You probably have a collection of measuring cups taking up valuable real estate in your kitchen cabinets and drawers. While essential for baking and cooking, measuring cups can be bulky and disorganized. An efficient storage solution keeps your measuring cups neatly stacked, easily accessible, and protects them from damage. With some clever organizing ideas, you can contain the measuring cup chaos! This article shares clever tips and innovative products to store your measuring cups and maximize your kitchen’s storage potential.

Assess Your Measuring Cup Collection

The first step is taking inventory of your measuring cup collection. Here are some key things to consider:

  • Types: Do you have standard dry measuring cups, liquid measuring cups, adjustable measuring cups, or specialty measuring cups for baking ingredients? Knowing the types will help determine the best storage options.
  • Materials: What materials are your measuring cups made from? Plastic, glass, stainless steel and ceramic measuring cups have different storage needs.
  • Sizes: Make note of the capacities. Do you have a full nesting set or assorted sizes? The dimensions will factor into potential storage solutions.
  • Frequency of use: Note your most reached for sizes. Frequently used cups should be most accessible.

Once you’ve assessed your measuring cup situation, you can start exploring storage ideas that cater to your unique collection and kitchen setup.

Simple Storage Solutions

For small collections or limited space, these straightforward storage ideas keep measuring cups organized yet accessible:

Nesting Measuring Cups

  • Nesting your cups inside each other is a space-saving option. Stacking them from largest to smallest saves room.
  • Nest the cups inside a drawer organizer or bin to contain them. Protect cups from bending out of shape with padding between them.
  • Hang nested measuring cups on a wall-mounted rack or pegboard hooks. Open display provides fast access.

Measuring Cup Caddy

  • A caddy with divided compartments corrals measuring cups in an orderly fashion. Opt for one with grippy bottom to stay in place.
  • Sit a caddy right on your counter for handy access or tuck inside a cabinet to conserve space.
  • Look for caddies with air vents in the lid to allow cups to dry fully after washing.

Drawer Organizers

  • Insert adjustable organizers in a drawer to neatly align your cups. Choose mesh, foam or slotted designs to customize compartments.
  • Mini silicone muffin pans make great measuring cup holders. The cups won’t slide around and dividing walls protect from dents.
  • For deep drawers, use a multi-level organizer. Reserve the top shelf for most used sizes and less frequent ones below.

Pegboard Storage

  • Hang cups from pegboard hooks mounted inside a cabinet door or on a pantry wall. Great use of vertical storage space!
  • Arrange cups from large to small so they nest together on the hooks to conserve space.
  • Pegboard allows you to easily rearrange cups when your collection changes.

Innovative Storage Solutions

If you have an extensive measuring cup collection or want a more custom storage solution, these unique product designs maximize your kitchen’s storage potential:

Sliding Drawers

  • Specialized pull-out drawers designed for measuring cups keep all sizes neat yet visible.
  • Look for stackable designs where cups nest in divided trays that slide and lift up for access.
  • Mount under countertops or in cabinetry for integrated hidden storage.

Tiered Hanging Racks

  • Hanging racks with multiple tiers store nested measuring cups vertically to save space.
  • Angle tiers towards the front so cups are visible and easily pulled out.
  • Situate rack inside a cabinet or mount to the back of a door.

Rotating Storage

  • A rotating tiered storage unit is great for corner cabinets. Spin the unit for easy access without unstacking cups.
  • Some designs have a base that pulls out like a drawer for full 360 access.
  • Rotating units make good use of awkward cabinet dead space.

Retractable Reels

  • Measuring cups attach to retractable cords that roll up into a mounted base. Spring-loaded reels keep cups stored off the counters.
  • Look for locking mechanisms on the reel for secure cup storage. Release to pull cups down.
  • Hang reels inside upper cabinets or under shelves. Keep your most used cups handy.

Cup Dispensers

  • Dispensers store nested measuring cups in an upright tower. Dispense cups from the bottom opening.
  • Countertop models take up minimal space. Replenish cups from the top.
  • Mounted dispensers hide inside cabinets. Link multiple dispensers together for a full set.

Cabinet Storage Solutions

Your kitchen cabinet configuration will determine suitable measuring cup storage spots. Here are prime locations to organize your collection:

Cabinet Doors

  • Mount mesh organizers, racks or retractable reels to the inside of cabinet doors to take advantage of vertical storage space.
  • Door racks allow you to see cups at a glance. Just open the cabinet versus unstacking cups.


  • Optimize drawer space with removable organizers. Adjust compartments to fit assorted cup sizes.
  • Use expandable drawer inserts. Compress during use and expand sides to access nested cups in the back.

Upper Cabinets

  • Upper cabinets and top shelves are great for cup dispensers, hanging racks and retractable reels. You can utilize the height.
  • Closed storage protects cups from dust. Open the cabinet door versus rummaging through a crowded drawer.

Corner Cabinets

  • Take advantage of dead corner space with spinning lazy susans or vertical racks designed for corners.
  • Use the vertical space for nested hanging cups. Corner door racks keep cups visible.

Protecting Measuring Cups

Your storage solution should also keep delicate measuring cups protected:

  • Place foam, felt or silicone matting between cups to prevent dents, chips and scratches during nesting and transport.
  • Choose organizers and racks with rubberized grips or protective bumpers to stabilize cups and prevent sliding.
  • When mounting cups, opt for cushioned hooks that won’t scratch. Felt tape on hooks offers protection too.
  • Look for caddies and dispensers with silicone or foam dividers that provide cushioning and prevent slippage.

Properly storing and protecting your measuring cups saves space, avoids damages and keeps your baking essentials neatly organized! With the right storage approach, you can savor that sweet satisfaction of being able to quickly grab the right size measuring cup every time. No more fumbling through chaotic cabinets or drawers. Just reach for what you need and get cooking!

FAQ About Measuring Cup Storage Solutions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about effectively organizing and storing measuring cups:

Should plastic and metal measuring cups be stored together?

It’s best to store plastic and metal measuring cups separately since metal can scratch and dent plastic. Use organizers with protective dividers if storing together.

How do I store oddly shaped measuring cups?

Look for adjustable organizers with moveable dividers to customize spaces for uniquely shaped cups like angled measuring cups. Drawer organizers with adjustable compartments also accommodate odd shapes well.

Where should I store my most used measuring cups?

Keep your most frequently used measuring cup sizes in the most convenient spot for easy access. Near the countertop, in a door rack or at the front of a drawer. Reserve upper cabinets for occasional use sizes.

How do I store extra large measuring cups?

Extra large and oversized measuring cups can be challenging to store. Use caddies, racks and organizers designed to hold deep and oversized items. Store very large cups separately from nested sets.

Should I hang measuring cups inside or outside of cabinets?

Inside closed cabinets keep cups cleaner and protects them from spills, grease and dust. Open hanging racks allow for visible convenience. Choose based on your usage, kitchen cleanliness and aesthetic preference.

How do I keep measuring cups from sliding around in drawers?

Prevent slippage by lining drawers with non-slip matting. Use organizers and trays with grippy bottoms or silicone cup holders to contain cups. Avoid overcrowding drawers to minimize shifting during opening and closing.

What is the best way to arrange measuring cups in a drawer?

Arrange cups either stacked together from largest to smallest sizes, or group same size cups together. Place most used cups up front. Make sure cups fit vertically without bending – don’t overstuff drawers.

Should measuring cups be stored upside down after washing?

Yes, storing cups upside down on a drying rack or caddy allows excess water to drain out after washing. This prevents mildew growth and drying of food residue inside cups.

Key Takeaways for Storing Measuring Cups

  • Assess your current measuring cup collection and take stock of types, materials, sizes and frequency of use. This will help determine optimal storage solutions.
  • Simple organizing solutions like nesting cups, caddies, drawer organizers and pegboard provide neat storage for essential cups.
  • For larger collections, utilize specialized pull out drawers, hanging racks, rotating carousels and retractable dispensers.
  • Use cabinet doors, drawers, upper shelves and corner cabinets to integrate measuring cup storage.
  • Protect cups from damage by using organizers with protective grips, liners and dividers.
  • Arrange the most used sizes in the most convenient spots for efficiency.
  • Proper measuring cup storage avoids clutter, preserves longevity and makes baking prep seamless. Organizing and protecting your collection helps maximize kitchen space!