Make Gift Tags

Use scraps of wrapping paper to create custom gift tags for your next round of presents. Cut the paper into tag shapes, punch a hole in the corner, and add string or ribbon. Get kids involved too by letting them decorate plain tags.

Decorate Notebooks or Journals

Wrap plain notebooks, journals or binders in your leftover wrapping paper for a fun look. Use modge podge or glue to affix the paper neatly to the cover. This is a great way to upcycle kids’ old notebooks.

Cover Storage Boxes

Hide away unsightly storage boxes by using scraps of wrapping paper to give them a decorative facade. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the paper to the lids and sides of cardboard and plastic storage bins.

Make Bows

Don’t throw away those gift bows! Save them year after year or reshape wrapping paper scraps into new bows. Simple bows just require short strips of paper, double sided tape and a stapler. Get fancier with hand-tied bows using ribbon.

Line Drawers

Use sheets of wrapping paper to line your drawers and closet shelves. This will add a pop of color and pattern when you open them. Change it up each season by using paper that fits the theme.

Fold into Bags

Turn large pieces of wrapping paper into gift bags for the next birthday or holiday. Fold papers into basic bags and tape up the sides and bottom. Decorate with ribbons, tassels or stickers.

Wallpaper Accent Wall

For an easy living room accent, wrap sections of a wall with leftover wrapping paper using wallpaper glue or removable adhesive strips. Change this focal point out seasonally.

Make Greeting Cards

Cut used wrapping paper into standard card sizes or get creative with custom shapes and sizes. The thick paper makes great greeting cards for all occasions. Decorate the inside and add writing.

Package Kraft Parcels

If you order gifts online that arrive in kraft paper envelopes, reuse that plain brown wrapping! Supplement with some wrappig paper scraps to conceal areas or make it more festive. Add address labels.

Craft Paper Garland

Connecting scraps of wrapping paper makes a festive paper garland to decorate for any party or event. Use a paper hole punch or scissors to cut pieces, then attach with string, ribbon or tape. Hang across walls, railings, doorways and fireplaces.


With some creativity and craftiness, you can give wrapping paper new life instead of just recycling it or throwing it away after gifts are open. Making gift tags, greeting cards and bows are simple ways to start. For decorative ideas, use it to cover notebooks, boxes, drawers and walls. Repurposing wrapping paper reduces waste and saves money on buying new materials for projects. Implement a few of these ideas after the holidays or birthdays to get more use out of leftover wrapping paper.