As summer approaches and temperatures start to rise, it’s the perfect time to give your bedroom a warm-weather makeover. Updating your bedroom decor is an easy and affordable way to embrace the bright, cheerful vibes of summer inside your home. Whether you’re looking to give your space a quick mini-makeover or a total style transformation, there are lots of fun and creative ways to refresh your bedroom for the warmer months ahead.

Bring In Light, Airy Fabrics

One of the best ways to give your bedroom a summery facelift is to swap out your existing bedding, curtains, and upholstered furniture for lighter, breezier fabrics. Heavier fabrics like velvet, chenille, and thick wool blends make sense in the winter, but can feel overly warm and stuffy once temperatures climb.

For summer bedding, look for linen, cotton, seersucker, or lightweight textured weaves. Crisp white sheets feel extra fresh and cooling, while subtle stripe, floral, or paisley prints add a pop of summer color. Lightweight duvet inserts or quilt covers can replace heavier comforters. To keep costs down, simply switch out your top sheet, duvet cover, shams, and accent pillows to give your bedding a new look.

Replace thick curtains with breezy cotton, linen, or sheer panels to allow sunlight to stream in. Swap out thick upholstered headboards and benches for rattan, woven woods, or lightly padded linen versions that “breathe” better in warm weather.

Bring In Bright, Cheerful Colors

Rich, saturated colors are characteristic of summer. This is the season to embrace vibrant hues that evoke the feeling of long sunny days.

Look to bright accent colors like coral, yellow, turquoise, and leafy greens to perk up your neutrals. Pep up your space with floral bedding, or mix in some graphic botanical, fruit, or tropical prints.

Painting is one of the easiest DIY updates you can make. A fresh coat of paint in a sunny yellow, light blue, or peach instantly makes your room feel more summery. Accent walls in bold colors or fun geometric patterns are another way to bring in trendy summer style.

Display Fresh Flowers and Greenery

Nothing says summer quite like fresh blooms and greenery. Fill your bedroom with seasonal flowers and plants to immerse yourself in the sights and scents of summer.

Keep a vase of sunflowers, daisies, lilies, or other vibrant summer blooms on your dresser or nightstand. Float flowers in a glass bowl for a quick bedside arrangement. Hang open terrariums or mini herb gardens for fun pops of living color.

Style wreaths, garlands, or hanging baskets using fresh eucalyptus, ferns, ivy, palms, and other lush greenery to infuse your space with organic texture. The fresh, woodsy scents are soothing and inviting.

Embrace Natural Materials and Textures

Natural materials like jute, seagrass, rattan, driftwood, and raw linen add casual warmth that’s perfect for summer. Incorporate tactile linens, woven accents, wood finishes, and organic shapes and patterns to connect with the essence of the season.

Jute rugs, linen bedding, seagrass baskets, and rattan nightstands are just some go-to options. Add in touches of wood, stone, concrete, leather, and raw metals for deeper dimension. Handcrafted ceramics, blown glass, macrame wall hangings, and other artisan decor also fit seamlessly into this aesthetic.

Update Window Treatments

Window treatments are often overlooked when decorating a bedroom, but new curtains or shades can make a dramatic difference.

In summer, opt for breezy, lightweight curtains in cheerful colors or patterns to let more light in. Sheer linen or cotton panels are ideal for allowing sunlight and fresh air to filter through while still providing privacy.

For blackout, install matchstick shades, sun-filtering blinds, or solar shades mounted outside the window frame to stop harsh light and heat before it enters. Smart shade systems that raise and lower at preset times are super convenient.

Adding or removing layers creates versatile window dressing. Hang breezy curtains over blackout cellular shades or solar blinds to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Create a Seating Nook

Carve out a designated lounging spot with a comfy seat cushion, side table, and floor lamp or pendant light overhead. This creates an inviting retreat for curling up with a book on a sunny afternoon or drinking your morning coffee.

A window seat, bench at the foot of your bed, or corner filled with plush cushions and pillows are all great small sitting areas. Make sure to include space for propping your feet up! Style your summer reading nook with fresh blooms, woven blankets, and artisan ceramic tableware.

Showcase Summer Inspired Artwork

Fun, playful artwork instantly energizes your space with summer vibes. Nautical maps, pressed botanicals, fruit and floral still lifes, beach photography, and other art that celebrates nature, sunshine, and warmer weather all fit the theme.

Support local artists by purchasing original paintings, pottery, or textiles at art fairs and craft markets this summer. Affordable printed art, posters, and photography are other easy ways to quickly change up your wall decor.

Add Some Coastal Charm

You don’t have to live near the shore to work breezy coastal style into your bedroom. Unfinished woods, textured ceramics, and decorative rope details look straight off the dock.

Painted furniture, beadboard paneling, or reclaimed shipping crates add beachy flair. Nautical maps and driftwood-framed mirrors also help capture the seaside vibe. For bedding, look for sailcloth, striped canvas, or textured linen linens.

Keep accent colors in shades of sea glass green, denim blue, sun-bleached tan, and sandy beige. A touch of coral pink or red doesn’t go amiss either!

Let the Outdoors In

During the warmer months, take every opportunity to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Opening windows and doors to let fresh air circulate is an easy first step. Consider installing accordion doors or French doors to seamlessly connect interior and exterior spaces.

Outdoor rugs, patio chairs, and weather-resistant pillows are made for lounging in the sun, but work equally well inside. Continue patterns from indoor tiles or wallpaper onto porches or patios to heighten the synergy.

Potted trees, flowering plants, and fresh herbs saturate your home with the sights and scents of nature. Place them in natural washed baskets or oversized ceramic pots to work as decor.

Update the Headboard

The headboard is the focal point of any bedroom, so switching it up creates an instant transformation. Dress up your basic metal or wooden frame with removable padding, upholstered panels, or slipcovers for new texture and color.

Install floating shelves, decorative netting, macrame, or ropework behind the bed for budget-friendly focal interest. Painting or applying decorative tile, patterns, or trim to your existing headboard are other easy DIY options to update the look.

Want to splurge? Tufted leather, woven rattan, carved wood, or padded linen headboards make luxurious style statements. Just keep the scale and color palette in harmony with your existing furnishings.

Add Some Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture opens up small spaces and makes rooms feel bright and airy. A mirrored dresser, armoire, vanity, or nightstand doubles visual space and reflects natural light beautifully. The reflective surface and sleek lines feel fresh and modern.

Look for mirrored furniture with clean lines and minimalist silhouettes to keep the look light and contemporary. Neutral wood tones like beech, oak, and walnut offset the reflective glass nicely. Use mirrored pieces thoughtfully to maximize illumination and dimension in your layout. They’re ideal for brightening dark corners or opening up cramped spaces.

Install New Lighting

Good lighting instantly elevates any room. For summer, look for fixtures and lamps that provide bright, natural-spectrum illumination to mimic sunshine. This will keep your circadian rhythms in sync and your mood lifted even on hot, humid days.

Pendant lights, chandeliers, and sconces help cast light into every corner, eliminating shadows. Dimmer switches allow you to control the ambiance from bright and energizing to soft and romantic.

Look for lighting with clean, contemporary silhouettes that complement your warm weather decor. Bronze, copper, bamboo and woven shades add natural texture. Smart bulbs that change color temperature support your body’s rhythms. Place lamps for reading in seating areas and by the bedside.

Add Textured Privacy Screens

Privacy screens constructed from natural woven fibers or pleated fabric panels divide sleeping areas discreetly while allowing airflow. These earthy, tactile elements block visual distractions without making spaces feel closed off.

Wood bead curtains, embroidered fabric panels, or macrame hangings work well as moveable room dividers. Slatted room screens constructed from woven banana leaf, bamboo, jute, or rattan have rustic appeal. Folding screens upholstered in linen or cotton provide soft, elegant separation.

Place screens to define sitting areas or conceal cluttered corners. Open floor plans can benefit from partial visual screening between zones while maintaining an airy, uninterrupted flow. Textured privacy screens strike the perfect balance in warm weather spaces.

Display Houseplants and Indoor Trees

Houseplants infuse living spaces with organic warmth and tranquility. They literally help you breathe easier by purifying indoor air. Place trailing vines, architectural succulents, flowering plants, and indoor trees throughout your bedroom for a breath of fresh air.

Groupings of plants in natural cachepots or baskets make a vibrant living accent. Hanging plants, wall-mounted terrariums, and vertical gardens also liven up plain walls with lush, refreshing greenery.

Not only do plants enhance wellness, but caring for them fosters a sense of meaning and connection with nature. Choose low-maintenance, pet-friendly varieties best suited to your conditions and natural light. They make the perfect bedroom companions!

12 Warm-Weather Makeover Ideas for the Bedroom – FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about giving your bedroom a warm weather makeover:

Q: What are some cheap and easy ways to give my bedroom a summer refresh?

A: Some budget-friendly ideas include swapping out seasonal bedding and pillows, hanging lightweight curtains, bringing in fresh flowers and greenery, displaying sunny artwork, and adding accent throws or area rugs in bright colors and natural textures. Even just opening up windows to let in fresh air can make a difference!

Q: How can I make my bedroom feel cooler in summer weather?

A: Use breathable natural fabrics like linen and cotton for bedding and window treatments. Install blackout shades or blinds to block heat from windows during the day. Choose light colors for paint, decor and furniture that won’t absorb and radiate heat. Remove any extra rugs or heavy drapes that aren’t needed. Keep surfaces clear so air can circulate freely.

Q: What colors work well in a summer bedroom theme?

A: Light, bright colors that evoke sunshine and seaside landscapes work very well. Some examples are pale blues, greens, peaches, corals, yellows, and crisp whites. You can then splash in pops of stronger colors like navy, coral, and sea glass green for accents.

Q: How can I add a beachy vibe to my bedroom?

A: Use weathered wood furniture, rope accents, mirrors, and artwork with nautical or seaside themes. Unfinished rattan, jute, or seagrass textures add casual charm. Stick to a color palette inspired by sand, driftwood, sea glass, and ocean hues. Relaxed coastal linens and some subtle references to marine life complete the look.

Q: What kind of lighting works best for a summer style bedroom?

A: Lots of natural light during the day is ideal. Sheer curtains, solar shades, and skylights help maximize illumination from the sun. For fixtures and lamps, look for bright, full spectrum lighting that mimics sunshine. Dimmers allow you to control the ambiance. Place lamps to provide good visibility for tasks and reading nooks.

Q: What types of plants help purify indoor air?

A: Some excellent air purifying plants for bedrooms are spider plants, English ivy, peace lilies, bamboo palm, rubber plants, aloe vera, Boston ferns and snake plants. Groupings of different plants will provide the best air quality benefits.


With a little creativity, it’s easy to give your bedroom an inviting warm-weather makeover. Whether you take a minimalist approach with new linens and a few key accents, or opt for a major style overhaul, incorporating natural materials, bright colors, and a breezy coastal vibe will help you transition your space from winter to summer.

Focus on opening up the room to let in fresh air and sunlight. Swap out heavy drapes and bedding for lightweight breathable fabrics. Bring in potted plants, fresh blooms, and artwork that celebrates the season. Add seating nooks, mirrors, and proper lighting to brighten up your space.

Approach your summer bedroom refresh as an opportunity to create a peaceful, relaxing oasis that supports restful sleep and fuels your mind and body, no matter how hot it gets outside. With these tips, you’ll be ready to unwind in a comfortably cool and stylish bedroom this summer and beyond.