

2. Boho Chic Bedroom with Global Pattern Layering

This bohemian bedroom brilliantly combines exotic global patterns for a worldly layered look. A tapestry hanging over the bed featuring Indian floral motifs establishes the world-traveling aesthetic.

The bed’s headboard and bench continue the Indian theme in traditional block prints with carved accents. A Turkish Suzani quilt in bright jewel tones adds another vibrant folk pattern.

Moroccan trellis stripes on the pillows and rug ground the space. Pops of vivid pink and green amid these saturated layers prevent the patterns from blending together. Blending cultures and eras, this daring mix creates a bohemian oasis.

3. Maximalist Living Room with Opulent Pattern Mixing

This living room celebrates exuberant pattern mixing and maxed-out opulence. No surface is left unadorned in this highly embellished space bursting with ornate designs.

At the center, the extravagant area rug sets the tone with its lush Aubusson-style floral medallion motif. The rug’s pinks and blues are reflected in the damask wallpaper and circular mirror frame.

Animal print armchairs provide an exotic counterpoint while the silk pillows flaunt graphic floral blooms. Every furniture piece and object mixes patterns and textures for a completely over-the-top look that manages to avoid total chaos.

4. Contemporary Patterned Feature Wall Accent

Make a bold style statement with a dramatically patterned feature wall. This living room lets an intricately papered wall shine as the focal point, accented by understated furnishings.

The damask print wallpaper in contrasting black and white makes a graphic impact. The overlapping floral and plant shapes create constantly changing optics.

Beneath the dynamic wall, simple neutral sofas and ottomans allow the dazzling pattern to take center stage. Continuing the black and white scheme, zebra pillows pick up the living wall’s spirit and inject more pattern.

By limiting patterns to one area, the feature wall avoids overwhelming the senses and instead becomes an artistic anchor.

5. Harmonious Blended Patterns in a Dining Nook

This charming dining nook artfully brings together eclectic vintage patterns for a harmoniously blended style. Mixing and matching patterns works especially well in dining spaces where the setting focuses on conversation.

Here, each seating surface sports a unique pattern, from the busily printed chairs to the striped and floral bench cushions. But the repeating blue, white and yellow palette threads everything together.

Against the graphic roman shade, the glass-front cabinets display collectibles in more vintage-inspired patterns to continue the motif around the nook. It’s a study in effortlessly blended pattern mixing.

6. Black and White Entryway Pattern Explosion

For serious pattern enthusiasts, don’t hold back on maxing out a small space with exuberant prints and geometry. This entrance hall gives the layered pattern treatment to every surface for an energizing welcome.

Crisp black and white patterns throughout provide cohesion so the exuberance doesn’t turn chaotic. Bold black and white tile floors give way to dizzying vertigal stripes on the walls and stairs. The railings introduce diagonal geometry while the bench alcove adds circles and curves.

Finally, the upper walls and ceiling burst with more black and white patterns, an optical maze extending the frenzy upward. It’s an full-on pattern explosion contained within a consistent two-tone scheme.

7. Modern Pattern Play in a Sunroom

This airy sunroom provides a light-filled stage for playing with modern graphic patterns. Cushy seating and throw pillows patterned in stripes, circles and squiggles add visual interest without overwhelming the space.

Sheer curtains diffuse the sunlight while introducing more wispy zig-zags. The striped rug establishes straight lines contrasting the pillows’ curves and squiggles.

Against the neutral walls and ceiling, these bold black and white patterns make the strongest statement. The sunroom’s abundant natural light keeps the dark patterns from dominating and brightens the energetic mix.

8. Colorful Blended Patterns for Kids’ Room

Kids’ rooms call for playful patterns mixed with carefree abandon. In this shared boys’ bedroom, the lively combination of multicolored prints and plaids creates a whimsical fort-like space.

Combining multiple bedspreads may seem haphazard, but repeating colors like red, yellow and blue throughout the patterns gives the blend cohesion. Argyle, buffalo plaid, stripes and checkerboard mingle comfortably within the same color family.

The printed lampshades and multicolor rug continue the chaotic pattern play, but the neutral walls and ceiling prevent total visual overload. Letting patterns run rampant makes for a perfectly personalized kids’ retreat.

9. Bold Buffalo Check Layered Pattern Statement

Buffalo check prints prove they can provide serious pattern impact when utilized creatively throughout a room. This bold living area coats every surface in red and black buffalo check or plaids for a striking layered pattern effect.

The room centers around the visually dominant buffalo check sofa and armchair, surrounded by buffalo print pillows. Red buffalo print curtains contrast the black and white checked floor.

A red buffalo rug under the coffee table introduces more buffalo layering while the wallpaper and lampshade contribute plaid patterns.

The consistent red, black and white buffalo palette unifies this powerful pattern statement. Give an iconic print maximum design impact by featuring it prominently and repeatedly.

10. Sophisticated Pattern-on-Pattern Layering

Layering multiple prints can look smart and elegant when patterns share refined qualities. In this living room, the angled striped wallpaper sets a tailored foundation for weaving in more refined patterns.

A textured throw blanket covered in elaborate embroidery and stitching brings in whimsical texture without overwhelming the space. The handmade needlepoint pillows continue the tactile, artistic vibe.

The curved sofa wears a striped print with florals and scrolls in soothing blues and grays, echoing the colors of the wallpaper stripes. The patterns may differ in scale and style but together create a polished mix.

11. Cheerful Vintage-Style Pattern Collage

Collaging thrifted fabrics and vintage wallpapers makes for cheerful pattern mixing with a repurposed character. Covering utilitarian kitchen cabinets with a collage of retro prints transforms the space with personality.

Here, embossed floral prints and gingham tablecloths mix with embroidered doilies and paisley prints in sunny yellow hues. Applied in an artful tile formation, the patterns combine for a lively mosaic effect.

Continuing the vintage vibe, the floor balances all those prints with soothing diamond mosaic tiles. Don’t be afraid to cover surfaces in a collage of well-coordinated finds for do-it-yourself pattern layers.

12. Shared Kids’ Room with Custom Pattern Mixing

Custom accent walls liven up a shared kids’ room with personally meaningful patterns. Here the siblings each have a special wall displaying favorite colors and prints. One wall flaunts hand-painted rainbow stripes with fun pom poms. The other displays a hand-painted underwater ocean scene.

The DIY details personalize the space and patterns for each child. Their additional prints like the duvet covers and curtains combine in playful harmony thanks to the neutral beds and furniture.

Making patterns special and purposeful for each child helps the exuberant layers and colors meld into a friendly shared environment.

13. Coastal Pattern Layering for Beach House Style

A laidback beach house aesthetic comes through in this bedroom’s breezy pattern mixing. Light and airy patterns like tropical foliage prints, striped linens, and textured wicker furniture evoke coastal relaxation.

The headboard features an intricate vine relief, like waves overlapping. A woven jute rug adds natural texture and softness underfoot. Sheer linen curtains filter the sunlight for a dreamy ambiance.

Tonal blues and greens throughout the media console, cushions, throws and tray keep the look calmly coordinated. It’s breezy, uncomplicated pattern blending perfect for a seaside retreat.

14. Modern and Minimalist Pattern Mixing

Brave pattern mixing can still look serene when done in a minimalist manner. This bedroom layers muted patterns for a subdued palette. Different prints mingle quietly without sharp contrasts.

A textured headboard introduces organic geo shapes while the cushions and throws flaunt hazy stripes and abstract shapes. Against the soft tonal patterns, crisp white bedding pops for subtle contrast.

By sticking to a limited neutral color scheme of whites, browns and grays, the layers blend instead of clash. Print mixing in soothing tones creates an oasis of understated modern serenity.

15. Richly Layered Eclectic Entry

This entryway celebrates gloriously eclectic pattern layering in all its mix-and-match splendor. Vintage carpets, exotic wall hangings, and refurbished furnishings combine for an exuberant welcome.

The terrazzo tile flooring sets a fun geometric foundation. A Turkish Suzani print rug layered on top introduces muted jewel tones and abstract shapes.

The console table displays pottery with global designs. A still life artwork overflows with more patterns to complement the neighboring floral chair.

This entryway embraces the freedom to express yourself through fearlessly collected prints, patterns and colors from a worldwide palette.

Achieving Brave yet Balanced Pattern Mixing

Done right, rooms bursting with brave pattern mixing captivate the eye through their vibrant clashes and collisions of colors, lines, shapes and textures. But harmonious pattern blending requires carefully balancing busy areas with moments of simplicity.

The most successful multi-patterned spaces artfully combine and distribute prints throughout an environment. They might anchor chaotic patterns to solid neutrals. Or concentrate exuberance in accent features while walls remain plain.

Careful calibrations between muted and manic, modest and bold, enable rooms to feel curated rather than haphazard. Blending patterns in pleasing proportions creates energizing spaces with spirit and style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Layered Patterns

Layering multiple prints and patterns in a room presents design opportunities as well as challenges. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about working with mixed prints and motifs.

How do you mix and match patterns like a pro?

Expert pattern mixing relies on blending prints thoughtfully in pleasing proportions. Follow principles like scaling up or down, repeating colors, contrasting textures and balancing busyness with simplicity. Anchor loud prints with neutral solids. Combine diverse motifs unified by a consistent palette. Trust your instincts to guide innovative pattern play.

What are the best patterns to mix?

It’s useful to draw patterns from a consistent palette or color family. Geometrics, florals and global prints like Suzani often combine well. Keeping common colors in each pattern helps tie the look harmoniously together. But don’t be afraid to break “rules” and get creative with more daring juxtapositions!

How do you mix patterns without clashing?

Avoiding clashes comes down to balance. If combining several loud, vibrant patterns, anchor them with neutral solids to prevent visual chaos. Or if pairing equally strong prints, keep the palette consistent between motifs. Introduce contrast thoughtfully, like pairing organic shapes with geometric patterns or mixing glossy and matte finishes.

What colors go well together with patterns?

Using a limited color palette, like analogous hues, creates cohesion when layering patterns. For example blue and green patterns or red and pink motifs. Black, white and neutrals also unite colorful patterns. Avoid mixing patterns where the colors compete, like red and orange prints. Related harmonious colors blend best.

Can you go overboard with patterns?

Yes, spaces can become visually overwhelming when too many large, loud patterns dominate. But you can never have too many patterns when they are thoughtfully blended! Ensure no one print hogs attention. Balance areas densely layered with patterns with simpler zones to rest the eye.


Pattern play provides endless opportunities to instill rooms with energy, interest and personal style. When weaving multiple prints and motifs throughout a space, aim for artful harmony rather than jarring chaos. Blend patterns according to principles of scale, color, texture and composition. But don’t be afraid to break rules and unleash bold pattern layers – with some restraints preventing total overload!

The 15 rooms here bursting with bravely mixed patterns offer inspiration for leveraging prints in layers creatively. Remember that vibrant rooms don’t happen from just one pattern in isolation. Masterful interiors mix motifs throughout to keep the eye playing over a nuanced palette of prints and discover new delights.