Adding a pop of color is one of the easiest ways to transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Whether you’re looking to give your all-white kitchen a splash of vibrancy or want to accentuate your existing color scheme, small touches of color can make a big impact. From fresh flowers to colorful appliances, read on for 14 bright ideas to add a little color to your kitchen.

Use Colorful Decor Items

Decor items like canisters, planters, utensils, and dishware are an easy way to incorporate color into your kitchen. Opt for decorative items in hues that complement your existing color scheme or choose vibrant shades for an eye-catching contrast.

  • Fill glass canisters with dried beans, pasta, or other pantry staples and use washi tape to label them in a fun color.
  • Display fresh flowers or faux botanicals in colorful vases for a pop of color that can be changed out seasonally.
  • Hang vibrant ladles, whisks, and spatulas from a magnetic strip or wall-mounted rack for a functional and colorful accent.
  • Stack mixing bowls in varying sizes and colors for a cheerfully arranged display.
  • Use colorful oven mitts and tea towels for small pops of color around the kitchen.

Decor items allow you to switch out colors easily when you’re ready for a change. Rotate seasonal items or re-arrange colors and textures to keep your kitchen looking fresh.

Paint an Accent Wall

Nothing transforms a space quite like a coat of paint. Painting one wall a bold, vibrant hue instantly livens up your kitchen. Opt for glossy finishes like satin or semi-gloss, which are easy to wipe down and ideal for kitchen surfaces.

Some fresh color combinations to consider for your accent wall:

  • Robin’s egg blue wall with bright white cabinetry
  • Sunny peach or terra cotta wall with dark wood cabinets
  • Forest green wall with marble countertops
  • Rich navy blue wall with brass hardware and light wood tones

Before painting, prepare the wall surface so your color looks its best. Sand down any glossy areas, fill holes with spackle, then apply primer. Use painters tape to define edges and protect neighboring surfaces. Apply two coats of your accent color, allowing proper dry time between coats.

Add a Backsplash

Like accent walls, backsplashes offer the opportunity to infuse color through tile, stone, or glass materials. Even if you have neutral cabinetry and countertops, a vibrant backsplash transforms the look of your kitchen.

Consider these backsplash ideas to add pops of color:

  • Handmade subway tile in blues, greens, or bold patterns
  • Moroccan fish scale tile in glossy hues and shapes
  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper in colorful prints or textures
  • Glass mosaic tiles for shiny pops of color

Measure carefully before selecting and installing tile. Pay attention to grout color and width as darker grout lines will make the tile pattern more pronounced. Combine tiles in coordinating colors for a custom look.

Paint or Stain Cabinets

If you’re up for a bigger project, painting or staining kitchen cabinets can entirely change the color palette of your space. Whites, grays, blues and greens are popular cabinet colors, but don’t be afraid to go bold with a deep red, black, or navy blue.

For staining, opt for a rich walnut, espresso, or cherry stain to enhance and deepen the natural wood tones. Painting cabinets requires careful prep work and use of durable cabinet paint, so consider hiring a professional if you lack experience.

Painting or staining cabinets lets you match your hardware and fixtures to a specific color scheme. Don’t forget to change out drawer pulls, cabinet handles, faucets, and lighting to complement your freshly colored cabinets.

Display Colorful Cookware

Cookware offers a functional way to add pops of color to your kitchen. Display your pots, pans, and baking sheets on open shelves or hanging racks to incorporate color through the accessories you use every day.

Some ideas for colorful cookware displays:

  • Vintage cake stands in pastel hues stacked on open shelves
  • Cast iron pans and dutch ovens in bold red, blue, and yellow tones
  • Glass mixing and prep bowls in lime green, sky blue, or bright pink
  • Enamel pots and pans in glossy colors hung from ceiling racks
  • Mix and match bakeware like cookie sheets, muffin tins, and casserole dishes

Organize cookware by color for a coordinated display. Or embrace the eclectic mix-and-match approach of using cookware in a variety of vibrant shades.

Incorporate Colorful Textiles

Don’t overlook the power of textiles to add a sense of color. From window treatments to rug accents, textiles come in unlimited colors and patterns to enliven your kitchen.

  • Hang cafe curtains in a cheerful print at the window over your kitchen sink.
  • Lay down area rugs in multicolored tribal or geometric patterns to define kitchen zones.
  • Toss bright and colorful dish towels over your oven or refrigerator handle.
  • Layer colorful table linens and placemats when setting your kitchen table.
  • Add seat cushions in punchy colors and patterns to barstools or built-in banquettes.

Many fabric and textile pieces like curtains and cushions can easily be swapped out when you tire of a particular color or print. Keep the textures, patterns, and color schemes lively.

Paint or Wrap Refrigerators

Outdated or boring refrigerators can get an instant facelift with a coat of colorful paint or contact paper. Specialty refrigerator paint ensures the finish holds up to cold temperatures and condensation. If committing to a painted finish seems daunting, try removable vinyl wraps or contact paper with colorful patterns.

Some tips for refrigerator makeovers:

  • Seek paint/wrap options made specifically for appliance use.
  • Thoroughly clean and lightly sand the surface before painting or applying wraps.
  • Use painter’s tape for clean edges and to protect neighboring surfaces.
  • Apply contact paper smoothly without wrinkles, trimming to fit edges.
  • Seal painted finishes with a clear acrylic sealer for protection.

A brightly colored refrigerator becomes a cheerful focal point in your kitchen. Coordinating your fridge color and handles with the rest of your kitchen finishes creates a pulled-together look.

Install Colorful Window Treatments

Dress up bare windows with color! Window treatments like curtains, valances, blinds and shades come in a rainbow of colors and prints to liven up your kitchen.

Consider these colorful window treatment ideas:

  • Valances in bold stripes or colorful patterns framed with neutral curtains
  • Roman shades in cheerful solids like lemon yellow or bright pink
  • Printed roller shades depicting artsy patterns or photographic scenery
  • Vintage-style cotton curtains in mustard yellow, teal, red, or turquoise
  • Bamboo or faux wood blinds in unexpected pops of color like sky blue

Layer curtain panels and valances to create color-blocked window designs. Or stick with solids and showcase one vibrant hue. For patterned fabrics, repeat colors from your existing kitchen decor.

Incorporate Vibrant Appliances

Today’s appliances come in a full spectrum of colors to make a bold statement. Swap out stainless steel and white for appliances in vibrant shades like cobalt blue, fire engine red, bright yellow, and more. These statement appliances pair beautifully with both neutral and colorful cabinetry.

Consider colorful appliances like:

  • Retro stand mixers in glossy hues of orange, teal, yellow, etc.
  • Vintage-style refrigerators in lively colors like seafoam green
  • Deep farmhouse sinks in warm wooden tones or sleek black
  • Colored glass pendant lights over kitchen islands
  • Stand-out kitchenaid or gas ranges in red, blue, and brown tones

For a playful accent wall effect, install bold colorful tile as the backsplash behind stoves, sinks, or appliances. Let your appliances jump out as the stars of your kitchen.

Paint Interior Cabinets and Drawers

If you’re not ready to paint the exterior of your cabinets, start small by painting the interior surfaces. Brightly lined drawers and cabinets provide concealed pops of color when opened. The interior surfaces won’t need as much prep work or durable paint as more exposed areas.

Jazz up these interior kitchen cabinet spots:

  • Line cabinets and drawers with bright turquoise, mango orange or lime green
  • Paint the back panels of glass-front cabinets in contrasting vivid shades
  • Choose a fun patterned contact paper or shelf liner for a removable option
  • Use chalkboard paint on cabinet interiors for handy memo writing surface
  • Paint the inside of cabinet doors in bright white for an illuminated effect

Don’t be afraid to mix up colors and patterns by painting upper and lower cabinets distinctly. Keep these hidden pops of color your little kitchen secret.

Add Colorful Bar Stools or Kitchen Chairs

Barstools and kitchen chairs offer plenty of opportunity to inject color through your seating options. Even if your main cabinetry and tables are neutral, bright chairs make a statement.

Some ways to add colorful seats:

  • Vintage stools upholstered in retro fabric prints
  • Plastic or acrylic stools or chairs in lucite, red, blue, and other translucent shades
  • Wooden chairs painted in glossy enamel shades like black, navy, or bright white
  • Metallic gold and silver seats for a glamorous flair
  • Patterned fabric cushions in colorful florals, madras, or bohemian prints

For a cohesive look, match your bar stools or chair colors to other accent shades in the kitchen like appliances, backsplasts, or accent walls.

Display Vibrant Bakeware

Fill open shelving with your collection of brightly colored baking pans, muffin tins, and cookie sheets. Arrange them decoratively by color or in rainbow order for a cheerful display.

Some colorful bakeware ideas:

  • Vintage cake stands in retro mint green, pink, yellow, blue, etc.
  • Stoneware baking dishes in deep celadon, azure, and brick red
  • Ceramic pie dishes in glossy oranges, blacks, and blues
  • Enamelware muffin pans and bread tins in cherry red, robin’s egg blue, etc.
  • Novelty baking pans like turquoise skull cake molds and rainbow bundt pans

Let your bakeware pull double duty as both functional items and decorative accents. Fill them with fresh fruits and baked goods to complement your pops of color.

Create a Chalkboard Wall or Door

Chalkboard paint or chalkboard wall decals lend themselves to DIY creativity. Create your own chalkboard wall or paint a door, then style it up with colorful chalk art, grocery lists, inspirational quotes, or whatever suits your fancy.

Jazz up a chalkboard surface with:

  • Scalloped borders, shapes or patterns using colorful chalk or painters tape
  • Illustrated art, hand-lettering, or faux stained glass using bright chalk colors
  • Weekly menu plans, drink specials, or featured bake items listed in vibrant colors
  • Whimsical illustrations like garlands, hot air balloons, or forest creatures drawn in shades of the rainbow

Update your chalk art seasonally or when the whim strikes you. The color options are limited only by the scope of your imagination.

Show Off Colorful Glassware

Open shelving lets you flaunt a stunning array of colorful glassware. Jazz up your kitchen’s beverage game by displaying glassware in brilliant jewel tones, pastels, or ombre effects.

Some eye-catching ways to use colorful glassware:

  • Stacked rows of shimmering colored glass tumblers or stemless wine glasses
  • Antique glass bottles, decanters, and vases in aqua, sapphire, or emerald
  • Rainbow arrangements of pint or jelly glasses
  • Heavy bottomed glasses and goblets tinted in rich crimson, topaz, or smoky grays
  • Oversized glass pitchers and drink dispensers with sliced citrus fruits

Instead of hiding glasses behind closed cabinet doors, open up display space to showcase the colors and textures of glass.

Hang Pendant Lights

Swapping out boring ceiling flush mount lights for colorful pendant lights makes a spectacular impact. From retro glass globes to modern metal shapes, pendant lights come in dazzling range of colors to make your kitchen shine.

Some pendant light ideas:

  • Row of bell-shaped mid century pendants in citron, seafoam or burnt amber glass
  • Industrial style metal pendants in bright yellow, red, orange, and teal
  • Modern bubble glass pendants in smoked Topaz, sapphire, and olive shades
  • Rattan wrapped pendants in natural wood tones over kitchen islands
  • Salvaged colored glass pendants from old window panes or bottles

Aim for pendant fixtures at varied heights for lots of visual interest. Let them highlight kitchen work zones like islands, stoves, and sinks.


Revamping the color palette of your kitchen doesn’t have to be an intimidating, large-scale renovation. With small decorative touches, colorful accents, vivid appliances and eye-catching lighting, you can easily give your kitchen a fresh new look.

Whether you love eclectic color combinations or prefer coordinating hues, the ideas shared above offer achievable ways to incorporate more color into your cooking space. Mix and match across paint, tile, textiles, cookware, and decor items for pops of color that reflect your personal taste.

Aim for versatility so you can switch up shades as the mood strikes you. Most importantly, embrace color to bring life, visual interest, and a sense of playfulness into your cherished kitchen. Your kitchen provides nourishment in so many ways – infuse it with colors that nourish your spirit as well.