A sheepskin throw is the ultimate way to add comfort and warmth to any space. Made from the soft, fluffy wool of sheep, these throws have been cherished for centuries for their exceptional coziness and thermal properties. As winter approaches and temperatures drop, now is the perfect time to warm up with a sheepskin throw and enjoy its many benefits.

Why Choose a Sheepskin Throw?

Sheepskin throws provide unrivaled softness and warmth, making them the ideal blanket for cold weather. Here are some of the top reasons to choose sheepskin:

Natural Insulation

The wool fibers in sheepskin contain air pockets that trap heat and insulate against cold. Sheepskin throws can maintain your body temperature and help you stay cozy on chilly nights. Unlike synthetic fabrics, the natural wool fibers allow skin to breathe.


Sheepskin throws are remarkably durable and can last for years with proper care. The leather side is especially resilient to withstand frequent use. A quality sheepskin throw becomes suppler and softer the more it gets used.

Moisture Wicking

The structure of sheep wool allows it to readily absorb moisture. Sheepskin throws will absorb sweat and wick it away from your body, preventing that clammy feeling synthetics can cause. This moisture-wicking capacity also makes sheepskin naturally odor resistant.

Sustainable Material

Sheepskin is a fully biodegradable, renewable material that does not rely on harmful chemical processes. Sheepskins are a cruelty-free byproduct from the food industry. Choosing sheepskin supports sustainable practices.

Skin-Friendly Texture

The fluffy wool fibers are gentle on sensitive skin. The lanolin in sheepskin provides a soothing, non-irritating touch. Many people find sheepskin throws help relieve aches and pains.

With numerous advantages over synthetic fabrics, a sheepskin throw is an eco-friendly way to envelop yourself in pure coziness.

Available Types of Sheepskin Throws

Sheepskin throws come in different forms to suit any style or space. Here are the basic types available:

Genuine Sheepskin

This refers to throws made from the full sheepskin pelt, with the wooly side and the leather side intact. It offers the warmest and most supple sheepskin texture. The leather backing provides strength and durability to withstand frequent handling.

Shearling Sheepskin

Shearling throws have the leather backing removed, leaving just the wooly side. Shearling provides incredible softness, though it lacks the full insulating capacity of genuine sheepskin. Shearling throws are lightweight and ideal for warmer months.

Faux Sheepskin

Synthetic sheepskin imitations may use plush polyester or acrylic fibers. Faux sheepskin throws are usually inexpensive but cannot replicate the comfort and temperature regulating abilities of real sheep wool.

When selecting a sheepskin throw, go with genuine sheepskin or shearling for authentic quality and coziness. Check that the leather backing and wool are securely attached for longevity.

Features to Look for in a Sheepskin Throw

To choose the ultimate sheepskin throw for your needs, keep these key features in mind:


Sheepskin throws come in sizes ranging from baby blankets up to extra large throws big enough to span a sofa or bed. Measure your furniture or space to determine the ideal dimensions for maximum coverage.

Wool Thickness

Thicker sheepskin wool provides more insulating power for colder climates. The wool density is measured in millimeters (mm). A longer wool length between 20-35mm gives supreme warmth without feeling overly bulky.

Wool Quality

Higher quality sheepskin will use denser wool that feels tighter on the leather side. Check that the wool fibers are evenly distributed and firmly attached to avoid shedding and balding over time.

Leather Backing

Full grain leather gives the most durable, supple backing. Top grain leather is also excellent. Split leather backing tends to be less resilient. Check for a soft, flexible leather side without cracking or stiffness.

Color Choices

Sheepskin throws come in the natural cream color along with diverse dyed colors like chocolate brown, pastel pink, slate gray, rustic red and more. Neutral shades are easiest to incorporate into any décor.

Care Instructions

Look for clear instructions on how to properly clean and care for your sheepskin throw to maintain its beauty. Following the care tag will help extend your throw’s lifespan.

Selecting a sheepskin throw with optimal wool density, leather quality and the right size for your needs will ensure it provides lasting comfort and performance.

Best Places to Use a Sheepskin Throw

The incredible softness and insulating properties of sheepskin make it versatile enough for use in any room:

Sofas and Chairs

Drape a sheepskin throw over your sofa or favorite armchair to make it extra cozy for reading or watching TV on chilly evenings. The throw also helps protect furniture from pet hair, dirt and everyday wear.


A sheepskin throw at the foot of the bed creates a welcoming space to keep your feet warm at night. It also adds a lavish touch layered over a duvet. For extra indulgence, try using sheepskin pillow covers too.

Floor Coverings

Plush sheepskin rugs help keep bare feet warm when getting out of bed or just relaxing at home. Use shearling throws as play mats for babies and kids. The supple leather backing helps prevent slips.


Sheepskin throws are perfect travel companions on planes, trains and automobiles to stay warm and comfy. They pack neatly and don’t take much space.


A water-resistant sheepskin throw adds warmth for outdoor winter activities like camping, tailgating, or sledding. The wool side can repel light moisture.

With endless possibilities for use, a sheepskin throw can enhance comfort in virtually any situation or space. The natural fibers make sheepskin ideal for bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, travel and more.

Caring for Your Sheepskin Throw

Following some basic care guidelines will keep your sheepskin throw looking fabulous:

  • Regularly fluff and air out the wool – Fluffing helps maintain the wool’s lofty texture. Air drying prevents moisture buildup.
  • Gently spot clean stains – Use a damp cloth with mild soap to spot clean. Never submerge or machine wash sheepskin.
  • Avoid excessive heat – Don’t place sheepskin near direct high heat sources like fireplaces or heaters to prevent drying out.
  • Store properly when not in use – Keep sheepskin throws out of direct sunlight and avoid plastic storage bags.
  • Brush gently with a wire pet comb – Gently combing helps remove loose fibers and evenly redistribute the wool’s natural oils.
  • Consider professional cleaning if needed – Over time, professional cleaning may help revitalize the fluffiness. Avoid harsh chemical cleaning.

With proper care, a quality sheepskin throw can stay beautifully plush and cozy for many years. Handle the delicate wool with care and your sheepskin throw will be a long-lasting companion.

Stylish Ways to Decorate with a Sheepskin Throw

Beyond just keeping you warm, sheepskin throws add lavish texture and style to home décor. Here are inspiring ideas for beautifully incorporating sheepskin throws into your space:

Complement Modern Minimalism

A cream or gray sheepskin throw pops against an all-black or white sofa for chic contrast. Keep furniture lines clean and simple to let the throw be the focal plushness.

Enhance Rustic Ambiance

In rustic or farmhouse style rooms, use sheepskin throws atop wood benches, woven chairs or patchwork cushions. Layer different textures for cozyInvite eclectic accents

Invite Eclectic Accents

In boho or eclectic spaces, colored sheepskin throws naturally complement other free-spirited fabrics like cotton, velvet or leather. Layer sheepskin over colorful Persian rugs for an exotic feel.

Neutralize Bold Patterns

For rooms with loud graphic patterns or florals, a natural sheepskin throw helps tone things down. The neutral wool creates a welcoming softness against wild motifs.

Warm up Leather Furniture

Leather furniture looks perfectly inviting topped with sheepskin throws in contrasting tones. A white sheepskin complements a brown leather sofa beautifully.

Accent Favorite Accent Chairs

Make accent chairs extra eye-catching by draping a colored sheepskin throw. Try a gray chair with a cream and white sheepskin for a casually chic vignette.

Sheepskin’s adaptable texture integrates effortlessly into all types of décor aesthetics. Whether your style runs modern, traditional, minimal or maximal, sheepskin throws add a touch of cozy elegance.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Sheepskin Throws

Many people new to sheepskin throws have some common queries. Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions about these plush blankets:

Are sheepskin throws good for pets?

Yes! The wool’s soothing texture and warmth appeals to pets, especially older dogs and cats who get stiff joints. Your furry friends may end up trying to claim the sheepskin throw for themselves though!

How often should I vacuum my sheepskin throw?

Only vacuum the wool side of your sheepskin throw occasionally when needed to remove dust and pet hair. Use a brush or hand attachment on low suction to avoid damaging the delicate fibers.

Can I put my sheepskin throw in the washing machine?

Never wash a sheepskin throw in the washing machine or dryer. The rough motion can damage the wool fibers. Either spot clean stains gently or take it to a specialty cleaner for deeper cleaning.

Should I store my sheepskin throw for summer?

If you live in a hot climate, consider putting the throw away for summer to allow it to breathe. Store it flat or loosely rolled up in a breathable cotton bag in a cool, dry place.

What is the best way to get sheepskin throws soft again?

If your sheepskin throw starts feeling less soft, gently brush the wool fibers using a wire dog comb. This helps redistribute the lanolin oils for renewed plushness. Avoid using fabric softeners which may harm the wool over time.

Should I put any product on my sheepskin to protect it?

Most sheepskin throw experts recommend against using any chemical treatments like stain guards or waterproofing sprays which could degrade the fibers’ natural oils. Handle real sheepskin gently and spot clean when needed.

Now that you know all about the comforts and delights of real sheepskin throws, you can confidently choose one and incorporate it stylishly into your home. There is no better way to warm up from the winter chill than by enveloping yourself in a beautiful sheepskin throw. The soothing feel of quality sheep wool will have you drifting into blissful relaxation. Everyone deserves to experience the simple luxury of a real sheepskin throw.


A sheepskin throw is the perfect way to infuse luxurious warmth and softness into any space. With unbeatable temperature regulating abilities, breathability and long-lasting durability, real sheepskin blankets outperform synthetic alternatives. When selecting a sheepskin throw, look for a plush yet substantial wool density, quality leather backing and generous dimensions to enhance your furniture or bedding. With the right care to preserve its supple texture, a sheepskin throw can become a beloved companion for many years. Beyond just the sublime comfort, sheepskin throws lend a beautiful look to both classic and contemporary décor styles. There is no more indulgent way to be cozy at home than relaxing under the natural wonder of an authentic sheepskin throw.