Kitchen storage is one of the most important elements in kitchen design and organization. Having adequate and efficient storage can make your kitchen clutter-free, optimized, and pleasurable to cook in. There are many creative kitchen storage solutions to choose from to suit your space and needs. Here are 13 of the most popular and helpful kitchen storage ideas and an estimate of what they typically cost.

1. Pull-Out Pantry Shelving

Pull-out pantry shelving is one of the most convenient and accessible kitchen storage solutions. Mounted on drawer glides, the shelves pull out fully from the pantry giving you easy access to items at the back that normally get buried and forgotten.

The advantages of pull-out shelves include:

  • Full access to all shelf space and contents.
  • Adjustable shelves to accommodate various heights of items.
  • Easy to view everything on the shelves.
  • Can be fully extended for easy access.

Pull-out pantry shelves cost on average between $400-$1000 depending on the size and number of shelves. This makes them one of the more expensive storage options but also one of the most efficient and worthwhile investments for your kitchen.

2. Lazy Susans

A lazy Susan is a circular rotating shelf placed in a corner cabinet to effectively use the otherwise dead corner space. Used for both kitchen pantry cabinets and kitchen corner base cabinets, a lazy Susan provides easy access to items with a simple spin.

Benefits of lazy Susans include:

  • Full utilization of wasted corner space.
  • Convenient access to items in the corner.
  • Can see and reach everything with just a spin.
  • Great for corner pantries and kitchen cabinets.

Lazy Susans can be purchased pre-made for $50-150 on average. Or you can buy lazy Susan hardware kits for $20-50 and install them into your existing cabinets. Installing them yourself cuts down on costs.

3. Under Cabinet Spice Racks

Under cabinet mounted spice racks free up precious drawer and cabinet shelf space by utilizing the unused area under your upper cabinets. Perfect for keeping spices and small jars accessible and organized.

The advantages of under cabinet spice racks are:

  • Make use of wasted under cabinet space.
  • Keep spices visible at eye-level for convenience.
  • Frees up storage space in drawers and cabinets.
  • Creates easy access to frequently used spices while cooking.

Pre-made under cabinet spice racks cost $25-60 on average. You can also install custom racks and shelves yourself for the cost of materials, around $15-30.

4. Cabinet Door Storage Racks

Storing pans, cutting boards, baking sheets and other bulky kitchenware can take up a lot of cabinet space. Cabinet door storage racks mount to the back of cabinet doors creating vertical storage for these often awkward items.

Cabinet door racks provide:

  • Extra storage using the back of doors.
  • Vertical storage frees up shelf space.
  • Convenient access to bulky cookware while in use.
  • More organized cabinets.

Premade cabinet door racks cost around $20-50. You can also make your own with hooks and dowels for $10-15.

5. Drawer Dividers

Kitchen drawers often become a jumbled mess of utensils, gadgets and other items. Drawer dividers organize your drawers into compartments keeping everything neat and easy to find.

Benefits of drawer dividers include:

  • Separate utensils, cutlery and other items.
  • Create neat compartments for organization.
  • Find items quickly and easily.
  • Customizable sizes to fit your drawers.

You can purchase premade drawer divider kits for $10-30 depending on materials and size. Or make your own custom dividers for the cost of the materials, around $5-15.

6. Shelf Dividers

Pantry shelves and open cabinets often turn into cluttered chaos. Shelf dividers neatly segment your shelves into organized compartments for better storage.

The pros of shelf dividers are:

  • Separate categories of items.
  • Create neat and tidy storage.
  • Find items quickly.
  • Prevent items from falling over.
  • Versatile for many shelf sizes.

Shelf dividers range from $5-20 depending on size and materials. You can also easily make your own with cardboard or wood for minimal cost.

7. Pegboard Wall Storage

Turn an empty wall into a handy storage solution. Pegboard panels mounted to the wall provide vertical storage using hooks and baskets customized to your needs. Perfect for storing frequently used tools, pots and pans.

Pegboard benefits:

  • Make use of empty vertical wall space.
  • Completely customizable storage.
  • Useful for often used cooking tools.
  • Keep items visible and accessible.

Pegboard panels cost $15-30. Add hooks, baskets and accessories for $20-50. So for $30-80 you can create a fully custom storage solution.

8. Wall Mounted Pot Racks

Wall mounted pot racks utilize open wall space to store bulky pots, pans, and lids vertically. This frees up cabinet space for other items. Pot racks keep essential cookware visible and conveniently accessible.

Advantages of pot racks:

  • Free up cabinet space by storing bulky pots on the wall.
  • Keep pots visible and conveniently accessible.
  • Create extra storage using empty wall space.
  • Durable to hold heavy cookware.

Wall mounted pot racks cost on average $40-100. Higher end racks with more features can cost over $200. But even an inexpensive rack adds extra storage.

9. Pantry Pull-Outs

Pantry pull-out cabinets maximize vertical storage while keeping items easily reachable. Built-in drawers provide full access to items at the back of deep wall pantries without climbing and reaching.

Key benefits of pantry pull-outs:

  • Optimizes hard to access pantry space.
  • Pulls out items for convenient access.
  • Custom sizing for your pantry.
  • Keeps ingredients organized.

Pantry pull-outs cost on average $300-600 professionally installed. Custom sizing and features affect the price. But the improved organization and convenience is worth the cost.

10. Appliance Garage

An appliance garage is a cabinet that encloses your small countertop appliances, neatly hiding them away when not in use. Keep your blender, toaster, coffee maker and other gadgets out of sight but easily accessible.

Appliance garage pros:

  • Hides small appliances when not in use.
  • Keeps countertops free of clutter.
  • Provides easy access to appliances.
  • Doors keep dust off appliances.

Pre-made appliance garages cost $300-600. Building a custom garage cabinet will cost $100-250 in materials. The convenience of hiding appliance clutter is well worth the investment.

11. Base Cabinet Pull-Outs

Maximize the storage potential of hard to access base cabinet space with pull-out shelves and trays. Pulls conveniently bring items in the back corners to your fingertips. Great for storing pans, bakeware and small appliances.

Benefits of base cabinet pull-outs:

  • Easy access to back corners of cabinets.
  • Custom sizing for your cabinets.
  • Increased storage capacity.
  • Create an organized space for pans and gadgets.

Professionally installed pull-outs cost on average $200-500 depending on materials, size and configuration. But they can drastically increase usable storage.

12. Cabinet Door Organizers

Cabinet door organizers mount to the inside of cabinet doors, creating handy storage for spices, oils, cans and other small items. A great way to optimize door space that typically goes unused.

Features of door organizers:

  • Add extra storage to cabinet door space.
  • Keep frequently used items visible and accessible.
  • Great for storing small jars, cans and bottles.
  • Custom configurations available.

Basic over the door organizers cost $20-50 at home improvement stores. More heavy-duty options with deeper storage run $70-150. Well worth it for the added convenience.

13. Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet Organizers

The cabinet under your kitchen sink often turns into a black hole of cleaning supplies, unsightly pipes and other items. Sink base organizers tidy up the space and separate supplies into convenient compartments.

Benefits of sink cabinet organizers:

  • Makes the space neat and sanitary.
  • Separates cleaning supplies from under sink plumbing.
  • Creates easy access to frequently used supplies.
  • Custom configurations for your plumbing.

You can buy custom made sink base organizers starting around $100-200 or make your own to fit your under sink space for around $30-60. Getting organized under the sink makes cleaning much more pleasant.

Key Takeaways on Kitchen Storage Ideas

  • Investing in a few key organizational solutions can transform your kitchen’s storage capacity.
  • Fully utilizing corner spaces, cabinet backs, walls and other overlooked areas maximizes your existing storage.
  • Pull-out cabinets, rollout shelves, and other accessibility options make reaching everything effortless.
  • Storage solutions that keep essentials visible and accessible like racks, dividers and door organizers promote organization.
  • Custom sizing storage systems to fit your unique space results in an optimized kitchen.
  • While some storage systems can cost several hundred dollars, many effective organizers are very budget-friendly.


With so many clever kitchen storage ideas available like pull-outs, racks, dividers and more, creating an optimized, organized kitchen is easy and affordable. Proper storage allows you to fully utilize every inch of space, neatly arranging cooking tools, gadgets, pantry items and everything in their place. Implementing just a few of these popular storage solutions can make your kitchen much more enjoyable to cook and spend time in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Storage Ideas

What are the most popular kitchen storage solutions?

Some of the most popular and helpful kitchen storage ideas include pull-out pantries, lazy susans, under cabinet spice racks, drawer organizers, wall mounted pot racks, pegboard panels and cabinet door storage racks.

How can I add more kitchen storage on a budget?

Easy budget-friendly ways to add more kitchen storage include installing shelf dividers, making your own drawer organizers, using wall space for pot racks or pegboard, and mounting cabinets door storage racks.

What is the most convenient kitchen storage?

The most convenient kitchen storage solutions provide full accessibility like pull-out pantries and cabinets, rollout trays for corner cabinets, and racks that keep essentials visible and within reach on the wall or doors.

How can I use my awkward kitchen corners?

Install a lazy susan or rollout shelves to fully utilize hard to access corner cabinets and pantry spaces. A blind corner cabinet with a lazy susan provides convenient access to items by simply spinning the shelves.

What should I store in my base cabinets?

Base cabinets are great for storing larger pans and bakeware since you don’t have to lift them up overhead. Pull-out shelves allow you to fully access items at the back. You can also install custom dividers to neatly organize pots, pans and lids.