Glass art plates are a fun and creative way to add a pop of color and whimsy to any space. Wall Candy offers a wide selection of decorative glass plates that can be used as wall art, chargers, or even serverware. Here’s an in-depth look at these colorful creations.

An Introduction to Wall Candy’s Glass Plates

Wall Candy is a company specializing in eclectic home decor and entertaining pieces. Their collection of glass art plates encompasses a vibrant array of colors, patterns, and themes. Made from high-quality tempered glass, these plates are durable and safe to use for serving food.

But beyond being functional dinnerware, Wall Candy plates are eye-catching works of art. Their unique designs and brilliant colors make them ideal for displaying on a wall as decorative accents. Some feature bold geometric shapes while others have floral motifs or mimic stained glass. There are plates commemorating major cities, zodiac signs, even van Gogh’s famous sunflower painting.

With such variety, Wall Candy’s glass plates can match any style. They bring an artsy touch to modern and contemporary spaces. Their nostalgic themes work for shabby chic, country, or vintage decors. Even traditional rooms can benefit from these plates’ infusion of whimsy.

Crafting Quality Glass Art Plates

All of Wall Candy’s glass plates start as molten glass heated to extremely high temperatures. The liquid glass is poured and flattened to form sheets. These glass sheets are then cut into circular shapes and decorated.

To apply colors and designs, artisans use a specialized technique called screen printing. They use custom screens to transfer pigments onto the glass surface. The plates pass through ovens to fuse the colors permanently to the glass.

The screen printing process allows for vibrant colors and crisp details even on smooth glass. Plates can have multiple colors and layers of decoration. This artistic technique makes Wall Candy’s designs truly painterly.

After printing, the plates get a protective coating to guard against scratches and chipping. The finished glass plates have their edges polished for a refined, glossy look. Before leaving the factory, they undergo quality control checks.

Glass Art Display Ideas and Tips

Wall Candy’s glass plates aren’t just for the dining table. Here are some creative ways to display these plates as art:

  • Hang a plate on the wall solo as an eye-catching focal point. Use decorative hooks or plate hangers to securely display a glass plate on its own.
  • Create a gallery wall of plates. Arrange a collection of plates by color, theme, or size for big visual impact. Mix and match patterns for lots of contrast.
  • Plate up a vignette. Prop a plate on an easel, stool, or mantle to incorporate into a vignette with other decorative objects. The plate becomes part of the artful scene.
  • Lean against the wall creatively. Let plates lean on their edges against a wall. Overlap them in a row or stagger them at angles. Lean multiple plates together in a circle for a sunburst effect.
  • Add colored light. Place an LED tap light or puck light behind a glass plate on display. The colored light shines through the transparent glass to create a glowing effect.

When handling glass plates, take care not to bump or scrape the edges and surfaces. Use felt pads on plate hangers to prevent scratches. Clean with a soft cloth and mild soap and water.

Fun and Festive Entertaining Uses for Wall Candy Plates

Beyond decor, Wall Candy’s glass plates have many other creative uses for parties and meals:

  • Make a statement charger plate. Top a placesetting with a colorful oversized glass charger plate underneath dinner plates. This adds a pop of color and interest.
  • Use as serverware for appetizers. Glass plates are sturdy enough to hold snacks and starters. Their bold designs instantly dress up any bite-sized appetizer or hors d’oeuvre.
  • Give your cupcakes some pizzazz. Serve cupcakes and other desserts on eye-catching glass dessert plates at a birthday party or baby shower.
  • Create a candy buffet. Set up a candy-themed glass plate as the centerpiece of a DIY candy bar. Surround it with bowls of sweets in coordinating colors.
  • Paint the perfect cheese board. A glass plate full of cheeses, fruits, nuts, and crackers makes a pleasing presentation. Choose a plate design or color that matches the spread.
  • Make engraved glass favors. Many of Wall Candy’s plates can be custom engraved affordably in bulk. Make sweet engraved favors or gifts for weddings and parties.

With their beautiful designs and durable construction, Wall Candy glass plates bring artistry to any dining or decor setting. Thinking creatively, their uses are truly limitless. So serve up a colorful splash of style with Wall Candy’s glass art plates!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Candy Glass Plates

How durable are Wall Candy’s glass art plates?

Wall Candy uses tempered glass for their plates which makes them highly durable for everyday use. The tempering process strengthens the glass so it resists chips and scratches. The decorative glass plates can be hand-washed just like regular dinnerware. Their durable construction means they can serve decorative and functional purposes.

Are the decorative glass plates microwave and oven safe?

No, Wall Candy specifically recommends to not use their glass plates in the microwave or oven. The plates are not designed to withstand extremely high heat. Microwaving or baking could cause them to crack or shatter. Glass plates should be used solely for cold foods, room temperature snacks, and decorative display.

What are some popular design themes for the glass art plates?

Wall Candy offers a huge selection of themes and motifs. Some top-selling designs include cityscapes, florals, boho chic medallions, abstract geometrics, van Gogh artwork, and Mid-century modern looks. Holiday and seasonal plates are also popular for seasonal decorating. Custom engraved plates are available too for weddings and special events.

How should glass plates be cleaned?

Handwashing glass plates with mild soap and water is best. Rinse well and dry thoroughly with a soft towel to prevent water spots. Avoid abrasive sponges or scrubbing too roughly. Ammonia-based cleaners should also be avoided as they can damage the decorative surface over time. Proper care will keep the vivid colors looking bright for a long time.

Can someone order custom engraved glass plates from Wall Candy?

Yes, custom engraved plates are available with a minimum order of just 12 plates. Many of their existing designs can be engraved affordably with names, dates, logos, or special messages added. Bulk custom plates make excellent gifts, favors, or promotional products. They have low minimums and quick turnaround.


Wall Candy offers an artistic array of glass plates that make an eye-catching addition anywhere in the home. Their screen-printed designs and brilliant colors vary from bold geometrics to classic florals. Made from durable tempered glass, these plates can serve decorative or functional purposes for entertaining. They are ideal for displaying as wall art or using creatively as serverware. With proper care, these glass art plates stay vivid and chip-resistant for many years of enjoyment. Artistic, durable, and festive, Wall Candy’s plates dish up endless possibilities for adding a colorful accent to any space or occasion.