Getting your kitchen ready for the holidays can seem like a daunting task. With so much cooking and baking to do, you’ll want your space to be as functional and festive as possible. Follow these 10 tips to get your kitchen holiday-ready!

Do a Deep Clean

The holidays mean lots of messy cooking, so start with a sparkling clean kitchen. Clear all counters and fully wash down surfaces. Clean the stove, oven, microwave, and appliances. Wash cabinets, drawers, and hardware. Mop floors, wipe walls, and take out trash. A deep clean makes prep and cooking much easier.

Organize Cookware and Bakeware

Pull out all your pots, pans, casserole dishes, cookie sheets, muffin tins, pie plates, and other cooking equipment. Check for any chips or cracks. Toss anything that’s damaged. Organize cookware by type and size. Arrange it neatly in cabinets within easy reach. You’ll save time searching mid-recipe.

Clear Out the Fridge and Pantry

Check expiration dates and toss old food from the fridge, freezer, and pantry. Donate unopened items to a food bank. Take inventory of what staples you have on hand and make a list of what needs restocking. Organize shelves and drawers so ingredients are visible and accessible.

Set Up a Holiday Baking Station

Baking holiday goodies involves lots of flour, sugar, spices, and equipment. Set up a dedicated station with everything you’ll need. Include your stand mixer, measuring cups, rolling pin, baking sheets, cooling racks, etc. Keep dry ingredients in airtight containers. Layout tools in order of use.

Prep and Organize Spices

The holidays are full of warming spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Grind whole spices for better flavor. Toss old spices and refill jars. Organize jars in a spice rack or drawer for easy access. Label any mystery spices you can’t identify.

Sharpen Knives

Dull knives make prepping ingredients tedious. Hone knives with a sharpening stone or take them to a professional sharpener. Once sharpened, hand wash and immediately dry knives to keep the blades sharp. Store properly in a knife block or sheath. Sharp knives make food prep safer and quicker.

Clear Counters and Add Small Appliances

Clear your counters of everything but the essential small appliances. You’ll likely need your stand mixer, food processor, blender, electric knife sharpener, toaster, and slow cooker. Make sure they’re cleaned, working properly, and plugged into outlets you can easily access.

Set Up a Holiday Drink Station

Stay hydrated while cooking with a holiday drink station. Include a pitcher of water, festive glassware, mulled cider packets, coffee supplies, tea bags, hot chocolate mix, flavored syrups, spirits for cocktails, cocktail tools, and garnishes. Having drinks at the ready makes hosting easier.

Install Additional Lighting

The kitchen can never have enough light during the hectic holidays. Install task lighting under cabinets to illuminate countertops for cooking and baking. Consider plug-in pendant lights over your island or dining table for ambiance. Well-lit spaces keep you working safely and efficiently.

Decorative Touches

Finally, add festive touches to get in the holiday mood. Hang seasonal dish towels, aprons, and potholders. Display favorite holiday cookbooks and baking molds. Use holiday-themed placemats and kitchen linens. Light candles or diffusers. A dash of decor amps up the cheer.

Getting your kitchen organized and sparkling clean before the holidays makes all your baking, cooking, and hosting much smoother. Implement these tips for a functional, sanitary, and festive space you’ll love working in this season. With your kitchen ready for the holidays, you can focus on creating delicious recipes and memories with loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays

Getting your kitchen ready for the busy holiday season takes some extra preparation. Here are answers to some common questions about making your cooking space holiday-ready:

How early should I start preparing my kitchen for holiday cooking and baking?

It’s best to get your kitchen organized 1-2 months before your big holiday meals and parties. That gives you time for a deep clean, equipment check, pantry purge, appliance testing, and installing any new organizational tools. Attempting it all the week of a big event would be stressful.

What are the most important things to do when getting my kitchen ready for the holidays?

The top priorities are a deep clean of all surfaces, organizing cookware/bakeware, clearing fridge/pantry/countertops, prepping spices, sharpening knives, setting up stations for baking and drinks, and adding festive touches like holiday linens. Complete those and your kitchen will be holiday central!

Should I buy any new equipment like stand mixers or knives?

If your current tools are in good shape, new equipment isn’t mandatory. But if you’re able the holidays are a great excuse to upgrade worn or outdated items. Especially workhorses like your mixer and knives that you’ll use heavily this season.

How can I add festive holiday style to my kitchen on a budget?

Affordable ways to decorate include: hanging a fresh wreath, displaying vintage bakeware, using holiday dish towels, lighting candles, diffusing seasonal scents like cinnamon, and setting out fragrant holiday greenery like pinecones or pine branches.

What are easy organizational projects I can do to maximize my holiday kitchen efficiency?

Install shelf organizers in your pantry, label mystery spices, get matching containers, hang utensil hooks or racks, set up a baking station, create drink area, add a magnetic knife strip, and install additional lighting. Every organizing win will make your holiday cooking smoother!

How often should I clean my kitchen during the busy holiday season?

Daily cleaning is best if possible. Quickly tidy counters, sweep floors, wash any dirty dishes, take out trash, wipe appliances, and spot clean surfaces. It keeps your space sanitary and clutter-free for ongoing cooking and baking. Deep clean again once the holidays wrap up.

Should I do any kitchen maintenance before the holidays like testing appliances?

Yes, test all appliances even if you rarely use them. Make sure the oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, stand mixer, food processor, etc. are all running properly. Replace any burnt out light bulbs. Doing maintenance now avoids frustrations later.

What are good holiday decorating ideas for a rental kitchen you can’t permanently customize?

Great temporary decor for rental kitchens includes: removable wall decals, decorative magnetic boards, holiday dish towels, festive potholders, tabletop decorations, wall/counter greenery that doesn’t damage surfaces, plug-in pendant lights, candle displays, and holiday cookbooks.

How can I organize my spices and keep them fresher for holiday cooking?

Grind whole spices just before use for more flavor. Transfer spices you use often into smaller jars for easier access. Keep them near the stove in a spice rack. Toss old ground spices and dried herbs – they lose potency over time. Label any mystery spices.


Getting your kitchen fully prepped for the holidays does take some extra time and effort. But the investment is well worth it for a functional, sanitary, and festive space you’ll love spending time in this season. By doing a deep clean, organizing equipment and ingredients, setting up festive stations, sharpening tools, and doing general kitchen maintenance, you’ll be ready to take on all your holiday cooking and baking with ease. Don’t leave preparations until the last minute – get your kitchen holiday-ready now and enjoy the smooth sailing all season long. Most importantly, remember that holidays are about making memories. No matter the condition of your kitchen, cherish your time cooking and baking with loved ones.