Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you start and end your day, so you want it to be a space you enjoy spending time in. Updating your bathroom furniture is an easy way to give your space a quick makeover. Here are 10 must-have bathroom furniture finds to transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

1. A Stylish Vanity

The vanity is the focal point of any bathroom. An outdated vanity can make the whole space feel dated. Investing in a new vanity is one of the best ways to instantly upgrade your bathroom.

Look for vanities made of durable materials like wood, metal or stone. Stay away from lower quality particle board options. Consider a vanity with soft close drawers and doors. This prevents cabinets from loudly slamming shut.

For a modern look, try a wall-mounted floating vanity. This creates an airy, open feel. Make sure to select a style and finish that matches your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. A new vanity can make your morning routine feel like a trip to the spa.

2. Sleek Mirror Cabinets

A basic mirror above the vanity is functional, but mirror cabinets take storage to the next level. Mirror cabinets mount to the wall above a vanity and feature a mirrored front that flips open to reveal shelves or cabinets.

Mirror cabinets are great for small bathrooms because they don’t take up precious floor space. Stash extra toiletries, medications, beauty products and other essentials inside. Some even have charging ports, lights and defoggers.

Go for a minimalist frameless look or choose a mirror cabinet with an ornate frame to match your bathroom’s style. This is one bathroom upgrade you’ll wish you did sooner.

3. drawer Organizers

Over time, those vanity drawers can turn into black holes where items get lost forever. Drawer organizers are lifesavers for creating order.

Look for organizers with compartments of different sizes to hold everything from cotton swabs to hair brushes. Sliding organizers are great for maximizing vertical space. Some even have slots for hand towels.

Consider using different organizers for each drawer. Designate one for first aid items, another for cosmetics and a third for hair care accessories. Acrylic organizers allow you to easily see contents. Get ready to say goodbye to drawer chaos.

4. A Bathroom Cart

Bathroom carts are trending for good reason. These pretty portable storage units provide extra space for folded towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies and more. Bathroom carts have wheels, so you can easily move them around.

Try placing a bathroom cart near the tub to hold bath essentials. Use one near the vanity topped with neatly folded washcloths and hand towels. Place frequently used items on its surface for quick access.

Bathroom carts come in a range of materials like metal, wood and plastic. Look for one that coordinates with your space. The storage options are endless with this bathroom accent piece.

5. Floating Shelves

Maximize wall space with floating shelves. These modern ledges securely mount directly to walls without visible brackets. Floating shelves give you room to artfully display decorative items, candles, plants and baskets.

They’re perfect for keeping toiletries and extra towels within arm’s reach. Install floating shelves in an alternating pattern or in a straight line for a coherent look. For moisture resistance, choose floating shelves made of wood, laminate or metal.

Style them with your favorite decor for an eye-catching display. Floating shelves open up new storage frontiers in your bathroom.

6. A Spa-Like Towel Warmer

Elevate your bathroom experience with a heated towel warmer. Sitting down on a cold toilet seat first thing in the morning is unpleasant. Heated towel warmers ensure your towels are fresh and cozy.

Install a freestanding or wall-mounted towel warmer near your shower or tub. Set it on a timer so warm towels are waiting when you step out. Some models even warm robes and heat the bathroom.

On chilly mornings, your towel warmer is an indulgence you’ll really appreciate. The warmth envelops you after bathing and makes getting ready comfortable. It’s a small luxury that feels like you’re at a 5-star resort.

7. Storage Ladders

A storage ladder leaning against the wall is an aesthetic way to display rolled towels, washcloths and decorative items. Ladders come in rustic unfinished wood as well as sleek metal finishes.

Place the ladder in an empty corner to take advantage of unused space. Propped against the wall, it creates an eye-catching focal point. Arrange neatly folded washcloths on the upper rungs. Use lower rungs for larger neatly rolled bath towels.

For a pretty display, drape string lights along the ladder’s rungs. The possibilities are endless with this unique storage solution. It brings a modern spa vibe to your bathroom.

8. A Bathroom Bench

A bathroom bench provides convenient extra seating and storage. Bench styles range from minimalist to ornately detailed. Place at the end of your tub for a mini oasis.

Sit on the bench while applying moisturizer post-shower or rest while drying off. Tuck baskets under the bench to store bath toys, accessories like loofahs and other items. Look for water-resistant benches to withstand moisture.

Under-sink cabinets only hold so much. A bench is perfect for bulky items like hair dryers. It also provides a spot to set clean clothes. Add a cushy pillow for comfort.

9. Artful Wall Storage

Blank boring walls make bathrooms feel uninspiring. Utilize wall space for storage and style with wall-mounted caddies, racks and shelves. Hang a caddy near the shower to hold shampoo, soap and razors.

Floating shelves flanking the mirror provide space for neatly arranging toiletries and decor. For a unique touch, display your towel collection on creative wall hooks. Options like ladders, trees and ladders save floor space.

Look for wall organizers with finishes and designs that match your bathroom’s aesthetic. When wall space pulls double duty, your bathroom feels cohesive and put-together.

10. A Statement Chair

Give your bathroom the look of a luxury hotel with an accent chair. The chair provides a spot to relax while you do your hair and makeup or lounge after a soak.

Upholstered chairs add softness and texture. For a clean modern look try a sleek acrylic ghost chair. Place the chair near the vanity, by a window or in an empty corner.

Keep a journal and cup of coffee handy on an accompanying side table. Toss a throw blanket over the chair for cozy added comfort. An accent chair instantly elevates your bathroom’s style factor.

Transform Your Bathroom Today

With these must-have bathroom furniture additions, you can easily transition your ordinary bathroom into a beautiful oasis. Investing in storage solutions helps keep the space neat and organized. Stylish furniture pieces turn the utilitarian room into a desirable destination.

Before purchasing, measure your bathroom to ensure new items will properly fit in the space. Look for moisture-resistant materials like metals, acrylics and treated woods to withstand humidity. Play with different arrangements until you find a furniture layout that optimizes function and flow.

The right furnishings make the bathroom a relaxing space you enjoy spending time in. Give your mornings and evenings an uplifting boost with these must-have bathroom furniture finds. Your self-care routines will feel more special than ever before. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a bathroom furniture makeover.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Furniture

What type of vanity is best for a bathroom?

The best vanity materials are moisture-resistant woods like teak or bamboo, metals, stone, and engineered quartz. Avoid particle board and MDF which swell easily. Look for soft closing doors and drawers. Vessel, undermount and drop-in sinks pair nicely with vanities.

How much storage should you have in a bathroom?

Include ample closed and open storage like vanities, medicine cabinets, freestanding cabinets, closet space, floating shelves, and bins. 25-30% of floor space as storage is ideal. Stacked cabinets maximize space. Make sure to have storage near every sink.

What items should be stored in a bathroom?

Bathrooms should store towels, toilet paper, first aid supplies, toiletries, cosmetics, hair styling tools, cleaning items, medications, extra toiletries, bath accessories, and laundry hampers. Use organizers to neatly arrange items.

How do you add character to a bathroom?

Add stylish or colorful accessories, art, rugs, live plants, and candles. Interesting tile like subway, penny round, or hexagon tile brings personality. Paint or wallpaper one wall an accent color. Update lighting fixtures. Add a pendant light or sconces. Bring in natural textures with woven baskets, wood shelving, and linen curtains.

What color furniture looks best in a bathroom?

Light, neutral colors like white, beige, gray, and soft blue complement most bathrooms. Wood stains like oak or walnut also look modern and elegant. Bold vanity colors like navy blue, emerald green, or eggplant purple pop nicely against neutral walls.

Should you put a rug in your bathroom?

Yes, bathroom rugs add comfort underfoot and tie a space together. Choose 100% cotton or wool rugs without latex backing so they can be easily cleaned. Place rectangle rugs in front of vanities. Round rugs help define sitting areas. Use non-slip rug pads for safety. Switch out bath rugs often to prevent mildew buildup.

What is the best flooring for a small bathroom?

Small bathrooms appear larger with light colored floors that reflect light. Light hardwood, vinyl plank, polished concrete, glass tile, and reflective porcelain tile maximize space. Dark grout lines also create the illusion of expanded footage. Avoid dark floors or busy patterns which overwhelm.

How do you maximize storage in a small bathroom?

Use wall space with shelving, cabinets, and towel racks. Install shelving inside wall studs for hidden storage. A corner floor cabinet optimized wasted space. Try a sink vanity with a tower cabinet. Use organizers inside cabinets and drawers. Add a freestanding storage cabinet. Mount a medicine cabinet.

What should you not store in a bathroom?

Avoid storing cleaning chemicals, candles/oil diffusers, important documents, valuables, electronics, perishable foods, airplane glue, nail polish remover, or hair spray. The humidity can damage items. Chemicals and sprays pose health risks if accidentally ingested by children.

How do you add a personal touch to a bathroom?

Display meaningful art, photos, or keepsakes. Choose a vibrant accent wall color or lively patterned wallpaper/tile you love. Incorporate favorite colors in towels, rugs, shower curtains. Add unique textiles like lace or damask on windows. Install vintage hardware. Fresh florals and greenery liven up vanities.


With the right furniture additions, you can customize your bathroom into a serene, storage-savvy space. Take time to assess your needs and style. Measure carefully and shop for durable, moisture-resistant furnishings. With these smart ideas, soon your bathroom will be a retreat you can’t wait to relax in.