Soapstone countertops are a timeless and elegant choice for any kitchen. Made from natural quarried stone, soapstone has a soft, earthy look that pairs beautifully with a wide range of backsplash materials and colors. Choosing the right backsplash to complement your soapstone countertops can bring together your whole kitchen design.

Here are 10 top backsplash ideas to pair with soapstone countertops:

1. Metal Backsplash

Metallic backsplashes are a top choice with soapstone countertops. The cool tones of metal pair perfectly with the muted, natural look of soapstone. Popular metal backsplash ideas include:

  • Stainless steel – For a contemporary, industrial vibe. Stainless steel comes in brushed and polished finishes.
  • Copper – Adds a warm, rustic accent. Natural copper develops a unique patina over time.
  • Brass – From bold yellow hues to softened antique brass, this metal suits both traditional and modern spaces.
  • Tin – Offers an earthy, vintage look. Tin backsplashes often feature decorative patterns.
  • Nickel – Has an understated shine and metallic gray color that complements soapstone nicely.

When installing a metal backsplash, consider mixing metal finishes for extra visual interest. For example,combining stainless steel and copper backsplash tiles.

2. Stone Backsplash

Matching your soapstone countertops with a stone backsplash is a seamless, cohesive look. Stone provides a subtle texture that suits the veining in soapstone beautifully.

Popular stone backsplash choices include:

  • Marble – Elegant grey and white marbling has a timeless appeal. Carrara marble is a popular choice.
  • Travertine – Earthy beige and brown shades complement soapstone’s natural colors. Has a gently textured, stacked stone appearance.
  • Slate – A darker grey backsplash stone that contrasts nicely with light soapstones. Slate conveys a modern, sleek look.
  • Quartzite – Offers the durability of quartz in natural stone colors and patterns that pair perfectly with soapstone counters.
  • Sandstone – Warm natural tan and brown shades with interesting banding in the stone.

For a coordinated look, select a backsplash stone that picks up the veining and texture in your specific soapstone slabs.

3. Tile Backsplash

Tile backsplashes offer endless options to match with your soapstone counters. Consider colors, materials, sizes, shapes, and patterns when selecting tiles.

Popular tile choices include:

  • Subway tile – A versatile classic, subway tiles come in every color. Great for contemporary, vintage or traditional spaces.
  • Stone tile – Like slate, travertine or marble tiles tie in beautifully with soapstone’s natural vibe.
  • Patterned tile – Make a statement with Moroccan fish scale tiles, handpainted Spanish tiles or bold geometric designs.
  • Brick veneer tiles – Rustic and organic-looking. Red brick tiles offer bold contrast while neutral bricks blend with soapstone.
  • Glass tile – Adds subtle shine and texture. Great for metallic glass or iridescent tiles.

Mix and match tile sizes, shapes, and colors for added interest. Accent with mosaic, liner or listello border tiles.

4. Wood Backsplash

The natural beauty of wood makes an ideal backsplash partner for soapstone counters. Different wood finishes and against bring visual warmth.

Great wood backsplash options include:

  • Reclaimed barnwood – Rustic and charmingly imperfect
  • Weathered plank boards – Adds texture and depth
  • Bamboo – Sustainable and richly grained
  • Teak – Exotic and tropical looking
  • Walnut – Dark chocolate tones accent the stone
  • Maple – Subtly grained with light amber hues
  • Cherry – Warm red undertones coordinate with many soapstones

Use wood paneling, shiplap or tongue and groove planks. Try mixing vertical and horizontal pieces for interest.

5. Glass Backsplash

Glass backsplashes add light and shine to balance out the muted matte look of soapstone. Glass tiles come in a huge variety of colors, finishes and textures.

Trendy glass backsplash ideas include:

  • Textured glass – Adds visual interest with rolled, crackled and hammered finishes
  • Frosted or etched glass – Provides soft, diffused light
  • Clear glass – Reflective and luminous looking
  • Colored glass – Make a vibrant or subtle color statement
  • Recycled glass – Has an earthy, eco-friendly appeal that suits soapstone
  • Glass mosaic – Small tiles let you create artistic designs and patterns
  • Glass subway tiles – Sleek and contemporary
  • Large glass tiles – For a seamless, uninterrupted expanse of color

Combine glass with metal accents for more diversity. Try a glass mosaic accent strip against a metal backsplash.

6. Natural Stone Masonry Backsplash

Rough-textured masonry backsplashes made from natural stone add wonderful contrast with smooth soapstone counters. This organic style ties together a natural, earthy aesthetic.

Great natural stone masonry backsplash options:

  • Fieldstone – Multicolored, random shaped stones
  • Ledgestone – Flatter, layered stone pieces
  • River rock – Smooth water-tumbled pebbles
  • Flint – Chalky grey stones with rugged texture
  • Lava rock – Igneous stones with cavities and dark colors
  • Flagstone – Irregular flat grey and brown stones
  • Limestone – Rough creamy white blocks
  • Sandstone – Swirls of beige, brown and taupe
  • Bluestone – Textured grey-blue pavers

Leave visible mortar lines between stones for an authentic hand-laid look. This style pairs perfectly with farmhouse, cottage, or rustic decor.

7. Brick Backsplash

Like natural stone masonry, brick backsplashes complement the raw, organic vibe of soapstone counters beautifully. Matte bricks contrast with soapstone’s soft luster.

Trendy brick backsplash ideas include:

  • Red clay bricks – Classic and warms up soapstone’s cool greys
  • Whites and creams – Subtly brighten the space
  • Multicolored blends – Interesting variegated shades
  • Glazed bricks – Glossy finish in any color
  • Faux brick – Realistic brick veneer tiles or panels
  • Distressed bricks – Charmingly aged and timeworn
  • Stacked bricks – Jagged rows or herringbone patterns
  • Brick strips – Borders as accents between tiles
  • Salvaged bricks – Rustic, mismatched bricks with character

Leave mortar lines visible or go for a seamless floating brick wall look. Add brick niches for storing spices or displaying items.

8. Concrete Backsplash

The utilitarian vibe of concrete makes it an on-trend choice to contrast with natural soapstone counters. Concrete’s mottled grey tones accentuate soapstone’s earthiness.

Smart concrete backsplash options include:

  • Poured concrete – Pigmented, seamless and glossy
  • Concrete tile – Easier installation and versatile patterns
  • Textured concrete – With aggregates and materials embedded, like sea glass
  • Polished concrete – Ultra-smooth with subtle speckled coloring
  • Stamped concrete – Textured to mimic stone, wood or other materials
  • Concrete subway tiles – Affordable tiles with the look of industrial concrete

Concrete backsplashes work well in modern, industrial and urban kitchens. For a lighter look, opt for white concrete accented with greenery.

9. Porcelain, Ceramic or Terracotta Backsplash Tile

These affordable and diverse tiles are backsplash stars. From vivid glazes to handmade terra cotta, they pair beautifully with soapstone’s muted palette.

Trending styles include:

  • Boldly colored tiles – Contrast bright glazed tiles with natural soapstone
  • Terracotta – Warm orange and earth red tones
  • Moroccan – Intricate patterned tiles
  • Handpainted Spanish – Vibrant colors and images
  • Crackled – Glazes with an antiqued, crazed effect
  • Graphic prints – Geometric patterns and pop art designs

Use creatively shaped tiles like hexagons or fish scales for artistic impact. Mix different colors and patterns for eclectic charm.

10. Lacquered or Wallpaper Backsplash

Make a glossy statement with lacquered walls or wallpaper. The sheen contrasts dramatically with soapstone’s honed finish.

  • Lacquered backsplash – High-gloss color choices like emerald green, deep blues, bright yellow and more
  • Metallic wallpaper – Gilded patterns, copper foil prints, silver leaf
  • Textured wallpaper – Taupe, gray and neutral backgrounds with stucco, grasscloth or velvet textures
  • Chinoiserie – Vintage scenic wallpaper transports you to the Far East
  • Damask – Classic motifs on dramatic dark backgrounds
  • Contemporary prints – Bold geometric or floral prints make a splash

Use these backsplashes sparingly on a single wall or focal area. They provide serious drama against neutral soapstone counters.

Pairing Backsplashes With Soapstone Counters

When it comes to backsplashes for soapstone counters, choose materials, colors and patterns that complement or contrast the stone.

  • Complementary backsplashes match the earthy hues in your soapstone. Stick with soft beiges, greys, browns and other muted, natural tones found in stones like marble or travertine.
  • Contrasting backsplashes make the soapstone pop with brighter colors like vivid tile glazes or eye-catching patterns like Moroccan fish scale tiles.
  • Warm metals like copper and brass bring out the subtle tan and gold flecks in many soapstones.
  • Cool metals like stainless steel accentuate the gray and green veining.
  • Glossy backsplashes like glass or lacquer provide interesting juxtaposition with soapstone’s soft matte look.
  • Rustic, highly textured backsplashes like reclaimed wood complement the organic variation in the stone.

The right backsplash brings the whole kitchen together and showcases your beautiful soapstone countertops. With an abundance of materials, colors, textures and styles to consider, get creative mixing and matching to design your perfect backsplash.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backsplashes for Soapstone Countertops

What are the best backsplash colors for soapstone countertops?

Popular backsplash colors for soapstone counters include neutral earth tones like beige, tan, cream, gray, brown and black that complement the stone. Matte white backsplashes also look beautiful. For contrast, consider emerald greens, navy blues, and other rich colors.

What backsplash goes best with black soapstone countertops?

Black soapstone counters would look amazing paired with a glossy white or deep green glass backsplash for dramatic contrast. Stainless steel, metal mosaic tiles, or white marble subway tiles also complement black soapstone beautifully.

What kind of backsplash should I avoid with soapstone?

Avoid backsplashes that are too overpowering or busy, as they compete with the subtle beauty of soapstone. Very dark or intensely colored backsplashes can be overwhelming. Avoid strong patterns like dizzying zigzags that clash instead of complementing the stone.

How do I decorate around a soapstone backsplash?

Use wall decor that enriches the organic, nature-inspired look of soapstone. Paint walls a soft neutral color to let the backsplash stand out. Add wood shelves, framed botanical prints, textured baskets and vases, raw edge wood trivets, and greenery like succulents or air plants.

Should a backsplash match or contrast soapstone countertops?

It’s a matter of personal preference! Matching backsplashes promote harmony through materials like marble or travertine tiles with veining that complements the soapstone. Contrasting backsplashes create visual interest by juxtaposing colors, textures and materials like glossy white lacquer on matte grey stone.

How do you clean a soapstone backsplash?

Clean soapstone backsplashes with mild dish soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals and acidic cleaners that can damage the stone. For stubborn spots, use a Scotch-Brite pad, flour, or mineral spirits to gently scrub the area. Be sure to re-seal soapstone backsplashes periodically.


With its natural elegance and timeless appeal, a soapstone countertop upgrade can transform your kitchen’s style. Pairing it with the perfect backsplash completes the look and brings your overall design together. Whether you prefer sleek stainless steel tiles, rustic brick, glossy lacquer panels or handpainted ceramics, the options are limitless. Thoughtfully choosing materials and colors that complement or contrast with your soapstone counters results in a cohesive, eye-catching kitchen that you’ll love entertaining and cooking in.