Finding the perfect settee or lounge for a small space can seem like an impossible task. With limited square footage, every piece of furniture must be purposeful and multifunctional. However, with some strategic planning and clever choices, you can find settees and lounges that work magic in small spaces.

What to Consider When Choosing Settees and Lounges for Small Spaces

When selecting settees and lounges for small spaces, you’ll want to keep these key factors in mind:


Measure the space carefully, including entryways, to ensure the furniture will fit through doors and hallways. Scale down the size of benches and chaises to fit the room. Aim for pieces with compact footprints to maximize remaining floor space.


Look for narrow, linear silhouettes rather than wide, bulky pieces. Armless settees and lounges with one arm can tuck against walls. Curved shapes add softness in tight quarters.


Seek out settees and chaises that serve multiple purposes, such as folding out into a bed or containing hidden storage. Nesting tables and ottomans allow you to stash extras when not in use.

Lightweight Construction

Furniture made with hollow frames, light wood, or polyfill rather than heavy stuffing will feel airier and less imposing in a small area. Liftable or easily movable pieces allow you to rearrange as needed.

Versatile Styling

Neutral colors and simple lines blend seamlessly into any décor. Settees and lounges with classic, versatile design provide longevity through changing trends and life stages.

Quality Materials

While you want the footprint to stay small, don’t skimp on construction. Durable frames and high-end upholstery wear well over years of use, especially in high-traffic areas.

14 Great Settees and Lounges for Small Spaces

From sleek contemporary styles to charming vintage replicas, here are 14 settees and lounges that help maximize small spaces with elegance:

1. Joybird Preston Settee

With its slender rounded frame, the Preston settee from Joybird provides comfortable mid-century modern seating in spaces short on square footage. The armless design and lift-top storage compartment further optimize the petite footprint of this stylish settee. Upholstered in performance fabrics like tweed, linen, or vegan leather, this versatile piece transitions seamlessly from living room accent to entryway bench.

Preston Settee

The armless Preston settee from Joybird maximizes seating in a slim silhouette. Image via

2. Blu Dot Cleon Petite Sofa

For a compact sofa with contemporary flair, check out the Cleon Petite from Blu Dot. With angled solid hardwood legs and a gently sloping rolled back, this sophisticated sofa comes in two sizes to suit the square footage at hand. The clean lines and neutral upholstery fabrics lend themselves well to modern farmhouse, industrial, or minimalist spaces. Despite its small scale, the Cleon Petite doesn’t skimp on comfort.

Cleon Petite

Blu Dot’s Cleon Petite offers right-sized contemporary style. Image via

3. Alwyn Home Flipside Convertible Sofa

For studio apartments and multipurpose areas, the Flipside Convertible Sofa from Alwyn Home maximizes functionality. During the day, it offers a compact settee with track arms and tapered wooden legs. At night, it unfolds into a comfortable twin-sized bed for guests. The neutral polyester upholstery makes it a versatile addition to any small space.

Flipside Convertible

Alwyn Home’s Flipside Convertible quickly changes from a settee to a guest bed. Image via

4. Interior Define Sloan Petite Chaise

For laidback lounging in tight quarters, Interior Define’s Sloan Petite Chaise fits the bill. With its slim profile, tailored arms, and angled design, this small-space chaise makes a stylish statement. Customizable details like hundreds of fabrics, multiple wood finishes, and left- or right-facing options let you tailor this chaise to your aesthetic. Despite its petite size, the Sloan still provides ample comfort for reading nooks and relaxation corners.

Sloan Petite

The Sloan Petite Chaise by Interior Define neatly tucks into narrow spaces. Image via

5. Andover Mills Freya Linen Chaise Lounge

For a lower-profile lounge option, consider the Freya Linen Chaise Lounge from Andover Mills. A curving single arm and tapered legs crafted from solid pine lend visual lightness to the angled silhouette. Available in soft linen or velvet upholstery, this chaise lounge takes up minimal floor space while providing comfortable back support. Use it in a bedroom reading nook or living room conversation circle.

Freya Chaise

The curving Freya chaise from Andover Mills tucks neatly into small spaces. Image via Wayfair.

6. Urban Outfitters Sophie Chaise

For a touch of classic charm, Urban Outfitters’ Sophie Chaise brings traditional details to petite proportions. Tufted detailing, turned wooden feet, and a curved silhouette reminiscent of vintage French lounges are scaled-down to maximize style in small spaces. Available in velvet or bouclé upholstery, this compact chaise lends contemporary spaces a dash of old-world character.

Sophie Chaise

Urban Outfitters’ tufted Sophie Chaise brings vintage character to small spaces. Image via

7. Crate and Barrel Jada Settee

For an elevated look, Crate and Barrel’s Jada Settee brings sleek, contemporary style to tight quarters. The sloped arms and slim, flared legs maximize the seating capacity of the compact footprint. While the polished steel frame evokes modern flair, the Jada adapts to a variety of spaces with the choice of leather or fabric upholstery. Unexpected details like blind tufting and exposed legs add subtle visual interest.

Jada Settee

The Jada Settee from Crate and Barrel offers contemporary style in a slender frame. Image via Overstock.

8. Article Sven Tan Leather Sofa

The clean Scandinavian styling of Article’s Sven makes it ideal for small urban spaces seeking a minimalist look. The boxy profile, straight arms, and exposed wooden frame maximize seating capacity without bulk. With feather-wrapped foam cushions and expertly finished leather upholstery, the Sven doesn’t sacrifice comfort. Keep decor simple to complement the sleek, modern lines.


Article’s Sven Leather Sofa keeps it minimalist for petite spaces. Image via

9. Burrow Slope Nomad Sofa

For a small-space sofa with serious style, Burrow’s Slope Nomad delivers. The elongated cushion with angled arms enables seating for up to three while maintaining a compact overall footprint. The lightweight design includes clever innovations like removable and rearrangeable back cushions, a pull-out bed frame, and easy assembly. Covered in stain-resistant fabrics from neutral solids to bold patterns, this adaptable sofa adds livable luxury to any small dwelling.

Slope Nomad

Burrow’s Slope Nomad Sofa packs style and versatility into a petite package. Image via Pinterest.

10. Sabai Settee

If you’re working with an especially small space, check out Sabai’s Settee. At just 25 inches wide, this versatile piece provides seating without monopolizing precious real estate. Lightweight and easy to move, the settee can shift anywhere extra seating is needed. The minimalist aesthetic seamlessly suits urban lofts, contemporary condos, and more. For increased versatility, the settee pairs nicely with Sabai’s ottoman and rocking chair.

Sabai Settee

Sabai’s lightweight settee delivers seating in a super slim silhouette. Image via Pinterest.

11. Lulu and Georgia Addison Slipper Chair

Sometimes all you need is a petite armchair! The Addison Slipper Chair from Lulu and Georgia fits neatly into small nooks with space to spare. The armless, box seat design maximizes comfort and support in a small footprint. Choose bold patterned or textured fabric for an accent chair that punches above its weight. Pair with a side table to create an intimate reading corner.

Addison Chair

Lulu and Georgia’s Addison Slipper Chair makes a bold statement in a petite package. Image via Overstock.

12. Amazon Tonic Upholstered Settee Bench

For budget-friendly, basic seating, check out the Tonic Upholstered Settee Bench from Amazon. At under $100, this compact settee fits most budgets while serving up versatile seating and style. The armless design featuring tapered wooden legs and button-tufted polyester upholstery measures just over two feet wide, tucking perfectly into entryways, corners, and other unused spaces. Crisp linen or soft velvet fabrics keep the look refined.

Tonic Settee

Amazon’s Tonic Settee Bench provides plenty of function for a petite price. Image via Amazon.

13. West Elm Peggy Exposed Frame Sofa

The exposed solid wood frame of West Elm’s Peggy Sofa keeps the look light and airy, perfect for maximizing seating in tight spaces. The long bench seat, tufted back, and choice of velvet or performance upholstery fabrics balance the airy frame with indulgent softness. Compact size options top out at 65 inches, tailoring this stylish sofa design to suit small dwellings.

Peggy Sofa

West Elm’s Peggy Exposed Frame Sofa balances airy and luxe. Image via Overstock.

14. Interior Define Custom Petite Sofa

For the ultimate in small-space customization, turn to Interior Define’s Petite Sofa options. Select compact dimensions starting at just 60 inches wide. Choose arm style, fabric, wood finish, and more to create a tailored sofa that perfectly fits your space. Despite the petite proportions, details like pocket coil cushions ensure enduring comfort. The broad customization options make it easy to get the ideal compact sofa.

Custom Petite Sofa

Interior Define’s Custom Petite Sofas are sized and styled to suit. Image via

Decorate Your Small Space Settee or Lounge in Style

Once you’ve selected the perfect small space settee or lounge, use these tips to artfully incorporate it into your room décor:

  • Complement with colors and textures – Pair your settee or lounge with pillows, throws, and accessories that pick up on its colors and textures. Velvet settees pop with brushed brass and faux fur. Linen lounges coordinate well with wood tones and cotton.
  • Carve out defined spaces – Use area rugs, partitions, or creative furnishings to delineate a settee nook or lounge area within a studio or open concept space.
  • Maximize natural light – Take advantage of light from windows and skylights to make a small area feel bright and airy. Mirrors also help spaces feel more expansive.
  • Incorporate multi-purpose furnishings – Nesting tables, ottomans, and other convertible pieces allow you to modify the space around a settee or lounge as needed.
  • Minimize clutter – Stick to sparse, curated accessories in the lounge space. Built-in shelving can neatly house books, lamps and other essentials.

With the right petite settee or lounge piece and thoughtful styling choices, you can create a welcoming oasis perfect for relaxing and conversing even in a small space.

FAQs About Settees and Lounges for Small Spaces

What is the best sofa for a small space?

Look for compact loveseats and settees around 60-70 inches wide. Clean lined mid-century modern or Scandinavian styles maximize seating without clutter. Sectionals can work well too, arranged in configurations appropriate for the room.

How can I make my small living room look bigger?

Use furnishings with exposed legs for visual lightness. White walls and natural light reflect to make rooms feel more expansive. Direct focal points like settees toward the best light source. Declutter surfaces and incorporate multifunctional furnishings.

What size sofa fits in a 12 x 12 room?

For a 12 x 12 foot room, opt for a settee or loveseat around 5-6 feet wide. Anything larger will make the space feel cramped. An L-shaped sectional with a chaise lounge can also work well. Place pieces thoughtfully to allow space to circulate.

Where should you put a lounge chair in a small bedroom?

Carve out a cozy lounging space in a corner, near a window, or adjacent to the bed for nightstand functionality. Floating wall shelving nearby can provide space for lamps, books and other lounge accessories. Use an area rug to define the space.

How do you maximize seating in a small living room?

Opt for compact settees and loveseats under 70 inches wide. Bench seating maximizes capacity. Nested occasional tables allow you to add extra surface area when needed. Floating shelves provide storage without taking up floorspace. Position furniture thoughtfully to allow traffic flow.


With some savvy furniture choices and creative layouts, small spaces can support stylish, comfortable settees and lounges. Compact benches, chaises, and slipper chairs from brands like Joybird, Interior Define, and Article combine space-saving silhouettes with design versatility. Convertible, multifunctional pieces deliver extra functionality. Neutral colors, natural light, sparse furnishings, and clear organization help even petite settees and lounges feel at home.

Taking the time to find the right sized, shaped, and styled settee or lounge furniture