Keeping your kids’ bathroom organized can be a challenge, but having thoughtful storage solutions makes a big difference. The right organizers keep essentials tidy and accessible for kids of all ages. From caddies and bins to wall-mounted racks and hanging organizers, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best options to help you conquer the clutter.

Caddies and Bins for Easy Transport

Caddies and bins that are lightweight enough for little hands to carry make it easy for kids to keep track of their toiletries and supplies. Look for organizers with handles or that are designed to nest together for no-fuss transport to and from the bathroom.

Shower Caddy with Handle

A plastic shower caddy with a handle allows kids to easily tote shampoo, soap, loofah, and other shower necessities back and forth. Opt for one with mesh pockets to allow drainage and quick drying. Suction cups on the bottom help keep it stable in the tub or shower.

Make sure to get one that’s sized right for your child. For toddlers and preschoolers, compact caddies around 7 inches wide are ideal. Older kids will need something larger, around 10-12 inches wide.

Nested Bathroom Bins

Get a set of 2-3 colorful bins in graduated sizes that nest together neatly. Kids can use them to sort and carry toiletries, hair accessories, and bathroom cleaning supplies. Labels help young kids identify what goes in each bin.

Look for bins made of durable plastic that won’t chip or crack easily. Handles make it easy for little hands to carry them.

Drawer Organizers

Plastic drawer organizers keep items sorted within vanity and sink drawers. Vertical dividers create compartments for toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair elastics, barrettes, and more. These are great for school-aged kids who can access drawers easily.

Hanging Shower Tote

Hanging shower totes slip right over the shower head and provide storage for shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other shower supplies. They keep items up high and out of the way but still within kids’ reach.

Most shower totes have mesh panels that allow water drainage and air circulation. Look for one with several pockets to keep different supplies separated.

Wall Storage for Visibility and Access

Mounting organizers on the wall utilizes vertical space while keeping supplies visible and accessible for kids. Wall storage also helps keep the vanity and counters clutter-free.

Mounted Toothbrush Holder

Wall-mounted toothbrush holders get toothbrushes up and out of the way. A holder with slots for 4-6 toothbrushes works well for families.

Look for one that allows bristles to drip dry and air out to prevent mildew buildup. The holder should mount securely with either adhesive strips or screws.

Place it at an appropriate height for each child to easily grab their toothbrush. Around 4 feet high is ideal for most elementary-aged kids.

Wall-Mounted Dispensers

Keep soap tidy and easy to access with wall-mounted dispensers. Look for versions designed for foaming or liquid hand soap.

Mount it near the sink at a height kids can easily reach, around 3 feet for toddlers and 4 feet for bigger kids.

Mirror Shelf

A mirror shelf mounted above the bathroom sink provides a perfect spot to store essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, hair accessories, and more. It keeps these items visible and within easy reach.

Look for a mirrored shelf with a removable glass shelf. Install securely to the wall with the included hardware. The shelf should sit about 4-5 feet above the floor.

Hanging Organizers for Efficient Use of Space

Hanging storage is ideal for keeping supplies organized but out of the way in a small bathroom. Over-the-door hangers, mesh pockets, and caddies utilize vertical wall space while keeping items visible and accessible.

Over-the-Door Organizer

An over-the-door organizer provides ample storage space while freeing up vanity and sink surfaces. Use it to store extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, bath toys, and other essentials.

Look for one with mesh pockets of varying sizes to keep items neatly compartmentalized. Sturdy hooks allow it to securely hang from a door.

Mesh Wall Pockets

Adhesive mesh pockets create handy vertical storage on the wall. Use them to organize toiletries, cleaning supplies, toys, and other small bathroom items.

Look for durable mesh that allows air circulation and drainage. Pockets in a variety of sizes are useful. Mount them at heights kids can comfortably access.

Hanging Shower Caddy

A hanging shower caddy provides storage right in the shower for bath supplies. Suction-cup hooks allow it to securely adhere to the shower wall.

Look for mesh and plastic versions made to resist mildew. Caddies with multiple shelves and pockets keep different items separate and organized.

Storage Hooks for Wet Items

Thoughtful hooks create smart storage solutions for damp towels, robes, and other wet bathroom essentials that drip dry.

Towel Hooks

Install a row of towel hooks near the tub or shower within easy reach for kids. Opt for hooks staggered at different heights to accommodate towels for children of various sizes.

Space standard-sized hooks about 6 inches apart for proper towel drying. Look for hooks with rounded edges for safety.

Robe Hook

A adjustable height hook on the back of the bathroom door holds damp robes, hooded towels or any wet items that need to dry. Install it low enough so even little kids can reach.

Opt for a rust-resistant metal hook that screws securely into the door. Plastic over-the-door options are another safe bet for kids’ rooms.

Storage for Small Spaces

Make the most of limited space with organizers designed to tuck neatly into tight spots. These solutions keep supplies organized without cluttering up the room.

Under-Sink Storage

Slide narrow wheeled organizers or stacking drawers under the bathroom sink to utilize this often neglected space. Use to store extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and bathroom essentials.

Look for organizers around 11 inches high to fit under standard sinks. Wheeled units roll out for easy access.

Corner Shelf

A corner shelf is ideal for tucking into wasted space between the wall and vanity. Use it to stow extra rolls of toilet paper or baskets holding toiletries.

Look for a chrome wire shelf that mounts securely to the wall. Install it high enough to be out of the way.

Over-the-Toilet Storage

An over-the-toilet shelf or cabinet sits right above the toilet tank to make use of vertical space. It provides a spot for bathroom essentials and decorative accents.

Look for a unit secured to the wall with included hardware. Opt for one with cabinet doors to hide messy supplies inside.

Smart Racks for Efficient Organization

Specialized racks conveniently and efficiently organize towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom necessities.

Towel Rack with Rungs

A wall-mounted towel rack with rungs provides dedicated drying space for multiple towels. Stagger towels on the rungs so they hang without touching.

Opt for a metal rack that mounts securely to wall studs. Consider one with rounded rungs for safety. Install at a height kids can reach.

Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Rather than setting toilet paper rolls on the tank, install a wall-mounted toilet paper holder near the toilet. Opt for one that mounts securely to wall studs.

Look for a holder with curved arms to cradle rolls and spring tension that keeps the next roll handy. Install it at a height kids can easily access.

Convenient Bathroom Cleaning Caddies

Keep cleaning supplies organized and handy but out of reach of young children with these smart caddies.

2-Tier Cleaning Caddy

A two-tier plastic caddy provides ideal storage for spray bottles, cleaning brushes, and any bathroom cleaning essentials. The top ledge holds spray bottles securely in place. The lower shelf neatly organizes supplies and rags.

Mount it to the wall several feet above kids’ reach to keep cleaners safely out of hand. Consider locking wall mounts for added security.

Adhesive Wall-Mounted Broom Holder

An adhesive wall-mounted holder provides storage for brooms, plungers, and other long-handled cleaning tools. Slip cleaning brushes into the spring-loaded holder and larger tools rest on angled cradles.

Mount it high enough so kids can’t access it easily. The strong adhesive backing sticks right onto the wall without requiring screws or hardware.

Smart Bathroom Organization by Age

Children’s abilities and needs change drastically from toddlerhood to the preteen years. Tailor your bathroom organization solutions to your child’s age and development stage.


For toddlers, prioritize keeping essentials easily accessible. Install shelving, bins, and caddies low enough for them to reach. Sturdy suction-cup hooks at toddler height hold damp towels and robes.

However, always keep cleaning supplies and medications locked away or stored safely out of reach. Use drawer locks and wall-mounted cabinets to secure these dangerous items.


As preschoolers become more independent, they can access supplies stored a bit higher, around 3-4 feet up. Bins and baskets help them identify and sort items. Consider introducing chore charts.

However, they still need close supervision around cleaning products and medications. Use safety latches and keep those items stored well above their reach.

Elementary Age

Around ages 5-9, kids become more responsible and can take on more bathroom tasks independently. Installing organizer shelves, hooks, and bins at their height lets them easily access supplies.

Introduce individual shower caddies and bins for their toiletries. You can move cleaners lower but still use locks. Have them take on cleaning tasks using checklists.


Older kids can handle organizing their own space. Provide bins, shelving and drawer organizers so they can sort toiletries and other supplies.

Teach them to keep the space tidy through routines and checklists. They can take on cleaning tasks using proper, secured storage for chemicals. Provide cleaning caddies to help them stay organized.

15 Best Organizers for Keeping Kids’ Bathrooms Tidy

Here are my top 15 recommended organizers to conquer the clutter in children’s bathrooms:

  1. Hanging shower caddy – Mesh or plastic version stays mildew-free. Interior shelves and pockets organize supplies.
  2. Wall-mounted toothbrush holder – Slots allow bristles to drip dry. Mount at proper height for each child.
  3. Tiered shelving set – Graduated sizes allow sorting of toiletries, toys, and other essentials.
  4. Drawer organizers – Vertical dividers neatly separate items within vanity drawers. Great for older kids.
  5. Over-the-door storage – Mesh pockets provide ample space for extra toilet paper and other supplies.
  6. Corner shelf – Tucks neatly into wasted space between the vanity and walls.
  7. Mirrored shelf – Provides storage and visibility above the sink. Secures to wall.
  8. Mesh wall pockets – Durable, water-resistant mesh. Easy mounting at kid height.
  9. Robe hook – Keeps damp robes and towels off the floor. Adjustable height models accommodate kids of all sizes.
  10. Under-sink organizers – Slide narrow wheeled units or stacking drawers into unused space below the sink.
  11. Over-the-toilet shelving – Multi-tier designs maximize vertical storage space above the toilet tank.
  12. Adhesive wall-mounted broom holders – Keep long-handled brushes and tools off the floor and out of busy areas.
  13. Towel bars with hooks – Multiple hooks allow proper towel spacing for drip drying.
  14. Cleaning caddy – Two-tiered design with locking mounts keeps spray bottles securely contained but out of reach.
  15. Toilet paper holder – Wall mounted near toilet with curved arms to cradle rolls. Keeps supply organized and handy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good organizing solutions for a toddler’s bathroom?

For toddlers, use low shelving, bins, and caddies at their height for easy access to essentials. Suction-cup hooks to hold towels and robes are also helpful. But always keep medications and cleaners completely out of reach. Mount to walls or use high cabinets they cannot access.

Where should I store bathroom cleaners in a kid’s bathroom?

Keep cleaners and chemicals in a locked wall-mounted cabinet out of any child’s reach. For kids around ages 5-9, you can move them lower but still use locks on cabinets. Older children around 10+ can access cleaners put away in a caddy with supervision. Never leave chemical products out in the open within reach of young kids.

How can I encourage my child to help keep the bathroom organized?

Assign specific, age-appropriate organization tasks using printable chore charts. Provide organizers like bins and caddies sized for them. For young kids, use pictures to label where items belong. Praise them when they put things away properly in the correct spots. Spot clean together wiping surfaces and sinks before messes build up.

What are the best organizers for a small kid’s bathroom?

Look for vertical storage like over-the-door organizers, wall-mounted shelving, mesh hanging pockets, and multi-tiered caddies. Under-sink roll-out organizers and corner mounted shelves also maximize space. Over-the-toilet shelving utilizes unused footprint above the toilet tank.

Should I involve my kids in setting up bathroom organization systems?

Absolutely! Setting up systems is a great opportunity to teach organization habits. Let them pick colorful bins and shelving to spark enthusiasm. Show them where supplies will be kept and how to maintain organization. Ensure everything is at the appropriate height for them to access. Establish routines like putting dirty towels in the hamper and returning items to their proper spots.

Final Thoughts on Kid’s Bathroom Organization

A thoughtful organizational system makes all the difference in keeping kid’s bathrooms tidy. Tailor storage solutions to your children’s ages and abilities. Prioritize visibility and accessibility to encourage independence. Teach them organization habits through charts, routines and positive reinforcement. The right bins, shelves and caddies adapted as your kids grow will help conquer the chaos and set them up for success. With a bit of effort upfront, maintaining a clean and clutter-free space gets easier over time.