Adding a statement mirror to your bathroom can instantly elevate the style and make the space feel fresh and modern. With so many mirror options to choose from, it can be overwhelming deciding which look is right for your home. Here are 10 standout mirror styles that are sure to make a dramatic statement in your bathroom.

Oversized Mirrors

Going big with your bathroom mirror creates a wow-factor as soon as you walk in the room. Oversized mirrors span nearly floor to ceiling and wall to wall, opening up small spaces and reflecting more natural light. The expansive looking glass makes the room feel more spacious while the large scale becomes an interior design feature itself.

Oversized mirrors come framed with a thick border or unframed with polished edges. A thin frame in a finish like brass, silver or matte black keeps the look streamlined. Unframed mirrors have a sleek, contemporary vibe. Hang an oversized mirror behind the vanity or as a standalone focal point on any wall. It’s a simple switch that makes a big visual impact.

Round Mirrors

The soft rounded shape of a circular mirror lends a feminine charm and retro touch to bathrooms. Round mirrors layered over vanities provide visual interest, working well in both traditional and modern designed rooms. Look for antique mirrors with carved frames or distressed finishes for a shabby chic cottage style.

Modern spaces can hang simple round mirrors with thin brushed metal, matte black or white frames. Another trendy look is grouping a few framed round mirrors together on the wall in various sizes. The eclectic display adds character and reflects more light.

Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrors that double as storage cabinets are ultra-functional for small bathrooms. They reduce visual clutter while maximizing space. Mirrored cabinets keep toiletries and medications organized and out of sight but easily accessible behind doors. Many designs include electrical outlets, lights and charging stations concealed discreetly inside too.

Mounted above or alongside the vanity, mirrored cabinets expand storage and reflect light in the room. Look for transitional styles with clean lines and understated hardware. Custom cabinets can be built floor to ceiling to match your bath’s dimensions. Mirrored cabinet fronts maintain the sleek, streamlined aesthetic.

Beveled Mirrors

The faceted surface of a beveled mirror scatters light to create a soft, diffused glow in bathrooms. This makes harsh, unflattering lighting more forgiving. Many vintage mirrors have beveled edges for a classic, timeless look. Ornately carved frames accentuate the angled detailing.

For modern bathrooms, look for simple framed or frameless beveled mirrors. They have the same light-diffusing qualities without elaborate edges competing with sleek, contemporary designs. Hang beveled mirrors behind vanities or as standalone wall décor to add dimension and amplify natural light. The accentuated edges catch and reflect light beautifully.

Backlit Mirrors

Illuminated mirrors infuse bathrooms with an appealing ambient glow. LED lighting is concealed behind the mirror’s edges, emitting a soft glow that flatters the complexion and enhances the room’s atmosphere. Backlit mirrors work well mounted above vanities, where the light illuminates tasks like grooming and makeup application.

Look for dimmable options to control the brightness and tone of the light. Cool white lighting has an energetic feel, while warm white light is more calming. Some mirrors have colored light settings, like blue for morning energy or yellow for unwinding before bed. Install a backlit mirror on the wall or medicine cabinet to provide both task lighting and decorative flair.

Hollywood Style Mirrors

The old Hollywood era inspires glamorous illuminated mirrors framed by lightbulbs. Contemporary versions use LED lighting around the perimeter of the mirror for energy efficiency. The distinct bold lighting frames the reflection for a dramatic, theatrical look.

This mirror style makes a bold statement over bathroom vanities. Opt for circular frames softened by Edison-style clear bulbs, or sleek rectangular frames with minimalist lighting. Dimmable lights allow you to customize the mood. Turn up the brightness when primping or creating soft ambiance for a relaxing soak.

Mirrored Tiles

For a high-impact alternative to traditional mirrors, install mirrored tile on bathroom walls. Mirrored walls make small rooms feel more expansive by reflecting light and images. The shiny surfaces create the illusion of doubled space, letting you see the room from different intriguing angles.

Use mirrored tiles sparingly as an accent wall behind sinks or bathtubs. The reflective qualities work well paired with natural stone textures and colors. Mirrored metro tiles covering a full wall bring vintage art deco flair. Keep flooring and cabinetry muted to prevent overwhelming reflections.

Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors allow you to infuse personal style into your bathroom. Intricate wood frames, bold metal finishes, painted designs and more transform basic mirrors into decorative focal points. Match frames to other finishes in the room, like cabinet hardware, faucets and light fixtures.

Lean toward streamlined frames like thin metallics or painted wood to keep small bathrooms feeling open and airy. Carved frames and ornate details suit larger spaces and traditional décor. Custom frame mirrors to desired sizes or opt for oversized ready-made styles. Framed mirrors over vanities or as standalone wall art provide stylish function.

Pivoting Mirrors

Pivoting mirrors are ultra-convenient multitaskers for bathroom routines. The mirrors tilt and rotate, making it easy to adjust the viewing angle while grooming, applying makeup or styling your hair. Flexible pivoting mirrors allow you to get the best sightlines where you need them most.

Swiveling wall mounts give full range of motion for pivoting mirrors. Look for styles with magnifying options that zoom in for detail work like tweezing eyebrows or shaving. Lighted versions ensure ideal visibility. For extra convenience, choose mirrors with auxiliary side panels that extend the reflective surface area.

Three-Way Mirrors

A practical upgrade for bathrooms is installing a three-way mirror that provides views from multiple angles. The two side mirrors are angled to reflect back and side images, giving a complete head-to-toe perspective. Some three-way mirrors also include front-facing magnification panels for detailed grooming.

Having expanded reflective views helps when checking your appearance from all sides as you get ready. Three-way mirrors work well mounted above vanities, allowing you to see yourself clearly while at the sink. The versatile perspectives make these mirrors useful additions, especially in small spaces. Angle the side mirrors inward to reflect even more of the room.

Key Considerations for Bathroom Mirrors

With so many statement mirror styles to choose from, keep the following tips in mind as you shop for your bath:

  • Measure carefully to find mirrors that fit your space and reflect light optimally. Oversized mirrors can make small rooms appear more spacious.
  • Look for moisture-resistant mirrors with anti-fog features if mounting near showers and tubs.
  • Make sure mirrors are well-lit but avoid harsh overhead lighting that creates shadows.
  • Consider adding mirrors across from windows to reflect natural light.
  • If using framed mirrors, choose styles with rust-, tarnish- and corrosion-resistant frames.
  • Make sure mirrors are securely mounted and positioned at comfortable heights for use.

Display Mirrors With Style

Once you’ve selected the perfect statement mirror for your bathroom, it’s time to creatively display it:

  • Lean into asymmetry. Hang mirrors off-center on walls or slightly tilt for unique visual appeal.
  • Layer mirrors over wall tile or wallpaper for added depth and texture.
  • Arrange a collection of different mirrors for an eclectic gallery wall display.
  • Prop ornate framed mirrors on vanities or shelving to show off details.
  • Place mirrors behind sinks instead of above them for a fresh modern look.
  • Flank the bath or shower with elegant floor mirrors to reflect light and views.
  • Suspend small mirrors on chains or cables for charming dangling accents.

With the right statement mirror, your bathroom can go from drab to dramatic. Any of these eye-catching styles will create visual impact and reflect your unique taste. Just shop for mirrors with quality craftsmanship that complement your bath’s existing finishes. Then get creative hanging them in spots that make smart use of reflective light to give your bathroom a glamorous new look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Statement Mirrors for the Bathroom

Mirrors are a necessary component in any bathroom for functionality. But the right statement mirror also provides decorating opportunities. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about choosing statement-making mirrors for bathrooms:

What are some popular statement mirror styles for bathrooms?

Some top statement mirror trends include oversized mirrors, Hollywood-style lighted mirrors, round or oval mirrors, beveled mirrors, mirrored cabinets, pivoting and three-way mirrors, and framed mirrors with unique designs.

How do I choose the right size mirror for my bathroom?

Measure the area above your vanity and opt for a mirror that fills most of the wall space. Oversized mirrors can expand a small room. Make sure to account for light fixtures. Mirrors should be mounted at least 24-36 inches above vanities.

Where is the best placement for mirrors in a bathroom?

Common mirror placement includes above vanities, above towel bars or hooks, across from windows to reflect light, and on accent walls. Avoid placing mirrors directly across from toilets or shower doors.

How can I create a statement with bathroom mirrors?

Make mirrors a focal point by opting for dramatic shapes, sizes or frames. Illuminate mirrors with ceiling lights or sconces. Arrange eclectic mirror groupings. Feature mirrors behind sinks instead of above. Choose reflective mirrored tiles or daring partial mirror walls.

Should I consider any special features for bathroom mirrors?

Look for defogging mirrors near showers, dimmable lighting, magnification capabilities, UV protection to prevent fading, abrasion-resistant coatings, and adjustable pivoting and extension features to customize your view.

What mounting options work best for bathroom mirrors?

Secure wall mounting is key. Look for concealed mounting hardware. Dual-mount mirrors on vanities using the counter ledge and wall for added security. For freestanding mirrors, choose sturdy frames with tip-resistant bases.

How do I keep bathroom mirrors from fogging up?

Invest in true defogging mirrors, avoid high-humidity situations near mirrors, properly ventilate the room, limit temperature fluctuations, wipe mirrors with soapy water or shaving cream regularly, and consider applying special anti-fogging sprays or films.

Should I consider a frameless, beveled or framed mirror?

Frameless mirrors have a streamlined, contemporary look. Beveled mirrors soften lighting and reflections. Framed mirrors can match your bathroom’s decor but need moisture-resistant frames near sinks and tubs.

What are the benefits of a backlit or Hollywood-style lit mirror?

Illuminated mirrors provide flattering task lighting while creating a beautiful ambient glow. Backlit mirrors amplify brightness for grooming. Hollywood mirrors have dramatic framing lights that create a glamorous statement.


The perfect statement mirror reflects your unique bathroom style. Oversized mirrors instantly make small rooms feel more spacious, while creative shapes like rounds, ovals and beveled mirrors lend unique visual interest. Frameless mirrors have an ultra-modern vibe or opt for striking framed mirrors that match your decor.

Lighted Hollywood mirrors provide glamorous drama while backlit mirrors deliver practical task lighting. Take a functional approach with space-saving mirrored cabinets and adjustable pivoting mirrors. Making mirrors a focal point with lighting, placement and creative styling transforms plain bathrooms into fresh new spaces brimming with personality.

The right statement mirror reflects the look, mood and functionality you want for your bathroom. Evaluate your space, lighting needs and decorating style to select mirror designs that match your vision. Any of these statement-making styles are sure to add a touch of luxe brilliance to your bath.