Transform any bedroom into a dark and dreamy oasis with the right wallpaper. Whether you prefer subtle patterns or bold colors, there are endless options for creating an atmospheric, moody aesthetic. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about selecting and installing wallpaper to design a bedroom that feels indulgent and restful.

Picking Wallpaper Patterns and Colors for a Dark, Dramatic Look

When opting for a darker, more dramatic wallpaper, consider deep hues like navy, charcoal, eggplant, forest green, or black. These rich colors envelop a room and make it feel cozy and cave-like.

Here are some popular print styles for achieving a dark and dreamy bedroom aesthetic:

  • Botanical prints – Floral patterns in deep, moody colors create an earthy, Bohemian vibe. Large-scale tropical or oversized rose prints make a bold statement.
  • Animal prints – Faux fur, snakeskin, or feather patterns add texture and drama. Opt for abstract or tonal prints rather than literal representations.
  • Geometric patterns – From chevron to hexagons, geometric shapes add modern edge. Stick to midnight palettes.
  • Pinstripes or panels – Vertical pinstripes elongate walls and create a chic, tailored look. Panels break up walls while maintaining color and pattern.
  • Damask – Traditional damask wallpaper in a dark color scheme lends a gothic, romantic feel.
  • Faux textures – Wallpapers that mimic materials like suede, velvet, or embossed leather make bedrooms feel plush.
  • Metallic finishes – Shimmering silver, pewter, bronze, or gold wallpaper glam up dark bedrooms. Pair with black for bold contrast.

What About Wall Murals?

In addition to printed wallpaper, consider photographic wall murals. These cover full walls with images like:

  • City skylines or architectural details
  • Outer space or celestial scenes
  • Forests, jungles, or atmospheric landscapes
  • Silhouettes of trees, leaves, or birds

Avoid murals with too many distracting details. Monochromatic or simplified designs work best for peaceful, dreamy bedrooms.

Wallpaper Tips for Small, Dark Bedrooms

Don’t worry if your bedroom is on the smaller side – you can still give it a moody makeover with wallpaper. Here are some tips:

  • Stick to medium-scale patterns. Overly busy prints or huge florals will overwhelm.
  • Use just one dark accent wall to add drama without going overboard. Keep other walls neutral.
  • Add height with vertical pinstripes. Wide horizontal stripes will make walls look shorter.
  • Place sconces or wall lights high on the accent wall to draw eyes up.
  • Include mirrors to bounce light around and make the room feel larger.
  • Sheer curtains filter in light while maintaining privacy.
  • Paint or wallpaper the ceiling black or navy to make it recede.
  • Extend wallpaper into alcoves, headboards, or closets for a streamlined look.

Prepping Walls for Wallpaper

Prepping your walls correctly will ensure wallpaper adheres neatly and lasts. Here are the key steps:

  • Clean walls – Wipe away any dust, grease, or soap residue so wallpaper will stick.
  • Remove old wallpaper – If walls are already wallpapered, remove old paper entirely before installing new.
  • Fill holes and repairs – Fix any cracks, holes, or imperfections for a smooth surface.
  • Sand glossy paint – If walls were painted with glossy paint, sand them to create texture.
  • Prime walls – Use high-quality primer like Zinsser Bulls Eye to seal surfaces.
  • Apply wallpaper adhesive – Brush on paste or adhesive specially formulated for wallpaper.

Allow walls to fully dry before hanging wallpaper. The smoother the surface, the better your results.

Hanging Wallpaper for Flawless Results

Installing wallpaper takes some patience but is doable for DIYers. Follow these steps:

Measure and Mark Guidelines

  • Use a level and pencil to mark straight, vertical guidelines on walls spaced equal to your wallpaper width. This keeps first row straight.

Cut Wallpaper Strips

  • Unroll wallpaper and cut strips about 2-3 inches longer than wall height to allow for mistakes.

Apply Adhesive

  • Brush or roll adhesive onto backs of strips, covering entirely but avoiding edges. Book or fold strips to allow adhesive to soak in.

Align First Drop

  • Align wallpaper edge precisely with guidelines and smooth any bubbles or wrinkles as you go.

Trim Excess Paper

  • After adhering first strip, use a sharp razor to trim off excess paper along floor and ceiling.

Butt Seams

  • For the next strip, butt the edge right up to first strip’s edge without overlapping. Avoid gaps between seams.

Use a Smoothing Tool

  • A plastic smoother helps press paper evenly against walls to prevent bubbles or raised seams.

Take Your Time!

  • Work slowly and methodically. Don’t stretch or tear paper. If needed, use seam adhesive to bond edges of strips.

Patience and care will lead to perfectly laid wallpaper. Take your time and don’t rush this important step!

FAQs About Wallpapering a Dark, Dramatic Bedroom

Still have some questions about selecting and installing wallpaper to create a chic, moody bedroom retreat? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Which wallpaper thickness should I choose?

Go with paper-backed vinyl wallpaper. It’s thin and flexible yet durable enough for high-traffic bedrooms. Medium to heavy grade paper works better than light paper for dark hues.

What’s the best wallpaper finish for a modern look?

Matte finishes are trendy and luxurious now. They disguise flaws and add depth. Glossy finishes can look cheap, while textured finishes may skew traditional.

Should I wallpaper over paneling or wood walls?

Yes, wallpaper adheres well over existing wood details. Use liner paper first to create a smooth, consistent surface. Primer also helps wallpaper stick.

What’s the easiest wallpaper to install?

Paste-the-wall papers are mess-free and easy to align. Peel-and-stick wallpapers are another DIY-friendly option requiring no paste at all.

How do I remove wallpaper safely?

Use a perforator tool to score paper and steamer to soften glue underneath. Scrape off paper slowly. Chemical removers also work but require ventilation.

Designer Tricks for Styling a Dark, Dramatic Bedroom

Once your moody wallpaper is installed, finish the space with decor that enhances the dramatic vibe. Try these designer techniques:

Choose Sultry Bedding

Opt for bedding in lustrous fabrics like silk, satin, or velvet in dark jewel tones or black. Add plenty of sumptuous texture with fur throws or faux sheepskin rugs.

Up the Opulence

Layer in luxury details like crystal chandeliers, gilded mirrors, candelabra lighting, and ornate picture frames. Dark rooms can handle a bit of glam.

Create an Alluring Gallery Wall

Fill a statement wall with art and mirrors in a mix of moody prints, mysterious photography, and gilded frames. Include sconces or picture lights.

Add Ambient Lighting

Use smart bulbs you can dim and control to set a romantic glow. Try taper candles, smart lamps, or LED strips around headboards, cornices, and bed frames.

Choose Sensual Fabrics

Incorporate lush textures like velvet, chenille, faux fur, leather, or tufted headboards. Add window treatments in rich hues and fabrics.


With the right wallpaper, a bit of handiwork, and some moody decor, any bedroom can be transformed into a glamorous, cocooning retreat. From prep to installation to styling, the tips above should help you wallpaper a dark, dreamy bedroom oasis tailored precisely to your tastes. With so many dramatic patterns and prints available, the possibilities for creating a bedroom that feels both chic and restorative are endless.

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Your dark and dreamy bedroom should feel like a sanctuary where you can relax and recharge. With thoughtful wallpaper selection and careful installation, you can craft a space that satisfies your senses and stirs your soul. Don’t be afraid to take risks and create a bold, enveloping environment. Then finish your swoon-worthy design with plush fabrics, opulent lighting and curated art. Your bedroom is your refuge, so make it as alluring as possible. With the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to bedroom nirvana.