A luxurious bathroom can be the ultimate place to relax and unwind after a long day. With the latest trends in bathroom design, it’s easier than ever to create your own dream bathroom oasis. From high-tech features to spa-like amenities, today’s bathrooms offer endless options for indulgence. We’ve rounded up some of the top trends to transform your bathroom into a soothing retreat.

Spacious and Inviting Bathtubs

Nothing beats soaking in a warm, bubbly bath after a stressful day. Today’s bathtubs are designed for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Freestanding tubs make a dramatic statement in any bathroom. These standalone tubs aren’t connected to walls, allowing you to walk completely around them. Choose from sculptural curved designs to geometric rectangular tubs. Position your freestanding tub in front of a window to complete the spa look.

Oversized tubs provide plenty of room to stretch out and fully submerge yourself. Look for tubs at least 60 inches long for an ultra-soaking experience. For the ultimate luxury, opt for custom built-in tub designs with contoured seats and headrests.

Double-ended tubs are long rectangular tubs with drain fixtures on both ends. This allows two people to comfortably use the tub together. The elongated design is perfect for soaking your entire body.

Corner tubs maximize space in small bathrooms. Look for corner tubs with contoured edges and lumbar support for relaxation. Built-in seating nooks add even more comfort.

Air baths take soaking to the next level. Jets of air bubbles release through the tub floor for an invigorating massage. Look for air baths with heated air features to keep the water warm.

High-Tech Bathroom Features

Today’s bathrooms integrate technology for the ultimate convenience and customization. Upgrade your routine with these on-trend tech features.

Digital shower systems allow you to precisely control water temperature, pressure, flow rate and more. Pre-set your perfect shower with the push of a button. These high-tech systems also monitor usage and can automatically shut off after a set time.

Touch-screen controls offer sleek, intuitive access to your bathroom features. Control everything from lighting to music to shower functions through these integrated touch screens. Some mirrors even have built-in touch screens to display the news, weather and other info while you get ready.

Motion-activated toilets take hands-free convenience to the next level. These toilets automatically open and flush with built-in sensors. Wave your hand to open the lid or approach the toilet to activate flushing.

Heated floors are a luxurious addition, warming your feet on chilly mornings. Warmed tiles add cozy comfort throughout your bathroom. Heated floors also keep bathmats and towels toasty.

High-tech bathtubs now offer everything from vibration massage to mood lighting. Look for tubs with integrated Bluetooth speakers, aromatic chromotherapy lighting, temperature-regulating wood, and hydrotherapy massage jets.

Spa-Inspired Sensory Experiences

Elevate your home bathing ritual with amenities to engage all your senses. Draw inspiration from luxury spas to create your own oasis.

Aromatherapy infuses your bathroom with calming, uplifting scents. Look for shower heads with aromatherapy tablets or essential oil dispensers. Light aromatherapy candles around your bathtub and keep essential oils nearby so you can add a few drops to your bath.

Chromotherapy lighting uses colored lights to set a relaxing mood. Program LED light strips to transition between soft hues of blue, green, purple and more.

Hydrotherapy tubs simulate the experience of a spa tub with powerful jets to massage away tension. Look for tubs with adjustable jet pressure and direction to target specific muscle groups.

Luxurious bath accessories enhance the whole bathing experience. Look for super-soft towels, ergonomic back brushes, padded headrests, and quality bathrobes. Keep a chilled eye mask on hand for when you need to block out the world.

Tranquil music provides an instant escape. Create playlists with nature sounds, acoustic instrumentals, or any songs that make you feel calm. Connect a Bluetooth speaker to set the mood.

Spa-Inspired Material Finishes

Selecting the right materials can make your bathroom feel like a luxury destination. Create a serene vibe with these spa-worthy finishes.

Stone tile has a timeless, organic look. Natural stone like marble, travertine and limestone add elegance. The cool, hard surface is soothing underfoot.

Wood accents bring warmth to any bathroom. Teak is water-resistant, or select engineered wood tiles. Add wood shelves, mats or wall panels for a modern, nature-inspired look.

Concrete finishes provide an urban loft-like feel. Stained and polished concrete floors and walls have an understated, earthy vibe. Concrete also makes a durable, low-maintenance surface.

Mosaics create a luxe shimmering effect when used for tub or shower surrounds. Glass, stone and ceramic tiles dazzle in intricate mosaic patterns. Accent with larger stone tiles or slabs for balance.

Plush fabrics soften hard surfaces in your bathroom. Silk or velvet shower curtains, cushy bathmats and plush towels add cozy elegance.

Soothing Color Palettes

Color can affect both mood and stress levels. Paint and tile your retreat using these tranquil, spa-worthy palettes.

All-white evokes crisp, coastal vibes with white walls, tiles, tub and accessories. Add warmth with natural wood accents and greenery.

Earthy neutrals create a grounded, organic feel. Layer tones like tan, beige, sand and slate gray. Accent with black metal fixtures.

Cool blues are universally calming colors. Go for light or navy blues. Pair with gray, brown and white for a contemporary palette.

Soft pastels keep the vibe light and airy. Mix dusty greens, muted pinks, pale yellows and gentle blues. White trim prevents it from feeling childish.

Metallic accents add hints of glamour. Brushed gold, rose gold, silver and bronze make elegant metal finishes.

Self-Care Amenities

Your dream bathroom isn’t complete without amenities to support self-care routines. Make it easy to practice mindfulness and self-pampering.

Spacious vanities give you and your partner plenty of space for your grooming supplies and routines. Wide counters allow you to neatly display products within easy reach.

Makeup stations transform your bathroom into a glam room. Install well-lit mirrors, organized storage for cosmetics, and comfortable seating for leisurely makeup sessions.

Towel warmers turn your bathroom into a five-star hotel. These wall-mounted units gently heat towels and robes so they’re nice and cozy every time you use them.

Mirror TVs make it possible to catch up on shows while you get ready in the mornings. Stream your favorite playlists or watch the news during daily grooming rituals.

Mini-fridge keeps chilled beverages on hand for when you want to prolong your soak. It’s also convenient for storing facial products that need refrigeration.

Plants bring vitality and fresh oxygen to your bathroom. Display leafy greens in hanging planters or on wood-topped floating shelves. Opt for low-maintenance varieties like pothos, succulents and ferns.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dream Bathrooms

What are some popular freestanding tub shapes?

Some of the most popular freestanding tub shapes include oval, rectangular, square, and curved designs. Oval and rectangular tubs are classic choices that fit well in many bathroom layouts. Square tubs make a bold, modern statement while curved tubs provide an elegant sculptural look.

How deep should a soaking tub be?

For a true soaking experience, look for tubs at least 15 inches deep. This allows enough water to completely immerse your body up to the shoulders. Deeper tubs around 18-21 inches deep create an even more luxurious spa environment.

What’s the benefit of a double-ended tub?

A double-ended tub has drains on both ends, allowing two people to enjoy a soak together. The elongated rectangular shape also enables you to fully stretch out your legs and recline back. Having two ends makes it easy to access the tub.

Should I get an air bath or whirlpool tub?

Air baths use jets that force air through the tub floor to create stimulating bubbles. The effect is similar to a hot tub. Whirlpool tubs have water jets that circulate the water around your body for a therapeutic massage effect. Air baths provide an effervescent experience while whirlpool tubs are better for targeting sore muscles.

What types of music are most relaxing for the bathroom?

Some of the most relaxing genres to play in the bathroom include:

  • Classical
  • New age instrumental
  • Nature sounds like ocean waves or rainfall
  • Ambient electronica
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Chanting or meditation music
  • Smooth jazz

Experiment to see which styles put you in the most tranquil state of mind.

How can you add aromatherapy to your bathroom?

There are several ways to infuse your bathroom with aromatherapy:

  • Use essential oil shower tablets that dissolve over time
  • Add a few drops of oils like lavender or eucalyptus to your bath water
  • Use an aromatherapy diffuser designed for steamy humid environments
  • Place bowls of dried flowers, herbs or potpourri around the space
  • Light fragrance candles before or during bathing

Should I install radiant floor heating in my bathroom?

Radiant floor heating can transform your bathroom experience. Warm floors are soothing on bare feet and keep your feet cozy if you have a tendency to get cold easily. Heated floors also help bathmats and towels retain warmth. This heating method doesn’t dry the air like forced air heating. An added perk – you’ll never have to step onto a cold floor surface when getting out of the shower!

What maintenance does concrete flooring require in bathrooms?

Concrete requires minimal maintenance when properly sealed. Sweep regularly to remove dirt and dust. Mop up spills quickly to prevent stains. Reseal the concrete every 1-2 years with a penetrating concrete sealer to prevent moisture damage. Avoid harsh cleansers or you risk etching the finish.

What colors make a bathroom feel large and airy?

White and light, cool hues like blues and greens make a bathroom feel more open and spacious. Cool-toned grays work well too. Avoid darker, warm colors like reds, oranges or yellows, which can make the space feel small. Reflective glass tiles also help create the illusion of a larger area.

Designing Your Own Dream Bathroom

The possibilities are endless when creating your dream bathroom retreat! Start by thinking about the overall vibe or theme you want your bathroom to embody. Do you imagine a sleek oasis of modern luxury? A spa-like wellness zone? A glamorous dressing room?

Spend time browsing designer bathrooms online and in magazines to find looks that resonate with your vision. Note the aspects you’re drawn to, whether it’s walk-in showers, soaker tubs, dual vanities, or zen decor.

Next, consider the features and amenities that would enhance your ideal routine. Do you fantasize about long vineyard-view soaks? Blast away your stress with steam? Bronze your skin under skylights? Make a wish list of must-haves.

Be sure to thoroughly measure your current bathroom space and note any obstacles, like slanted ceilings or plumbing fixtures. This will help inform layout possibilities and narrow tub, tile and vanity options to the right sizes.

Invest in high-quality materials made to last, especially for components like cabinets, tiles and bathtubs. Splurge on details like heated floors or touch-screen controls if they make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary for you.

Finally, have fun and don’t stress about perfection. Your dream bathroom is meant to be an expression of your personal style. Focus on additions that will improve your quality of life rather than keeping up with trends. Soon you’ll have a peaceful space to start and end each day feeling refreshed.


With countless ways to indulge yourself, it’s easier than ever to create the bathroom of your dreams. Integrate spacious tubs, high-tech features, spa-worthy finishes and self-care amenities to design your personal sanctuary. Keep these on-trend ideas in mind and you’ll have a soothing retreat that makes you excited to soak, shower and pamper yourself in style. A few strategic luxuries can transform your bathroom into a daily escape that melts the stress away.