A patterned headboard can completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom. From subtle prints to bold geometric designs, a fabulous headboard makes a statement and acts as the focal point of your space. If you recently invested in a showstopping headboard, it’s time to celebrate this decor upgrade with creative ways to highlight its beauty. Read on for 12 fun ideas to commemorate your new favorite furniture piece.

Mix and Match With Bedding

One of the best ways to draw attention to your headboard is to coordinate your bedding with its pattern and color scheme. For a cohesive look, choose sheets, duvet covers, and shams that complement the colors and textures found in the headboard’s design. Solid hues work well for bedding when paired with busier headboard prints. If your headboard features a variety of colors, opt for bedding in one of the coordinating shades. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns between the headboard and bedding as long as they share overlapping colors. The contrast will make the headboard pop.

Incorporate Throw Pillows

Another decor trick is to bring in throw pillows that relate to your headboard’s motif. Printed throw pillows in similar colors or patterns will enrich the coordinated style you’re creating. Arrange the pillows against your headboard so they frame the design. Try different pillow combinations until you find a layout you love. For extra visual interest, vary the sizes and textures of the throw pillows while keeping the color palette cohesive.

Display Artwork Above It

Draw the eye upwards by hanging artwork over the headboard. Choose pieces that complement or match the colors in the headboard without competing too much. Black and white prints, photography, or paintings often pair nicely with vibrant headboard prints. For a symmetrical arrangement, flank the artwork with decorative wall sconces or pendant lights. Hanging macrame wall hangings or fabric art above the headboard adds natural texture. Floating wall shelves filled with decor trail the eye upwards too.

Install Sconces or Pendant Lights

Speaking of lighting, sconces and pendants make excellent headboard accessories. Install matching sconces on either side of the headboard for symmetry. Opt for ones that relate to the motif through materials, shapes, or colors. Pendant lights dangling above create an enticing focal point. Search for multifaceted pendants or chandelier styles for drama. The glow cast at night highlights the headboard and creates an inviting sleep sanctuary.

Add Statement Mirrors

Hang a statement mirror above or on either side of the headboard to magnify the design. Mirrors reflect light and colors, giving visual height to the wall. Oval, rectangular, circular or uniquely shaped mirrors can complement or contrast with the headboard’s pattern based on your preference. Keep the mirror frames relatively simple to prevent competing with the headboard. Mirrored headboards double the mirror effect for seriously dreamy decor.

Layer With Textiles

Implement textile wall hangings like tapestries, quilts or rugs behind the headboard. Choose fabrics that relate to the colors and textures seen in the headboard print. For a bohemian vibe, try macrame or crochet wall hangings. Display special blankets or quilts that have personal significance or match the motif. Allow the textiles to drape a few inches past each side of the headboard so the patterns mingle seamlessly.

Add Shelving or Picture Ledges

Draw attention to the print with nearby shelves or picture ledges. Floating corner shelves behind headboards create cute vignette areas to show off decor finds. For a botanical theme, display leafy plants on shelves alongside the headboard. Picture ledges are great for exhibiting framed photos, artwork or any special objects you want to highlight. Arrange items on the shelves in a way that complements the lines and shapes found in the headboard design.

Play With Paint Colors

Don’t overlook the opportunity to implement creative paint colors that allow your patterned headboard to shine. Contrasting paint hues like deep blues or emeralds make vibrant headboard prints pop. Pick a color from the print to use on one or more walls. Paint inside wall recesses the same hue as the headboard background for a cohesive look. Add painter’s tape designs like stripes, diamonds or triangles to tie into geometric headboard motifs. Have fun and get creative with paint!

Incorporate Greenery

Adding lush greenery is an easy way to complement headboard prints. Place potted plants on bedside tables or floating shelves near the headboard so their leaves intermingle with the pattern. Trailing vines cascading near the headboard add natural flair. For a living headboard, install mounted planters across the top of the wall behind the bed. Let their tendrils hang down to frame the headboard in organic texture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNIColQTnaA shows similar beauty.

Use Uplighting or Wall Sconces

Strategic lighting pointing up or down on the headboard creates dramatic ambiance. Uplighting from floor lamps or installed wall sconces casts shadows that emphasize the headboard’s design details. Illuminating the print from different angles allows you to appreciate its dimensional elements. Place adjustable accent lights nearby and experiment with highlighting certain motifs at different times. Use smart bulbs to program colorful light shows!

Add Crown Molding

Installing crown molding along the top edges of the wall draws attention upwards to your stunning headboard. Paint the molding in a coordinating or contrasting hue to the wall and headboard colors. For a elegant touch, opt for thick, ornamental crown molding full of architectural detail. The molded trim frames the headboard beautifully, giving the space a polished finished look. Extending the crown molding to surround framed mirrors or artwork above looks striking.

Display Meaningful Decor

Personalize your print with small decor that holds sentimental meaning. For boho or beach themes, display special shells, crystals, or travel trinkets along the headboard or shelves. Arranging family photos, children’s artwork, or homemade crafts near the headboard ties the space together with love. For inspiration, check out sites like Pinterest for vignette styling ideas that relate to your motif. Let your headboard display objects that brighten your day!

Embrace Texture

Think about how different materials and fabrics can enrich your patterned headboard’s look. Add bamboo roman shades, fluffy area rugs, or tufted bench seating at the foot of the bed to continue the textural theme. Incorporate natural elements like rattan, wood, or wicker accessories for an earthy feel. Contrast glossy accents with matte finishes to add visual interest. Layer coarse knits, velvets, or furry pillows on the bed to complement or contrast with the headboard.

FAQs About Celebrating a Fabulous Patterned Headboard

Q: What type of bedding looks best with a bold patterned headboard?

A: Opt for solid colored bedding or subtle prints in a coordinating color from the headboard. This allows the headboard design to take center stage. Crisp white sheets also work well.

Q: Should I hang artwork above my patterned headboard?

A: Absolutely! Choose artwork in coordinating or contrasting colors. Black and white prints look great above vibrant headboards. Frame artwork to match the shapes in the headboard motif.

Q: What is the best lighting to install with my new patterned headboard?

A: Pendant lights, wall sconces, and uplighting create dramatic ambiance. Illuminate the headboard design with adjustable accent lighting. Use smart bulbs to cast colorful light on the print.

Q: Should I paint my bedroom walls to match my new headboard?

A: Pick one color from the headboard print to use on the walls or opt for a contrasting hue. Paint inside recesses the headboard background color for a polished look.

Q: How can I incorporate greenery with my headboard?

A: Place potted plants on shelves next to the headboard. Install mounted planters along the top of the wall behind the bed so tendrils frame the print.

Q: What types of personal touches should I display?

A: Arrange family photos, children’s art, shells, crystals or any small decor with sentimental meaning on shelves or bedside tables near the headboard.


A fabulous patterned headboard truly completes a bedroom and deserves a proper celebration. Use creative decor techniques like complementary bedding, artwork arrangements, strategic lighting and meaningful personal touches to highlight your new showstopper. Allow your imaginative side to run wild and transform the space to complement the headboard motif. Every time you walk into your redesigned sanctuary, you’ll be reminded of how this special furniture addition makes your room extra dreamy. Display your eye-catching headboard with pride and enjoy its beauty for years to come!