Bohemian style decor embraces creative self-expression, vintage charm, and an eclectic mix of patterns, textures, and colors. Rooms decorated in a bohemian way have a free-spirited vibe that celebrates artistic living. If you love the look and feel of artistic, laidback luxury, these 12 rooms will inspire you to create your own bohemian oasis at home.

Embrace Vintage Chic in the Living Room

The living room is a perfect place to showcase your bohemian style. Create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere with a mix of vintage furnishings, piled pillows, and graphic rugs layered over worn Persian carpets.

Some key elements to include:

  • Statement lighting fixtures like a beaded chandelier or paper lanterns add a glow while dressing up the space. Look for unique pieces at flea markets or vintage stores.
  • An eclectic mix of seating like a velvet couch paired with leather club chairs, distressed wood chairs, or floor pillows gives a collected-over-time look.
  • Pops of pattern and color from pillows, throws, small tapestries, and area rugs liven up neutral furnishings.
  • Natural and tactile textures like wool, leather, ceramics, light woods, and kilim rugs add cozy layers.
  • Aged and antiqued touches like a distressed wood coffee table, vintage trunk as an end table, or ornamental brass lighting feel casual and relaxed.

Keep the overall look approachable and inviting with plenty of plush seating and eye-catching accessories. Layer in personal mementos and art to give your bohemian living room a collected feel.

Craft a Dreamy Bohemian Bedroom

Make your bedroom a sanctuary with a soft boho vibe. Layer on the textures, patterns, and details that make you happy. Some ideas to try:

  • Pick bedding in natural fabrics like linen, cotton, or velvet. Include lots of comfortable pillows and shams in different fabrics.
  • Display collected treasures like plants, woven baskets, candles, antique books, and small artworks on the nightstands, dresser, and shelves.
  • Add a rug or rugs to warm up the floor. Try sisal, wool, cotton, or vintage kilim designs.
  • Hang lightweight curtains in cotton, linen, lace, or gauzy fabrics to filter in natural light. Set the mood with string lights.
  • Incorporate vintage touches like a painted dresser or armoire, distressed nightstands, metal bed frame, or carved wood mirror frame.
  • Add boho artwork like abstract paintings, macrame wall hangings, or printed tapestries to boost the artistic ambience.

Keep the overall palette relaxed with creamy neutrals and muted tones as the backdrop for bright pops of color and ornate patterns. The result is a space that feels restful and artistic.

Design a Boho Dining Area

Creating an inviting dining space is easy with a few bohemian touches. Some ideas:

  • Pick an ornate dining table as the centerpiece. Consider round pedestal tables or vintage salvaged wood designs. Distressed metal and rattan tables also work well.
  • Mix dining chairs together for an eclectic collected look. Choose from upholstered seat cottage chairs, woven cane back chairs, carved wood designs, or ethnic printed stools.
  • Use textiles throughout with rug table runners, pillow covers, or placemats in bold global patterns. Try ikat, suzani, batik, or colorful tribal prints.
  • Display your favorite pieces by mounting plates or baskets on the wall, placing vases and candles on the tabletop, or lining the backs of open shelves with woven textiles.
  • Incorporate earthy and natural elements through driftwood and antler wall decor, woven baskets, pottery and ceramics, fresh flowers and plants, and rustic wood furnishings.
  • Add bohemian lighting fixtures like beaded pendants, woven wicker lanterns, or a vintage chandelier overhead. Candles also create a cozy glow.

Dining rooms with a global, artistic vibe are relaxed yet full of visual interest. Mix and match for a space that feels collected over time.

Craft a Boho-Chic Home Office

Does working from home have you craving a stylish and inspiring home office? Bohemian style elements help create a peaceful and motivating workspace.

  • Choose vintage-inspired furnishings like a distressed wood desk, painted file cabinets, and comfy embroidered office chairs for relaxed charm.
  • Bring in natural touches with rattan, woven woods, jute, pottery, and indoor greenery to connect with nature.
  • Add globally inspired rugs like vintage kilim, dhurrie, or rag rug designs. Layer them over jute or sisal mats.
  • Display artful accents like macrame hangings, beaded tapestries, or abstract paintings to boost creativity.
  • Incorporate rustic and vintage storage like crates, baskets, and bookcases to corral paperwork and supplies.
  • Include lighting like paper lanterns, beaded pendants, and table lamps for an artistic glow. Nearby windows also maximize natural light.
  • Add pillows and throws for extra seating options and to soften hard surfaces.

An office with a relaxed bohemian vibe balances productivity with comfort and inspiration. Surround yourself with pieces that spark creativity as you work.

Craft an Eclectic Bohemian Bathroom

Incorporate a bit of bohemian spirit in your bathroom with globally inspired accents, vintage charm, and natural textures. Some ideas:

  • Display collected accessories like urns, bowls, baskets, and urns on open shelves or windowsills.
  • Add worldly patterned towels in ikat, suzani, or batik fabrics for an exotic feel.
  • Bring in greenery with potted plants, dried botanicals, or fresh flowers to connect with nature.
  • Include boho wall art like macrame hangings, beaded tapestries, or abstract prints and paintings.
  • Use ornate mirror frames and vintage medicine cabinets for quirky storage.
  • Incorporate wood elements through rustic vanities, shelving, crates, and mats for natural texture.
  • Display candles in vintage lanterns, ceramic holders, or mercury glass votives to set the mood.
  • Add global rugs like dhurries, rag rugs, or kilims to warm up tile floors.
  • Use gauzy curtain panels and textured shower curtains for an ethereal feel.

A few key boho accents lend artistic flair and global charm to bathrooms. Vintage and natural elements pair beautifully with modern bath essentials.

Create Character with a Boho Entryway

Make a stellar first impression in your entryway by embracing bohemian style. Try these ideas:

  • Add a large area rug or entry rug to define the space. Kilims, dhurries, or rag rugs work nicely.
  • Include seating options like a bench, stool, or pair of distressed wood chairs so guests can comfortably take off shoes.
  • Hang a vintage or reclaimed wood coat rack for functional storage. Wall hooks and baskets also come in handy.
  • Display collected accessories like baskets, vases, candle lanterns, bowls, and trays on console tables or floating shelves.
  • Add a mirror framed with wood, rope, beads, or macrame to open up the space.
  • Incorporate greenery from potted houseplants, wreaths, dried botanicals, and fresh florals.
  • Mount wall art like macrame hangings or abstract paintings to show off your style.
  • Include unique lighting fixtures like beaded pendants, rattan lanterns, or vintage brass lamps.

A thoughtfully decorated entryway makes your home feel warm and inviting right from the start. Layer in bohemian accents for an artistic first impression.

Relax in a Boho Patio Oasis

Take your bohemian vibe outdoors by giving your patio a creative makeover. Some tips:

  • Add eclectic seating options like cushioned benches, wicker sofas, hammock swings, and brightly printed stools surrounding a firepit.
  • Include ornate tables like vintage metal bistro sets or mosaic-tiled tables paired with colorful foldable chairs.
  • Display potted plants in macrame or rattan hangers as well as standing planters overflowing with foliage.
  • Hang elements from the ceiling like lanterns, ferns, and macrame for overhead interest.
  • Layer patterned rugs , outdoor pillows, and throws for comfort and color.
  • Use textured privacy screens made of bamboo, rattan, or wood panels to boost ambience.
  • Incorporate lighting like string lights, paper lanterns, and citronella candles to set the mood.
  • Display your finds in vintage crates, pottery, baskets, and decorative bins.

Your patio becomes an extension of your bohemian home with vintage furnishings, global accents, and creative DIY touches.

Embrace Boho Charm in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a great spot to add playful bohemian style. Some ideas:

  • Include a mix of mismatching chairs surrounding the table or kitchen island like rattan stools, floral upholstered seats, benches, and ethnic printed pillows.
  • Add an ornate chandelier , macrame pendant, or woven rattan lighting fixture overhead.
  • Display collections of ceramic vases, planters, pitchers, and crockery for an eclectic feel.
  • Use patterned and colorful textiles like tea towels, aprons, oven mitts, quilted hot pads, and table linens.
  • Incorporate natural wood elements on open shelving, cutting boards, crates, and woven baskets.
  • Include fresh florals and plants in vases, planters, and pots for organic texture.
  • Add global rugs on the floor like dhurries, ikat, suzani, or rag rug designs.
  • Mount wall art like colorful ceramic plates or macrame wall hangings.

Infuse bohemian spirit into your cooking space with collectibles, vintage charm, and artistic accents.

Give the Laundry Room Boho Flair

Even in the laundry room, you can add dashes of bohemian style. Some ideas:

  • Use patterned and colorful textiles for curtains, towel sets, hamper lids, and cleaning rags.
  • Display collected pottery or glass bottles of cleaning products open on shelves.
  • Add a large area rug to warm up the floor space. Try rag rugs, dhurries, or kilims.
  • Incorporate rattan storage like lidded baskets, woven hampers, and hanging racks.
  • Include living plants like trailing ivy or orchids to freshen up the space.
  • Add global accents like macrame wall hangings, beaded curtains, or printed tapestries.
  • Use natural cleaning products displayed in etched glass dispensers or handmade ceramic bottles.
  • Install vintage hardware like beadboard paneling, framed perforated tin, and reclaimed wood shelves.
  • Add comfy seating like a cushioned bench or whimsical painted chair for folding.

Bohemian style can make laundry duty feel a little more like an exotic escape. Creative accents lend artistic flair even to functional spaces.

Give the Home Office Boho Appeal

Bring laidback bohemian style to your home office or study. Some ideas:

  • Choose a carved wood vintage desk as a statement centerpiece surrounded by distressed leather office chairs.
  • Include golden yellow accent walls or opt for an exotic suzani print wallpaper.
  • Display collected decorative objects like coral paperweights, agate bookends, brass animal figurines, turquoise vases, and stacks of art books.
  • Add a vintage rug over hardwood floors, such as a worn vintage kilim, soft dhurrie, or geometric patterned Turkish rug.
  • Incorporate rattan or woven wood in furnishings like papasan chairs, woven screens, storage baskets, floating shelves, or desk organizers.
  • Include living greenery like trailing ivy, mini succulents, air plants, palm, fiddle leaf fig trees, and dried lavender bundles.
  • Use textured bedding and pillows to create a cozy place to read. Try wool blankets, velvet or fur cushions, and printed throw pillows.
  • Display colorful artwork like abstract framed paintings, beaded wall sculptures, macrame wall hangings, or printed tapestries.

A home office with artistic accents and global charm provides a motivating workspace. Vintage and natural textures add cozy appeal.

Unleash Boho Style in the Nursery

The nursery provides the perfect blank canvas for bohemian style decor. Some ideas:

  • Choose ornately carved cribs with wood, wrought iron, or rattan frames for vintage character. Pair with gauzy canopy draping.
  • Incorporate a colorful, patterned rug like a vintage Turkish kilim, soft dhurrie, or geometric rag rug atop hardwoods.
  • Add whimsical lighting like a fringed chandelier, beaded pendant, or paper lanterns overhead.
  • Showcase treasured toys and books in woven baskets, crates, and open shelves. Use baskets for soft storage.
  • Layer in soft linens and bedding like cotton crochet blankets, cloth diaper stacks, and printed throw pillows.
  • Include natural wood elements in furnishings like cradles, changing tables, toy chests, and rocking chairs.
  • Display living plants like palms, banana plants, ficuses, and ferns to add organic texture.
  • Add bohemian wall art through abstract paintings, prints, macrame, and beaded mobiles.

The nursery is the perfect place to add playful boho-inspired decor. Vintage and artistic accents boost creativity and imagination.

Give the Guest Room Boho Personality

Help guests feel right at home with cozy, creative bohemian decor in your spare room or guest quarters.

  • Choose a handsome vintage bed frame in iron, brass, or carved wood for character. Pair with textured bedding.
  • Add worldly patterned pillows in suzani, ikat, or batik fabrics atop solid bedspreads. Use embroidered and fringed styles.
  • Include a large area rug to warm the floors like a Turkish kilim, geometric dhurrie, or floral patterned wool rug.
  • Incorporate rattan furnishings like chairs, tables, storage trunks, and wastebaskets for natural texture.
  • Display collected artwork such as abstract paintings, prints, mirrors, and macrame wall hangings.
  • Add living greenery with flowering plants, palms, and trailing ivy. Dried lavender bundles also work nicely.
  • Include lighting like beaded pendants, woven rattan lanterns, and table lamps with patterned lampshades.
  • Provide books and magazines for reading stacked atop rattan side tables along with candles in ornate holders.

With its relaxed mix of vintage and handcrafted furnishings, boho-chic style helps craft a homey guest room filled with global charm.

Embrace Bohemian Style for Artistic, Eclectic Rooms

Bohemian-inspired interiors celebrate creative living through an artful mix of patterns, textures, and decorative accents. By embracing vintage furnishings, global patterns, and unique collected objects, you can cultivate laidback rooms filled with artistic flair. Layer rugs, pillows, wall hangings, plants, and artwork to reflect your free-spirited tastes. The boho design approach embraces imperfection and finds beauty in distressed and timeworn favorites. You curate a personally meaningful sanctuary that feels relaxed yet still full of visual intrigue. Bohemian interiors may differ in their details but share an inspiring, artistic ambience that awakens your spirit.

Bohemian Style Decor: FAQs

Still have questions about embracing bohemian style at home? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are the key elements of bohemian style?

Some hallmarks of boho style include vintage furnishings, global textiles with ornate patterns like ikat and suzani, collections of art and decorative objects, natural elements like plants, wood, and rattan, and a relaxed mix of colors, patterns, and textures.

How do you decor a bohemian living room?

Boho living rooms balance vintage furnishings like ornate rugs and distressed woods with plush, eclectic seating options. Lush pillows, throws, and greenery add comfort while worldly artifacts and artwork provide visual intrigue. Aim for a collected look.

What colors work well in a bohemian kitchen?

Earthy neutrals like cream provide a mellow backdrop for boho kitchens while pops of color come from playful dishware, patterned linens, and vibrant exotic fruit displays. Terracotta, turquoise, and golden yellow add sunshine.

What wall art styles align with bohemian decor?

Abstract art, macrame hangings, beaded wall sculptures, printed tapestries, and displayed cultural artifacts and textiles suit bohemian environments. Handmade and handcrafted pieces feel