A bedroom is often seen as a personal retreat and should reflect your style and personality. For men who want to embrace a masculine aesthetic in the bedroom, there are many stylish ways to do so through design, decor and color choices. From rich textures and dark colors to rugged materials and geometric patterns, a variety of elements can create a bold, manly vibe.

Embracing masculinity in the bedroom doesn’t mean you have to make it look like a “man cave.” With careful thought and quality furnishings, you can strike the right balance between masculine edge and refined style. Here are 10 tips for designing a stylish bedroom with an undeniably masculine feel.

Choose Sturdy Wood Furniture

Hardy furnishings in rich wood tones are an easy way to add masculine style to a bedroom. Opt for solid wood pieces like:

  • A substantial wood bed frame or headboard in a dark espresso, walnut or oak finish. Platform beds with strong straight lines work well.
  • A wood nightstand or two that complement the bed frame. Go for simple Shaker-style or mid-century modern designs.
  • A sturdy wood dresser with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Look for dovetailed drawer construction for durability.
  • A wood desk or table that can double as a work station. Opt for a rectangular table with straight legs versus ornate curves.

The natural beauty and strong look of wood never goes out of style. Quality constructed wood furniture adds handsome refinement to any manly bedroom.

Incorporate Leather & Hide Elements

The inherent ruggedness of leather and animal hides inherently feels masculine. Consider incorporating:

  • A leather headboard, which adds stylish texture and interest. Look for leather embossed with geometric or subtle patterns.
  • Leather desk accessories like a padfolio, catchall tray or desk pad. These add some visual interest.
  • A cowhide rug on the floor by the bed. It brings natural texture and feels luxe.
  • Leather pillows with wool or cotton backing. They’ll soften a leather headboard.
  • A leather ottoman or storage bench at the foot of the bed. It’s functional and looks great.

Leather adds a lovely warmth and rugged edge to a bedroom. Pair it thoughtfully with other textures like wood and soft bedding for the ideal mix.

Choose a Masculine Color Palette

Strategic use of color is key in cultivating a masculine bedroom ambiance. Aim for colors often associated with masculinity like:

  • Rich navy – Pair it with crisp white for a nautical vibe or deep wood tones for an elegant look. Navy can feel refined or casual.
  • Charcoal grey – From dark grey walls to bedding in shades of grey, it creates an intimate, cozy mood.
  • Forest green – Deep, earthy green is inherently masculine yet restful. Especially nice with wood furniture.
  • Chocolate brown – A rich, warm neutral that complements wood tones. Feels inviting.
  • Black accents – Use black in moderation through bedding or décor. It packs a masculine punch.

Keep the overall palette relatively neutral, then layer in textures, patterns and black accents for bold masculine edge.

Incorporate Industrial Touches

Exposed bulbs, raw metal finishes and architectural details are hallmarks of industrial design. Bringing in a few key industrial elements cultivates rugged masculine style:

  • Metal nightstands with riveted details or a blackened steel finish. They’ll complement a wood bed.
  • Factory carts repurposed as end tables. Vintage ones with wear and tear have character.
  • Metal and wood shelving units for a no-frills storage solution. Opt for open boxes to display objects.
  • Wall sconces or pendant lights with exposed Edison bulbs and black metal hardware. They shed a warm, moody glow.
  • Salvaged wood, brick or concrete elements as wall décor. Vintage tobacco crates or reclaimed boards make great wall art.

Avoid going overboard. Thoughtfully incorporate just a couple industrial-inspired furnishings or décor items to bring in masculine edge.

Layer in Texture & Pattern

While you want a relaxing bedroom retreat, layering in textural elements prevents the room from feeling flat or bland. Consider:

  • Cable knit wool blankets at the end of the bed. The chunky texture feels inviting.
  • A jute rug underfoot for natural fiber texture. Jute wears well.
  • Window shades in natural woven woods like bamboo, rattan or grasscloth. They filter light beautifully.
  • Throw pillows in a range of textures – wool, linen, cotton velvet, leather. Mix and match.
  • A subtle tone-on-tone pattern like herringbone or windowpane on bedding for visual interest.

Varying textures and patterns, from rough to smooth add subtle depth. Just take care that the room doesn’t feel overly busy. Find the right balance.

Hang Masculine Artwork

Carefully curated artwork can bring together a bedroom’s color scheme and reinforce the masculine vibe. Consider displaying:

  • Vintage maps or botanical artwork featuring explorer motifs. These look smart framed simply.
  • Black and white photography depicting masculine subject matter like travel or sport.
  • Framed posters or signage with subtle masculine themes. Vintage advertisements work well.
  • Abstract paintings or prints in bold shades of blue, green, gray or brown. Strong shapes appeal.
  • Custom monogrammed or name art adds a personal touch. Opt for simple fonts.

Whatever you choose, select larger scale pieces to visually balance out sturdy furnishings. Bold masculine art completes the look.

Add Pops of Metal

Gleaming metal finishes pop against wood, leather and muted colors. Work metal into the bedroom through:

  • Iron sconces flanking the bed with thin black metal frames and candle bulb lighting.
  • Nightstand lamps with brushed nickel bases and metal shades. Streamlined mid-century styles work well.
  • Metallic photo frames and objets d’art. Silver, pewter and black metal choices feel sleek.
  • A geometric faceted mirror above a console table for eye-catching appeal. Consider a hammered metal finish.
  • Slim metallic vases and bowls for holding loose change and accessories. Mix metals for interest.

Let metal décor be the bold accent. Avoid going overboard into an ultra-modern or cold industrial look. Thoughtfully edit any strong metal pieces.

Choose Masculine Bedding

An inviting bed is the centerpiece of any great bedroom. Select masculine bedding elements like:

  • Solid tonal duvet covers or quilts in grays, blues, browns and greens. Avoid overly bold patterns here.
  • Crisp white sheets for a tailored look. Quality cotton percale or linen works well.
  • A wool throw blanket at the end of the bed for added warmth and texture.
  • Supportive leather and microfiber pillows since they retain their structure well.
  • A dark leather or fabric headboard to anchor the bed.

High-quality bedding is worth the investment. Choose pieces in masculine hues and natural fibers that feel luxe and promote restfulness.

Add Personal Touches

While embracing a masculine motif, also add personal mementos and touches to make the space truly feel like your own. Consider displaying:

  • Framed photos of loved ones, travels or favorite places. Group in odd numbers on a dresser.
  • Books, CDs, albums and objects related to your interests. Showcase them on open shelving.
  • Sentimental items like trophies, souvenirs or family heirlooms. Give them a prominent place.
  • Favorite art, ceramic pieces or other handmade objects. Aim for simple forms.

Personal items reveal your passions, history and personality. Thoughtfully edit décor so furnishings remain the focus while personal items provide accents.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

When designing a masculine bedroom, aim for a thoughtfully curated space versus jam-packed with décor. Place focus on:

  • Investing in one statement bedframe with beautiful wood grain and clean lines.
  • Choosing better quality furnishings and taking proper care of them.
  • Displaying a minimalist collection of artwork you truly cherish.
  • Keeping surfaces like dressers decluttered and nightstands streamlined.
  • Making the space inviting to relax and recharge in.

By focusing on quality over quantity, your masculine bedroom will feel cohesive and structured while still providing comfort and tranquility. Place value in the details.


Creating a stylish bedroom with a masculine edge is all about the nuances. Carefully chosen wood pieces, leather accents, rich colors, and bold patterns cultivate a bold yet refined space. Focusing on quality furnishings and personal mementos ensures the bedroom also functions as your own personal haven.

With these tips in mind, thoughtfully layer rustic and industrial touches with cleaner tailored pieces. The ideal masculine bedroom combines strength and subtlety through considered, curated style. Embrace your inner lumberjack while still appreciating refined relaxation. Balance is key in designing a bedroom that is undeniably masculine yet still stylish and rejuvenating.

Frequently Asked Questions About Designing Masculine Bedrooms

Masculine bedroom design brings up many questions for those looking to embrace a bold, rugged aesthetic. Here are answers to some of the most common queries about creating stylish masculine bedrooms.

What colors work well in a masculine bedroom?

Stick to a neutral, earthy color palette. Rich tones like navy, charcoal, chocolate brown and deep green work very well. Greys and tans also pair nicely. Use black and metallics minimally as bold accents.

What type of bedding should I choose?

Focus on high-quality bedding in neutral solids or subtle patterns. Crisp white sheets with a wool throw blanket at the footboard exudes masculine refinement. Leather and microfiber pillows retain their structure.

What kind of artwork fits a masculine aesthetic?

Vintage maps, black and white nature photography, abstract paintings, signage and custom monogrammed pieces make great masculine wall art. Framed posters of sports figures, cars or music icons can also work.

How can I incorporate metal elements?

Add gleaming metallics through lighting fixtures, photo frames, vases, bowls and lamps. Hammered silver, matte black and brushed brass finishes all work. Allow metal décor to standout against wood and muted colors.

Should I use any patterns or prints?

Use patterns minimally and in simple modern designs like herringbone, windowpane or subtle plaids. Limit patterns to pillows, throws, area rugs and bedding for pops of visual interest. Avoid heavily patterned upholstery.

What textural elements help achieve a masculine look?

Natural textural elements like jute, wool, leather and wood add depth. Incorporate woven window shades, a cowhide rug, chunky knit blanket, and varied pillow textures for visual interest.

How do I add an industrial edge?

Thoughtfully incorporate metal and wood furnishings with a worn, distressed patina. Wire basket shelves, factory carts, and pendant lighting work well. Salvaged wood and vintage objects can also inject industrial flair.

What personal items should I display?

Carefully curate mementos like framed photos, books, albums, travel souvenirs and sentimental objects. Choose pieces that reveal your personality and pastimes while still fitting the masculine aesthetic. Avoid clutter.

In Closing

Embracing a bold, masculine vibe in the bedroom is all about the details. Focus on quality over quantity, layer rich textures, incorporate personal mementos, and edit carefully. Most importantly, create a relaxing retreat that suits your unique style. With the right balance of rugged and refined elements, your masculine bedroom can provide the perfect stylish escape.