Adding a touch of dramatic black to your bathroom can be an elegant way to create a soothing oasis right in your own home. Black bathrooms are having a major moment right now, with sleek designs ranging from modern to traditional. A black bathroom makes a bold statement and stands out from the crowd of all-white bathrooms.

When thinking about using black in the bathroom, don’t limit yourself to just paint colors. Black bathroom fixtures, tiles, cabinets, mirrors and accessories can all add stylish impact. From gorgeous vintage clawfoot tubs to modern matte black hardware, there are endless options to give your bathroom a luxe, spa-like feel.

We’ve gathered inspiration from some of our favorite black bathrooms to showcase the versatility and chic appeal of the dramatic black bathroom trend. Read on for 10 more smashing black bathrooms that will inspire you to embrace black in your own home’s bath design.

Elegant Black and White Bathroom

One classic color combination that looks especially striking in a bathroom is black and white. The high contrast makes a bold statement, and both colors work beautifully as neutrals that allow you to add pops of color through accessories and art.

Some ideas for a black and white bathroom:

  • Paint upper walls black and lower walls or wainscoting bright white.
  • Use graphic black and white floor tiles.
  • Choose black pedestal sinks and white tub/shower enclosures.
  • Incorporate black counters and white cabinets for vanities.
  • Use black metal finishes and fixtures with clean white porcelain.

The minimalist sophistication of black and white creates a bathroom design that is timeless yet on-trend. For a look that is elegant and easy to decorate around, black and white bathrooms are a foolproof choice.

Modern Industrial Black Bathroom

For a funky urban look, an industrial-style black bathroom pairs perfectly with exposed pipes, vintage lighting, and modern black fixtures. Concrete or wood-look tile floors and brick accent walls can complement the utilitarian black components.

Some industrial black bathroom ideas include:

  • Black metal pipe shelving for towels and toiletries.
  • Vintage-style filament bulb vanity lighting.
  • Concrete, slate or faux wood floor tiles.
  • Black stone vessel sinks atop metal legs.
  • Brick or faux brick walls as an accent.
  • Matte black plumbing fixtures and door hardware.

The key to nailing the modern industrial look is to blend the hard edges of black metal and concrete with natural elements like wood and greenery for a livable, inviting feel.

Traditional Black and Gold Bathroom

For a traditional black bathroom with timeless elegance, add a touch of gold through fixtures, mirrors and accessories. The combination of black and gold creates a luxe, formal aesthetic perfect for a master bath or powder room.

Some tips for traditional black and gold:

  • Paint or wallpaper walls in black. Use gold trim or wainscoting as an accent.
  • Choose oil-rubbed bronze, antique brass or gold fixtures and hardware.
  • Incorporate black cabinetry and gold hardware.
  • Use gold framed mirrors and artwork for pops of glam.
  • Add gold bath accessories like tumblers, tissue boxes and soap dishes.

The overall effect should feel glamorous yet classic. Vintage-style black and gold bathrooms have an old-world charm that never goes out of style.

Spa-Like Black and Gray Bathroom

For a relaxing spa bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a black and gray color palette. Cool-toned grays create a soothing, zen-like ambiance when paired with dramatic black accents.

Some spa-inspired black and gray bathroom ideas:

  • Gray stone or porcelain tile floors.
  • Misty gray walls with black wainscoting or trim.
  • Floating black wooden vanities.
  • Oversized rain shower heads and matte black fixtures.
  • Gray stone vessel sinks atop black metal stands.
  • Fluffy black and gray striped towels.
  • Gray cabinets with black hardware.

The overall effect should be calming, clean and minimalist. A few green plants can add life without taking away from the muted color scheme.

Contemporary Black Tiles

Make a contemporary design statement by covering full walls and floors in black tile. Use a combination of materials like porcelain, ceramic, glass and stone for visual interest. Pair with white grout for graphic contrast.

Some tips for using black tiles:

  • Choose a black and white geometric floor pattern.
  • Use black subway tiles or penny tiles on walls and in shower enclosures.
  • Try artistic freeform black tiles or mosaics as accents.
  • Incorporate black stone tiles and countertops into vanities.
  • Add modern black fixtures and gold or chrome touches.
  • Accent with greenery, wood and pops of color.

When done right, the ultra-modern look of full black tiling can feel striking, luxe and sophisticated.

Vintage Black Clawfoot Tub

At the center of a black bathroom, consider installing a gorgeous vintage-style black clawfoot tub as the main event. The sculptural tub makes a decadent statement, especially when decorated with ornate gold or chrome feet and fixtures.

Some ideas for styling a black clawfoot tub:

  • Position by a large window with black curtains or shutters.
  • Complement with black and white hexagon floor tiles.
  • Choose a black pedestal sink or vintage-look vanity.
  • Incorporate art deco style mirrors and sconces.
  • Display fluffy black and white towels on vintage ladder racks.
  • Add pops of jewel tone colors in rugs and accessories.

Let the freestanding tub be the focus, and opt for sleek black or neutral surroundings to let it shine as the striking centerpiece.

Modern Matte Black Hardware

For contemporary styling, matte black plumbing fixtures and hardware can lend a luxe modern touch. Blackout everything from faucets and shower systems to door knobs and pulls for a sophisticated monochromatic look.

Some ideas for modern black hardware:

  • Square or rectangular matte black vessel sinks.
  • Sleek black wall-mount faucets.
  • Overhead black shower heads and hand-held shower wands.
  • Minimalist black shelves and towel racks.
  • Black cabinet hardware like knobs, pulls and hinges.
  • Commercial-style matte black lighting fixtures.

Focus on streamlined, geometric shapes and finishes like brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze for on-trend modern black hardware.

Dramatic Black Ceilings and Walls

Painting the ceiling black instantly makes a dramatic statement and gives any bathroom an upscale look. Pair with moody black walls for a glamorous enveloping effect.

Some tips for black ceilings and walls:

  • Use semi or high-gloss paint on ceilings for bold reflectivity.
  • Choose black subway tiles or shimmery wallpaper for walls.
  • Paint woodwork and trim white for contrast.
  • Incorporate brass, gold and crystal lighting fixtures.
  • Add pops of color and interest through rugs, art and greenery.
  • Use plenty of lighting to compensate for the dark palette.

Going dark and moody with black on the ceiling and walls creates an intimate, glamorous spa look perfect for a master bathroom retreat.

Chic Black Vanities and Cabinets

An easy way to add black into any bathroom is by using black wood or painted vanities and medicine cabinets. Black makes a chic and striking statement as part of contemporary, modern or transitional bath designs.

Some tips for styling black vanities and cabinets:

  • Choose floating black wooden vanities with under-lighting.
  • Select black stone countertops and modern metallic fixtures.
  • Paint existing cabinets matte black and change out hardware.
  • Opt for black ladder-style open shelving instead of upper cabinets.
  • Incorporate rounded or oval black medicine cabinets with patterned mirrors.
  • Use black cabinets as a graphic contrast to white walls and tiles.

Sleek black vanities create an elegant focal point and provide plenty of contrast in an otherwise light and bright bathroom.

Small Black Bathrooms

Don’t shy away from moody black hues in a small bathroom. Dark colors can actually make a compact space feel more intimate and luxe. The key is sticking to a minimalist, streamlined look.

Some ideas for small black bathrooms:

  • Install subway tiles vertically to add the illusion of height.
  • Choose floating or wall-mount vanities to maximize floor space.
  • Skip shower doors and use black metal shower rods.
  • Opt for vessel sinks and uncluttered black stone countertops.
  • Use a rectangular or corner-fit mirror instead of round.
  • Focus on good task lighting at the vanity and shower.
  • Incorporate glass blocks or translucent tiles to let in natural light.

With smart choices to keep the look light and airy, small black bathrooms can feel modern, elegant and surprisingly spacious.

Bohemian Black Bathroom Decor

The boho look is all about mixing rich textures, global patterns and unconventional colors. Though black bathrooms lean modern and formal, you can give one a laid-back bohemian style with the right accents and decor.

Some ideas for boho black bathrooms:

  • Hang macrame wall hangings and live plants in black pots.
  • Choose woven bath mats and black fur or cowhide rugs.
  • Use black stone and wood together for natural contrast.
  • Incorporate worldly textiles and exotic prints.
  • Display black and white photography and antique silver mirrors.
  • Add black candlesticks, jars of dried lavender and distressed wood shelving.

Keep the overall palette neutral black and white, then layer in bohemian accents for an eclectic, earthy feel. The key is to blend organic and global decor with sleek modern black fixtures.

Designing Your Black Bathroom – Things to Consider

Installing a black bathroom may seem daunting, but the impact is well worth the challenge. Here are some top tips for designing a stylish black bath.

Choosing Black Paint and Tiles

The shade of black you choose can make all the difference. Dark charcoal grays read as black, yet feel a bit softer. Straight black can look bold and dramatic or fall flat and dull. Consider these tips:

  • Sample black paint colors on walls before committing. Colors appear different once on full surfaces.
  • Use high gloss or semi-gloss paints. They better reflect light and add dimension.
  • Look at black samples at different times of day. Black can look more intense in natural light.
  • For tiles, combine glossy, matte and textured blacks for interest.
  • If using all black tiles, vary sizes and patterns to avoid a flat look.

Finding the right black shades for your space will ensure your bathroom feels luxe and vivid.

Incorporating Pops of Contrasting Color

While a completely black bathroom can look stylish, adding thoughtful pops of color helps keep the space feeling vibrant and inviting.

Some ideas for color accents:

  • Fresh greenery and flowering plants in white or colored planters
  • Boldly colored bath towels and shower curtains
  • Antique or colored glass light fixtures
  • Vintage rugs with jewel tone colors
  • Framed artwork and photography
  • Ceramic accessories in white, gold or metallic

A few contrasting colors and textures help prevent an all-black bathroom from feeling too monochromatic.

Mixing Black with Natural Wood

Combining black painted or lacquered wood with natural unfinished wood can add warmth and balance to a black bathroom. Natural wood brings an organic, earthy feel that works beautifully with sleek black.

Some ways to incorporate wood:

  • Floating vanity made from black stained wood with natural wood shelving.
  • Charcoal tiles paired with a wood medicine cabinet in a natural finish.
  • Black stone vessel sinks atop a wood vanity with live edge details.
  • A vintage-look black clawfoot tub placed on an unfinished wood floor.
  • Black painted wood framed mirror over an unfinished wood console table.

The rich yet complementary contrast looks upscale, unique and full of texture.

Achieving Sufficient Lighting

With deep dark hues, ample lighting is a must in a black bathroom. Create a bright, inviting space by layering plenty of well-placed light sources:

  • Use large format windows and skylights when possible.
  • Incorporate wall sconces and accent lighting around vanities.
  • Install overhead lighting on dimmers at multiple points.
  • Choose reflective finishes like glossy tiles and mirrors.
  • Use pendant lights, chandeliers and vanity strip lighting.
  • Highlight black accents like bathtubs with directional spotlights.

Abundant, variable lighting prevents a black bathroom from feeling gloomy or cave-like.

FAQs About Designing a Black Bathroom

What colors go well with black in a bathroom?

  • Crisp whites, beiges and off-whites beautifully complement black and create an elegant, high-contrast look. Gray, especially in cool-toned hues like powder blue-gray, pairs gorgeously with black for a soothing, spa-like ambiance. Metallic accents in brass, gold, chrome and nickel also pop against black for a glam touch.

How do you make a small black bathroom look bigger?

  • Use vertical subway tiles on walls which draw the eye up. Install wall-mount floating sinks and vanities to save floor space. Skip shower doors for more openness. Use glass blocks or translucent tiles in shower niches to bring in natural light. Add mirrors to maximize light reflection.

What kind of flooring works best with black bathroom fixtures?

  • Classic black and white checkerboard tile makes a fantastic graphic flooring option. Large format black tiles also look sleek and seamless. For softer contrast, try natural stone tiles in hues like gray, brown and beige. And light wood flooring can add warmth against black fixtures.

Should you paint the ceiling black in a bathroom?

  • Painting the ceiling black can make a dramatic, enveloping statement in a bathroom. Use a semi or high-gloss black paint for best light reflection. Make sure to add plenty of lighting like recessed cans, sconces and chandeliers so the space doesn’t feel too dark and cavelike.

Is black grout okay in a bathroom?

  • Black grout can look stylish with both black and white tiles. However, without diligent cleaning it can easily get dirty and discolored. Using dark gray instead of true black grout can help minimize visible staining over time. Make sure to seal grout well during installation.

What is the best black paint color for a bathroom?

  • Deeper charcoal grays like Benjamin Moore’s Black Panther or Sherwin-Williams’ Black Magic create the same impact as black in a bathroom while feeling a bit softer and warmer. Classic straight black paint colors like Benjamin Moore’s Onyx or Sherwin-Williams’ Tricorn Black make the boldest design statement.


A black bathroom can feel indulgent, elegant and completely unique. From modern to vintage style, the dramatic hue makes a phenomenal style statement and instantly creates ambiance. Just take care to incorporate plenty of lighting and strategic pops of contrasting color so the room doesn’t end up too dark or monotonous.

With an array of black paint colors, tiles, vanities, tubs and more, you can easily incorporate this fashionable shade in any size or style bathroom. Use our inspiring design ideas to create your own sophisticated black bath sanctuary. Just think – when styled right your new black bathroom could be the envy of all your guests!