A bathroom remodel provides the perfect opportunity to make a bold color statement. Vibrant paint colors and colorful tile add drama while creating an invigorating space for starting and ending your day. We’ve gathered 10 stylish bathrooms that aren’t afraid to turn up the color. From vanities to walls to tile and accessories, these bathrooms feature creative ways to incorporate vivid hues. Read on for inspiring ideas on adding punchy color to your bathroom.

Why Choose Bold Color for Your Bathroom

A bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in a home, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. A coat of bold color is an easy and affordable way to transform the space. Here are some of the benefits of using vibrant colors in your bathroom remodel:

  • Create an invigorating vibe. Bright colors are energizing and uplifting, helping you feel refreshed.
  • Add character and personality. Color allows you to reflect your personal taste and style.
  • Make a small bathroom feel larger. Bold hues can make walls appear to recede, creating the illusion of more space.
  • Provide a spa-like retreat. Vibrant colors feel indulgent and can help you create a relaxing oasis.
  • Compliment your decor. A bold bathroom can balance out tranquil, neutral spaces elsewhere in your home.

So don’t be afraid to think outside the box when selecting your color palette. Your morning routine will feel more cheerful and inspired in a vibrant, colorful bath.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Colors

While bold bathrooms are a great way to liven up your space, take a few practical considerations into account when selecting your color scheme:

  • Lighting: Is the bathroom flooded with natural light or more dim? Some hues can appear dramatically different in various lighting conditions.
  • Size of the space: Small spaces feel even smaller with dark colors. Lighter tones will keep things feeling open.
  • Existing elements: Factor in what you want to keep, such as tile, flooring or vanities, so colors will coordinate.
  • Personal taste: Select hues that make you feel happy and reflect your personality.

Visit the paint store and try out samples directly on your walls before fully committing. You’ll get a better sense of how the color truly appears in your unique bathroom lighting and layout.

Complementary Color Schemes

Playing with complementary colors—hues located opposite each other on the color wheel—allows you to strike a vibrant contrast. Some examples of complementary color pairings popular in bold bathrooms include:

  • Blue and orange – A tropical pairing, it calls to mind sunsets and ocean views.
  • Green and red – A traditional Christmas combination that pops in a bath.
  • Yellow and purple – Both regal colors that feel bright and elegant.
  • Pink and green – Fresh and unexpected, perfect for a spa-like retreat.

Don’t be afraid to test out unconventional combinations and see what appeals to you. Contrasting hues in tile, accents and paint ensure your bathroom doesn’t fall flat.

Using Neutrals as a Base

While bold colors add excitement, pairing them with neutral shades creates a more soothing, balanced space. Try one of these approaches:

  • Neutral backdrop with colorful accents. For example, a white subway tile shower paired with a bright raspberry vanity and accessories.
  • Neutral basics with a bold feature wall. Such as a navy blue feature wall combined with white cabinets and floors.
  • Neutral paint with colorful tile. Like a gray paint color complemented by fiery orange mosaic tile.

Keeping some elements neutral prevents your bold bathroom from feeling overwhelming. Ground bright colors with natural wood tones, white, gray, black or beige for a more harmonious look.

10 Bold and Colorful Bathroom Ideas

Now that you know how to thoughtfully incorporate color into your bathroom, here are 10 inspiring examples of big, beautiful bold bathrooms.

1. Raspberry and Gold Art Deco

This glamorous bathroom goes all out with a bright raspberry vanity and geometric floor tile in shimmering gold. The mirror and sconces have an Art Deco vibe that pairs nicely with the vibrant color scheme.

2. Robin’s Egg Blue with White

The soft robin’s egg blue walls in this bathroom feel fresh rather than overwhelming. Crisp white tile, cabinetry and trim keeps the space feeling bright and airy.

3. Mustard Yellow and Gray

Mustard yellow brings warmth to this bathroom, contrasting nicely with the cool gray tile floor. White cabinetry and trim prevents the bold yellow from feeling too loud.

4. Retro Mint Green

Everything in this retro bathroom is bathed in a cool mint green. The color feels playful yet soothing. Zeitgeist wallpaper and silver accents complete the fun 1950s theme.

5. Tangerine Tile

One simple way to add major color is with floor tile, like the tangerine mosaic tile used in this bathroom. It energizes the space while the gray vanity and walls nicely balance out the look.

6. Navy Blue Feature Wall

Painting one wall a dramatic navy blue instantly transforms this bathroom. The blue feels bold yet elegant, working with the otherwise neutral palette.

7. Luxe Emerald Green

Emerald green tile paired with brass fixtures feels rich and luxe. Hints of marble and wood add natural contrast against the dramatic green tile.

8. Pink Quartz Countertop

A bright quartz countertop makes a huge colorful statement in this bathroom. The bubblegum pink hue paired with marble tile is girly and glamorous.

9. Moroccan Tile

The colorful handmade encaustic cement tile in this bathroom is a work of art. Vintage Moroccan-style patterns in bold hues bring exotic flair.

10. Fire Engine Red Sinks

These bright red vessel sinks make an instant color impact. They pop against the neutral wood and white tile. Let bold sinks or bathtubs be the color focal point.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boldly Colorful Bathrooms

Still have questions about incorporating dramatic color into your bathroom? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is it hard to maintain a white bathroom with pops of color?

While an all-white bathroom does require frequent cleaning to stay pristine, strategically adding splashes of color in tile, a vanity or accessories is easy to maintain. Just focus most cleaning efforts on white surfaces like grout.

How do I add color to a rental bathroom I can’t paint?

Options like removable wallpaper, shower curtains, towels, rugs, organizers and even the shower liner can introduce color. Stick-on tile or removable wall panels are bolder rental-friendly options.

Is it okay to mix and match colors in a bathroom?

Absolutely! A monochromatic color scheme can feel flat. Mixing complementary hues in tile, paint, vanities and decor creates visual interest. Just aim for an overall cohesive look.

Should I avoid dark colors in a windowless bathroom?

In general, dark paint colors can make a windowless bath feel gloomy and cramped. But a dark charcoal or navy blue tile paired with lighter paint can work beautifully to create drama.

How do I make a bold bathroom still feel soothing?

Balance intense colors with spa-like elements like fluffy white towels, greenery, a soaking tub, softly colored wainscoting or art. Use relaxing accessories for a bold yet peaceful space.

Achieve the Bathroom of Your Dreams

If you’re feeling uninspired by safe, neutral bathroom designs, embrace bold color for a dramatic change. Vibrant hues not only feel current and exciting but can be highly personalized through color combinations and patterns. Just remember to strike a thoughtful balance so your bathroom doesn’t become overwhelming. A coat of paint or new colorful tile is an easy weekend project that goes a long way in transforming your space. So embrace your colorful side and refresh your bathroom in a bold new way.