A kitchen backsplash serves both form and function. Not only does it protect the walls from splatters and stains, but it also provides an opportunity to add visual interest to your kitchen. With so many backsplash tile options to choose from, it’s easy to create a backsplash that matches your style. Here are 10 backsplash ideas that make a bold statement in the kitchen.

Glass Tile

Glass tile remains one of the most popular choices for backsplashes because it provides reflective surface and comes in a vast array of colors, shapes, and sizes. Glass backsplashes pair nicely with any kitchen style from traditional to modern. Whether you opt for rectangular subway tiles or mosaic penny tiles, glass tile makes a shiny and sleek backsplash statement.

Some options to consider:

  • Metallic glass tile in copper, silver or gold for a glamorous accent wall. The reflective surface bounces light around the kitchen.
  • Aqua, teal or blue colored glass tile for a beachy coastal vibe. Cool hues contrast nicely with warm wood cabinetry.
  • Clear or frosted glass tile in a herringbone layout adds neatness and visual interest. Great for modern and transitional kitchens.
  • Recycled/upcycled glass tile makes an eco-friendly statement. Choose from assorted colors and textures.

Glass tile comes in an array of styles at various price points to suit any kitchen backsplash budget. Durable, easy to clean and endlessly versatile, glass tile empower you to create a backsplash design that suits your unique taste.

Handmade Tile

For centuries, ceramic tile has been created by hand. Today, handmade tile remains a mainstay for one-of-a-kind backsplashes that exude craftsmanship and charm.

From the archaic mosaics of ancient Greece to the famous azulejos tiles of Portugal, handmade tile tells a vivid story. Each tile bears the mark and variation of the artisan maker. Rather than creating a uniform appearance, the beauty lies in the irregularities that form patterns and texture.

Some hallmarks of handmade tile:

  • Slight uneven shapes with angled edges and hand-pressed or hand-painted glaze
  • Subtle cracks, crazes and other inconsistencies that add character
  • Rich colors and artisanal shapes inspired by cultural tradition

Handmade tiles allow you to create a backsplash that’s uniquely personal. For kitchens with Old World, Mediterranean, Tuscan or Spanish style, handmade tile helps achieve an authentic artisanal aesthetic. Let your backsplash reflect the maker’s specialized skill and passion.

Moroccan Zellige Tile

For centuries, Moroccan decorators have adorned palaces, mosques, homes and other structures with zellige tilework. This intricate form of mosaic tile arrangement resulted in striking Islamic geometric patterns in vivid colors. Today, zellige remains a pinnacle of Moroccan artistry and brings wonderful cultural flair to contemporary kitchen backsplashes.

Signature traits of colorful zellige tile:

  • Elaborately arranged in bolder Islamic & geometric patterns
  • Color palettes tend to feature rich greens, blues, turquoise and yellows
  • May contain octagons, stars, crescents and other ornate shapes
  • Traditionally hand chiseled for remarkable depth and texture

A backsplash of zellige tile establishes an exotic focal point in your kitchen’s decor. The mesmerizing arrangements and ornate tile shapes form a work of art. For those seeking to make a worldly design statement, zellige tile beautifully channels the centuries-old Moroccan craft.

Handpainted Tile

Why settle for factory produced tile when you can have a backsplash custom painted by artisans? Handpainted tile allows you to commission one-of-a-kind designs to match your personal taste. From delicate floral motifs to bold damask prints, the backsplash options are limited only by your imagination.

Handpainted tile provides:

  • Totally custom designs at your request
  • Painterly techniques like trailing, shading and distressing
  • Extra depth from the hand-painted variations
  • Matching colors and patterns throughout the backsplash

Want to feature heirloom china patterns in your backsplash? Handpainted tile can recreate any motif. Seeking regal references to Versailles or Moorish palaces? Handpainted tiles capture architectural legacy. Let artistic craftsman translate your backsplash dreams into reality with handpainted tiles in joyful patterns and hues.

Encaustic Cement Tile

The vintage beauty of encaustic tile endures today as a striking choice for kitchen backsplashes. Encaustic means “burned in,” and refers to the manufacturing process. Pigments are hand-poured into recessed areas on concrete tiles before firing. The result: one-of-a-kind tiles bearing the liquid movement of color. Encaustic tiles have always been about artistry and craft.

Key qualities of encaustic cement tile:

  • Signatures tiles made by hand, one at a time
  • Colors and patterns go all the way through the tile
  • Subtle irregularities contribute to old-world charm
  • Great durability for long-lasting beauty

From highly graphic Victorian-era patterns to calming zen designs, encaustic cement tile brings daring style to your backsplash. Let each mesmerizing tile tell a vivid story. Encaustic tiles add artisanal appeal that withstands daily use for years to come.

Marble & Stone Tile

For an ultra-luxurious backsplash, it’s hard to beat the beauty of natural stone. Marble and stone tiles establish an elegant, timeless look with gorgeous variation. While options like granite and travertine have more subtle detailing, a marble backsplash makes a grand entrance with showy veining, fit for Versaille or a Roman temple.

Why natural stone stands out:

  • Adds instant opulence and gravitas to the kitchen
  • Luscious colors and patterns formed organically over centuries
  • Travertine, limestone, granite and other types available
  • Durable enough for cooking zones if sealed properly

A stone backsplash telegraphs quality and sophistication. Pair marble tile with gilt accents and crystal chandeliers for a glamorous aesthetic. For old-world Mediterranean style, try travertine tile with hand-forged iron accents. Let your backsplash make the mother of all statements in marble or stone.

Bold use of Color

While many backsplashes tend toward neutral shades, don’t overlook the power of color for creating visual impact. Vibrant colors paired with white countertops pop against cabinetry. Even if the rest of your kitchen features conservative tones, the backsplash presents a fine opportunity to take some daring risks with color.

Color backsplash ideas to energize your kitchen:

  • Invigorating turquoise, teal or aqua hues feel crisp and beachy
  • Gem tones like ruby, citrine and emerald make a jewel-inspired statement
  • Retro pastels including pink, yellow and robin’s egg blue
  • Bold reds and oranges that ignite passion and appetite

For an easy update that packs a punch, coat your walls in lively color too. Customize with painted tiles in your favorite tones. With the endless rainbow of possibilities, think beyond neutral backsplashes and use adventurous hues to welcome compliments.

Metal & Foil Tile

For sleek contemporary kitchens, metal and foil tile works beautifully. By covering tile or mosaic sheets in various metals, you create an ultra-reflective surface with high-design allure. Stainless steel, copper, bronze and brass backsplashes gleam brilliantly as functional artwork.

Advantages of a metal or foil backsplash:

  • Reflective metal finishes light up modern kitchens
  • Warmer metals like copper and bronze work with various styles
  • Easy-to-clean, durable metal surface for busy cooking zones
  • Sheets of metallic mosaic tile available

Metal mesh tile, penny round metal tiles, hammered metal sheets – all unique ways to install a glittering backsplash. Beyond stainless steel, mix metals like anodized aluminum and copper for visual texture. For an affordable metallic statement, foil tile mimics the look of real metal tile. Radiant metal backsplashes make the ultimate contemporary-chic statement.

Bold Graphic Pattern

Tired of monotonous backsplash tile in predicable rows? Go bold with a graphic tile pattern to spice up your cooking zone. From offset bricks to zig-zag designs, eye-catching backsplash patterns grab attention in all the right ways.

Noteworthy graphic backsplash ideas:

  • Offset brick layouts in dramatic contrasting colors
  • Angled tile layouts create diamonds, chevrons and other shapes
  • Alternating black & white subway tiles in vertical, horizontal or diagonal
  • Arabesque mosaic tiles in framed geometric patterns

Flip tile orientation for unexpected shapes like horizontal spikes of subway tile. Frame bold patterns with classic subway tiles in coordinating colors. Checkerboard designs work well behind cooktops. There are so many ways to lay patterned tile boldly and beautifully. Graphic backsplashes lend dynamic energy to the kitchen.

Statement Mirror Backsplash

Mirror tiles present an ultra-glam opportunity to illuminate your kitchen backsplash and surrounding space. Mirrored backsplashes reflect light optimally, work with any color scheme, suit any style kitchen and visually expand smaller areas. Functioning like a decorative mirror, mirrored backsplash tile makes cooking an elegant affair.

Advantages of a mirror backsplash:

  • Reflective qualities maximize light and the perception of space
  • Acrylic or tempered glass mirror tiles suit high-heat cooking zones
  • Choose bronze, copper or colored mirror for warmer hues
  • Mirrors suit any existing kitchen colors and cabinetry

A mirror backsplash shimmers behind the stove, reflects pendant lights magnificently and highlights culinary activity. Copper mirror tile warms up a contemporary space. Try framing basic mirror tiles with decorative mosaic borders. Any way you frame it, mirrored backsplashes reflect light and style brilliantly.

Natural Stone Mosaics

Artful mosaic backsplashes provide a lovely opportunity to incorporate various natural stones. Mix and match beautifully veined marble, rough travertine, earthen slate, luminous onyx and more. Stone mosaics let you arrange an organic blend of textures and colors to dramatic effect.

Reasons to mix natural stone mosaic tile:

  • Weaves an eclectic blend of colors, shapes and stone types
  • Small mosaic pieces create intricate patterns up close
  • Provides contrast and visual interest across the backsplash
  • Tile pieces can be laid vertically, horizontally, or in zig-zags

Embrace the imperfections and natural variations of mosaic stone tile. Use pebble-shaped pieces for an artful random arrangement. Mix larger marble shapes with small onyx dots. Combine smooth and rough tiles for tactile beauty. Let stone mosaics make a naturally wondrous backsplash statement.

Statement Tile Shape

Subway tiles may be timeless, but rectangular tiles tend toward the expected. For a backsplash that thinks outside the box, opt for uniquely shaped statement tiles. Octagons, fish scales, triangles, diamonds, hexagons and curved tiles captivate the eye with their atypical forms.

Noteworthy tile shapes to consider:

  • Elongated scalloped tiles arranged in rows
  • Interlocking mosaic circles for modern whimsy
  • Fish scale shaped tiles in shimmering colors
  • Hexagonal tiles that create honeycomb effects

Non-rectangular tile patterns feel fresh, contemporary and full of visual motion. Layer different specialty shapes together – diamonds and circles, half-moons and octagons. Frame a central cooktop with concentric rings of mosaic tile. Statement shapes and non-linear layouts lend the backsplash major design impact.

Combination Statement Backsplash

Why choose one backsplash style when you can combine several for a highly customized statement? Mixing materials, colors, textures and tile shapes creates an artistic collage backsplash. Contrasting combinations celebrate your personal expression.

Ways to mix backsplash tile styles:

  • Combine glossy and matte tiles
  • Blend subway tiles with Mediterranean mosaic
  • Mix handmade and porcelain tile
  • Alternate metal and glass tile
  • Frame stone slabs with printed ceramic tile

Wood panels, wallpaper, painted areas or murals can also factor into a mixed-media backsplash collage. The combinations are endless! Not into jarring juxtapositions? Take a subtler approach by varying texture, pattern and color of similar tile shapes. Either way, a creative combo backsplash says this kitchen is anything but cookie-cutter.

So don’t settle for a boring backsplash. Choose from a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, materials and styles to make a gorgeously unique design statement. Express your personal taste, highlight cultural influences, or capture a distinctive era. With endless inspiration to explore, 10 Kitchen Backsplashes That Make a Statement, you can discover the perfect backsplash to invigorate your cooking space. Let your creative spirit shine as you concoct the ideal backsplash for infusing your cooking zone with energy and wow-factor. A statement backsplash not only protects the kitchen, but serves to inspire all who enter.

Frequently Asked Questions about 10 Kitchen Backsplashes That Make a Statement

Here are some common questions about creating a statement-making kitchen backsplash along with brief answers:

What are some budget-friendly statement backsplash ideas?

For a budget backsplash, look at creative uses of color like a bright mosaic sheet or alternating patterns like bold zigzags. Painted or stenciled tile is an affordable DIY option. Faux treatments can mimic pricier materials for less.

How do I choose backsplash colors?

Consider colors that complement cabinetry and counters. Contrasting hues can make tile pop. Warm colors lend coziness while cool colors keep it airy. Always view color samples during different times of day.

What backsplash styles work for small kitchens?

Visually expanding mirror tile enlarges small kitchens. Light, neutral colors also keep small spaces airy. Small layouts and mosaic tiles prevent backsplashes from appearing too imposing.

Can you do a backsplash with more than one type of tile?

Definitely! Mixing complementary tiles creates a custom collage backsplash. Try framing subway tiles with an accent border of mosaic or medallion tiles. Repeat colors to visually unite varied tiles.

What backsplash shapes go well in modern kitchens?

Modern kitchens suit tile shapes with clean lines like bricks, hexagons or squares. Handmade tiles offer artisanal contrast to sleek cabinets. Mix high-gloss and matte tiles for varied texture.

How do you decorate the area above a backsplash?

Painted walls matching your backsplash color creates a seamless look. For contrast, wallpaper or patterned paint adds visual flair. Floating shelves, rod ironwork or architectural trim offer decorative flair too.

What about backsplashes for rustic kitchen styles?

Handmade encaustic tiles, reclaimed barn wood planks, stone mosaic and brick backsplashes all align with rustic motifs. Mix metallics, wood tones and natural texture.

Can you do a bold backsplash with dark cabinets?

Deep hues like navy, emerald and plum contrast beautifully against dark cabinetry. Warm metallics also complement without overpowering. Add lighter accents like glass tile to keep it from becoming too imposing.

How do I choose grout colors for a decorative backsplash?

Match grout to tile hues for seamless look. White and gray grouts work with any palette. Contrasting grout outlines tile patterns. Consider anti-microbial epoxy grout for kitchens.

What backsplashes go well with white cabinets and counters?

White kitchens suit daring backsplash colors from quartz and turquoise to scarlet and mustard. Handpainted and decorative tiles pop without competing. Reflective materials like glass and metal maximize light.


The backsplash offers a prime opportunity for creative expression in your kitchen’s decor. With limitless tile possibilities, you can dream big in choosing a backsplash that showcases your personal flair. Keep practical needs like durability in mind, but don’t be afraid to make a visually bold statement.

From glossy ceramic and metallic mosaics to textured slate and painted motifs, explore materials that stir your spirit. The colors, shapes and designs reflected in your backsplash should tell a story and reflect the unique palette of your tastes.

Display cultural inspirations, favorite textures, heirloom colors or sleek modern minimalism. When thoughtfully combined, these details create a refined, welcoming ambiance. Your backsplash helps set tone and function for the experiences shared in this space.

So make yours a labor of love that brings your distinctive backsplash vision to fruition. Aim for a cohesive look that delights the eye. Most importantly, reflect the spirit of your kitchen in the finishes you choose. With so many options for personalized expression, discover your own 10 Kitchen Backsplashes That Make a Statement.