Empty corners in a home can easily get overlooked. But with a bit of creativity, these overlooked spaces can be transformed into functional or decorative focal points. Here are 12 smart ideas to spruce up those bare corners and make them shine.

Use Corner Shelving

Installing corner shelving is one of the most popular and practical ways to utilize empty corner spaces. The angled shelves nicely fit into the corner and don’t take up room space. Corner shelves are perfect for displaying decor items, plants, books, or even using for extra storage. Floating corner shelves give a modern, minimalist look. Or for a cozy feel, opt for corner shelving made of wood.

Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Turn an empty corner into a cozy reading nook with a comfy chair and side table. Add a floor lamp for lighting. Decorate with pillows and a throw blanket to complete the comfy vibe. Add a small bookshelf if space allows. Reading nooks are great for relaxing in the evenings or weekends. Bay windows also work wonderfully to create built-in reading nooks.

Use Baskets for Storage

Stacking baskets are a great way to utilize corner space for extra storage needs. Entryway corners are perfect for stashing umbrellas, shoes, and bags. Use baskets in bedroom corners for blankets, sheets, or clothing items. Wire storage baskets have an airy, neutral look. Or opt for decorative woven baskets to instantly add visual interest. Labeling the baskets helps keep everything organized.

Add a Bar Cart

Bar carts with wheels are ideal for tucking into empty corners and look especially fitting in dining rooms. Stock up the cart with glassware, cocktail accessories, and bottles to create a portable drink station. When not in use, it conveniently rolls out of the way against the wall. Opt for a sleek metal or wooden cart or find a vintage piece for eclectic style.

Create a Gallery Wall Collage

An empty corner is the perfect unique spot to hang a gallery wall. Use a collection of framed photos, artwork, or mirrors to make a visually appealing collage. Mix up the frame sizes, colors, and orientation. Lean some frames against the wall for dimension. Gallery walls make great conversational pieces and instantly liven up lackluster corners.

Install Corner Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have a light and airy aesthetic that prevents corners from looking cluttered. Stagger the shelves at different heights and use them to show off objects like plants, candles, decor, or books. The tricky triangular shape of corner space can be leveraged with angled floating shelves. Or keep it simple with rectangular shelves. Add LED lighting for dramatic effect.

Add Floor Pillows

For a casual lounge space, pile up floor pillows and cushions in an empty corner. Choose fun, colorful prints and textures. Place a small oval rug underneath for definition. This is an easy way to create extra cozy seating without taking up much room. Floor cushions work well in living rooms, dens, playrooms, and bedrooms.

Create a Music Nook

Tuck a chair, guitar stand, small amp, or any musical equipment into a corner to create a designated music space. Add acoustic paneling if needed. Use a corner floor lamp for overhead lighting. Decorating the walls with records or music posters finishes the look. Corner music nooks are great for practice without disturbing the rest of the house.

Make a Plant Corner

Corner areas are perfect for clustering your houseplants together in one spot. Place tall leafy plants, hanging plants, vines, and small pots to create an indoor jungle effect. Add grow lights if the corner lacks natural light. Use decorative stands, shelves, or plant boxes to vary heights. A corner plant display helps breathe life into any room with natural green hues.

Add a Coat Rack

Make use of an empty corner to neatly store coats, hats, scarves, and bags on a sleek coat rack. Opt for a tree rack or hang a few floating rails. Entryway corners are ideal for coat racks so outerwear can be stashed as soon as you walk in the door. Or use one to wrangle clutter in the mudroom. Top with wall hooks for leashes, keys, or umbrellas.

Make a Desk Nook

Tuck a small desk and chair into an empty corner for a work station or office nook. Floating corner desks help maximize the triangular space. Add a desk lamp and organizational trays. Paint or wallpaper the back wall for an extra design touch. A corner desk creates a quiet, private place to get work done at home away from main living areas.

Create a Play Space

Empty corners are perfect for carving out a special play spot for kids. Add cushions, rugs, and bins of toys. Use temporary room dividers or curtains to define the space. For older kids, tuck in a beanbag, pillows, and bookshelves for a reading corner. Let them get creative decorating the space how they’d like. Having an out-of-the-way play area helps keep main living areas tidy.


Empty corners are wasted spaces with so much potential. Using shelves, seating, storage, or creative decor transforms plain corners into beautiful focal points that make the most of the space available. The next time you are faced with a bare corner, implement one of these clever ideas to instantly make the spot shine. Get inspired decorating the often overlooked corners of your home.

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