Fabric is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to give a room an instant makeover. Whether you want to refresh your bedroom, redecorate your living room, or add some pizzazz to a boring bathroom, fabric can help you remake any space on a budget. Here are 11 clever and creative ways to use fabric to remake a room.

Introduce an Accent Wall

Adding an accent wall covered in fabric is a simple way to inject color, texture, and interest into a room. To make a fabric accent wall:

  • Choose a statement print fabric like a bold floral, graphic print, or even a colorful solid. Make sure the fabric is suitable for walls and has some thickness/weight to it.
  • Only cover one wall to keep the look from getting too busy. An accent wall behind a bed, sofa, or dining table works well.
  • Use liquid wallpaper adhesive to adhere the fabric directly to the wall for easy application. Follow the instructions for smooth application with no puckers.
  • Consider framing the fabric with wood trim around the edges for a polished look.

An accent wall takes little time and money to make but gives any room a dose of wow factor.

Fashion a Headboard

The headboard is the focal point in a bedroom but can get expensive to replace. Fashioning one out of fabric is an easy DIY project that adds instant style. Ideas for fabric headboards:

  • Wrap a thick piece of upholstery foam with your favorite fabric and attach it to the wall with screws and washers. Add trim to finish the edges.
  • Stretch fabric over a basic wooden frame secured to the wall. Use a staple gun on the back to keep the fabric taut.
  • For a padded look, staple fabric over cardboard shapes mounted on the wall. Use batting and foam between the fabric and cardboard.
  • Get creative with the shape! Square and rectangular headboards are most common but you can create a circular, triangular, or diamond-shaped design.

Customizing your headboard with special fabric lets you add flair without the cost of buying a new furniture piece.

Makeover Lampshades

Lampshades are often overlooked but replacing lampshade fabric refreshes a room’s lighting. To make lampshade magic:

  • Remove the old fabric and clean the lampshade frame well.
  • Choose lightweight cotton, linen, or silk in solids or subtle prints that let light shine through.
  • Adhere new fabric to the frame with spray adhesive or use a glue gun for pleated lampshades.
  • Top with trim for a finished edge if desired.

Updated lampshades in coordinating fabrics tie a room together and show off your style.

Craft Decorative Curtain Tiebacks

Tiebacks keep curtains open to let light in while adding decorative flair. Creating unique tiebacks with fabric makes it easy to match your curtains or inject more color into a room.

  • Cut a strip of fabric 2-3 inches wide by 30 inches long. Fold over the long edges 1⁄4 inch and stitch down.
  • Insert a piece of cording, rope, or ribbon through the tube of fabric. Stitch the ends together to form a loop.
  • Attach buttons, tassels, pom poms, or trim for additional ornamentation.
  • Slide onto curtain panels and tie in place around curtain rods.

It takes just minutes to sew simple yet stylish tiebacks that give curtains extra pizazz.

Fashion One-of-a-Kind Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the perfect quick sewing project for transforming a couch or bed with your favorite fabrics. Make unique pillows by:

  • Cutting fabric pieces 2-3 inches larger than your finished size. Hem the edges under 1⁄4 inch.
  • Layering two fabric pieces with right sides together, leave an opening for turning.
  • Stitch around all edges with 1⁄2 inch seam allowance. Clip corners, turn inside out, and press.
  • Insert a store-bought pillow form and hand stitch the opening closed.
  • Get creative with different fabric combinations like wool and flannel or matching front and back patterns.

One-of-a-kind throw pillows sewn from your beloved fabrics make amazing gifts too.

Display Fabric as Wall Art

Why buy boring wall art when you can create your own pieces with beautiful fabrics? Some ideas:

  • Stretch a large piece of fabric across a canvas frame for an instant fabric “painting”
  • Create shape or letter collages with folded fabric squares and fusible web.
  • Frame swatches of your favorite fabric or sewing notions in shadow boxes.
  • Mount fabric strips or panels onto dowels for a fabric banner wall hanging.

Change it up anytime by swapping fabrics or rotate pieces in different rooms.

Craft a Fabric Basket

Recycle old fabrics into handmade storage baskets. Here’s how:

  • For the bottom, cut a circle of heavyweight canvas, denim, or upholstery fabric. Top with a circle of coordinating cotton fabric.
  • Cut long fabric strips 1-2 inches wide. Fold them in half and pin in a spiral pattern around the bottom, starting at the center.
  • Stitch the strips together at the edges to form the basket shape. Surface stitch the bottom edges for stability.
  • Add handles made of fabric strips or decorative rope.

These fabric baskets store blankets, towels, toys, and more—use them around the house or give them as gifts.

Make Fabric Bowls

For a quick no-sew project, turn fabric into decorative bowls with glue and inexpensive bowls from a craft store.

  • Cut fabric into squares a few inches larger all around than the bowl.
  • Apply a layer of decoupage or spray adhesive to the bowl surface.
  • Press the fabric onto the bowl, smoothing out wrinkles and pleats.
  • Wrap the excess fabric around to the bottom of the bowl, adhering as you go.
  • Add ribbon around the rim to conceal edges or leave as-is.

Use these fabric bowls for storage in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and more.

Repurpose Fabric for Table Runners

Table runners instantly dress up any tabletop while protecting it from spills and scratches. To make them:

  • Look for unique recycled fabrics like old ties, scarves, curtains, or bedsheets.
  • Cut fabric pieces to the desired size and hem the edges. For length, allow 12-15 inches on each end to overhang the table.
  • Sew two equal size pieces with right sides together, leaving an opening. Turn inside out, press, and topstitch around all sides.
  • Make rectangle, square, or oval runners—the shape choices are endless!

Don’t throw out old, stained, or damaged fabrics—give them new life as chic table runners.

Sew Simple Curtains

Readymade curtains can be drab and expensive. Sewing your own with colorful fabric is a budget-friendly way to redo window treatments.

  • Measure the curtain rod length and add at least 4 inches for hems and overlap. Cut fabric to this size plus an inch or two extra.
  • Hem the bottom and sides, then make pleats and stitch down. For grommets, make fabric tubes to slide onto the rod.
  • Choose lightweight fabrics like linen, gauze, or voile that drape nicely. Cotton prints and solids work well too.
  • Hang curtains on rods just below the ceiling and wider than the window for a bright and cozy look.

With some simple sewing, you can have custom curtains at a fraction of the cost.

Fashion Cozy Fabric Armchair Covers

Shabby armchair? Buy some yards of soft fabric and whip up a custom cover to overhaul it in an afternoon.

  • Remove chair cushions and measure front, sides, back, and cushion dimensions. Add 1-2 inches ease to all measurements.
  • Cut fabric pieces using the measurements. For cushions, line fabric with batting for a padded look.
  • Pin and stitch fabric pieces, leaving an opening for the cushion insert. Stitch velcro, ties, or elastic closures.
  • For a more tailored look, consider piping trim, boxed corners, and kick pleats.
  • To cover just the cushion, cut a top piece and wrap the edges to the bottom then secure with heavy duty glue.

Giving outdated armchairs a facelift with lush fabrics makes the room feel brand new.

With some creativity and a few basic sewing skills, you can use fabric to easily and affordably remake any space. Transform boring walls into captivating accent walls, craft beautiful curtains and throws, or make stylish storage baskets and bowls. The possibilities are endless when you use fabric to refresh your rooms. Experiment with prints, textures, and colors to find the perfect fabrics to give your home a new lease on life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Remaking Rooms with Fabric

Here are some common questions about remaking rooms with fabric:

What types of fabric work best for home decor projects?

When choosing fabric for DIY home decor, opt for medium to heavyweight fabrics with a tight weave like cotton, linen, wool, and upholstery fabrics. Avoid lightweight or loosely woven fabrics which can appear flimsy. Prints and solids both work beautifully.

Where can I buy affordable fabric for remodeling projects?

Check fabric stores, thrift stores, garage sales, or online shops for discounted upholstery and quilting fabrics. You can also upcycle old sheets, blankets, curtains, or clothing by repurposing into new decor items.

What’s the best way to hang wall fabric securely?

Use a wallpaper or fabric adhesive made specifically for hanging fabric on walls. Follow the product instructions closely. Also frame with wood trim at top and bottom for the most secure hold. Use heavy duty wall anchors when attaching wood trim.

How do I choose colors and patterns when remaking a room with fabrics?

Pick one print to focus on as an accent, on a large statement piece like drapes or an upholstered chair. Use solids and subtle patterns for other elements to avoid a chaotic look. Tie the whole room together by choosing fabrics in the same color family.

What are some beginner-friendly projects to start with?

Easy beginner fabric projects include throw pillows, armchair covers, table runners, curtain tiebacks, and lampshade covers. These teach basic skills without complex patterns or sewing. Work your way up to more advanced projects as your confidence grows.

How do I learn the sewing skills needed for DIY home decor projects?

Online video tutorials are a fantastic resource for learning sewing techniques like hemming, making casings, gathering, and more. Start with an easy pattern or kit project designed for beginners. Get acquainted with your sewing machine if new to it. Consider taking a class at a local fabric shop as well.

Remaking a room with fabric is a fun way to decorate on a budget, and express your personal style. Start small with easy projects, and your skills will grow so you can tackle more advanced DIY fabric creations. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes—that’s how you’ll hone your skills and develop your confidence. most importantly, enjoy the process of enhancing your living space with beautiful fabrics.


With a little imagination and DIY spirit, any room can be magically remade with fabric. Follow these 11 clever tips for accent walls, headboards, curtains, lampshades and more to refresh your home on a budget. Don’t be intimidated to take on beginner-friendly projects like throw pillows and hampers to hone your skills. In no time you’ll be crafting intricate window treatments, cushions, and wall hangings. Remake your space into a reflection of your personal style with the versatility and beauty of fabric.