Utilize Wall Space

The walls in your bathroom provide prime real estate for extra storage. Install floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets to store towels, toiletries and decorative items. Opt for open shelves to display rolled towels or baskets. For a modern look, choose shelves with sleek metal brackets or solid wood cabinets with clean lines. Make sure to mount them at an easily accessible height.

Add a Bathroom Cabinet

An over-the-toilet cabinet instantly provides storage and makes use of the often under-utilized space above the toilet. Look for bathroom cabinets with doors to conceal clutter or open shelves for neatly folded towels. For a cohesive look, select a cabinet in the same finish or color as your vanity. Bonus tip: Install additional lighting above or inside the cabinet to illuminate your storage space.

Get Creative with Ladders

Ladders aren’t just for the garage. Repurposing a leaning ladder into a towel rack adds industrial flair to your bathroom. Hang the ladder horizontally on a wall and use the rungs to neatly store rolled washcloths and towels. For a bit of visual interest, stagger items on the ladder rungs. A ladder tucked in an unused corner also provides vertical storage for toilet paper, shampoo or extra TP.

Under-Sink Organizers

Don’t let that space under your bathroom sink go to waste. Install an under-sink organizer or caddy to neatly arrange toiletries, cleaning supplies and first aid items. Look for customizable options with adjustable shelves and slide-out drawers. For easy access to everyday items, use a caddy with built-in hooks on the side to hang spray bottles.

Drawer Dividers

Dividers are a quick and inexpensive way to add compartments inside your vanity drawers. Use them to separate makeup brushes and cosmetics, toiletries, hair products and other small items. Look for durable dividers made of bamboo, acrylic or metal that can be configured to fit your drawer space. Label each compartment for an organized look.

Freestanding Storage Units

When floor space allows, take advantage of vertical storage with a freestanding unit. A tall narrow cabinet tucks neatly beside the vanity to store extra toilet paper, towels and cleaning essentials. For a lightweight option, use an étagère-style shelf. Place baskets or bins on the open shelves to conceal everyday clutter. Or opt for a rustic ladder-style shelf to display folded towels.

Hanging Shower Caddy

Maximize unused wall space and keep shower essentials within arm’s reach with a hanging shower caddy. Choose one with multiple shelves, hooks, and bins to organize all your showering items. Opt for a caddy with rust-resistant metal construction that won’t rust from moisture and humidity. Install it using strong, waterproof adhesive.

Hidden Wastebasket

Keep waste out of sight but within reach with a discreet hideaway wastebasket. Look for narrow trash cans that can hang on the inside of a vanity cabinet door or slide into a unused vanity compartment. There are even designs made specifically for the toe-kick space under the vanity. Just open the cabinet door or slide out the bin to deposit waste.

Hardware Hooks

Take advantage of wall space inside or outside the shower with hardware hooks for hanging loofahs, razors, robes, towels or other lightweight items. Search for hooks with rust-resistant finishes that stand up to moisture. Look for versatile hook assortments to hang items of different sizes. Command hooks also offer a quick no-damage solution for additional hooks.

Spice Racks for Storage

Repurpose wall-mounted spice racks from the kitchen to store bathroom items like nail polish, makeup brushes, cotton swabs and more. The compartments keep small items neatly organized. Mount it to a wall or inside a cabinet door for a creative storage solution. Opt for a durable rack with moisture-resistant finish.

Making simple upgrades to utilize all possible bathroom storage space can make your mornings run more smoothly. Follow these creative storage solutions for a bathroom that looks stylish and keeps clutter neatly stashed away. Which idea are you most excited to try first? Get creative with your storage options and enjoy a tidy, well-organized bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Storage Solutions

What are some quick ways to add more bathroom storage?

Some quick ways to add bathroom storage include over-the-toilet shelves, under-sink organizers, hanging wall cabinets, drawer dividers, freestanding shelves, and wall-mounted hooks. These solutions maximize vertical and horizontal storage space.

How do I add storage beside my bathroom vanity?

To add storage beside your bathroom vanity, install a narrow freestanding cabinet, wall-mounted floating shelves, or an étagère-style open shelving unit. Place baskets or bins on the shelves for concealed storage.

Where can I add extra storage cabinets in my small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, look for unused vertical space above the toilet or on walls to install narrow cabinets for extra storage. Wall mounted cabinets with doors keep items concealed and maximize every inch.

What types of organizational items keep bathroom drawers neat?

Use drawer dividers, compartment boxes, trays, and bath accessory caddies to keep drawers neatly organized. Labeled clear plastic bins and matching bamboo organizing trays make items easy to find.

How do I store bathroom items beside the shower?

Install a hanging shower caddy inside your shower or place a narrow shelving unit, towel ladder, or wall-mounted cabinet right outside the shower to store items within reach. Baskets and bins keep shower essentials organized.


With clever solutions like under-sink organizers, wall mounted shelves, drawer dividers, and shower caddies, you can maximize every bit of space in your bathroom. Take advantage of all the vertical and horizontal storage opportunities to keep bathroom essentials neat yet easily accessible. Follow these 10 storage tips for a stylishly organized bathroom that makes your morning routine a breeze. Which ideas are you excited to implement first to create storage and tame bathroom clutter? Get creative and enjoy a tidy bathroom space.