Transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis with these 10 amazing amenities that will make your bathing experience extraordinary.


The bathroom is often an overlooked room in many homes, viewed simply as a utilitarian space to get clean. However, with some thoughtful amenities, you can elevate your bathroom into a spa-like retreat that you look forward to using each day. From high-tech features to decorative touches, read on for 10 ideas to make your bathroom truly extraordinary.

1. Heated Floors

Cold floors first thing in the morning or late at night can be uncomfortable, but heated bathroom floors provide luxurious warmth underfoot. Tile and stone floors can be professionally outfitted with radiant heating, or you can install peel-and-stick heating mats beneath existing floors. The ambient warmth makes your bathroom feel cozy and inviting.

2. Body Dryer

Who enjoys slowly air drying or toweling off after a shower or bath? A body dryer, installed on the wall or ceiling, can quickly and gently blow-dry your entire body in minutes. It’s an ultra-convenient amenity that keeps you from getting chilled post-wash. High-velocity jets of air remove excess water for fast full-body drying.

3. Bluetooth Surround Sound

Set the mood in your bathroom with immersive Bluetooth audio. Waterproof speakers installed in the walls or ceiling can stream music, podcasts, or audiobooks right from your smartphone, delivering clear sound for shower singing sessions. Surround sound can provide an enveloping listening experience.

4. Heated Towel Racks

There’s nothing like wrapping up in a fresh, warm towel after bathing. Heated towel racks keep your towels and robes toasty for when you step out of the shower or tub. They’re available in a range of styles to match your bathroom’s decor, from modern chrome racks to rustic wood racks. They ensure your linens are always ready for cozy comfort.

5. Motion-Activated Floor Path Lighting

For safe middle-of-the-night bathroom visits or added ambiance, install motion sensor lights on the floor. Subtle LED lighting can illuminate a path from your bed to the bathroom. The lights automatically turn on when motion is detected in the dark, then turn off shortly after. Customize the brightness and color temperature.

6. Digital Mirror/TV

Entertain yourself while you get ready with a digital mirror that doubles as a television. Mounted on the wall above your vanity, the mirror transforms with the tap of a button into a TV, letting you catch up on the morning news or stream your favorite shows as you primp and prepare for the day.

7. Rainfall Shower Head

Immersing yourself in the steady, luxurious stream of a rainfall shower head is a sensational way to start the day or unwind at night. The wide shower heads douse you in the feel of a gentle summer downpour. Opt for adjustable intensity so you can customize your shower experience.

8. Ventilation Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

Humidity and steam buildup can damage your bathroom. An Energy Star certified ventilation fan quietly and effectively whisks away excess moisture while also operating as a Bluetooth speaker for music. Let your favorite playlists or podcasts accompany you as you reduce mold/mildew risks.

9. Heated Seating

Pamper yourself with the comfort of heated seating in your bathroom. Radiant heated benches let you relax in warmth as you towel off or apply lotion post-shower. For the ultimate experience, heated toilet seats keep you comfortable during middle-of-the-night bathroom visits.

10. Voice Assistant Technology

Control your bathroom environment hands-free with voice assistant technology. Using integrated smart home devices paired with services like Amazon Alexa, you can give voice commands to adjust lighting, play music, get weather updates, operate the shower or bath, and more for a futuristic, spa-like experience.


Elevating a utilitarian bathroom into a soothing, spa-inspired space is possible with the right high-tech and luxury amenities. Heated floors, surround sound systems, rainfall showers, and other indulgent features can transform your daily self-care routine into a rejuvenating escape. Consider outfitting your bathroom with any of these 10 extraordinary additions for a space you’ll look forward to retreating to. With the right amenities, you can make your bathroom the ultimate home oasis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some budget-friendly ways to upgrade a bathroom?

Some cost-effective ways to elevate your bathroom include updating lighting fixtures, adding new hardware like drawer pulls and faucets, painting or applying removeable wallpaper, organizing with baskets and bins, and incorporating greenery with plants.

How can I make my small bathroom feel more spacious?

Use lighter colors on walls, floors and ceilings to open up the space. Add mirrors to visually enlarge the room. Install shelf-style storage instead of bulky cabinets. Utilize natural light with a window or skylight. Remove clutter and scale down accessories.

What amenities help make a bathroom more accessible?

Grab bars, non-slip flooring, walk-in showers with benches, adjustable shower heads, easy-access vanities without below-sink cabinets, comfort height toilets, and brightly lit spaces can all help improve bathroom accessibility and safety.

What smart home technology works well in bathrooms?

Smart home options like voice assistant devices, motion sensor lighting, heated floors, high-tech shower systems, Bluetooth surround sound speakers, and digitally connected mirrors all seamlessly integrate to make your bathroom an advanced, connected space.

How often should you deep clean your bathroom?

It’s recommended to do a thorough deep cleaning of your bathroom every 1-2 months to sanitize surfaces, remove soap scum, tackle mildew, clean grout, dust fixtures, wash windows/mirrors, and descale plumbing fixtures. Quick touch-ups in between deep cleans help maintain freshness.