With autumn just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about cozying up your home for the cooler months ahead. As the weather gets chillier, making a few simple upgrades can help keep your house feeling extra warm and inviting all season long. From lighting fixtures to throw blankets, there are plenty of easy ways to add hygge style to your space and make it feel like a sanctuary.

Utilize Layers of Lighting

One of the best ways to instantly cozy up any room is with strategic lighting. During fall and winter months when days get darker earlier, ample interior illumination is key. Focus on creating layers of light throughout each space for a warm ambient glow.

Wall sconces: Install stylish sconces on either side of beds, above bathroom mirrors and alongside furniture in living areas. Opt for antiqued brass or nickel for a traditional vibe or sleek minimal silhouettes for a contemporary look. Dimmer switches allow you to control brightness as needed.

Table and floor lamps: Position table lamps in cozy seating nooks and by bedsides for a localized glow perfect for reading. Warm up a dark corner with an accent floor lamp. Choose rounded shapes and natural materials like wood or linen for an approachable feel.

Pendant lights: Hang pendant lights over dining tables and kitchen islands to direct light right where you need it. Opt for pendants with multiple globes or those encased in mica, glass or woven materials to cast a soft ambient glow. Suspend on a dimmer to control brightness.

Candles: Keep an abundance of candles on hand to instantly amp up coziness. Cluster pillar candles of varying heights on side tables and mantels or fill lanterns with votives to ring a dining table. Light candles as the sun sets to bask rooms in a flattering flicker.

Incorporate Natural Textures and Materials

Surround yourself with natural fabrics and finishes that lend a comforting, earthy feel. Materiality can make a big impact on fall and winter interiors.

Area rugs: Ground a space and add warmth underfoot with an area rug. Choose natural fibers like wool, cotton or jute in neutral color palettes. Layer larger area rugs over hardwoods or use smaller versions beside beds and seating.

Throws and blankets: Outfit sofas, chairs and beds in textural throws and blankets. Opt for chunky knits, wool, faux fur, sherpa and woven designs. Neutrals and earth tones work well for flexibility. Fold extra blankets in baskets to cuddle up with.

Window treatments: Swap light, breezy curtains for substantial drapes in handsome fabrics like velvet, linen or brocade. Choose thick, insulating materials to help conserve heat. Install blackout lining on drapes in bedrooms for darkness. Consider adding curtains to every window for a cocooning effect.

Wood furnishings: Incorporate furnishings made from natural wood rather than plastic, metal or glossy lacquers. Distressed wood with visible grains boasts rustic character. Teak and oak suit many aesthetics. Use wood dining chairs, coffee tables, consoles, cutting boards and more.

Display Cozy Fall Touches

A few well-chosen fall accents can instantly infuse spaces with autumnal hygge. Think warm colors, natural materials and comfy textures.

Fall wreaths: Welcome guests with a fall wreath on your front door. Look for wreaths made of real leaves and branches, apples, acorns, pine cones and other organic materials. Warm up neutrals with pops of orange, red and yellow.

Seasonal pillows: Refresh throw pillows with cozy fall options. Try pillow covers in buffalo check, plaid, faux fur and wool. Embellish with embroidered leaves, acorns or autumn phrases. Tuck autumnal colors and patterns onto sofas, beds and reading nooks.

Scented candles: Capture the smells of fall with candles scented like spices, pine, apple and more. Group candles together on side tables and mantels for amplified aroma. Nestle smaller votives inside glass hurricanes for warming flicker. Use unscented pillars and tapers alongside fall flower arrangements.

Firewood storage: Store firewood attractively indoors or out to accentuate coziness. Use vintage crates, woven baskets or galvanized buckets. Stack firewood neatly beside fireplaces or on covered porches. The look and smell exude hygge.

Faux fur throws: Drape indulgent faux fur throws over chair backs and sofas for instant warmth. Look for super plush and long-haired furs in creamy ivory, gray, brown and black. The posh texture makes movie nights and book nook sessions even cozier.

Update Your Color Palette

As autumn arrives, gradually shift your interior color palette to reflect the season. Warm, earthy colors like red, orange, brown, tan, cream and gold exude coziness and comfort.

Paint: Add a fresh coat of paint in rich autumnal hues like cinnamon, rust, chocolate, caramel or ochre. Use accent walls behind beds or in dining rooms to envelop the space in fall colors. Paint built-ins, cabinets and trim for pops of color.

Rugs and pillows: Introduce seasonal tones through your rugs, throws and pillows. Search for accents featuring fall foliage colors, buffalo check prints and plaids. Use orange, red and yellow to enliven neutral sofas and beds.

Table linens: Set an inviting table with linens in harvest colors. Try tablecloths in natural linen or placemats in rich autumn shades. Use napkins in coordinating colors. Break out the seasonal toned dinnerware for extra flair.

Accessories: Swap out your year-round decor for fall-flavored accents. Display ceramic pumpkins, gourds, acorns and leaves. Incorporate vases of seasonal dried florals and branches. Try foraging for colorful leaves on nature walks.

Upholstery: Reupholster tired sofas and chairs in cozy autumnal fabrics. Opt for durable slipcovers in earthy florals, plaids and knits to refresh worn seating on a budget. Find options easily removable after the season passes.

Incorporate Warm Metallics

Metallic accents in burnished autumnal tones bring eye-catching shine while still feeling relaxed. Brass, bronze, copper and pewter lend coziness to fall decor.

Light fixtures: Swap out light fixtures for options in warm metal finishes. Try brass sconces, bronze chandeliers, antiqued pendants and more. Metallic lighting choices feel modern yet welcoming.

Furniture hardware: Upgrade furniture with new knobs and pulls in cozy metallics. Brass or bronze hardware pops nicely against painted cabinets and dressers. Try hammered metal or antique brass for traditional appeal.

Mirrors and frames: Surround mirrors and artwork in metallic frames for reflectivity and sheen. Seek out copper framing or picture ledges, pewter mirrors and brushed bronze easel backs. Cluster various metallic frames for interest.

Kitchen and barware: Introduce serveware, bar tools, coasters and more in hammered copper, stainless steel, pewter or antique silver finishes. Metallic kitchenware feels substantial and elegant. Display metallics decoratively when not in use.

Fireplace tools: Outfit fireplaces with stand-out metallic accessories. Look for companion sets with pokers, shovels, tongs and brooms in brass, blackened steel or hammered copper. Add striking coal buckets and fire screens.

Embrace Plush Fabrics

Surrounding yourself with soft, plush textiles is key for fall coziness. Focus on layering sofas, chairs and beds in indulgent fabrics with warm, insulating properties.

Velvet: Few materials exude luxury and richness like velvet. Use velvet pillows, throws and upholstered headboards in jewel tones for dramatic depth. Or try on-trend velvet sofas and chairs in light neutrals.

Faux fur: Snuggle up to the decadence of faux fur. Drape throws made from long-haired faux fur over seating for playful opulence. Try a fluffy fur rug underfoot in a reading nook. Use super soft faux fur pillows for texture.

Flannel: Classic durable flannel boasts year-round coziness. Flannel sheet sets feel reassuringly weighty in colder temps. Find flannel pillowcases, blankets, pajamas, robes and more. Opt for timeless buffalo check or modern prints.

Alpaca: Crafted from the ultra-fine fleece of alpacas, alpaca wool offers cloud-like softness and breathability. Knit alpaca throw blankets provide toasty warmth without weight. Look for alpaca pillows, rugs and apparel too.

Cotton chenille: With its signature tufted pile, cotton chenille feels indulgently plush. Chenille upholstery fabric adds cozy texture to sofas and headboards. Find the velvety cotton in robes, rugs and blankets as well.

Add Warmth Underfoot

Cold bare floors can make a home feel sterile and uninviting. Focus on adding cushy rugs, mats and slippers throughout to keep feet happy, warm and comfortable.

Area rugs: Start by laying down cozy area rugs in your most used spaces. Choose plush wool or cotton styles with added cushioning. Place them in living rooms, bedrooms and entryways for a welcoming feel.

Natural fiber mats: Position durable natural fiber mats outside frequently used exterior doors. Coir, seagrass and sisal mats help trap dirt and add a layer of insulation right inside entries.

Slippers: Supply a basket of slippers guests can slide into upon arrival. Look for shearling lined moccasin and scuff styles. Provide a range of sizes. Add a sign inviting guests to get comfy. Wear slippers yourself to lead by example.

Bath mats: Don’t forget cushy bath mats for post-shower comfort. Opt for thick memory foam, chenille or microfiber mats to pamper feet after bathing. Use mats in coordinating colors to tie together your bath decor.

Wool rugs: Choose plush wool area rugs for sought-after cushioning and warmth. The natural material insulates and feels great under bare feet. Use wool carpets in nurseries, playrooms and other high traffic areas.

Scale Back with Slipcovers

Make overstuffed furniture feel fresh again by tailoring it with cozy slipcovers. Form-fitting slipcovers help heavy upholstery feel lighter and airier. The quick transformations also allow easy seasonal changes.

Sofas: Envelope tired sofas in custom-fit slipcovers for crisp new style. Look for durable cotton, linen or canvas covers tailored to your exact model. Add corner ties to keep them in place.

Chairs and ottomans: Refresh mismatched accent chairs by covering them identically. Custom slipcovers unify aesthetics affordably. Use slipcovers to conceal worn ottoman upholstery too.

Sectionals: Disguise bulky sectionals with slipcovers designed for their unique shapes. Custom covers follow curves seamlessly. Tailor each piece independently or invest in a full set.

Dining chairs: Give dated dining chairs cohesive style with full dining sets of slipcovers. Look for stain-resistant fabrics to stand up to mealtime messes. Change covers seasonally for variety.

Headboards: Shroud unsightly headboards in custom slipcovers for a polished bedroom refresh. Look for tailored covers that fit your headboard style like a glove. Add a contrasting piping or band to define edges.

Craft a Cozy Escape

Creating a designated cozy space or two to retreat to fosters relaxation and rejuvenation. Carve out small sanctuaries designed for recharging in comfort.

Reading nook: Turn a corner or alcove into a snug reading retreat. Add a cushy chair and ottoman, warm throw, floor lamp and side table. Box in the space with a large area rug, drapes and gallery wall for seclusion.

Faux fireplace: Can’t have the real thing? Opt for a faux fireplace that provides flickering ambiance minus the installation hassle. Position in bedrooms or next to reading spots for intimate warmth. Many models include heating functionality.

Solarium: Convert an enclosed porch into a sunroom flooded with natural light. Paint the trim white and add light filtering window treatments. Fill the space with houseplants and comfy rattan furniture for an indoor oasis. Use it to read, do yoga or sip coffee.

Canopy bed: Take bedroom coziness to the next level with an enveloping four poster or canopy bed. Drape with sheer curtains to filter light and define the sleep space. Pile on the pillows and blankets to make it ultra-inviting. Add a plush bench at the foot for extra seating.

Window seat: Build out a storage bench under a sunny window for an afternoon nap spot. Top the bench with comfy cushions and pillows. Add storage inside to corral books and blankets. Just crack the window for a refreshing breeze.

Tips for Maximizing Fall Coziness

Beyond the major upgrades, little thoughtful tweaks can take your fall coziness to the next level. Use these pro tips and tricks to get the most of your hygge home.

  • Set the mood with spiced fall scents like cinnamon broom or mulled cider. Use essential oils in diffusers or scented candles.
  • Drink out of oversized mugs. Their generous proportions feel extra comforting for hot cocoa, coffee and tea.
  • Make a mug of warm apple cider or mulled wine to sip in the evenings. Brew a large batch to share with guests.
  • Toss flannel sheets in the dryer before making up the bed. The warmth feels incredibly welcoming on chilly nights.
  • Stage baskets of blankets in living areas and bedrooms. Make them readily accessible for curling up in.
  • Host an appetizer focused dinner party. Passing bites gathered around the kitchen feels cozy.
  • Cuddle pets indoors more during colder months. Adding their warm bodies to your lap ups the cozy factor.
  • Layer on the comforters and quilts. Don’t be shy about piling on bedding for optimal coziness.
  • Roast chestnuts or make popcorn. Snacking by the fire fills homes with inviting aroma and warmth.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Cozying up for Fall

As you prepare your home for autumn, you may encounter some common questions when trying to create an ultra-cozy environment. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do I make my home smell cozy for fall?

Some of the best ways to make your home smell warm, welcoming and cozy for autumn include:

  • Lighting seasonal scented candles like pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, clove or pine
  • Diffusing essential oils like cedarwood, cinnamon, clove or fir needle
  • Simmering pots of apple cider or mulling spices on the stove
  • Adding dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks or pinecones to bowls of potpourri
  • Making treats like cookies, banana bread or pumpkin pie to fill the house with yummy aromas

What colors evoke fall coziness?

Rich, warm color palettes help create an extra cozy ambiance in autumn. Some top colors to incorporate include:

  • Golden yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Terracotta
  • Mustard
  • Olive green
  • Rust
  • Plum
  • Mocha
  • Camel
  • Cream

Incorporate these fall-flavored hues through throw pillows, blankets, upholstery, patio cushions, rugs, napkins, towels and more.

How can I make my bedroom really cozy for fall?

Some easy ways to transform your bedroom into a cozy fall oasis include:

  • Using flannel sheets for softness and warmth
  • Adding an extra blanket like wool or faux fur
  • Lighting candles and essential oils by your bedside
  • Placing a small heater in your bedroom for extra warmth
  • Hanging light blackout curtains to make it dark and cocoon-like
  • Wearing slippers and cozy loungewear like robes, socks and sweatshirts

What are the best materials for cozy fall bedding and blankets?

Opt for bedding and blankets made from these famously cozy materials:

  • Flannel – soft, insulating cotton
  • Fleece – plush, velvety polyester
  • Sherpa – thick, long-haired synthetic fleece
  • Chenille – velvety cotton with deep tufted pile
  • Wool – temperature regulating Merino or lambswool
  • Alpaca – silky, lightweight wool from alpacas
  • Faux Fur – deliciously plush and indulgent

How can I decorate my porch for fall in a cozy way?

Make your porch ultra-inviting for the season with these cozy ideas:

  • Add rocking chairs, wicker sofa or outdoor sectional
  • Lay down natural fiber rugs and use outdoor pillows/throws
  • Install exterior drapes for an intimate feel
  • Use firepits, heat lamps and patio heaters to keep warm
  • Drape string lights overhead for magical ambiance
  • Display pumpkins, gourds, leaves and fall wreaths
  • Put out lanterns, candles and torch lighting


With a little planning and decorating, you can easily infuse your whole house with autumnal hygge. Focus on cozy essentials like warm lighting, natural textures, indulgent fabrics and layered bedding. Incorporate fall colors and metallic accents for seasonal flair. Carve out intimate spaces devoted to relaxation. Make comfort a priority with cushy rugs and slippers underfoot. Before you know it, your home will feel like a calm, welcoming refuge ready to enjoy fall to the fullest.