What are RTA Cabinets?

RTA cabinets are shipped partially assembled to the customer. Typical assembly includes:

  • Door and drawer fronts detached
  • Shelves and partition panels separate
  • Cabinet boxes assembled

Hardware, instructions, and tools are included for customers to finish assembly and install the cabinets themselves.

RTA cabinets provide a middle ground between fully assembled cabinetry from big box stores and fully custom cabinets. They allow more customization and higher quality compared to store-bought cabinets, but take more work than custom cabinets installed by professionals.

Benefits of RTA Cabinets

Choosing RTA cabinets offers several advantages:

  • Lower Price – With the customer providing final assembly and installation, costs are significantly lower than custom cabinetry. RTA cabinets are 30-50% below an equivalent custom cabinetry quote.
  • Customization – RTA companies offer cabinet sizes, wood types, finishes, hardware and organizational options allowing for extensive customization possibilities. Layouts can be designed for the customer’s exact floor plan.
  • Quality Materials – RTA cabinets use high-end materials like solid wood frames and dovetail joinery for durability, even in lower price-points. Materials and construction are superior to big box store cabinetry.
  • Convenience – Cabinets are delivered directly to the customer’s home, avoiding trips to home centers. Delivery service is included in the pricing from most RTA companies.

What to Look for in an RTA Company

When choosing an RTA cabinet provider, here are key factors to consider:

  • Cabinet Construction – Look for solid wood frames, plywood boxes (not particle board), and dovetail joinery in drawers. These ensure durability and avoid sagging over time.
  • Hardware Selection – Look for name brand, soft-close door hinges and full extension drawers as standard features. Consider upgrades like hidden hinges and pull-out shelves for convenience.
  • Door Styles and Finishes – Lots of options for cabinet door styles, wood types, and color finishes allow for on-trend, customized looks. Match existing decor or create a whole new style.
  • Ordering Process – Choose a company with an easy ordering process, whether online or over the phone. Larger companies have kitchen designers to help with layouts and selections.
  • Lead Times – Typical lead time is 4-8 weeks from order to delivery. Choose a company that can commit to and meet the quoted lead times.
  • Customer Service – Look for readily available customer service and quick response times in case any issues come up with ordering or after delivery.

Top RTA Cabinet Brands

Some of the most popular and reputable RTA cabinet brands include:

  • IKEA – Known for their affordable Scandi-style RTA furnishings, IKEA offers versatile RTA cabinet options starting under $100 per cabinet.
  • Barker Cabinets – Offering custom configurations and quality materials like solid wood and soft-close doors. Barker is a mid-priced RTA cabinet brand with excellent reviews.
  • Canyon Creek – Featuring luxurious styles with custom sizing, storage solutions and organizational inserts. Canyon Creek is on the higher end of RTA cabinet brands.
  • Kabinet King – Budget-friendly cabinets with easy ordering including a design-your-own virtual showroom. Kabinet King caters to DIYers looking for convenience.
  • Ready To Assemble Cabinets – As their name suggests, this company focuses just on RTA cabinetry. They offer a huge selection of styles, configurations and finishing options.

The Bottom Line

RTA cabinet companies provide high-quality, affordable kitchen and bathroom cabinetry with a wide range of customization options. Partial assembly shifts some legwork to the customer, resulting in costs that are far lower than custom cabinetry quotes. With some elbow grease, RTA cabinets are an excellent choice for remodeling without breaking the bank. Leading brands and online design tools make the process easy and painless.

Frequently Asked Questions about RTA Cabinets

What tools are needed to assemble RTA cabinets?

Basic tools like a drill, drill bits, screwdriver, level, measuring tape and clamps are needed. Each RTA company provides detailed instructions and all necessary hardware and fasteners for assembly. Most companies also offer tool kits that contain every tool their cabinets require.

How difficult is it to assemble and install RTA cabinets?

Assembly is straightforward for those with basic DIY skills. Typical assembly steps involve joining cabinet box sections, attaching doors and drawer fronts, inserting shelves and drawers, then adding knobs and pulls. Installation takes more precision to get cabinets leveled and secured properly. Some complex cabinet layouts could benefit from hiring a contractor.

What are delivery times for most RTA cabinet orders?

Delivery times range between 4-8 weeks from order to delivery for most RTA cabinet companies. Lead times can extend past 8 weeks for some brands that pre-build cabinets after orders are placed rather than stocking inventory. Always confirm the estimated lead times before ordering.

Can I return RTA cabinets if I have issues after delivery?

Most companies do allow returns or exchanges within a specified time frame, usually 5-7 days after delivery. Inspect cabinets thoroughly and report any damages, defects or missing pieces during that window. After the return period, you’ll have to go through the warranty claims process for unresolvable issues.

How long is the warranty on RTA cabinets?

Warranty coverage spans 1-5 years with most brands offering a limited lifetime warranty on the cabinet boxes and drawers. Exact warranty terms differ between companies, so review what is covered thoroughly before purchasing RTA cabinets.