The Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Show (KBIS) is one of the largest exhibitions dedicated to kitchen and bathroom design trends. Held annually in early February in Las Vegas, KBIS brings together manufacturers, designers, contractors, and other industry professionals to showcase the latest innovations and products for the kitchen and bath.

The 2023 KBIS offered a glimpse into the top design trends for bathrooms this year. From modern materials to nature-inspired elements, the latest bathroom fashions emphasize style, function, and sustainability. Here are 10 of the biggest bathroom trends spotted at KBIS 2023.

Organic Shapes and Curves

The days of boxy bathrooms are over. Today’s bathrooms feature more sensuous, organic shapes and curves. This trend is evident in oval tubs, curved vanities, round mirrors, and sink basins with soft edges. These flowing forms introduce an elegant, almost sculptural look that is both relaxing and chic. Expect to see more swooping lines and artful asymmetry in bath hardware and fixtures too.

According to designers at the show, oval and curved elements help bathrooms feel more inviting. The rounded shapes also offer an updated take on traditional styles. Organic forms like these add a touch of understated luxury and can be incorporated in bathrooms of any size.

Sleek Metallic Finishes

Metallic finishes are shining in the bathroom this year. Polished nickel, matte black, champagne gold, and bronze add glamour and sophistication. These luxurious metals pair well with a variety of materials like marble, stone, glass, and wood.

At KBIS 2023, fixtures featuring rose gold, brushed brass, and oil-rubbed bronze caught the eyes of attendees. These warm metallic finishes provide a subtle shine that energizes bathroom spaces. Hardware and faucets with mixed metal finishes are also trending for depth and contrast.

Metallics make a striking statement on their own or can be combined with organic shapes for a hint of deco flair. From modern to traditional spaces, metallic surfaces and accents lend an upscale, tailored touch.

Refined Simplicity

After the ornate excess of decades past, today’s bathrooms embrace refined simplicity. The emphasis is on minimalist silhouettes and a restrained material and color palette.

At KBIS, vanities came in clean-lined rectangular or oval shapes. Fixtures and hardware had an understated elegance. Tilework was geometric and streamlined. This pared-down aesthetic provides a soothing, gallery-like background that avoids visual clutter.

Designers recommend keeping the material and finish selections simple for a cohesive look. A neutral color scheme of whites, grays, and pale wood allows the beauty of natural textures to shine through. Pops of color or gilded accents can provide subtle contrast without detracting from the airy, minimalist effect.

Spa-Like Luxury

For those desiring a indulgent bathroom sanctuary, luxury spa-like elements are in demand. Deep-soaking oval tubs, multi-jet showers, heated floors, chromotherapy, and high-tech dry spa features are achieving new heights of innovation and style.

KBIS displayed elegant freestanding tubs, Neo-angle hydrotherapy massage showers,Backlit onyx stone vanities and high-tech Japanese toilets. These opulent touches turn the bathroom into a relaxing oasis.

Integrating just a few luxury comforts can make a big impact. Heated tile floors, ambient mood lighting, or an aromatherapy-infused showerhead provide an affordable touch of spa luxury. Going all out with a tech-loaded steam shower offers the utmost in pampering. Either way, today’s high-end bathroom elements merge advanced technology with age-old traditions of renewal.

Natural Stone and Wood

Natural materials like stone and wood bring organic texture and cozy warmth to bathrooms. These surfaces provide a sense of timelessness while also nodding to nature.

At KBIS, wood vanities, stone tile, and quartz composite counters were among the popular picks. Wood can be expressed in classic oak or exotic teak, while stone has endless mineral options from marble to limestone. Pairing the two materials creates lively contrast.

Designers recommend limiting stone and wood finishes to one or two feature walls or vanity/shower areas. Natural textures add depth but can overwhelm if overdone. Allow plenty of negative space around stone tile for serene appeal. And opt for wood styles that can withstand moisture, like teak or bamboo.

Sustainable Solutions

With eco-consciousness on the rise among consumers, green design and sustainability took center stage at KBIS. Show attendees expressed robust interest in bathroom products made from recycled content, using non-toxic materials, or conserving water.

Low-flow toilets and faucets, energy-efficient lighting, and appliances earned high marks. Renewable and responsibly-sourced materials like bamboo, hemp, and fast-growing Lyptus wood were also well received.

Beyond buying sustainable products, today’s bathrooms integrate eco-friendly principles in the design. This includes ample natural daylight, energy-saving fixtures, non-toxic finishes, and space-conscious layouts that use less material. Water-saving features like low-flow fixtures and toilets are a great place to start going green.

Bold Black and White

Black and white is continuing its reign as the trendiest color combination. This eternally chic duo makes a dramatic style statement in the bathroom.

Showcasing a black wood vanity against crisp white walls or vice versa produces bold contrast. Pairing a black stone vessel sink atop a white quartz vanity countertop interplays light and dark. Even small touches like black hardware, tilework, or mirrors against a white backdrop makes a strong visual impact.

Black and white sets the stage for pops of accent colors like brass fixtures or a vibrant art piece. It also complements any style from modern to traditional. For exotic appeal, add in dramatic black stone like marble or soapstone. Crisp yet cozy, this timeless two-tone look delivers serious sophistication.

Wallpaper Revival

Wallpaper is enjoying a major comeback, now with expanded designs and applications. Mural-style photographic papers, bold graphic patterns, metallics, and 3D textures are adorning bathrooms in new ways.

At KBIS 2023, wallpaper was showcased on a single accent wall, lining closets, or even inside shower stalls. Covering ceilings in dynamic prints is another fresh take. Wallpaper gives the ability to change up a bathroom’s look without remodeling.

While bright graphic papers energize, subtle patterns like grasscloth add tactile dimension. Metallic prints and foiled motifs lend glamour. For a custom look, repeat a print used on shower tiles on the walls. Wallpaper is an easy, relatively affordable option that delivers major visual impact.

Earthy Nature-Inspired Palettes

Drawing cues from the natural world, bathrooms are blossoming with earthy palettes. Organic hues like mossy greens, warm terra cotta, sky blue, and other muted tones connect to the outdoors.

At KBIS, nature-inspired colors were displayed on tiles, vanities, fixtures, and textiles. Pastel minty greens and powder blues offer a refreshing yet soothing vibe. Deeper forest greens, rich browns, and russet shades bring coziness to a bathroom.

Pairing soft greens or blues with natural wood and stone finishes enhances the earthy spa-like feel. Touches of vibrant colors like coral and yellow provide energizing accents. For a calming sanctuary, stick to lighter tones like sage against white. Allow these organic shades to flow from walls to tiles to textiles.

Maximized Storage

In today’s bathrooms, adequate concealed storage is a must. Homeowners seek ways to reduce visual clutter and keep necessities at hand but out of sight.

KBIS showcased vanities and medicine cabinets with pull-out drawers, trays, and compartments to stow away bathroom items. Narrow recessed niches provide special nooks for stowing toiletries. Even the shower is getting storage smarts with in-wall shelving and built-in shampoo ledges.

For small bathrooms, a floating vanity can conceal baskets and storage bins underneath. Full-height medicine cabinets give twice the storage capacity. Drawers outfitted with dividers, trays, and specialized holders keep contents neatly organized. There are also a range of storage furniture pieces like floor cabinets in spa-worthy finishes.

Bathroom Trends in Detail

Now let’s explore some of the most significant bathroom trends from KBIS 2023 in greater detail:

Oval and Curved Shapes

The oval shape is having a moment in today’s bathrooms. Oval tubs, sinks, mirrors, and other features provide soft, sensual curves that feel both vintage and fresh.

Oval tubs are roomier than traditional rectangles and create a sculptural focal point. Curved vanity silhouettes provide similar visual impact. Oval vessel sinks are artful and space-saving. Circular mirrors can pick up the oval motif while adding depth.

Beyond fixtures, oval influence is seen in curved built-in shelving, arched doorway trim, and bullnose edges on tile. Sweeping curves add movement and dimension while the oval’s elongated form lends a lightness that rectangular shapes can lack.

This graceful oval trend pairs well with organic materials like stone and wood. Metallic finishes also complement the elegant shapes. While oval elements make a bold statement on their own, combining them with sleek linear forms creates fluidity and contrast.

Luxury Showers

One of the biggest bathroom indulgences on display at KBIS was luxury showers. Today’s showers cater to all the senses for a pampering, spa-like experience.

Walk-in showers with multiple spray heads provide customized therapies. Rainfall showerheads, pulsating body sprays, and directional water jets offer rejuvenating hydrotherapy. Programmable digital interfaces let users pre-set and save personalized experiences.

High-tech additions like Chromotherapy lighting, aromatherapy, Bluetooth sound systems, and heated surfaces turn showers into wellness sanctuaries. Glass enclosure designs with translucent or opaque partition walls maintain sightlines and light.

Freestanding bathtubs may still be desirable, but luxury showers are what really wow homeowners today. With soothing steam, full-body sprays, and even in-shower massagers, they are the new epithome of luxury.

Quartz & Engineered Stone Bathroom Vanities

When it comes to bathroom vanities, engineered stone and quartz composites are surpassing traditional marble and granite. Attendees at KBIS 2023 marveled at vanities featuring the refined, low-maintenance durability of quartz.

Sleek quartz vanity tops are stain, scratch, and heat resistant. They provide the look of natural stone with more uniform patterning. Both matte and high-gloss finishes are available.

Quartz vanities pair beautifully with wood cabinets for contrast. Metallic finishes like brass or bronze hardware and fixtures amplify the stone’s radiance. Under-mount rectangular sinks maintain clean sightlines.

Beyond vanities, quartz lend itself perfectly to shower walls. Thin quartz slabs can be used in place of tile, eliminating grout lines for a seamless look. Durable, stylish, and customizable, quartz is today’s top engineered stone choice.

Creative Mirror Designs

Mirrors serve both form and function in the bathroom. At KBIS 2023, creative mirror designs went far beyond rectangles over the vanity.

Oversized circular mirrors create instant glamour. Mirrored cabinets lend storage and reflect light. Walls paneled in mirrored tiles make small bathrooms appear more expansive.

Stand-alone leaning mirrors add stylistic flair. Etched mirrors and those framed in contrasting finishes like brass trim gain distinction. Backlit LED mirrors provide perfect task lighting. Mirrored shelves under wall-mounted lights maximize illumination.

For a truly custom look, mirrors can be cut into abstract shapes or asymmetrical silhouettes. From standard rectangles to artistic standalone accents, mirrors’ design possibilities are boundless.

Smart Toilets

High-tech smart toilets were a hot item at KBIS. Today’s toilets do far more than flush. Features like heated seats, automatic lids, hands-free flushing, odor extraction, ambient lighting, and cleansing functions reinvent the humble toilet.

Touchscreen controls allow users to customize settings. Auto-opening and closing lids eliminate touching surfaces. Built-in LED night lights provide orientation. Motion-activated lifts adjust seat height.UV sterilization maintains maximum hygiene.

Beyond features, smart toilets come in stylish designs from space-saving wall-mounted silhouettes to sleek stand-alone models. Luxurious materials like wood lids and metallic finishes take these intelligent toilets to the next level.

Blackened Metals

While polished nickel and brass still dominate, blackened metal finishes are rising in popularity. Darkened metals add a bold, dramatic accent but are still versatile enough for bathrooms of any style.

At KBIS, blackened bronze and black chrome faucets, shower systems, bath accessories and hardware captured attention. Especially popular are mixed black and brass finishes for contrast.

Sleek blackened metals pair well with marble, concrete, porcelain and darker woods. In rustic baths, black finishes balance natural stone and textiles. Black metals also allow colorful wall tiles or bright accents to stand out.

From fixtures to faucets to hardware, blackened metals make a strong style statement with their dark, smoky palette. Their edgy vibe brings mystery and allure to contemporary bathroom spaces.

Natural Wood Vanities

Wood vanities lend warmth and texture to bathrooms. At KBIS 2023, attendees were drawn to vanities featuring natural sustainable wood species.

Wood choices like oak, acacia and bamboo have beautiful organic graining. Darker teak and walnut offer richness. Wire-brushed finishes, live edges and ceramic handles boost the natural appeal.

Double vanities allow contrasting wood species to play off each other. Wood also pairs elegantly with stone or porcelain vessel sinks and quartz countertops. Add a backsplash tile that picks up the wood tones for cohesion.

From traditional to contemporary aesthetics, wood vanities provide a tactile, earthy element. Their sustainability and character offer timeless, eco-friendly style.

Top Trends in Bathroom Materials & Finishes

In addition to design elements, the materials and finishes selected can make or break a bathroom’s style. Here are some of the most on-trend materials spotted at KBIS 2023:

Natural Stone Tiles

From marble to quartzite, natural stone tiles lend beauty and longevity. At KBIS, limestone, travertine, slate, and sandstone tiles were also showcased.

Smaller mosaic tiles create intriguing patterns while large-format stone slabs offer seamless splendor. Using stone around the tub or shower and lighter tiles on walls and floors prevents heaviness.

To make stone tile more accessible, many are now offered in budget-friendly porcelain and ceramic mimics. This allows the look of coveted varieties like Carrara marble for less.

Recycled Glass Tiles

For an eco-friendly accent, recycled glass tile delivers glittering style. Made from upcycled bottles and glass, products like Vetrazzo were showcased at KBIS.

Available in wide ranging colors, glass tile can be used in mosaics or mixed with stone. On shower floors, walls or niche accents, glass tile adds artful shine. It works in any design aesthetic from contemporary to rustic.

Beyond glass tile, recycled porcelain, concrete tiles, and plastic panels offer sustainable options. With their luminous upcycled allure, glass and recycled tiles make eco-statements.

Textured Wallpapers

From 3D geometrics to nature prints, textured wallpapers provide depth and drama. At KBIS, papers with woven, embossed, metallic and faux-stone effects were on display.

Papers mimicking concrete, grasscloth, cork and dyed linen inject tactile dimension. Foil and glitter backgrounds boost radiance. Modern graphic prints and murals lend artistic flair.

Wallpaper in shower stalls, on ceilings and behind vanities made a stunning impression. Papers can transform towel closets and cabinetry as well. Applied sparingly, textured wallpaper packs visual impact.

Wood-Look Porcelain Tile

For the warmth of wood with added durability, wood-look porcelain tiles are hot in bathrooms. Available in plank lengths, many mimic oak, walnut and other species.

At KBIS, wood-look porcelains ranging from weathered barnwood looks to modern wide planks looked convincingly real. Their high-definition printed surfaces capture wood’s distinctive grain.

Wood-look porcelain resists moisture, stains and wear in wet bath areas. Coordinating ceramic wall tile completes the natural vibe. Slip-resistance makes wood porcelain safe underfoot as well.

Matte Black Fixtures

Matte black with its velvety low-sheen finish provides the perfect touch of drama. Faucets, shower systems, lighting, hardware and accessories in this deep dark hue create strong style statements.

Paired with wood, marble, and metallics, black fixtures look tailored and sophisticated. Black enhances stone’s natural veining for stone vessel sinks and quartz vanity tops. Champagne bronze and oil-rubbed bronze make stylish companion finishes.

From modern to farmhouse spaces, matte black adds bold punctuation. Black painted cladding on walls injects contrast for contemporary flair. Sleek in its dark elegance, matte black assertively grounds bathroom spaces.

Top Bathroom Features by Room & Purpose

Beyond holistic design trends, many of the top innovations at KBIS focused on specific rooms and functional zones within the bathroom space:

Freestanding Oval Tubs

For contemporary and transitional bathrooms, freestanding tubs rule. At KBIS, oval tubs stole the focus, adding sculptural beauty to baths.

Freestanding tubs serve as artful stand-alone features. Their oval, egg-shaped silhouettes provide ergonomic relaxation for soaking. Clean-lined models without feet have a modern, pared-down aesthetic.